Smart Phones On Sale

smart phones on sale
I recently broke my cell phone in half and was wondering if I could just take the smart chip out of my LG from

att wireless and put it in a new iphone? Is it the same chip or what? I saw that iphones are on sale for $299.00 right now is the main reaaon I am asking, that I broke my phone in half.

yeah, that happend to me, too.
and ATT does run on SIM cards, so yes, you can do what you were thinking of.
when they upgrade your phone, thats what they pretty much do anyway. you dont even have to tell them what happened, you can just buy the phone outright, if you dont qualify for an upgrade, but check to make sure, so you can save.
i love ATT for that, im a klutz with my phone, and its good to know that you can just replace your phone as long as you have your SIM card.

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