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Blackberry Smart Phone Cases

blackberry Smart Phone Cases
blackberry smart phone cases
Question about the blackberry bold?

1.) Is this a good phone? (does it work good, features, ect) If not, what are other good smart phones (besides iPhone)?

2.) When I went to the store to look at the blackberry, the sales person said all websites are available (when paying for internet), but when you go to certain websites, the phone company (in my case, Vodafone) charges (a lot) more. What websites CAN you go onto without paying any more? (I live in Germany, but I’m guessing it is the same as the states so…)

3.) Do you think the blackberry bold is worth getting (btw I’m 14)?

I have the Blackberry Storm ( yet to see any of the bad that was talked about), and I have Verizon. I am not sure what you actually asking, but I have a plan that takes care of the data you would be using. The web sites that I go to are all included in the data plan that I have. I am not sure about Germany, but I live in the United States( I do not have a problem).Good Luck

Blackberry 8300 Curve PDA smartphone Plastic Crystal case

Cell Phone Cases With Clip

Cell Phone Cases with clip
but so sorry, I really wish I could help

Police track cell phone in missing student case

Cell Phone Case Magnet

cell phone case magnet
can a small magnet damage a zip disc?

I have a small magnet in my cell phone case, it constantly goes to my zip disk ( the one that has my medical record i wear around my neck –im a chronic pain patient and need my advance directive with me at all times–) it is made by SanDisk if that makes any difference. I know keep em appart and there is no problem lol but after working a 13+ hour work day i throw my stuff in the drawer when i go to get it when im going back to work the two are stuck together…. argh any thoughts or opinions would be a great help
it is the sandisk USB drive. i work in a hospital and everyone knows its on my neck just incase also ive raised awareness to the medical staff and the administratiors of looking for the computer “parts” for medical information and trying to get the hospital equiped to read all possible memory sticks like the MINI SD cards now out. since from what ive seen most computers need an adaptor to read them

A zip disc is information collected on a magnetic floppy, so yes – contact with a magnet could damage the information easily. I would suggest using a jump drive instead.

Conversion Lenses for Cell Phone Cameras : DigInfo

Cell Phone Case Packaging

cell phone case packaging
cell phone case packaging

Buying a used Blackberry Cell Phone

Getting a Blackberry is one than something like a status symbol for many people in today's modern times, but that payment for BlackBerry is what is often difficult to do. These things are not cheap, if you are forced to pay full price! The good news is that a BlackBerry hand mobile phone for much less than the purchase cost of a new and it will just work well. Often the deals you can find on the used blackberry may go up by 50%, which is essential to pretty much when we talk about $ 600 Cell Phones. There are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a used Blackberry, however.

First make sure that you buy from a reputable dealer. Many people have been scammed by shady cell phone provider and you do not want this happen to you. This means you have to dealers with a lot of experience and a record of the sale of similar devices for people how to find you. You should also see if the manufacturer offers a warranty on their used cell phones. Some do, some do not. Obviously you can rest a little easier if you can find one with a warranty, even if only for 30 days. Vendors that offer a guarantee, are certainly more credible and should always be on providers, be used without a warranty, all else being equal.

Secondly, if you can, try to get unlocked using your hands on a BlackBerry. Unlocked phones have the advantage of not "choose captive" to a particular network, so you can operate the network, based on the cover in Your area, special pricing packages, and other factors. If you can not find an unlocked BlackBerry, double and triple check that the model is buys, the work will expire on your network or ready to the early termination fee with switching networks from your current contract to condemn associated. Remember that not all phones will be made to work in any network. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Most phones have been made to operate in a network, so make designed to ensure that your phone uses for your network. In most cases forced to pay an early termination fee will not save you negate the purchase of the phone used gained. Some see this as an advantage, as they change substantially carrier, without the impact of early termination Fee. Others, on the other hand see this as a waste of money and find it better to use a phone that works on their network.

If you are one of the Many want a BlackBerry mobile phone but can not find a way to stretch your budget to afford it, you should use the market. Normally you will also find the latest models on the market used for a lot less than you would pay retail. By buying from a reputable seller, you can help ensure that you end up with a telephone, that gives you the freedom you want and the functionality and fun that is holding a BlackBerry.

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Cell Phone Cases Leather

Cell Phone Cases leather
Should I sell my cell phone for this price?

Should I sell my blackberry pearl 8110 from at&t for 85 dollars?

it comes with wall charger, silicone case, usb cord, and leather case


Nope. It should be sold for $100.

Crystal Case, Leather CAse, Hard Case review – ipod touch 2g

Cell Phone Cases For Blackberry

Cell Phone Cases for blackberry
Where to look for/or get wholesale tmobile Cell Phones ?

Im an eBay seller/wholesaler and I currently have an tmobile wholesaler but I want to find another one just in case. I’m looking for prices lower than ebays. I’ve searched the Internet but all I could find was prices a hundreds of dollars more than eBay. I’m looking for tmobile blackberry cell phone in particular. I would really appreciate it if you guys/gals could tell me where I would be able to find tmobile cell phones. Also if you could just give some tips on how to find them through the search engines.

Search for the wholesale suppliers from and send free trade inquiry to any supplier you like.

Custom Initial Swarovski Crystal Cell Phone Case for IPHONE 3gs 3g BLACKBERRY DROID MOTOROLA HTC

Cell Phone Cases Rugged

Cell Phone Cases rugged
Nokia 5500 Sport Cell Phone?

I’m in need of a new cell phone. I currently have a Nokia 5140 that has bit the dust. What liked about it was that it was rugged and with a durable rubbery casing, and had features like a built in flashlight, compass, and converter applications. The 5500 seems like it might be a good choice, but I can’t find where to purchase one. Does anyone know where to locate this phone? I’m in California, does it even work with the AT&T network? I have a sim card.

Hello ShyGirl,
Here is where you can purchase a new cell phone
On the left, you will see a list of choices.

Amzer Rugged Case for the Blackberry Curve

Cell Phone Cases Skins

Cell Phone Cases skins
cell phone cases skins
PLEASE HELP battle between two friends about this?

To Please link to this twilight skin is a sticker right? I say it a sticker that u stick on …. phonee Friend says that there is a case ….. when the matter even ebay says that it will help a sticker please

its a sticker, you can easily see, as cannot cases over the keyboard as the go .. You were right, and your friend was wrong.

Cell Phone Case Pouch

cell phone case pouch
cell phone case pouch
I want to get a case for my cell phone. The model is Motorola TracFone TFW376-fourth?

I want a price get a case for some reasonable. I do not want something that is just a bag or a case, just connect to the back, I want it for the front, if possible. Hope someone can help! 🙂

Go to, where you can find a cover of $ 20 for $ 5! I got a nice cover and a car charger for about eight. I kid you not look at Amazon and type in what you want, in your case, a Motorola tfw376-4, and it will show you several. Seriously, check it out.

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Crochet Cell Phone Case Pattern

crochet Cell Phone Case Pattern
crochet cell phone case pattern