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Cheap Smart Phone Deals

cheap Smart Phone Deals
cheap smart phone deals
HTC Touch Pro for $ 150, Good Deal?

Lost my cell phone. Gotta buy a new one. Thinkin about a slightly used HTC Touch Pro. People sell lots her for about $ 150. Is it worth it? I've heard it crashes and freezes, and breaks from the keyboard. But I have a HTC Touch before, and it was pretty good, so that I'm guessin better the HTC Touch Pro is not atleast as good, though. I did not spend much money, so $ 150 is a good deal for the HTC Touch Pro? I really want a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard at a good price, and this is the best that I can find.

I had this phone! Loved it, before my friend recently threw it on the floor, hard and broke the screen 150 is a lot! actually currently looking for good prices. Please Please Please, tell me where you found it, are for 150 !?!?! because I want it SOO Badd. Great phone but. Really!

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Smart Phones For Cheap

smart phones for cheap
where can I get cheap used full keyboard phones (NOT smart phones)?

a friend of mine has a crappy LG env2, and this is the second phone that has broken for no reason from LG. I need a cheap full keyboard phone that is compatible with Verizon, around the 50-60 dollar mark. I cannot seem to find any phones for this price that actually work (which is absolutely ridiculous – if it’s broke, it shouldn’t be worth 70 bucks).


Cheap Cell Phones – 3G smart phones + more

Smart Phones Cheapest

smart phones cheapest
smart phones cheapest
Anyone know the cheapest place to get a smart phone in the wny area ? ?

I`d prefer new but refurb will be just as well .

Cheapest Best Smartphones

Smart Phones Cheap

smart phones cheap
What cell phone providers offer an unlimited data and unlimited texting plan for smart phones (better than 50)?

I have ATT and I like smart phones, but I think it is ludicrous to have to pay 50 dollars for an unlimited data and texting plan just because it’s a smart phone and then the 45 bucks for the basic 450 minute talk plan. I hardly use minutes, but I do enjoy being able to have that rollover minute cushion. But if I can get a good cell phone service with unlimited data and texting for cheaper than 50 I’ll go with it. I prefer the provider to have the HTC phones.

In the 4 major companies, i found on T-mobile you could get 500 minutes with unlimited text and web for $59.99. That’s an incredible price. T-mobile has some HTC phones: the My touch 3G (ugliest phone i’ve seen), T-mobile Dash, the Shadow 2, and the HTC Touch Pro 2. T-mobile steals the credit from HTC phones like the Mytouch 3G so the average person wouldn’t know it’s made by HTC.

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Cell Phone Cases Cheap

Cell Phone Cases cheap
cell phone cases cheap
Where can I get a good example for my phone?

I have a HTC Fuze and I let him back and now have a gaping wound on my 350-dollar cell phone … Theres nothing I can not the scratch, but I want to prevent any future losses on, has anyone know where a good silicone case and cheap?

Try the following websites for cases for the HTC Fuze Hope these sites help

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Flip Phones Cheap

Flip Phones cheap
flip phones cheap
What do I do to get a picture from my old phone to my computer?

I have my old phone, (that is no longer in service, so I can’t use email) and I have a picture on it that I need on my computer. I have the USB cord that connects it to the computer. My computer recognizes it, but it doesn’t show up in my computer. I have a verizon phone… cheap regular Flip Phone…please help!

These days there are some SIM card reader available.check online on e-bay like web site.may be you will have to order that SIM card reader and be able to download that pic on your computer.Good luck.

Flip phones

Flip Phones Contract

Flip Phones contract
How much is it to cancel a 2 year cell phone contract?

I have a 2 year AT&T/Cingular family plan contract for my cell phone and my mom’s and it’s going to be up this spring, but my birthday is coming up in about 15 days and I wanted one of the new Verizon 2-way flip-phones. I want to know how much it would be to cancel this contract, or if there isn’t any cheap way, any other cool cingular phones BESIDES the crappy razrs. Thanks!
I don’t know where the contract is, my dad has it somewhere. Also, I would never get an iPhone until the 2nd generation comes out. The 1st one was a dissapointment.

you’ll have to check your contract to be sure, but I think it’s usually $175

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Samsung Flip Phone Pink

samsung Flip Phone pink
Has anyone heard of this phone?

ok, my friend has this mobile phone, I asked her what the make was and everything, cause I liked it. But she said she didn’t know. It’s a light pink flip phone. I think it was a Nokia or a Samsung, it wasn’t very big. But does anyone think they’ve heard of it?

I’ll give you some links of what I think it might be : Twist phone but it’s pink 🙂

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Boost Mobile Cell Phones Cheap

boost mobile Cell Phones Cheap
boost mobile cell phones cheap
Boost Mobile Question…?

I am using Boost Mobile’s pay as you go plan, and currently have a Motorola i855 phone….

A lot of phone services allow you to exchange for new phones for free or very cheap, and I”m looking to upgrade… But as I look at the plan, the new phones aren’t honestly much better than my current one… Even if this plan gets a new cell phone in, will I have to buy it for the full cost, or is there any kind of exchange I could do?

No, but what you could do is sell your phone on ebay and then use some of the money to help pay for a new one.

Sanyo Incognito (Boost Mobile) – UnPaking