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t mobile Smart Phone Deals
what mobile phone should i use bluetooth or gprs?

virgin have a package of broadband, t.v., land line phone plus a mobile phone, i am not that smart when it comes to mobiles and don’t use it that often, they have a choice of phones one using bluetooth and the other using gprs what’s the difference between the two and which one would suit me most, i do use the computer a great deal of the time

Sal*UK is wrong in telling “GPRS is basically a sat nav system.” I think she misread.. Actually GPS is a sat nav system.

GPRS (General packet radio service) is a packet oriented mobile data service available to users of the 2G cellular communication systems
Learn more about it here

Bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances
Learn more about it here

As a user if u have bluetooth you can transfer data like photos e.t.c with your friends who have a bluetooth phone. Also if your phone has bluetooth profile 2.0 (dont know whether your phone has this feature) you can use a bluetooth remote headset to hear songs .
On the other hand GPRS is used to retrieve data through your mobile phone. Normal phones with GPRS are often described as 2.5G. They can be used as a modem to connect to internet, but at a cost which your provider determines.

Both of them are entirely different technologies. It is upto you to choose between the two based on your needs. Thanks.

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