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Best Smart Phone Family Plan

best Smart Phone Family Plan
best smart phone family plan
Whats the Best phone plan for me?

right now we have a family plan with unlimited calling, but expensive texts, no wifi access, no email, etc… Im thinking of getting a smart phone, i would much rather stay with verizon though, we both talk a ton on the phone, what plan should i get to get as much as possible for as little as possible. my bill right now is $165 a month and it has to be within $15 of my current plan.

For a plan you could get like unlimited texting and a certain amount of minutes for a plan..

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Smart Phone Family Plan

smart phone family plan
How much would I pay for a new phone on a verizon family plan?

Hey everyone. I am currently under T-Mobile, and it isn’t working too well for the area I am living in. My girlfriends mother has a Verizon family plan for her and her family, and she offered to put me on it. I don’t have a problem with this, however, I will be needing a smart phone (I am a business man and constantly use my phone for work). This is the phone I will be getting:

I would just like to know how much I would be paying for this phone, plus the $10 for an additional line.

Also, I need a data plan which they dont have. How does that work on a family plan? Thanks!

The phone would be $99
The monthly cost is $10 a month, for the calling plan. $30 for the unlimited data plan, (they have it). If they have unlimited family texting, you will be in on that, otherwise you need to pay for a texting plan!!!

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