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Top 10 Smart Phone Manufacturers

top 10 Smart Phone Manufacturers

Samsung M8800 Pixon vs BlackBerry 8900 – The war of smart phones

Samsung and BlackBerry are two reputed and well established phone manufacturers of our times. Several of their handsets have been released with not much difference of period between them. Hence, comparison between their handsets was on the expected lines. Presently, the camera phone lovers are in a state of trance by the all new Samsung M8800 Pixon, whereas BlackBerry has kept up its reputation of delivering smart business phones with its BlackBerry 8900. In this analysis viz-a-viz Samsung M8800 Pixon vs BlackBerry 8900, we try to decipher these two handsets and get a better grasp as to which one comes out on top. The BlackBerry 8900 is what one would expect from the company- a sophisticated gadget equipped with excellent specifications. Like all BlackBerry gadgets, it comes with a QWERTY keyboard which is now the brands hallmark feature. It has a TFT display supporting 65K colours with a high resolution of 480 x 360 pixels. Measuring 2.4 inches, it is comfortably large and with its Trackball navigation ensures easy access to phone features. The wallpapers lets you customise the home screen to reflect your mood and preference. The gadget is mostly preferred by business users who find its elegant looks rather ‘official’ and in tune with their profile.

The gadget comes with a large memory capacity in the tune of 16GB by microSD, which ensures large data storage requirements of business users or for that matter general users is aptly taken care of. An advanced 3.15 MP camera with 2048×1536 pixels and features such as autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging and image stabilization ensure you never miss another moment without capturing it. Video recording is also possible at 240×180 pixels. The gadget runs upon the BlackBerry OS and has a 512 MHz processor thus resulting in an overall fast processing speed. The other contender in Samsung M8800 Pixon vs BlackBerry 8900 goes a step ahead in terms of its specifications and features. This could be the dream gadget for any user, be those fond of camera phones, music players or overall complete gadgets. It comes with a amazing 8.0 MP camera as its main feature along with a host of features. This includes autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection, image stabilization and wide dynamic range. Video recording can be performed efficiently whereas a secondary VGA camera allows video calling. A 3G handset, it enables optimum connectivity via its triband features.

It comes with a class 10 of GPRS and EDGE along with HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps. With support for WAP and XHTML browsers, accessing the world wide web, staying up to date with the latest information or visiting social networking sites is possible by just a press of a button. The gadget comes with 200 MB of internal memory which is further expandable upto 16GB with microSD. This coupled with the fact that it comes with Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) makes it an ideal choice for business users as well. The Samsung M8800 Pixon scores in terms of musical capabilities over the BlackBerry 8900. it comes with Stereo FM radio with RDS in addition to media player supporting all major sound formats. Its SRS (Surround Sound System) Virtual 5.1 channel lets you enjoy some high quality music. In conclusion, it would be safe to say that both handsets are quite capable in their own right. Choose amongst any of these two assured of having a satisfying experience.

About the Author

I am David Boon an Online Marketing Analyst. I am working on Mobile phone industry in UK now.
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Samsung phones store Mobile Phone Deals – Smart Phones Tagge

Cell Phone Case Removal

cell phone case removal
how do you get stores to send you free stuff to “Test”?

i was reading reviews on certain products, and the reviews were of various things, such as Cell Phones, personal laser hair removal devices, and some other new products, and i also saw some youtube videos where people review stuff, but in the case of a few things, like the laser hair remover, the lady got to keep it, but she didnt work for any type of special company, how do you go about having a company send you free stuff to try out?, or am i not understanding how that works?

no but you an get free samples.
If you want a free sample site without those stupid offers or surveys I would check out http://www.sampleaday.com . They feature a new free sample every day without those stupid surveys or “offers” that make the “free sample” not really free. What I also like about them is that they have a mailing list so that you can get the free samples sent to your inbox… its pretty sweet.

Cell Phone case removal

Flip Phone Commercial

Flip Phone commercial
flip phone commercial
Is there a place online where I can order a Samsung SCH-U740 Cell Phone besides BestBuy.com?

Is that the phone that is a flip phone, then you can turn it over and text on a keypad kind of like a SideKick?
Just wondering. I saw a commercial of a cell like that for only 29.99 Please help.

Verizon carriers this cell phone. You would need to go to their website verizonwireless.com to see if they have it available for your local area.

Freek Show – Herizon Chocolate Flip Phone! Commercial

Flip Phones Wiki

Flip Phones wiki
flip phones wiki

When will (Corporate Blogs/Facebook/Twitter) replace the classic Press Release?

The answer is…when the SEC says they can… but for the most part all companies are either currently using new media tools (which include video) with upload capability (many with no filter) for customers and employee’s.

This is the New-New for many old time, rigid, by the book, corporate structures in our and a carry over from the Dot.com era when wearing flip flops and kenneling Labradors was all the rage. It seems we are settling between Vitalis and a petting zoo. Keep in mind the American workforce is migrating to the home/remote office and if one more booth hog acts like I am invading their personal cubicle at Starbucks I will pull a Wozniack on them and tweak their wireless routers (which is easy). But let’s read some other input as we near Labor Day and honor the American workforce.

John Cass,who works for Advanced Micro Devices, is currently the volunteer community organizer for the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki. He writes, “According to our research, 77 (15.4%) of the Fortune 500 are blogging as of 07/29/09.” He is joined by Coca-Cola, Clorox, Dell and others!

Expanding the Corporate Voice will take action on behalf of those in the industry who want change. Marketwire, Warren Buffet (BusinessWire) and the billion dollar Press Release Industry will no doubt have something to say about this….and they have more influence than a guy in the office with his dog.

Below are the 10 Press Release do’s and don’ts from Ben Silverman at ereleases.com. Thanks Ben and have a good Labor day everyone!!

  1. Don’t put an important press release out on a weekend. The press release wires are slow on the weekend and generally companies who are trying to hide news or put out a press release to satisfy a contractual commitment with a partner send out something on the weekend. The weekend press release will get ignored and it will be a waste of money and time for all involved.
  2. Is Friday a good day to put out a press release? Yes and no. Yes if you put it out first thing in the morning and work the phone. Friday is a good day to work the media because you’ll usually find people in better moods with the weekend coming up. But be careful. I’ve seen people put out press releases on Friday and then inexplicably take off early and not return calls until Monday. What was the point of letting the press release fester for sixty hours while a voicemail message about it sat unreturned?
  3. Should I put my press release out in the morning or afternoon? Mornings are best, but don’t do it too early. If you put out a press release at 7:00 AM, it may end up ignored. By the time journalists get through everything in their inbox, there are already 200 other releases that have come after yours. Public companies generally put out releases before 9:30 AM EST if they want to beat the opening bell on Wall Street. Private firms should wait until after 9:30 AM and let the big guys have their say. Afternoon press releases should hit before 4:00 PM EST to avoid after the market close releases from public companies. And of course to give journalists enough time to meet daily deadlines.
  4. How about putting out a press release around the holidays? Avoid press releases the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s and on the Friday before a three-day weekend unless the release has something to do with the holiday or is absolutely necessary because of the timing.
  5. The vacation press release. Here’s a simple tip: Do not put out a press release and then go on vacation. No joke, I’ve received press releases and called the contact info listed on the release only to find the contact has gone on vacation. If you’re planning on going on vacation, any releases in the two or three days preceding your departure should list someone else as the contact.
  6. Contact information. Ask any journalist and they will tell you that they want the following contact information listed on all press releases: a single person of contact with a direct phone number and direct email address. You should also include your web site’s URL in every press release if applicable. And to those who don’t put contact info down for strategic reasons, you should know that from a journalist’s point of view it makes your company look shady. In fact, most newswires won’t issue a press release without an actual press contact and telephone number.
  7. If I’ve partnered with a company, should we both put out press releases? I’ve never understood the concept of dueling press releases. I’ll often see a partnership or deal announced and see both companies involved put out a press release. Sometimes it’s necessary, as with a merger or acquisition. Other times it’s a waste of time and money. Work with your business partners to put out a single, coherent press release announcing a deal. Put out the release with contact info for both companies and devise a plan ahead of time for both public relations teams to communicate and deal with media inquiries effectively.
  8. A press release is an announcement, not a marketing gimmick. Think of a press release as an oral statement. Imagine having to read the release in front of a room full of people with cameras, microphones and tape recorders. A press release should be unemotional and to the point, not full of catch phrases and attempts at subtle advertising.
  9. Should I post the press release on my web site immediately after putting it on the wire? Yes. Why wouldn’t you? As soon as that sucker hits the wires, put it on your web site. Often times I’ll see a press release on the wire, read the headline, and then move onto something else. But the headline will stick in my mind, especially with a deadline fast approaching. I’d rather be able to just go to the company’s website and find it than sift through the wire.
  10. Need to send out a correction? Why did you screw up in the first place? The first press release I ever sent out for my web site included an incorrect date that confused journalists and basically ruined the release. The fault was all mine because I didn’t check the release for factual errors. I was excited and my brain froze. But that’s no excuse. The press release failed and journalists were even more miffed when I sent out a correction, further flooding their inboxes with a release they had already read or ignored. Take the time to fact and spell check your press release. It will save you time, money and grief

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Sofia Sapojnikova

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