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Smart Phone Etiquette

smart phone etiquette
Is the person supposed to call to tell you if you got the job or not?

I recently completed a job interview on Monday and an observation time on Wednesday. The lady who interviewed me said that she would call me on Friday. It is now Saturday and I haven’t heard anything. My question is, is the person supposed to call you to tell you that you didn’t get the job. Also I want to know what is proper phone etiquette when trying to get a hold of the person…I have already called once and was sent to her voice mail I left a message saying has she talked to the person I observed…so should I keep trying once a day until I get in contact with her.
I also emailed her to thank her for interviewing me and in the email I very casually wrote “i hope i am offered a job at such a wonderful establishment” Do you think this was a smart thing to do? Please help me I am freaking out I really want this job.

I agree with the people who are saying that usually the person who is offered a job gets the call. I hope that’s not the case in your situation because you clearly show enthusiasm for it. You’d be surprised how many people don’t even send a thank you note of any kind! I would not call again in case she was sick, on vacation or too busy to make all of her calls on Friday.

That said, she may not share your good attitude. She doesn’t need to acknowledge your thank you email but she definitely should address your voicemail. She can call or email you with an explanation. If not, I’d be concerned about whether she has any respect whatsoever. If she’s good, she’ll make sure you know where you stand.

How to Practice Smartphone Etiquette

Flip Phone Walkie Talkies

Flip Phone walkie talkies
This or that!! who wants to answers polls?<3333?

this or that……..
pens or pencils
ipod or mp3 player
guys or boys
walkie talkies or Cell Phones
hollister or a&f
kisses or hugs
flip flops or heels
water or ice tea
yellow or lime green
hannah montana or wizards of waverly place
food or candy
13 going on 30 or never been kissed
mandees or joyce leslie
shy girls or outgoing girls (boys answer please : ) )

star if u like please : )

Cell Phones
Hollister (if i HAD to choose)
Flip Flops
Iced Tea
Wizards of Waverly Place
13 Going On 30

Is the Verizon HTC Droid Eris a smart phone?

I want that phone for christmas, but I don’t want it to be a smart phone because I don’t spend that much internet time on my phone at all. So….. is that a good phone for me?

Discovery Flip Phone Walkie Talkies

discovery Flip Phone walkie talkies

Motorola I880 Review – a Review of the Motorola I880 Mobile Phone

The Motorola i880 is a spectacular multimedia communication device that offers dazzling amenities. This top-notch mobile phone offers fun features and outstanding personalization tools. The i880 offers the necessary elements for information, connectivity and entertainment.

Personalization features include memory expansion capability, push-to-start replies and push-to-meet. The unit comes equipped with a music player with podcast playback. The 2.0 mega-pixle camera and video clip capture and playback allow users to encapsulate images and action.

The send via PTT is a feature used to exchange contacts, info and pictures quickly and conveniently. Messaging features include multimedia messaging services (MMS), mobile originated-short messaging services (MO-SMS) and two-way text messaging. The T9 predictive text tool allows for remarkably quick entries.

The i880 mobile phone offers speech recognition and the voice, Net and text message alerts keep users up-to-date on their recent calls. The consolidated message storage and send and receive call log are great tools for organizing contact information and staying current on the latest contacts.

Lifestyle features are impressive in the i880 and include an integrated assisted GPS navigation system and MOTOtalk off-network walkie-talkie. The unit offers multi-language support and AgION antimicrobial coating. The durable cell phone is equipped with a quick flip button, speakerphone, stereo speakers and voice record.

Additional features include assignable ring tones that can be connected to individual contacts. The Bluetooth supported profiles include serial port, service discovery application, hands-free, headset, dial-up networking, and generic object exchange.

Data features include Openwave 7.02 Internet browser, a wireless modem and mini-USB connectivity. The i880 offers 25 kHz channel spacing. The high performance battery promises up to approximately 190 minutes of talk time and up to approximately 95 hours of standby time.

The Motorola i880 is far more than just a cell phone. This device is devilishly stylish and it offers everything necessary to inform, entertain and connect. The i880 is a prime example of outstanding multimedia communication devices.

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