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Cell Phone Cases Rugged

Cell Phone Cases rugged
Nokia 5500 Sport Cell Phone?

I’m in need of a new cell phone. I currently have a Nokia 5140 that has bit the dust. What liked about it was that it was rugged and with a durable rubbery casing, and had features like a built in flashlight, compass, and converter applications. The 5500 seems like it might be a good choice, but I can’t find where to purchase one. Does anyone know where to locate this phone? I’m in California, does it even work with the AT&T network? I have a sim card.

Hello ShyGirl,
Here is where you can purchase a new cell phone http://www.tmicell.com/?aid=30920
On the left, you will see a list of choices.

Amzer Rugged Case for the Blackberry Curve

Cell Phone Cases Covers Wholesale

Cell Phone Cases covers wholesale

Useful Hints for Choosing Cheapest Cell Phone Case

In nowadays up-to-date world of computing devices, engineering science and cell, you’ll scarcely discover a person moving on ground without those matters. Mobile phones have become of larger grandness for all as it merely holds you connected from one corner of the Earth to the different. Protecting your costly and fashionable cell from marks, shocks and different environmental situations is also very essential. This is the understanding why you bargain shells for your cellular phones.

Mobile Phone shells are designed for the lastingness, trend and shelter of your cellular phone. You should be seeking for a cellphone slip or covering which shows your particular and exclusive personality. Mobile Phone coverings or slips renders your cellular phone with a completely fresh look. There are a lot of cellular phone cases to choose from. Highly serviceable and nice elements utilized in the constructing of cellphone cases are nylon, aluminium and leather. These offer complete protection to your high-priced mobile phone.

Nothing ranges in absense of supplements as a add-on completes the pretty look of the merchandise. Mobile Phone as well demands various supplements. There are bigger and committed business concerns who just function wholesale cell phone accessories. This is due to the reality that cellular phone accessories are not only essential but likewise give you a trendy and fashionable appearance among your friends and fellow workers. Cellular Phone slips comprises a major component of wholesale cell phone accessories. Cellphone cases are being sold-out in larger lots throughout the Earth. Cellular Phone cases in various types of textiles are obtainable at a number of bulky shops. Getting wholesale means keeping millions of dollars which you would have passed in retail shop. In this writing we will search at several of the utilitarian points to pick out the greatest and cheapest cellular phone case.

1) Case Material: Silicone, neoprene and leather fabric are the mostly employed and largely sold cellular phone cover materials. You will find 90% of the total mobile phone cases in any retailing shop of these stuffs. Consequently, you should pick out for wholesale selling lots of these material covers as they are highly easy – equipped and are cheapest in several mobile phone covers.

2) Easy & Soft: Get sure your mobile phone is simply fitted in the slip and it just goes slide in it. Purchasing a small wholesale cell phone slips will not be that much fascinating and easy. Likewise, get confident that your cellular phone slip has a clip with it which you can use to tighten with your belt buckle or bag.

3) Suitable Color: Wholesale cell phone accessories come in a various amount of colorings. You should prefer a color which appears best with your cellular phone. You can try out a number of cellphone covers at the shop. For instance, if you’ve a bright physical structure cellular phone, then you must choose for black leather cover as it’ll give a beautiful contrast compare.

4) Nylon Velcro cases: Though not very modern and cutting-edge, but still nylon Velcro cellphone covers provides clean protection for your cellular phone from bumps and scratches. You can find those in wholesale cell phone accessories stores with a acceptable ease. These covers as well come with a clip to set with your belt buckle or handbag.

5) Rugged Trademarks: You are allowed to keep a really larger amount of money if you pick out of rough trademarks as they extend few really affordable and low-cost cellular phone cases. The slips are secure and are available from merely $30 apiece. Buying wholesale selling lot can supply you with concerning bargains and rebates.

Pursuing these functional points, you can find truly cheap and low-budget wholesale cell phone accessories. Dont forget to experience a sound marketplace research and analytic thinking prior making any purchase of similar and different wholesale cell phone accessories.

About the Author

Black Smith used to a boy working in blacksmith as an ironman. In his 18, he began to be involved in business area and study how to be a great businessman by himself. Now he is addicted to cheap wholesale products.

Mobile Cell Phone Signal Booster

mobile cell phone signal booster
mobile cell phone signal booster
AT&T mobile internet card connection is slow?

I just got my AT&T mobile broadband card in the mail today. I set everything up, and got connected to the internet. It’s really slow! According to my computer I’m only connected at 3.6Mbps. It takes about a min to load a simple internet page, and the card is only connecting at 2G level (no 3G service in my area). I live way out in the woods, and we have to use a cell phone booster to get signal at the house. I’m in the Grand Rapids MN area. Is there anything I can do to speed up this “slower than dial up” connection?

First off “A W” not one single cell phone carrier is 4G. No one will be till late next year.


I am sorry but even with a cell booster you will only get a 2G connection. And 2G is equal to dial-up whereas 3G is equal to DSL. All you can do now is just wait. AT&T hopefully might expand 3G within the next months. They most likely will because of the 3G iPhone coming in the Summer. If not turn to Verizon Wireless. The only signal they have anywhere in the US is 3G. They got rid of 2G in October 2007.

The reason a cell booster won’t do anything is because the tower outputting the signal is 2G not 3G. Thus causing the cell booster to not work.

Wilson Mobile Cell Phone Booster

wilson Mobile Cell Phone Booster
wilson mobile cell phone booster

Top 3 Ways To Boost Cell Phone Signals

Top 3 Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signals by UnwiredSignal.com

The three main ways to boost cell phone signals and computer air card signals are:

  1. The lowest cost way is to connect a cell phone antenna directly to the device. An adapter is needed to connect the cell phone antenna to the antenna port on your device, if it has one.  Click Cell Phone Antenna Adapters to see if an adapter is made for your device.

If an adapter is made for your cell phone and/or computer air card click Blackcat! Cell Phone Antenna for mobile use and/or to place on a window-sill if there is a good signal outside at your location.  Visit UnwiredSignal.com and click Fixed Mount Cell Phone Antenna if you want to elevate and pole mount a cell phone antenna.

Unwired Signal offers cell phone and air card antenna adapters for over 500 cell phone models.  They are approximately 18″ long.  One end, FME Male, connects to the antenna cable.  The other end connects to your cell phone.

The second way to boost cell phone and computer air card signals it to add a Wilson 3 Watt Direct-Connect Cell Phone Amplifier to the above mentioned direct-connect cell phone antennas. Click Wilson 3-Watt Direct-Connect Cell Phone Amplifier to view our complete selection of them. The third way to boost cell phone and computer air card signals is to do so wirelessly, with one of our E-Z Install Wilson Wireless Cell Phone Booster/Repeater Kits.

Visit UnwiredSignal.com and click Wilson Mobile Cell Phone Booster/Repeater for vehicles and boats.

Visit UnwiredSignal.com and click Wilson Building Cell Phone Booster/Repeater for most buildings.

About the Author

UnwiredSignal.com Questions? Call us at the store in Dallas, TX anytime from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday-Friday. We are happy to help you. 214-774-2588 or toll free 888-713-1243.

For large and/or complex buildings and other applications, please call us at our store in Dallas, Texas.

Wilson Electronics Sleek
The Wilson Sleek is easy to use and performs well. Just make sure that it supports your phone.

Mobile Cell Phone Booster

mobile cell phone booster
will this cell phone reception booster work for my phone?

i live really far away from town… and i have a virgin mobile phone and i get no signal where i live… will the Internal Antenna Booster Sticker work for my phone??? it says it works with LG too… and my phone does have the LG logo on it… if it doesn’t work… what is a good cell phone reception booster that is VERY cheap and will work? my phone is the virgin mobile flare so it does not have an antenna… PLEASE help me! this computer and that phone are the only ways i have to talk to my friends and boyfriend

I’m afraid those really don’t work. I bought one of those years ago when they came out and they didn’t do anything. However if you still want to try, you can get them off Ebay for about $1.00,

you can however get an atenas that has a magnet that you can stick outside that will plug into most phones.

Either that go with a different service provider that has a better coverage area.

What to watch for while traveling this Easter weekend
ROANOKE RAPIDS — Motorists planning to hit the road this Easter weekend, take heart — congestion, according to AAA Carolinas, is not expected to be all that bad. However, there are still some things to watch for and keep in mind as you gas up the engine and pack the car.

Mobile Cell Phone Boosters

mobile cell phone boosters
What is a “Booster” that you can buy that makes signal better on gadget you plug in side of computer 4 signal?

please xplain how this works and how well

also , if you are familiar with seirra wireless gadget..how this works with a booster…can you just usse tin foil and do something with it to make signal better?

also, how do these sierra wireless gadgets that you plug on side of computer actually work? are they part of a cell phone or mobile service and what they cost roughly a month too? or is it free?

also, do any other mobile or Cell Phones use free service?

please xplain
also, to first answerer or beyond..how much does a “Booster” cost? and , again, how they work? what they look like, etc?

what brand name , where to find? etc?

A booster is a signal amplifier. It basically adds voltage to the existing waveform to create a new waveform that is ideally exactly the same as the original, except with greater amplitude. So it strengthens the signal.

Adding pieces of aluminum foil would simply be extending the antenna. You would need a HUGE antenna to be able to pick up the kind of wireless signal that the devices you’re talking about can pick up. And even then it would likely be very weak.

Boost Weak Cell Service at Home: Your Options
Even the best wireless networks often can’t deliver a consistent signal inside your house. Femtocells and repeaters will usually help, but they’ll cost you.

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