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Smart Phone Ratings

smart phone ratings
smart phone ratings
A mintues and I'll explode?

I like two kinds of mobile phones from Sony Ericsson and Nokia, but when I go, I chose a model reviews Users see the right is what you do, but it was clear to me that there are no good phones in this world I want to help buy a mobile phone ………………. . I am usually on Smartphones ..

Nokia is better, I think

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Nokia Smart Phone Unlocked

nokia Smart Phone Unlocked
Please help me Unlocking Nokia 6010 made in Mexico?

Please help me in unlocking my phone? These are my Phone details Cell Phone: Nokia 6010; Country: Mexico; Carier: Smart; IMEI # 010419/00/082904

It should be in the instruction book somewhere.
Usually the standard password is 12345.
And hey, don’t give your IMEI number like that.
A phone IMEI number is like your computer’s IP address…
You know what i mean 🙂

Nokia N81 Unlocked GSM Multimedia Smartphone

Lg Smart Phone Verizon

lg Smart Phone Verizon
Was I the LG Chocolate Touch, Touch env, Sansung Rouge, or any other touch screen phones from Verizon?

I can be a smart phone, but I willl not be able to access the Internet and other smartphone features with plan to have in mine.

as you can see this, compare this in full: env Touch is a bit better than the other, good luck


Best Smart Phone Unlocked

best Smart Phone Unlocked
Does anyone know if these phones are smartphones? Samsung B3310,LG KE970 Pink Shine,LG KS360 blackberry pearl.?

Ok, I’m a verizon customer and after I graduate college, I want to change my service to AT&T with my boyfriend. I did a search and AT&T is second best behind Verizon, but they have a few things I like over Verizon. Now, I want a smart phone, but I don’t too much care for the styles are colors of AT&T smartphones. So my boyfriend suggested, that I buy an unlock phone, which I researched and it’s basically a phone that has a Sim card, with all your account information on it, and you can take it out and switch phones or phone carriers anytime you please. I found out that the GSM phones are “unlock phones”. So long story short, I did a search on Pink GSM Smartphones and I came up with those four phones above. I did a individual search on each one, and I realized that some of the phones were just text phones and I’m not sure about the other two. This will be the first time that I will own a smartphone, and I’m not sure what to look for!

AT&T might have the 2nd best coverage in the US, but as far as customer satisfaction and reliability of it’s network are concerned, it’s the bottom of the heap.

Any phone not designed for AT&T will likely not be able to access their 3G data network, and since you are looking for a “smart” phone data speeds will be important.

I suggest you take a look at T-Mobile at what phones they have, especially any of the Android phones, and if they have coverage in your area go with them. It will be cheaper, more reliable, and less frustrating.

Nokia E62 Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Nokia E71 Smart Phone Unlocked

nokia e71 Smart Phone Unlocked
nokia e71 smart phone unlocked
Can I get a Nokia E71 running on AT&T’s Go-phone service?

Is it possible to run an unlocked Nokia E71 on AT&T’s Go-phone service? I want the $60 unlimited talk/text package that they have, but don’t want to shell out $89 for unlimited talk/text on a contract… plus get hammered with a required $30 data plan ($119 before taxes, twice the price!)

Has anyone tried this before, with any smart phone (black berry, HTC tilt 2, Samsung Jack, etc)? I’m afraid to drop $300 into a phone and not have it work because they blocked the phone’s IMEI.

Yes, it is possible. I am currently using a Blackberry Bold 9000 on a prepaid Plan, and it works just fine. Before I did this, I had a chat with an AT&T representative, and they told me that I could text, call, and use the internet (for 1 cent per KB). Personally, I think it’s a good buy and it saved me a bunch of money.

Hope I helped,


Nokia E90 Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Compare Smart Phone Features

compare Smart Phone Features
compare smart phone features
BlackBerry Curve 8520 or Nokia E61?

I have shortlisted E-63, and BlackBerry Curve 8520.I 'm a fan of blackberry, but what is left me in the lurch 8520 does not have GPS and I also heard 3G.And 8520, E63 offers comparative price / performance ratio (E63 offers the most features, the Blackberry offering and is also 363 almost 5k less than 8520). Buy the best one under that is two? … Is there another better smartphones, the almost same price range is any help …. Suggestion we are grateful.

Hi Nick, can I be biased here because I am a Nokia fan. If you love the QWERTY and looking for GPS/3G. why not go for E72? they have complete, even 3.5G. E63 is good, I tried, they simply do not have GPS. (E63 is like a poor man's E72/71

Apple channels Henry Ford: any iPhone Preorder 4, as long as it's black Apple launched its iPhone reserve Tuesday with a few glitches. The biggest: the white iPhone 4 will not be available 24 June.

Nokia Smart Phone List

nokia Smart Phone List
nokia smart phone list
Is there a list of what handset you are using the EMS messaging protocol somewhere on the web?

There are two types of messaging protocals out there right now Nokia Smart Messaging and EMS. But I cannot for the life of me see a list of phone models indicate the use which each handset. If you are sending the wrong Type of message works on a phone not that use this protocol message is messed up everything

have no clue to your question just feel sorry for you cos no one had answered your question and I did not want to be left out.

iPhone 4: Apple needs another model Apple can not get out of the case of the market share until they design their spreads over more than one new model every year.

Htc Smart Phone Prices

htc Smart Phone Prices
HTC Droid Incredible or LG Ally?

2nd try, different time of day

I’m trying to decide between these two phones for when I can upgrade in a while. They seem pretty similar. The differences i can spot off the bat though:

Incredible has a more powerful camera
Incredible has the HTC Sense UI and Snapdragon processor
Ally has a physical keyboard
Ally is half the price of the Incredible

I do like the physical keyboard, but the processor on the Incredible seems significantly faster.

So my questions:

1. Are there any other major differences worth noting?
2. Which one would you recommend or choose for yourself?

I suppose the Ally would be better for text use and the Incredible would be better for media, but this would be my first smart phone so I’m not really sure which i would utilize more when not around my computer. So any and all opinions would help. Thanks.
They both run Android 2.1 and I don’t like the keyboard on the Droid because the keys aren’t raised

I’d go with the Ally. The specs are pretty similar to the Moto Droid but better.

The benefit of the Ally having a physical slide out keyboard would make me pick it. However if you can sacrifice it, definitely go with the Incredible. The speed of the 1GHz processor is noticeable. It’s worth the price. And the 8MP (vs 5MP) camera is sooo crisp its…well, Incredible.

And I’ve had a lot of smartphones before, and I love Android phones. Try both of them in a store and you’ll know if you can stand not having the keyboard.

EDIT: Ahhh. Yes, it took some getting used to using the keyboard. Do you browse while you’re away from your computer. I’ve found the slower processors are affected so the Incredible’s processor makes a difference (I also like the 7 home screens). Also they sell “touch” pens if that would help with the on-screen keyboard.

MM127: Canon’s Rebel T2i, HTC’s Incredible, Google’s SuperBowl, Nook For Sale

Samsung Smart Phone Verizon

samsung Smart Phone Verizon
What is a new or upcoming cell phone with a QWERTY keypad thats for Verizon Wireless?

I really think that the enV and the other samsung are getting old, and I need to know if a new ones coming out. (But I don’t want it tobe a smart phone, maybe a pull out keypad) I also looked at the Motorola ROKR Z6m, but I can’t figure out when that is coming out. PLEASE HELP ME!

Well, the ROKR Z6tv (this version of the Z6m will be coming to Verizon and will have the Vcast TV capibility) doesn’t have a QWERTY keypad, and it is known that the RIZR body series are very hard to text on. The Samsung u740 is not old, it just came out a few months ago.

To my knowledge, there are no new feature phones with a QWERTY keyboard coming out anytime soon.

Wal-Mart to Sell Apple iPhone 4 on June 24
In a coup for Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer will begin selling the new iPhone 4 on June 24, a spokeswoman for the retailer said on Friday.

Cell Phone Case Knitting Pattern

cell phone case knitting pattern
cell phone case knitting pattern

How to choose your handbags fit most

One of my sisters is a fan handbag, handbags, how they see and then buy them down, and always with a suitable bags available no matter in any case – is back to work when a very professional of his knapsack, Outdoor Sports Messenger always a time when a canvas bag; Cart is time to use a small handbags package, time traveling. See more local style bag embroidered with various patterns, and a national of the Chinese Wind Clothing is definitely a perfect … … a beautiful dress, posture and large people can wear more of color, while the case is different.

You always choose the right handbag with the right clothing matched to the line, and she bought determining appropriate occasion. Clothing and bags: fabric and color coordination

If you are also a fashion-conscious girls wear dresses in color, then select favorite color-coordinated pocket. If you wore a plain dress, then with some of the fancy colored packages. If the T-shirts, sports boyish clothes, for example, the selected nylon, plastic, thick canvas category of "hard bag" when the Wearing knit shirts, shirts and other clothing girlish, then the bud with a series of silk, linen or soft cotton and other "soft packs" of. Of course, the transformation of the fabric, texture package also requires a corresponding change.

1.Your faces with the handbag

Do you have clear facial features, the Her prominent cheekbones and other facial emphasize taste a bit like a boy, then the best place is for you, striped gas pockets are male, and a girl with gentle eyes, nose, round face, she had better choose a glass beads, sequins, cute bag.

2.Height complement the handbag: the length of the phase

If a girl want a bag placed in the armpit, then we need to draw attention to the package thickness of the pocket to pay .. Breast gross thin should choose waist girls slender rectangular bags and girls with flat chest, looks like guys choose to, triangular thick bags. If you have large Handbags should prefer, you better keep up. Girls more than 165cm height can select handbags full length about 60cm, which end up in a magazine can not load package, and to choose below 157cm height, a better option for these girls handbags total length of about 50cm, in a magazine sideways loaded package.

3.Function and bag: beautiful and comfortable

I choose the handbags, not only the look but to see the other features. Some have pockets outside cell phone pocket, pen pockets at the same time, which is much more convenient. Some bags have smaller coins, keys, etc, which the bags exceptionally easy to use is installed.

In all these cases, you should think twice before we Handbags buy fashion and luxury, so attractive to us. Then we can use them to make us more fashion and beautiful in the right way

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