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Best Smart Phone Plans 2010

best Smart Phone Plans 2010

Best & Worst of the Japanese Decade (Recovering From The Hangover)

In Japan, the land where sake flows like a never-ending river and lubricates both awkward social interaction between men and women as well as cements business transactions amongst a bevy of black-suits, it’s easy to think of the past, present and the future in terms of drinking. There is the sobering post-war period of infrastructure and economic rebuilding called Japan’s Longest Day. Then came the exuberant 80s, which were the time of overflowing Cristal pyramids and buying and selling the world’s treasures like so much Bolivian blow in the bathroom, known as the Drunken Days. The current sobering 15+ year recession can be termed The Hangover. Clouded by our splitting headache and blurred vision, it’s difficult to see what the future may hold without a bit of help, a time I like to refer to as ???? (The Hair of the Dog). As of January 1st, sure it’s technically 2010, but is it the same 2010 that Arthur C. Clarke foreshadowed in his science fiction classic 2010: Odyssey Two? Even close? Wasn’t Japan supposed to save the world with a super robot by now? Are they suspense freaks or just waiting till we buy more Toyotas? What’s the deal? For those of you Nippon-o-philes who have never set foot in Japan, and have only heard of Moe but not yet experienced it in all its sticky Akihabara glory, let me guide you through the last inebriated whirlwind decade of technological development, the current Delirium Tremens economic shakedown, as well as what the future and sociological implications of living side by side with high functioning alcoholics on an archipelago of more than 2000 islands made up of both the first and third world could look like for a population set to decrease by roughly 30,000,000 by the year 2050.

We all know Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Subaru reign supreme in the automotive universe while Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Fujitsu, Sharp, Epson and Toshiba are developing some of the most advanced technologies in electronics, optics, robotics, semiconductors and more, so what’s next? Despite Japan being 16 hours in the future of Tomorrow (L.A. PST) as well as the supposed technological Mecca of the world, what the day after tomorrow brings will be an evening of the interactive 4D playing field across the international dateline.

What Japan does well:

  • Digital Cameras (Do they even make that other kind anymore?)
  • Mobile phones (How much does the iPhone cost in your country?)
  • Flat panel TVs
  • Video Games
  • Cars
  • Bullet Trains
  • Robotics

What Japan does not do well:

  • Web Design / Usage
  • Hands free connectivity
  • Debit cards
  • Wi-Fi
  • Recycling (Over 10,000,000 pairs of disposable chopsticks used daily)

It seems straightforward that different societies put emphasis upon different aspects of technology. In the U.S., Europe and elsewhere, developing the Internet in regards to E-commerce has been a top priority. In spite of its convenience, relative safety and lack of crowds buying online has not taken hold in Japan, where the face-to-face shopping exchange is still king, or perhaps better said, emperor. This is largely due to Japan still being a cash-based society, which has worked well to this point due to the low level of violent crime across the country. In fact, post-WWII it was the infamous Japanese organized crime syndicate which first gathered food into neighborhood black markets. Though theoretically outsiders, these so-called Yakuza (“worthless” in Japanese), consider themselves to be an important and necessary part of society, and according to the number of part and full-time employees on the Yamaguchi-gumi payroll (more than 80,000), the various government agencies don’t seem to disagree. When the government finally got its act together after the Douglas MacArthur supervised Occupation of Japan surrendered power in 1952 what Emperor Hirohito asked of his people to re-build the shaken remnants of the past with a different kind of world domination in mind for the future was to sacrifice: specifically to invest their hard-earned savings into the government itself, into stocks and bonds and to not ask for any dividend payments in order to improve the economy and guarantee Japan’s future eminence on the global stage.

It seemed to have worked, up until the 90s anyway, resulting in the Japan Postal Service, which was also a bank, to become the largest holder of personal savings in the world: with ¥224 trillion ($2.1 trillion), notwithstanding the vast insurance holdings and government bonds on the books. The Postal Bank also became the largest foreign lender in the world, charging abysmally low rates to anyone willing to borrow in order to increase spending. What this encouraged was not so much spending as it was loan default when the economy went bust after the largest real estate bubble in history burst. So while on paper the Post Office is cash rich, in terms of liquidity, just like 45 of 47 prefectures, they’re bankrupt. Sound familiar? Luckily the populous is well-trained in placing the national before their own personal needs, and therefore while the rest of the western world had been investing in various futures, like Internet Service Providers, since the 80s and investor speculation in new markets provided enough capital to install the infrastructure for the popular use of the internet (despite the dot-com collapse in the late 90s), it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the internet caught on in Japan, but more on that later.

In terms of personal saving, Japan is by far the world leader, and since credit card use is only now becoming wide spread (and that only in the major urban centers), the use of cash has been the only show in town. Stop the average business man on the street and he may have a few thousand yen in his wallet, but stop his wife on payday and you will likely find a few thousand dollars worth of bills, which she probably doesn’t think twice about carrying around. After all, in a society which prefers non-confrontational means of conflict resolution, who is going to rob her? Despite the relative safety of carrying large quantities of cash on your person, Japanese companies are only now developing smart cards like Pasmo and Suica which, though not connected to the banking system, are generally used for ease of commute on the massive public transportation grid, but are also being used more and more to pay for merchandise at many grocery and electronics stores, convenience as well as vending machines.

In recent ads shown on various trains throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area announcing the system has recently coupled with Visa, a cute anime penguin uses his Suica card (permanently attached to his flipper) to A) ride the Shinkansen (bullet train) to an airport where he (she?), B) buys a ticket to the snowcapped mountains and then C) buys skis, a lift pass and goes skiing all day, before retiring to the warm fireside of the ski lodge (sometime in between which he gets a scarf…). Obviously the Suica people wish to impart to their customers that the automated system of payment has become so easy to use that even a small flightless bird without (a lot of) clothing or opposable thumbs can do it, therefore you have a decent chance. Speaking of opposable thumbs, Japan’s vending machine industry took a major hit with the passage of the Taspo card, which, in a seemingly concerted effort to finally curb underage smoking, requires purchasers of vending machine tobaccos to sign up with Japan Tobacco and swipe their card to use the machines. The world’s third largest tobacco company, a 50% stake of which belongs to the Japanese Ministry of Finance, which is to say the government makes money off of your cancer causing drug addiction, want you to carry yet another smart identification card to that effect. Even the beer vending machines are starting to card people. The Buddha said the world is a sad place, but is this what he meant?

Even better than carrying around a boring card is the option of connecting your Suica to the all-mighty mobile phone, the must-have for every single citizen regardless of age. It’s old news to say that even 40-50% of elementary age children carry them around, but what is not well known is what, apart from calling people (but who does that anymore?), you can do with your mobile: get on the train, any train, by touching the RFID smart card system sensor to the electronic turnstile wicket, as well as buy almost any merchandise at any of the aforementioned shops and stores. The mobile phone is so indispensable that many people forgo owning a home computer (expense and lack of room in cramped apartments) and use their “portable” (direct translation of ??) as their sole means of connectivity to the internet, hence the popularity of .mobi sites over here (also why do .jp sites run upwards of $100 just to register a domain? Lower the price, increase consumption is not necessarily the economic mode availed in Japan).

Because of the strict code of rules and public mores which are followed to the letter by most citizens, mobile phone usage is frowned upon on trains and in most public places, where “manner mode” is de rigueur. Yet beyond surfing, checking the weather and train times, there is texting, which is simple and silently done everywhere, so much so people are now writing books on their mobiles, the first of which was published last year to the tune of hardbound 400,000 copies sold thus far. What about the TV, video and DVD capabilities already visibly in use during the nightly commute home by businessmen and office ladies alike? Even with all of these high-powered functions already available, the Softbank-sponsored iPhone continues to grab a bigger share of the market, despite its ¥80,000 price tag (roughly $920). Expect more of this as the portable touchable screen industry grows and people become aware that the common practice of hiding their books from fellow train passengers with paper covers is more than odd on a level I don’t care to explore, but also quite environmentally wreckless.

The problem with all of this is that the Japanese people don’t really trust the Internet, which translates into Japanese businesses also not trusting the Internet and therefore not pushing industry advancement through their companies via multi-pronged media assaults. Despite a handful of forward looking individuals (Creative Commons Joichi Ito for one) Japan is still at Web 1.5 circa 1995. Not that friendship networking is the gold standard for internet savvy, but Mixi, the Facebook of the east, is a severely underused and underexploited site where everyone’s avatar is their dog, a pop or porn star of some sort, and has basically become an overly Flash-y, slow-loading Craig’s List. People are scared of putting their private information, even their faces, out there, something I agree with, but it has begun stagnating Internet growth. As has the lack of accessibility: ask any laptop user in any of the ten major Japanese cities what bothers him or her the most and they’ll more than likely say, “No Wi-Fi! No place to plug in!” Wi-Fi access is dependent upon government investment and a loosening of the regulations regarding public access to building electricity, which is currently strictly curtailed. In order to spur investment and encourage public spending I foresee a shaking of the young Internet branches with startup buds popping up everywhere in spring (the new fiscal year in Japan) 2010 as interactivity grows.

As this happens we may see a larger, more comprehensive embracing of the Hands-Free culture so popular in the west. It was already three years ago that driving while talking on the mobile was outlawed, yet the only change it has spawned is that now (if they do it at all) people merely stop in the middle of Japan’s narrow roads- blocking traffic and creating hazards- when taking a call. Car makers need to include Hands-Free functions within the design of the cars so as to make making a choice moot. As this industry grows alongside Tele-conferencing (which has inadvertently exploded due to business trips to all points on hold thanks to economic hardships) we could see a new paradigm in working from home or café take hold over the century old tradition of 14-hour days at the office. Hallelujah.

This could also help an (finally) ailing automotive industry. When workers stay at home, car usage is cut. By forcing car makers to rethink their approach to staying relevant in the 21st century we will see greater strides in environmentally-friendly technologies. It was earlier this year that Japan Post attempted to put an order into Mitsubishi to replace its current fleet of 21,000 mail delivery vehicles- trucks, cars and scooters- with electric, not hybrid, technology by 2012. Mitsubishi said it didn’t have that many vehicles available. JP told them to get moving. They also were looking to sponsor a plan that would provide free electricity outlets at post offices and convenience stores throughout the country, available for use by couriers as well as customers with electric conveyances, which could encourage the private sector to join in the electric game more quickly. This is a great example of how industry can push consumer change, because while the Post Office was at one time ostensibly a part of the government, JP is now a private corporation and the largest employer in the country.

The fact is we need to see beyond the stopgap of hybrid technology toward full electric and or hydrogen-powered vehicles. As electricity continues to grow as a viable solution to guzzling gas, we need to be sure that it is not coal that is producing the electricity we use to run everything. The grid upon which we ourselves operate must also operate as renewably as possible, something the newly elected Yukio Hatoyama Democratic Party of Japan administration, which has more rapidly outshined the Obama administration in terms of applying “change” to the serious problems faced by both governments, could enact by looking into Feed-in Tarrifs, a beneficial regulation allowing “greener” energy sources equal opportunity access to the grid and a guaranteed price to sell their energy. The only way to decrease the use of coal is to make it more expensive, or rather make producing, supplying and using renewable energy sources more lucrative to investors and consumers, which Japan has a lot of now (but won’t in twenty years). As a side note, it would be beneficial if the recently passed child safety measures were more strongly enforced by the authorities, as seeing infants on mom’s lap and hearing doctors prescribing not using the seatbelt for pregnant moms, is more the rule than the exception.

To continue along in this vein, Japan could be one of the countries at the forefront of the energy revolution. Simply because they have no natural reserves of oil, are completely dependent upon imports and therefore should already have begun searching for a better way, such Geothermal, Hydroelectricity, Tidal, Wave and Wind power, which could mean massive changes once the UN Climate Change Conference mandate in Copenhagen replaces the outdated Kyoto Protocol (Hah!). We need to see the pushing of more environmentally friendly economics from the new Hatoyama administration. The fact is this is at heart a latest-craze consumerist’s society, reinforced by the shop-first, ask-questions-later American mentality since WWII. People will follow what the market dictates, in droves.

Thanks to 50+ years of Liberal Democratic Party whose waning popularity and wishy-washy legislation summed up aptly with five different prime ministers in five years, culminating in the neutered and clown-like Aso administration, we have many policies for Hatoyama’s DPJ to overturn. Environmentally speaking, the country that gave us the Kyoto Protocol is also the country that has two types of trash (at least in Tokyo): burnable and nonburnable. Even if there is a recyclable icon on one of the many unnecessary pieces of plastic wrapping overused by supermarkets here (do onions and bananas need another wrapper?), it’s unlikely your local trash collector will differentiate. It will be burnt in one of the many incinerators that give Tokyo the nickname, “The Big Smoke”. Many so called “Shogyo Chiki” (business areas), such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza and many more, offer no recycling whatsoever, notwithstanding the Mt. Fuji size mountain of cardboard and other garbage they pile up throughout the week. And that is just the trash that ends up in-country. There are reports of ships that have left the port of Yokohama and been at sea for years, unable to call at any harbor, due to their toxic pile releasing more and more carbon and methane into the atmosphere every day. It is also a documented fact that Japan sends a large percentage of its trash to plants it has funded through infrastructural development programs in Southeast Asia designed to take the pressure off of domestic plants unable to process the billions of pounds of rubbish steadily mounting.

But this is Japan. When they’re not mind-bogglingly drunk after too many end-of-the-year all-you-can-drink parties, the Japanese are frugal and environmentally-minded, right? The inventors of sushi and wabi-sabi cannot be so, so, so…American, can they? Yes they can and they are better at it. Their more efficient trains are almost never late to the thousands of stations connecting the entire country to what is a pretty smart public transportation grid, so as to more easily reap the hard-earned ¥en of potential shoppers both far and wide. There needs to be a sexy new technology developed that brings into common usage to this isolated island nation a more universal point of view. I hope that with JR’s new Maglev bullet train (Superconductive Magnetically Levitated Train) due to be in full service by the mid-2020s, the continuing advances in mobile phones (and the culture that spawns thence) and pdas, as well as the advanced robotics behind Honda’s Asimo (and the burgeoning sex robot (fembots baby, yeahhhh!) industry) we see a leveling of the playing field, from the technologically lofty R&D labs which dream these contraptions up to something the everyday mama and papa-san can implementing in their local coffee shop (a nice to look at, easy to access homepage perhaps?) in (less and less) vain attempts to compete with the Starbuckification of the ever-shrinking, yet more and more pixellated and solitary, world.

As Michael Moore summed up on his recent visit to Japan: “Quit being like us (Americans). Be the Japan you created after 1945, a Japan that valued education, a Japan that would not throw you out of work. A Japan that would never invade another country, and which would not support a country that would invade another country… I’m so sorry to put it this way. Please don’t take personal offense, but you asked me what would I say to the Japanese people, a society I think highly of, a society structured on peace and respect, and you’ve started to go down the other road. And my humble plea is to get off that road with your new prime minister and return to the road you used to be on.”

Viva the collective support of individual rights! (Hopefully Apple gets on development ASAP…)

About the Author

Manny Santiago is a freelance Writer / Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.

Check out his photos
and his writing

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Best Smart Phone Plans

best Smart Phone Plans
best smart phone plans
in the plans for a smartphone .. what is black is the best of both .. iPhone or HTC pure? Please help!?

opting in these devices from AT & T Services .. can ny one suggest me the best of these two pls … if not suggest me gud NY other mobile … I am a mobile freak.

Go with the iPhone, trust me you will regret the HTC pure, because it runs Windows Mobile. It may look pretty, but that's really all about. Gaming is not available on WinMo and has a the touch unfriendly response, and slowly ui …

BlackBerry still leads in smartphone market, it is easy to believe that Apple and Google are the leading smartphone race. Apple released its iPhone 4 a week ago and promptly sold 1.7 million of them in three days. Previously, Google had about 160,000 mobile phones with its Android operating system was … Apple – iPhone – Smartphone – Google – BlackBerry

Smart Phone Den

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smart phone den

Universe People, Fourth Chapter,desire and Honor

Liyidan had impatience looking for empire battling to rebelion armies information, main hall haven’t stopped to show battle of simulation. He sat down on main seat, closed eyes and considered that how to response Windom’s disreason desire. Windom had a short communication with himself before a hour.

Windom looked at him, he as if nothing happened but Widom knew, talked,“Empire premier, How are you?”

Liyidan forced to angry fire, said,“Very well, Honor Windom. G. empire have you really hero!”

Windom smile talked,“Doesn’t overpraise, I just should be do.”

Liyidan misprize asked,“Do you really thank so that you can do?”

Windom answered with smile,“Do you remember swords age, When you had played the zillionaire game with me?”

Liyidan asked,“So what?”

Windom talked,“I like scanning win!”

Liyidan had a cought, said,“You…”

Windom,“See you next.”

Disappearnce on screen. Liyidan sat down the premier with a rush, thought about,“Really egg!”

Chief of brainmen staff Tili walked, face reported,“Honor premier, Windom has definitude declare, therefore should be fail hope at besent peace-talks group.”

Liyidan asked,“What’s thinking of Onhogo”

Tili replied,“Yes, He’s unite other galaxies union militaries 4,000,000,000, tens billion fleet units going to the U.E.S. on the way, I believe will be arrived tommorow in succession.”

Liyidan asked again,“What’s info from general Gui Wu Guo?”

Tili no responsed immediately, on the point to attention,“Chief Tili, Why didn’t say? Is it difficult to talk with reason?”

Tili had a sudden, then reported,“Honour premier, I couldn’t success to sub for return general GuiWuGuo from empire sides battle line in the congress, that’s my bigness loss duty.”

Liyidan as behit a fist who weary of talked,“That’s all usefull words? Cases have happened, no matter of who concerned.”

Then continued,“You would be continue answer my question.”

Tili rose up voice himslef, in one breath,“General Gui has slumped in S.country’s besieging, Since rebelion against. Also other galaxies having too long battle line, ability but not follow to his ambition. I affaid He couldn’t accept the civil battle. Please forgive.”

An empire info-officer reported to them,“Honour premier and Chief stiff. We’ve new reports, At present, reblion armies are breaking through the second diffense line, both sides under casualties terror. It’s according uncomplete to result. We’re have lost 500,000,000 soldiers and 4 billion group of fleet units, flames of war overspread 1,300 planets. Reblion armies have lost 200,000,000 soldiers and 2 billion group of fleet units. Above 3,000 planets have surrendered themselves from us. And general Gui main units relying on Double Dragon Battle Planet that concede maintain with brawniness battle. Moreover request to reinforce! Next should be battle records from General Gui to Strange elements Solar unite invasion battle.” Vast screen is reshowing miserable battle volcanically.

General Gui is level 5 general who the famous named Empire Astrosword general in the G.I.M.E. Also the hightest commander of Border Deffense Armies. He was born in the R.Family of Empire Ten Great Family, he had gone to unknow Starfield with fellows for a exploration in the youth age, handsome name’s “Juvenile King Adventurer. After all he joined into G.I.M.E. Universe Fleet, and became a outstanding fleet commander. Because of his higher commander made a mistake on order, result of Gui Wu Gun with a fleet battle power surprise occupied 12 Starfield of S.country, well know under the sun. therefore got empire premier Liyidan special trust, one step flying on success. With Liyidan supporting, Gui Wu Guo repeating surprise achievements, became very outstanding G.I.M.E. hero general.

Double Dragon Battle Planets guarding border of empire battle line hundreds of years. There’re have especially important military stratagem position. D.B.P. have withstanded once and once violent attacking in the past where one of main safeguard blocks at border of empire. There’re having best attack and deffense abilities:

Wise Separate-molecule cannon system,

Super size thunder storm laser missile system,

Rebirth heavy metal defend system,

Excellent air force of battle units,

Excellent land battle skills Hero Corps “King lion”,

Outstanding the Twelve Commanders of empire, more General’s guardswarrior Group. The whole with both equation and counteract to S.country on main mainstay.

At the D.D.B.P. commander hall, thousands of empire higher officer were busy working, servecing on information or assistance for countless fleet captains. One fleet captain was talking with officers on phone, where voice from flames of war or people shouting on his side of communication.

The captain torpidly talked,“My units are pressing forwards, but enemy fire power such hurt. Also day after day battling in losing, I need to reinforce or withdraw sometimes.”

The stiff had asked a military officer,“L.general Mara, units continue moving on or not?”

He’s near 350 ages, one of the Twelve constellation commanders of empire. It’s fourth, famous called“Attacking with Defense.” Mara keep on mind to order,“Holding line 10 minutes waiting for reinforcement. If haven’t arrived, Order units to together, then remove to left and right sides, show up the gap of center, continue to waiting and attacking!”

The commander responsed,“Yes, General!”

Pressing units suddenly made an opening in, S.armies swarm into from opening. The empire units have got short time rest. Fire power ran to focus. 10 minuters late, thousands of group of fleet units as lightning that arrived battlefield, started to a series of actions. Underreinforce helping, the empire units covered again opening, also cut up bedivide enemy. S.army had stopped the violent attacking that turned to defensing in a while.

They’re got a temporary win of guarding, but never wobbling S.army occupancy to Adalam as decision.

Adalam have locate in the start-fields of Double Dragon Battle Planets, where one of 500 guarding planets of border empire. Because S.army shock attaking, one half of Adalam had mastered by S.army control. Planet deffense commander still brawniness battle under wound condition. Both refused to budge. War flames burnning at Adalam, soldier bodies of pile every battlefield. Misfortune people scared, hiding, running, crying. A crying mother tightly held his son. Her son is a new empire soldier, just has joined to Adalam planet armies, but It’s pity that killed in the battle guarding. Mother appeared vividly on the ground, didn’t stop howl or wail. A blind boy alongside of bad feel arround, his mouth still called,“Mum! Mum! Where are you? Where are you?” Boy’s mother has killed as mass of flesh and blood in aside.

Not a far from, injured soldier tired and shrink body at corner, looked at whole blood hands, body as tremble patient. Near side, another soldier had suffering moan, the bullets shot out his breast that waiting for succor with hard. An empire soldier use all strength to close another soldier, then brokenly spoke,“Brother, you… Where are you from?”

Blood hands soldier gazed at death struggle soldier, answered,“I…I’m Corporal Jack, come from Yilm City of U.E.S. No! I’m not! I’m from Jieme City! Just…just joined in short time.” a bit consciousless.

A soldier had a smile, talked,“Give…give me a help.”

Jack as understood, pulled him to wall side with slow, A soldier’s blood of wound still piece and piece spilling. A soldier strong to stick, a few cought with a mouth of blood, forced smile,“I’m Sgt.Drlicha, guarding armies. Home at the U.E.S. Honour to… to see you.”

Jack fast held his hand, a ghost of tear on eyes, talked,“Thank you, thanks Sgt.Drlicha.”

Drlicha asked,“Have…have you girl firend? ” Jack responsed,“Have good many.”

Drlica had a cought again,“I have a girl friend too, this is her…her photo.”

Jack had wiped to blood on hand, took a blood photo. Blood red under left angle of photo, she still in focus on. There’re busy amusement park after two people had made wonder actions.” Drlicha does rockily feeling touch something at pocket, then take a ring, talked,“Help me… help me to pass the ring on my girl friend hand, She’s Rynana, S.lieutenant of Logistics department in U.E.S. Astrofleet. Fnger ring has her number of character.”

Jack said aloud,“Hold up! You won’t die, Stg. Drlicha.” A mouth of blood bursted from him, then he’s showed a ghost of smile,“I’m affaid I couldn’t hold the line, trouble you…” Drlicha slow closed eyes, the ring still held up. Jack exhausted effort to open his hand. After all, an ambulance stopped, doctors and nurse speed to save, tried hard to save Sgt. Drlicha’s life. After a while, they’re stopped to continue salvage action.

One doctor slow spoked,“Too late, He’s die in honor.”

Jack stager standed up, and salute with others.

Ambulances, ambulances shuttling at streets, but couldn’t save lifes further.

Alleyway or streets had covered and leaved marks and trace after flames of war, couldn’t bear eyes. On the sky of Adalam planet, S.army and empire army still battling, countless aircrafts thought out or falling. The bomm of gunfire shaking spaces, a team of empire interstellar battleplane just flew into battle, Then With turned to look a second, beattacking down or blowing underfire of strong enemy. Huge armored fleets were violent attacked as mass of bruies, but still put up struggle weapones. One huge S.troop carrier ran upon empire armored fleet, S.soldiers as flood coming out, stepped on empire armored fleet. An empire officer angry put out the laser sword that could closed quarters shoot. Empire soldier one by one followed, and outspread with voilent. S.army heavy armored soldier after, Empire soldier one by one dying down, firm light shield were blocking empire army shooting. S.army continued setting feet with order, young officer hopeless cried, then used whole power jumpped to the heavy armored team after operated laser sword to suicide type. A very short time, bigness bomb fast bursting in S.army that never shaking them going on the armored fleets. Empire army back away, and felt down underattack of S.soldiers. An almost die empire soldier was outeried. Rolling sound where a laser sword near there. Soldier endured suffering, struggle crawling to laser sword. S.soldier ice face to empire soldier, While he touched laser sword, one gun shout, empire soldier cruel tried two with painfull. Little by little wasn’t moving, finally dead. After moment, empire armored fleet lost control on the S.troops hands. Following, one and one armored fleet had forced to fall back battle zone, S.army’s fight will were shaking them will, they’re defeated.

An empire armor airship had fell down on the meterorolite star near Adalam planet, suddenly hiked as thousand units of billowy. Bow wave with brisance in the star, everywhere rolling rocks, stones, dust, blocks. Empire armor airship is very good defense shield in the great battle, front side set very strong power Relife Heavy Metal Defense System, can very fast made a auto repairing, even under violent attacking, also can ceselessly advancing along.There is a small guarding base under attacking in the meterorolite star as a heap, a heap of ruin places, all over empire soldiers bodies, broken tanks, fell and shot airships, destoryed gun towers, only have some still life soldiers hold the ruin places dispersedly waiting reinforce coming, An empire C.soldier hight called to others,“Brave men, holding ground!” S.army speed troops already had surrounding here 10 minuter before, a S.officer announced,“With S.S.U.K. name, I order you surrender as soon as possible, or else you will die in here.” An empire soldier aim at S.officer head, said aloud,“Go hell! Ash-bin!”

The officer fastly groveled down beacause shot. Empire soldiers started up shooting, stepps back in the S.soldiers. One of empire soldier lying low at the secluded corner who looked at robot fighter, thery’re as Transmutation Stone. He’s firmly held one missile that waiting coming armies, prepare to dead attack. Who brain gliter through living dribs and drabs in the country of Adalam, There’re so beautiful living, nice girls, joying talking, happy games. But never exist with moment, country under war and became victim. Robot soldiers continued to closing, order feetstep reason in fearing. At the second, An empire airplane brokethrough besieging net of sky that howl coming to, empire soldiers exciting called. Pilot of airplane is Pisu, with fast speed to ruin places in rush flacking. The soldier catch sight of scene, wised up it’s a single chance in thousands who brave ran to army. Robot soldiers ruthless gun fire straight through near his body, he tumbling and shoving ran foreard, more and more closing.

Some of empire soldiers looked and hight cried,“Come back! Come back! Danger!”

A string of bullets hited in his left breast, after blood splashing from wonds. He’s rolled down in the dust hole, over wet dust, suffering of body up him to more clear. Empire soldier struggle swam hole side, with little power held up the heavy missile. The robot soldier closing steps den den… den den… den den… that feeling cold disapointed, metallic face are loading heartless killer programme, that will be last memory of life leaved. The empire soldier didn’t stop to breathing, know near death. Blowing with talked,“Fuah…FuFu… First, I…I thanks head Pisu educated me how to be An empire soldier, Fuah… hnhn… Fu… I thanks too…thanks everybody had helped me on the life travel. Fu… Fuah..Fuah..fuah.. at last I thanks god’s gaven!”

One white light flashing up from missile. A small mushroom cloud was bombed in the passing robots. Great bombing, loud and stridenting. Mother land as earthquake. Pisu had cry and cry with despaired in the airplane, never stopped to fire button on hand…

In the ruin place, masked warrior slow walked out from dust fog, The explosive wallop appeared useless on his body. He’s looked over closing robot warrior, sword of hand struggle… robot soldiers still order stepped toward, masked warrior had not effect to progess. An empire soldier watched far masked man, he’s dressing a black linkage armored gown, long hair almost flat ground. Smash and smash pieces of arrmored on his shoulder as argentine rays of light in flames of gun mapping. He’s face pressing moving back gold mask, only show purple eyes. Silently looked at closing face robot soldiers. A great swind sweep blowing, sand wind suddenly fill over whole ruin places. Empire soldiers had called,“Dange! Danger! Hurry out there!” Masked warrior cold smile,“I dislike running, I like battle!”

Fast speeded to robot soldiers when does words. They’re voilent shooting, masked man had undered flame walls that shape to together strong focus, …zilinbala… broken. The warrior was whisking sword who no bit wound. One moment, had standing in robot troops, silently standing. Robot warrior hurry turned the gun to masked man.

He’s talked,“You really loss luck today!”

Fastly moving-combat with sword. Whole body as over numberless shadows. Robot soldiers couldn’t moving in front of him, one robot team chief quickly called help but too late, the sword has throught his body that dying down as others fate of robot. Empire soldiers were cheering, but he disappearnce in the bombing. Pisu still had piloting airplane to attack S.land army. Very unsimple had told from his intuition.

There’s a S.invasion lightning action near Landform Music defense star of Double Dragon Battle Palnets. Air alarm woke up everyone in the dream and countless landing fleets such falling star corrupted down from interstellar spaces, disorder flack noise up. People couldn’t dare to believe S.army have ability in speed. Empire battle plane continually leaved broke traces on sky, sumless dropping S.soldiers occcupy to important locations and establishments. An empire officer scare called to Empire information center, and two S.special soldiers broke into, he’s hit down on ground in second. Wound officer wonder,“How did you know here?” S.S.soldier laugh,“Mr. Commander, this isn’t cinema, I wouldn’t tell you.” Then another soldier had a fist him to stun…

General Gui had sitting in the chief seat of meeting hall, softly sponge dust on glasses. He’s looked over the tweleve commander, They’re go through life and dead 30 years with himself. That couldn’t a bit control sigh with emotion that felt to owed lot or much. The screen full of Double Dragon Battle Planets images, They’re like two China Dragon on the sky, long long tail can limited stretching in the no end universe, also can making all kinds of “Human Form” combat arraying, these can easy control near planets or stars in the huge Dragon body.

General Mara continued to askd,“Honour GuiWuguo, enemy power such overstate, wether should rather amend to whole defenise arrangement of units or not?” General Gui replied,“Thanks general Mara for suggeston, please amply to explain?”

He’s talked,“Thank you. Because enemy armies using large-scale new weapon equipments, bring our D.D.B.P. on big flames. Also enemy absolut gave up tradition tactics before, turned to using ramble long distance tactics, then attack to us, We’re very exacting at the battle line such. I suggestion that collect the main units on the four stars outer edges and corners, then Double Dragon can use the retractile claws of a cat in the characteristics, that will be processing reach battle under diffense attacking condition of array. This mothod good ability to broken enemy almost battle arraies, also can processing combination war to the enemy with cut.”

A female general asked,“General Mara, How long sticking if with this project amend to defenise units?”

General Gui talked,“M.general Raz, you have a good question.”

M.gneral Mennihalei near general Mara,“General Raz, the question I would amply. According to position in battle sides, We would be safety to against enemy attacking 3 month at least that military material wastage is normal, may be maintain in one half of year. If I use the project for amend, the military material wastage will be increase, estimate to maintain 4 months or so, but win rate should be advance 30 %. Furthermore, Honour Onhogo has send general Dara who leading a number of hundred million units of fleets on rescue action way, arrived time will be after 3 day in plan. So, I have a daring try, I hope General Wui would use this project amend to units of defense a week. After a week, We have obvious all.”

General Gui thought a minute, and talked,“This’s a good idea! General Mara, deal with the plan. On the anohter side for ensure D.D.agility, I’ll arrange several relife heavy-armored fleets going with cruise defense on the planet orbits, strong to combination attacking power.”

General Mara answered,“Thanks general Gui and Mennihalei.” Mennihalei replied,“For empire future, this responsibility.”

A commander talked,“I thank so too, and I hope make the end of battle at an early date.”

Another commander talked,“B.general Bardi sounds great! At a high speed to war end that will be advantage and bennifit for empire.” Generals were talking about.

Gui said,“General Bardi and Iha talk to point, Won’t I consider to make the end of battle at early date? But in conditions, I doubt possibility as less. Hoever, even front face to difficulty climber in a great numbers of mountain, I still believe the miracle should be happened, if We make concerted effort. Tomorrow will be whole winday!”

Twelve constellation commanders order in talked,“Yes! Honour Gui! For Empire!”

Second defense line of empire, empire armies tough against Windom union armies strong attacking. Windom union were approaching to Univers Empire star. The empire defense under attack of great-area many sector angle battle arraies. And empire armies tend to solid foursquare defense battle arraies, countless and kinds light points… missile, flames, airplane over starfields with angry and glitter. Fighter plane, battle plane, airplane, airship falling down in people mind. The union armies with S.army cover power that continued to progessing, Windom and generals watched the total win battle at commader module of fleet.

He’s asked,“General Lenton. What’s information of union armies?”

Lenton replied,“Honour Windom, We’re with the fastest speed thought out enemy defense line. Our lossing rate is 1:3, complete because we use a series of new weapon equips that had researched with S.armies. Aside, Onhogo units have arrived Universe Empire Star 15 minuters ago.”

Windom smile said,“Good to coming, very good. With my order to execute plan C.”

Lenton answered,“Yes, honour Windom.”

“General Onhogo need to talk with honour Windom, general Lenton!” An information officer talked. Windom smile said,“Talking CaoCao, CaoCao arrived. Immediately comunication.” “Yes, Honour.” Officer replied. The screen had showed Onhogo full of smile face.

Windom smile talked,“Honour, Onhogo, It’s ptiy. I had drink tea with you forepart, today daring you and me in war. Do you thinking is a good way?”

Onhogo force to smile, minded,“That’s old man daring rob my actor words.”

He’s talked,“Is there no need for worry? Honour Windom? You and liyidan are old friend in recognized eyes from people, Why boter used such way to punish your intimate friend. I actuality couldn’t hold in eyes. I have suppose to advise everyone, but didn’t think that thing will all of a sudden time to such steps.”

Windom talked again,“I haven’t wrong to meet with you many years, you still such kind.”

But his mind,“You bad egg, you’re shaking your tail, I know you what’s thinking about!”

Onhogo smile said,“Honour Windom, care of you, care of G.I.M.E., care of whole empire people’s eudemonia.”

Windom smile spoke,“Honour Onhogo, that sounds great, for whole empire people eudemonia, I continue hard to try, and I hope Honour Onhogo would able to help me for accomplissh to great enterprise, recur the empire spirits.”

Onhogo in the mind,“Old guy dare to advise me, It’s look as no effect at reason.”

Onhogo asked,“Honour Windom, Shoul we difficulty say to use this way for accomplish great enterprise?”

He’s answered,“There’s no free dinner under the sun. no cost no harvest.” Windom continued,“According to position, I have absolut seized of all best positions, I hope Honour Onhogo should careful considering, forsake darkness for light is a good idea.”

Onhogo smile talked,“Honour Windom, you as look down opponent, I Onhogo hope a good result too. It’s for premier Liyidan. Honour Windom, with greateful to you because talking, I feeling very happy. Thank you! Good Bye!”

Windom looked at the disappearnce Onhogo on the screen, turned to seat chair and talked Lenton,“Order all armies for plan A! add plan D to plan C.”

General Lenton replied,“Yes, honour. in addition report, Kimbu Star has surrendered, we’re total got the Kimbu. Please order.” Windom turned to chief seat, talked,“Good, well done.”

There’s one of G.I.M.E Five Main Starfield, Kimbu Star of Kimbu Starfiled is very important manufacture base of wise empire coin, control empire 50% finance circulation, sticking great view and operating economic process. Along with lost the Kimbu, G.I.M.E. is passing a scene of economy and finance storm.

Another side of astrospace, a group of businessmen of D.S. were emergec conferencing.

An elder still catched fire on conference,“War! War again! How I to do? How?!”

Another normal businessman mount to long accent talked,“Mr. Quanding, We’re talking about how to avoid lossing, would you calmness?”

Quanding son is Quanjing,and talked,“Mr. Monnice is right, plese calm anger, father.”

Quanjing held in the palm with hand, but finger still acting . With no idea to talked,“Sorry, very Sorry.”

Mr.Monnice continue talked,“Everyone know what’s things nowaday? The empire in civil war all the way, normal businessmen days not better than others. Just passed, We’re all heared Mr. Quanjing investment business had invested without profit, even loss whole. I thanking that, everybody should be consider that what’s good idea.”

A businessman asked,“Would you have a good idea, Mr.Monnice?”

He’s answered,“I have an idea, but a little danger.”

Quanjing continued,“Business thus, more venture, most profit. Behave of bussinessmen closing danger. But, having many dangers, can you explain?”

He again,“Sure, I can explain. But everyone needs hushing.”

Soundless talked to others,“I plan to go to illegality business at the occupied or near planets, profit money blood.”

A trader answered,“That’s right, we also recaputer primary investment.”

Quanding talked,“Mr. Monnice, Who can guarantee to trade fleets not underattacking?”

Monnice woke up,“That’s let me consider.”

Quanding stealth smile to him,“What’s plan? Dog gas!”

Quanjing talked again,“I have a good place in mind, may be can help us.” Then had stealth talking with people, Quanding heard with smile talked,“Yeah, what’s up with our consider at early time?”

He’s happy dancing and spoke,“My son smart all the way, heyhey~.” People laughed.

There is a café shop in the Double Stars, it’s news of Empire armies smashuped was coveraged near D.S. or U.E.S on screen. People talking and watching news, nice female announcer continued to reported,“The Empire armies still stickiness incandesced with S.armies, Windom union armies in the battle. Base to uncomplete result, approaching 4000 planets have controlled in S.armies or Windom union armies…” Corner of café shop, a nice girl inpatient dring milk tea.

“Current man, Whole day beat beat kill kill in brain, also not on time! Hun!”

Effulge gold hair, a twain of big, tall leafage ears as steath looking everyone here, small mouth on angry who still mumbling. A young military officer run in, great breathing and sat down face to face, nice girl a had hick to crus with straight. Young officer suffering cry,“Ouch!” People looked at them in same time. The girl stared to ceiling, small mouth ballon croon. As does not thing to happen. Young officer asking for,“Loving low, I’m very apologize for you. I have to do more works today in units, so late to here.” Farllow talked,“man thus, usually find cover! I’m a noble, and so beautiful. If let other man first you, you’re really fail.”

Young officer smile said,“Yes, Ms. Farllow.”

She’r acting finger, then asked,“Major.Kenny. Why late?”

Answered,“Everything couldn’t hiding on your eyes, as a matter of fact, I have bumped to a beggar, the man didn’t stop trouble to me, result of I’m late.”

Farllow held under the chin. 2 dashing eyebrows acting,“Fool, false words, Who believe you!” hicked again, Major.Kenny covered mouth himmself. With no idea said,“I really haven’t lie, that’s ture, I’m not!”

Farllow smile talked,“Really the failest cheat.”

Major. Kenny spoke again,“I have no idea if don’t believe.”

Suddenly, a beggar ran into from door. And following two nice western suit men, one of men shouted,“dead beggar! Dirty my nice western suit, I must a lecture you!” Then the men’s fists heavy tamp down on beggar’s body. Suffering beggar climbing on the ground.

Farllow unhapy to speak,“Major.Kenny, it’s time to show action. If Evildoing on way, help with swords isn’t your capital of hero?”

Kenny has scrupled, She’s a hicked, Major.Kenny immediately jumped up, that brought saw from the men’s eyes, they’re felt to not good affairs, hurry up shouted to beggar,“Luck you, I never forgive your next!”

Major Kenny looked at shadow of beggar, seems saw at some places. Closing looked,“Oh, is you, why here? I told you that hasn’t What Inferno Ecclesiastic.”

The beggar put out the novel, and said,“Have, have, there is.”

Farllow too and got a load of beggar, a boken suit of colthes and full of face of white mustache. Ages and bad alcohol smell. Farllow continued closing as find some thing, fix eyes on look, she’s mind,“Why the man looks like familiar, I have seen him some aga?” Farllow mind up, happy talked,“Father Wez.Ken, I saw him childhood. Quickly support him.”Unconsciousness Father Wez still talked,“Where’s Inferno Ecclesiastic? Where’s Inferno Ecclesiastic?”People seems not heard about what’s Inferno Ecclesiastic…

Color moon as mist cover maze, drizzle waving, street lights few reflect to up and down, go and come vehicles. At the Farllow home, father Wez lying on bed, coughing. She’s clean his face with hot towel beside, then put out coat remnants mud or dust.

Major Kenny talked at alongside,“My Farllow, does no a few thought that femininity side.”

Farllow had a gazed at Kenny, talked,“Father Kez was a father in my country, I help him without reject. While I was childhood, he’s helped me too.”

Farllow talked,“I don’t know what’s reason at last, father Wez had straight argued with church chairman in the officer. Result of second day, father took the baggage that leaved affiliated parish. Then no messages or news from. No body know Where’s he gone?”

She happy talked,“God’s arranged meet him again today!”

Kenny talked,“Right, helping because glad is source of happy, hum, yes!”

Farllow smile spoke,“Today have a good time.”

Kenny a rolled eyes, and asked,“Afterward, What about of father Wez?”

She smile told,“Didn’t say to you? Father was removed chruch’s name, that is all.”

“Oh, I see!” M.Kenny spoke.

Father Wez more and more clear in head, fuzzy eyes tend to bright, first sentence asked,“Where am I?”

Farllow smile answered,“Here is my house, father Wez. Do you remember me? I’m Farrllow, I like to listen your lesson While childhood.”

Father Wez knead hair himself, had found whole body’s pain feeling. Ultimately no power standing up on bed. He’s looked at Farllow, eventually remembered some thing to mind, spoke,“Long time no see, Farllow. How are you?”

She’s joy and said,“I’m fine, father Wez. How are you?”

Sideward M.Kenny interrupted,“I’m G.I.M.E D.S. regular army officer, Major.Kenny. Hello, Father Wez.”

Father Wez said,“Hello, Major.Kenny.”

Kenny regrettably said,“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know where you are Farllow friend.” Wez smile said,“Never mind, never mind.” He’s put a load of looked to her, spoke and spoke,“You’re grew up, and nice…”

Father Wez got Farllow and Kenny helping, health on way. a day morning, Wez opened the windows, there is wider grass rangeland, fresh air coming to face, warm shine throught out the windows over room. He’s deep breath, talked,“I have not snug feeling since long time ago.” She’s took the breakfast walked in, and told,“Father Wez, please to have breakfast with my personally, they’re good taste of sugar vegatable and ionization bread.” He’s thanked,“thank you, Farllow,God’s favor to me, I got your help.” She’s talked,“Hee, a little thing, father don’t mention.”

Father Wez racily eating break, sugar vegetable and ionization bread were made up by two food of material, one is D.S. local production of black bread tree’s fruit, high nutrition worth. Another Ionization fruit bar of local vegeatable. I.Fruit bar growing up in the electricity soil, with good health minim electricity. That unite to cooking skills, then would make a variety of delicious food.

She watched and asked,“Father Wez, that story is so great, so wonderful yesterday, Would you tell me is that ture?”

Father Wez eating and talked,“Human rights should be all high wise creatures have in reasonable, equity and right droit. In the mean time, droit and incumbency are link one another, imprtibility. Enjoy to droits must be carry incumbency involved at same time. If disrespect to, up to disrespect oneself. Today I suddenly remember a question, they’re think and do. Think is mentality, do is action. Base to nature, think and do are 2 difference concept. Think is innocent, but do exist criminality. Why? From crime, confusion sides talk, a right of order system should be building on a reasons and satisfaction needs and in good agreement, harmony, or conformity system each human. In the right, continued, order system, together developping, competition each, looking for eudemonia… for the story, I’m looking for, finally I woke up a thing in mind, I decide to found Inferno Ecclesiastic!” Farllow happy smile said,“Yeah! I must be support you, father.” Wez said aloud,“Inferno Ecclesiastic long time! Inferno Ecclesiastic long time!”They still talking and smile…

High buildings and large mansions of city, unaware tired passing trveller congest streets. A busy roadside of street, Shuda full of alcohol gas went for a walk at the park, side road strange hurry throught. Shuda had eyes looking forward with laxity or loose. He’s put out the cachou that chawing. Yesterday nice girlish-soft still few leaved on clothes the day before. Listlessly continue walking, trace clouds as thinking. Abruptly some police car howl coming, He’s hurry up to hide croner.

Two police were taliking near,“Have you discover Shuda’s tail?”

Another answered,“No, I haven’t.” “We must seek out him before sunset, else you and me couldn’t finish the task.”

Shuda had a surprised then ran into deep of park, disappearnce in darkness. He rounded serveal block line, then arriverd a secret living place. There is a mansion near outskirt of City, only knew himself that hide place. Suhda an arse to bed, has recalled that a lot of police passing scene himself, heart out with blood dancing. The ture degree may be bear out, must be some one snitch. He’s minded,“The empire having civil war, I havn’t finish task to kill Onhogo, that some one hick behind as yes-saying.”

Patrol car overed streets, busy and looking for. A young detective got off, a suit of gray white coat, jet back and splendent shoes would clear mapping surrounding. Then following a lingun cap, suspend pipe cotemporary. As younger than detective coat man in front of. First off man told,“Little brother Keone, Do you sure thinking those spies still staying at City?” Keone answered,“Captain. Hedite. Base on info-show, I thinking that some spies still haven’t finish project or task, They’re due to obviously exist danger on them point. And biger and diffence time, therefore some of spies still lying fallow in the city. We now need to do that uncover danger actores in hole!” Captain Hedite talked,“I think so too, talk to point.”

A team of plainclothesmen from the car, one of men talked,“Captain, the main exits were set the checkpoint entirely city. V.Family armies demand into city, and scream for total sweep manhunt action.”

Hedite asked,“Why V.Family want to interpose?”

One plainclothesman lightly told to him,“2 minutes late, V.Family legality successor Charle. Guan Ⅳ and his wife had discover dead in the bedroom. I heart other colleague talked they’re killed in act.”

Hedite thrill through a piece of unlucky sign, fast turned to Keone,He’s standing on the car side, slow spit out a smoke, said,“I listening, I know.”

Keone continued to look up sky, as pray what, loosely talked,“This very unsimple, unsimple. The hurricane will be coming.”

Hedite as something in mind, hurry talked to them,“Send my order, no allow army to step in City, even one half of step. Unless they’re have approvement file of D.S. police headquarter! Will announce to curfew in a week, and strong to police power of City, arrange reserve police to city outside. Prevent to conflict cases happened.” The civvies order,“Yes! Captain!” Hedite opened the minisize computer of hand, tried to communication uncle that chief of staff Tili.

At the darkness, alarm rights seem sunshine over, passer tend to few, only shout passing police car. Outside of city main exits have arranged and set up defense blocks, Policemen checking car or airship near main exits. Because announced curfew of city, all flying machine can but low-flying under Gravitation Defense Shield influence. This is a clarity layer of sky where covering city, have forced astro-ship to slow speed, and changing right sky dropping orbital. Arrived at some conditions, can increasing whole city gravitation, order people or ohter moving equipment hard moving under this environment, furthermore that low enemy shooting nicety down in the battle. Policemen were dressing bullet proof vest, some police men even took heavey weapon. Street and alleyway shops already stop to business, cold and cheerless, dimly have few walker haste passed. City people were talking happened things these days. Newspaper office and info-station missionaries preparing and busyness, for a serous of cases gather news. But face to them that is a block, a block of unover wall. G.I.M.E.info-statin reporter Robo had withdraw on top of mansion, unstopping great breath. To the best of ability soundless oneself, because of the mansion near outside of city. In there, both held the line who against to each other. Searchlight shine to clear outside, a police car ran out from main exit. Hedite got off, looked over V.Family army. Because V.Family first power member Charle.Guan Ⅳ was killed, contract-generals of Onhogo and important members scream require every city involved that act total survey… vast and mighty army quarter at outside of city, thousands of armored tank waiting for commander order. Hedite rucked the eyes brows, communication info-system no stopping report cases these days on ears. He need to time, needs time to negotiate V.Family, needs time to find out killer, even needs time to proper deal with everthing involved question. But things progessing without help. He recalled V.Family S.general. Qu Qing. promptly communicated on phone.

Combating voice from another side with disappointed, He’s sweat to asked,“S.general QuQing, are you all right, What’s up there?”

A young military officer sound on the phone,“General, the soldiers have began to besiege here. We affaid haven’t against their attacking at this rate!”

QuQing lowering talked,“Take care of yourself, late to talk.”

The phone off, He’s angry enclasp fists, tries to best control emotion himself. But didn’t, mutter on mouth. Keone sat down on car seat then looked at suffering Hedite, without emotion to talk,“The thing very interesting, very interesting.”

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