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Mobile Cell Phone Antenna

mobile cell phone antenna
what is the best cell phone to have for a mobile home?

I live in a mobile home and have to go outside to make calls…..I have cingular/nokia. Anybody know the best phone and will some type of antenna/power booster help?

If you have a metal roof mobile home and the home is in a slightly weaker reception area, you may find that none of the service providers can give you good reception inside your home.

But if you can get reception outside of the mobile home, you may want to look into an external antena. They can cost $30 to $100. Be sure you purchase one that will work with your phone. Some phones will require a special adapter cable. Depending on how strong your signal is, a desktop unit may be enough and they are very cheap.

If you want to get serious about getting a strong signal, you could get a cellular amplifier. There are car models and home models. The less expensive ones will be hardwired to your phone. They will cost $200-$300. Wireless ones will cost $400 to $1000 depending on how serious you are.

Hope this helps

Mobile payment systems gain traction
Cell phone-based automatic payment services are starting to gain some acceptance. Part of the pitch to merchants is lower processing fees than most credit card companies.

Wilson Mobile Cell Phone Booster

wilson Mobile Cell Phone Booster
wilson mobile cell phone booster

Top 3 Ways To Boost Cell Phone Signals

Top 3 Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signals by

The three main ways to boost cell phone signals and computer air card signals are:

  1. The lowest cost way is to connect a cell phone antenna directly to the device. An adapter is needed to connect the cell phone antenna to the antenna port on your device, if it has one.  Click Cell Phone Antenna Adapters to see if an adapter is made for your device.

If an adapter is made for your cell phone and/or computer air card click Blackcat! Cell Phone Antenna for mobile use and/or to place on a window-sill if there is a good signal outside at your location.  Visit and click Fixed Mount Cell Phone Antenna if you want to elevate and pole mount a cell phone antenna.

Unwired Signal offers cell phone and air card antenna adapters for over 500 cell phone models.  They are approximately 18″ long.  One end, FME Male, connects to the antenna cable.  The other end connects to your cell phone.

The second way to boost cell phone and computer air card signals it to add a Wilson 3 Watt Direct-Connect Cell Phone Amplifier to the above mentioned direct-connect cell phone antennas. Click Wilson 3-Watt Direct-Connect Cell Phone Amplifier to view our complete selection of them. The third way to boost cell phone and computer air card signals is to do so wirelessly, with one of our E-Z Install Wilson Wireless Cell Phone Booster/Repeater Kits.

Visit and click Wilson Mobile Cell Phone Booster/Repeater for vehicles and boats.

Visit and click Wilson Building Cell Phone Booster/Repeater for most buildings.

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For large and/or complex buildings and other applications, please call us at our store in Dallas, Texas.

Wilson Electronics Sleek
The Wilson Sleek is easy to use and performs well. Just make sure that it supports your phone.