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Smart Phone Wars

smart phone wars
The same guy that cheated on my wife? Why I did it? Could you forgive this if I didn’t mean to hurt her?

I’m the soldier in Iraq who cheated on his wife. I thought I would clarifty what I did and why. I love my wife. She’s beautiful, smart, sexy, and a 9 on a scale of 1-10, but when we got married I was 23 and she was 27. I was young and immature and not really ready to get married, but I was leaving for bootcamp and was afraid of losing her to other men. This is our first year being married and we were only together for three months of the time. I was immature, but I have since grown up. I was texting and calling my ex girlfriend through out our marriage because i wanted the attention. Then that slut waited until I left for war to send her an email detailing our affair. She told her about us doing it the night before the wedding and 7 days after. She told her how we did it in her car. She told her how I got a STD from her. I had blamed my wife 4 it claiming she cheated when I know she would never. But my wife is so mad she changed all the phone numbers and won’t talk to me. HELP ME?

First, STOP finding someone else to blame. Being angry with your ex won’t solve anything… It is not her fault, it is yours since you are the one that cheated and betrayed YOUR WIFE…

Second, UNDERSTAND that there’s is no easy or quick fix to your situation no matter how hard you try or want to try. Take a breath and analyze yourself and your situation… Think and find the reason why you did whatever you did and why your wife didn’t matter then, without trying to find the easy way (blaming it on attention seeking or boredom). If those are the only reasons you can find then, what happens the next time that you need the attention or the thrill of excitement…

Third, BACK OFF! Give your wife some space and remember that she is your wife and whether she likes it or not at some point you will have to sit and talk… You CAN’T MAKE HER! so give her some space to deal with the anger, pain and disappointment that you cause her on her own…

Fourth, BE REALISTIC. Put yourself in her situation and know that no matter which way things go is not going to be easy… Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know how complicated, frustrating and difficult things are. I’m not promising you that things are going to work out between you two, but there’s is still a chance. My husband cheated on me a while ago and we slowly worked through it… PATIENCE is a great virtue…

Smartphone Wars: iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. .. Android?

Smart Phone Walmart

smart phone walmart
How to convince my parents to give me a new phone?

I have this Nokia AT&T phone, which is a no contract phone. Problem is, it’s a piece of trash. No camera, custom ringtones, wallpapers, nothing! All the kids at my school have smart phones, touch screens in all, and I have to and embarrassingly say this, but I don’t want to be near that phone at school!! I’m not asking for the most top of the line phone or anything, but one “from this century.” Everytime I ask or show her a phone at Walmart, she always says I still have that crap-tap phone I already have. “No mother, I’m not blind I KNOW I HAVE THAT DAMN PHONE!!” is what I say in my head. I get good grades and all on my report cards.

ask her what is it that she wants you to do in order to get a new phone, try to bargain with her… talk it out .. and please don’t mess with your phone like dropping in the water & blah.. what if you don’t get a new one? then you’ll be left with nothing.

My new Smart Phone from WalMart

Blackberry Smart Phone Vs Iphone

blackberry Smart Phone Vs Iphone
Are there any better phones in Japan than the iPhone?

What are the ones that would work in the US? I am sick of this Pre vs iPhone stuff I see every day. They all are mediocre compared to Japanese phones I hear. If this is true what is the best phone in Japan, or what is their equivalent to a Blackberry?

Are there any good stylish phones that are better than American, but still work in America? If not a smart phone, than what phones are good? I don’t have any preference I just want something different than a Blackberry or iPhone. That’s all people talk about. I know most of the JP features won’t work here but I don’t care. Thanks.

Yes, everyone is going on about the iPhone, even when there are way better phones out there.
I reckon even the nokia N85, beats the iPhone. Japan has the best variety of electronics in the world. There is a new nokia take a look.

I don’t think it’s out yet, but it will be soon, definitely in Japan.

Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G

Smart Phone Vs Blackberry

smart phone vs blackberry
LG Dare vs The Blackberry Storm?

Whats better the dare has alot of cool things but the Storm is a smart phone dont know what to do?

I Would Deffinetly Go With the Store My Uncles Got it And Im Going to Get it Soon Too,Ive tried it Out As I work with phones With Verizon Wireless,Heres More Info over the Blackberry storm: Wireless email
Camera (3.2 MP)
Video Recording
BlackBerry® Maps
Media Player
Built-in GPS
Corporate data access

Size and Weight 4.43″/112.5mm (Length)
2.45″/62.2mm (Width)
0.55″/13.95mm (Depth)
5.5 oz/155g (Weight)

Data Input/Navigation SurePress™ touch screen
On screen keyboard: portrait SureType® and Multi-tap, QWERTY landscape

Voice Input/Output 3.5mm stereo headset capable
Integrated earpiece/ microphone
Built-in speakerphone
Bluetooth® v2.0; mono/stereo headset, handsfree, phone book access profile, and serial port profile supported
M3 (Rating for hearing aids (PDF))

Media Player Video format support: MPEG4 H.263, MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.264, WMV
Audio format support: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WMA ProPlus

Display High resolution 480 x 360 pixel color display
Transmissive TFT LCD
Font size (user selectable)
Light sensing screen

Notification Polyphonic/MIDI ringtones
MP3 ringtones
Vibrate mode
LED indicator

Approximate Battery Life Up to 15 days (Standby time)
GSM: 5.5 hours, CDMA: 6 hours

Memory Expandable memory – support for microSD™ card
1GB onboard memory
128 MB Flash (flash memory)

Modem RIM® wireless modem
Tethered modem capability

Email Integrations Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange
Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for IBM® Lotus® Domino®
Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Novell® GroupWise®
Integrates with an existing enterprise email account
Integrates with existing personal email account
Integrates with optional new device account

Device Security Password protection and screen lock
Sleep mode
Support for AES or Triple DES encryption when integrated with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
FIPS 140-2 Compliant (FIPS Validation in Progress)
Optional support for S/MIME

Wireless Network UMTS/HSPA: 2100 MHz
North America: 850 MHz GSM®/GPRS networks
North America: 1900MHz GSM/GPRS networks
Europe/Asia Pacific: 1800MHz GSM/GPRS networks
Europe/Asia Pacific: 900MHz GSM/GPRS networks
Dual-Band: 800/1900 MHz CDMA/Ev-DO networks

The new BlackBerry Storm is probably RIM’s most important phone release since the first Pearl became available back in 2006. Why? Because like the Pearl, which introduced the business orientated BlackBerry brand to the consumer world, the Storm represents another first for RIM, the introduction of a touchscreen handset with a brand new interface ready to take on the current smartphone darling, Apple’s iPhone 3G.

Originally known as the BlackBerry Thunder prior to the official announcement, we received word of its imminent release on October 8th when the Storm 9500 was confirmed for Europe – incidentally, the Storm 9530 is the version to be sold in the USA – and word is the BlackBerry will be on sale from October 22nd.

Research in Motion realise how important the touchscreen interface is and have added their own unique style to the system as well as addressing the various feature omissions which frustrate both existing and potential iPhone users. The Storm has its fair share of impressive features and will appeal to a broad range of mobile phone fans, as it’s set to be as competent on the multimedia side as it’s sure to be on the business side. If you’ve held off purchasing another smartphone because you where intrigued to see what RIM were cooking up, then it looks like you’re about to be rewarded, as the Storm looks mightily impressive.

Blackberry Storm: The Smartphone For Everyone, All the Time.
It’s not the first time RIM have made a BlackBerry which will appeal to everyone, but it’s perhaps the first time they have packaged one inside such a stylish handset! Style is everything in consumer world and phones don’t come much better looking than when they are almost devoid of ugly buttons. It’s not just a pretty face either, as the Storm does everything the casual user demands.

Mobile Video on the Blackberry Storm – The Way You Want It.
The BlackBerry Storm is happy playing the majority of common video files, including MPEG4 and WMV formats, plus you have the option to stream clips from sites such as directly to your phone.

Music on the Blackberry Storm – the Way You Want it Too.
It’s not just video which can be streamed to your Storm either, as the phone accepts streaming audio too. Like several other recent BlackBerry’s, the music player will play MP3, WMA and AAC encoded files and can be synced with your PC via iTunes as well as the included BlackBerry Music Sync software. A 3.5mm jackplug socket has also been added so you can plug in your own headphones.

A Superb Camera.
The first of the features the Storm boasts which impr

Nokia E71 vs. Blackberry Bold 9000 – Review by

What Is Smart Phone Tethering

what is Smart Phone Tethering
What smart phone is best for talk, text and tethering(data sharing)?

I have visited the At&t and Sprint websites and I cane make up my mind on getting either an iPhone 3G or a Blackberry. I would like a phone where I can talk and text for fairly cheap as well as share the data connection without any additional fees. Also, I would like the bill to be less than $90 a month. Does anyone know if either of these phones are good for talk, text and tethering or are there any phones better than the 2 that can get the job done for around the same price or cheaper? THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ANSWER MATURELY.

Im not sure if you know this but the iphone doesn’t have the ability to tether. Also on sprint if you wanted to tether on one of their Blackberrys you have to have a business account to do so. At&t does allow tethering on their Blackberrys but its an additional fee of $30 (only of 5GB of data).

Tethering Smart Phones for Internet

Flip Phones Amazon

Flip Phones amazon
What is a good phone for a 15-year-old girl?

I'm 15 and I have AT & T. I have the pink RAZR for free and I'm not crazy for the images it takes and I do not like the Flip. I'm not big on SMS (mom will not let me :-() I would either a film or a touchscreen phone like. There are a lot of unlocked phones on eBay and Amazon, so I'll get one of those because it is cheaper. It also gives me more options – I like the Venus and the Chocolate Factory. If the first chocolate still a cool phone?

the gloss is a good solid phone

New Blackberry Storm 9530 Phone

Flip Phone Full Keyboard

Flip Phone full keyboard
flip phone full keyboard
What prepaid phone companies have full keyboard phones?!?

I have sprint now, and I have a palm. the bill is too high each month so im thinkng of swithing to prepaid. I want a phone that has a full keyboard. Not the kind that slides out or even flips open, but like the palms and blackberrys is just right on the front, know what I mean?
any suggestions would be great 🙂

t-modile, att, are the biggest prepaid companies with full keyboarded phones. i dont know in what part of the country you live but here in texas the cheapest prepaid plan unlimited talk anytime is $30, unlimited talk-text-web is $45. company called cricket and sprint phones is compatible to their system. you just pay $20 to unlock any sprint, some nextel, verizon phones.

iCEphone iCEphone iCE Phone The Medical Phone The Phone For Life BBC Click Online CES 2009

Blackberry Flip Phone Unlocked

blackberry Flip Phone unlocked
Visiting e-bay for a phone. One says, I like it is unlocked. What does this mean?

I'm already with T-Mobile and want a BlackBerry flip for a cheaper price. My contract will be in another year, all the good advice?

This means you can use any SIM card in it and it is with this SIM card to work. You can Tmobile or ATT or any other GSM SIM and you can call and text. It has the SIM-Lock to be removed, unlocked it. BlackBerry BlackBerry's need a plan. You would have to in order to get from Tmobile, the full potential of the phone. Check with customer service / technical support, if these questions. If you have then with Tmobile for 22 more months, ask them if they give you unlimited talk for 49.99 and add to the plan that BlackBerry. That is my advice. Good luck.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Quadband Unlocked Phone

Flip Phone Pda

Flip Phone pda
flip phone pda
I am about to get a new cellphone but i don’t know which one to get. Any suggestions?

I am a Verizon subscriber and at the moment i have the older version of the enV. I’m getting really sick of it because it is really fat and old. I’m looking for a stylish phone but one that its useful. I’m a very busy girl and was thinking of getting a PDA/smartphone but am concerned that i wont be able to use it because it is very high-tech. I do not know if i should get a regular flip phone or take a risk and get a PDA/smartphone. I would like suggestions and advice on phones that meet my desires but that are durable and have a good battery. I am really interested in the Motoral Q or the Palm Tro 700 but the KRZR and enV seem really cool too. Anything will be helpful at this point. Thanks in advance!

PS – im also interested in a phone that can be used as an mp3 but that is not really important. just a perk if the phone has it. Thanks!

The best phone you can get in your situation is going to be the Motorola Q (maybe the new black version they came out with). Its got everything slim, full QWERTY keypad, runs windows mobile, big color full screen. If i were in your shoes you’d bet that’s what I’d be getting.

Emerald – 3 Inch Touchscreen Dual SIM World Phone + Flip Key Pad.wmv

Cell Phone Cases Blackberry Curve

Cell Phone Cases blackberry curve
What are some websites that sell cute cell phone cases?

I’m looking for some cute cases for my blackberry curve, does anyone know of any good sites?

Humor me and say something other than “ebay”

I love all of these! They’re pretty cheap too!

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900 for T-Mobile review – part 1 of 2 – Design and UI