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Blackberry Flip Phone Help

blackberry Flip Phone help
Is the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, the convenience buttons on the sides of the phone?

I had the original BlackBerry Pearl and he had the key, I liked the convenience of not really … the buttons up and down, but the buttons where it was like a combination of keys .. Please help .. Thank you!


BlackBerry Pearl Flip

Motorola Flip Phones 2009

motorola Flip Phones 2009

Corrupt U.S. Government official operating illegally with Mexican Drug Cartels for profit


By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter. Sept 19, 2009 2:00 PM PDT


As an ICE official he invested cash in global drug deals endangered the lives of U.S. and Mexican law enforcement by selling secret U.S. Government information to Mexican Drug Cartels (MDC’s) and ran huge cocaine shipments to Spain via US ports. Feds say he joined cartel full time after he retired from ICE.

Richard Padilla Cramer, a 26-year veteran of the U.S. anti-drug complex was arrested by DEA agents last month and is behind bars in Florida awaiting the results of a Federal Grand Jury investigation. Cramer was arrested and jailed after U.S. Government officials accused him of directing a massive cocaine shipment to Spain via the United States, and selling important information in law enforcement databases to a vicious Mexican Drug Cartel.

Cramer, as a high-ranking U.S. anti-drug official, held front-line posts both in the United States and in Mexico in regards to the War on Drugs. Cramer sometime later was investing in drugs and trafficking as a full partner in Mexico’s murderous drug cartels. According to records made available to the Laguna Journal, he led an office of two dozen agents in Arizona and others as the attaché officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Guadalajara Mexico and worked with the U.S. Mexican Embassy in Mexico City and U.S. Consulate offices in Guadalajara and other Mexican cities.

According to documents obtained by this writer while employed as a high ranking U.S. law enforcement agent in Mexico, Cramer was also allegedly operating illegally by serving as a sort of secret agent and a full blown business partner of some of Mexico’s richest and most blood thirsty drug lords. According to federal investigators he was operating as a key Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent who operated freely moving back and forth from Mexico to the U.S. He was allegedly “a secret ally of drug lords,” reported the L.A. Times.

A Mexican Drug Cartel boss “convinced Cramer to retire … and begin working directly for (him) in drug trafficking and money laundering,” the complaint says. Cramer continued to sell secret documents that he obtained from active U.S. agents. This is a troubling aspect of the case still being investigated, the official said.

The charges underscore the corruptive might of the cartels, which have bought off Mexican politicians, police chiefs and military commandos. Drug lords have reached across the border with increasing ease, corrupting U.S. border inspectors and agents to help smuggle cocaine north. In 2006, the FBI chief in El Paso was convicted of charges related to having concealed his friendship with an alleged Mexican drug kingpin.


Cramer stands out because his rank and foreign post made his work especially sensitive, officials said. Stunned colleagues described him as a well-regarded investigator who spoke fluent Spanish and operated skillfully in the array of U.S. and Mexican agencies at the border when he ran the ICE office in the action-packed border zone of Nogales, Ariz., his hometown.


“It came as a complete shock,” said Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada in a telephone interview. “I have been in law enforcement at the border 42 years and I have seen some strange things, but I have never ceased to be surprised. You have to be watchful and mindful. The cartels have touched local, state and federal agencies.”


Estrada worked with Cramer at the Nogales police in 1979, and encountered him periodically as Cramer rose through the federal ranks.

About five months ago, Cramer showed up at the sheriff’s office in the small county on the border, Estrada said.  He applied for a job as a county detention officer, which pays about $29,000 a year, Estrada said. In contrast, Cramer’s federal rank probably commanded a salary of between $130,000 and $150,000, plus benefits, officials say.

Estrada, surprised, told Cramer that working as a jail guard would be “quite a drop,” the sheriff recalled.

“He said he wanted to keep being active, go back to his roots, keep busy,” Estrada said. “So we put him through … polygraph, background checks. We didn’t find anything suspicious.”


  “The suspected criminal activity that Cramer has actually been charged with occurred in 2007 while he was working as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent in Guadalajara, Mexico, according to a sealed criminal complaint issued on Aug. 28 by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami,” noted the Arizona Star.

“Cramer’s duties as the ICE attache in Guadalajara included serving as a liaison with Mexican police,” the paper noted. “But the investigation revealed that he worked for ‘a very high-level drug lord,’ the federal official said. In a dark twist on the trend of former federal officials going into private consulting, the government veteran became a full-time adviser to traffickers after retiring from ICE in January 2007, Court documents reveal.”

Cramer allegedly advised traffickers on law enforcement tactics and pulled secret files to help them identify turncoats. He charged $2,000 for a Drug Enforcement Administration document that was sent to a suspect in Miami by e-mail in August, authorities say.

“Cramer was responsible for advising the (drug traffickers) how U.S. law enforcement works with warrants and record checks as well as how DEA conducts investigations to include ‘flipping subjects,'” or recruiting informants, according to a criminal complaint filed by a DEA agent.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney in Miami said Wednesday that she could not comment, but said that cases begun with complaints usually go before grand juries.

Arizona-based Green valley News and Sun added: “He is accused of negotiating cocaine shipments from Panama to Spain while he was working for ICE out of the Guadalajara office, according to the criminal complaint filed.“ The complaint also says Cramer and the smuggling organization invested about $400,000 in a 660-pound shipment of cocaine. The cocaine was shipped from Panama and went through the U.S. en route to Spain, where it was seized in June 2007.”

The U.S. government information he allegedly sold to the MDC’s “allegedly helped the Mexican drug lord conduct an internal hunt for […] informants and so called turn coats and could have led to murders of U.S. informants and whose families were to be kidnapped in retaliation, one government official said who insisted on remaining anonymous.


The paper added: “Negotiations broke down between Cramer and the head of the trafficking organization that was looking for someone to blame for the losses in Spain. A fourth informant finally approached American law enforcement and told them he spoke with Cramer on a push-to-talk phone.

Mexican Drug Cartels and other drug traffickers use the Direct Connect for immediate communications that is offered by push-to-talk devices. The push to talk keyboard gives the MDC’s a better way to instantly communicate with friends, family and colleagues,” By combining Nextel Direct Connect with text messaging, Sprint customers have two of the most efficient ways to get business done wirelessly.”

The Java nabled Motorola Clutch i465 meets Military Specification 810F for low pressure, high and low temperatures, dust, shock, vibration and even solar radiation, featuring VGA camera, 1.8-inch screen with 128 x 160 pixels resolution, GPS, Bluetooth, and Group Messaging that allows for instant text communications with a large group of up to 20 people.

“Motorola Clutch was designed to give serious texters and talkers multiple ways to get the word out,” said Rick Gadd, vice president for Motorola Mobile Devices. “With a full QWERTY keyboard featuring shortcut keys, IM-style texting and push-to-talk technology which works like a verbal IM, Sprint customers are able to keep in constant contact, no matter how they prefer to communicate.”

While Cramer trained at a state law enforcement academy in Tucson with considerably younger cadets, a delicate DEA investigation of a Mexican drug ring active in Miami accelerated after more than two years in the making.

Working with four informants, agents had run across evidence implicating Cramer in corruption, the complaint says. In 2007, a cartel informant showed agents documents — four from the DEA database, one from ICE, two from the state of California — supplied by an American in Mexico named “Richard,” according to the complaint.

Agents identified the American as Cramer.

On Aug. 19, the DEA arrested Cramer at his house in a gated community in Sahuarita.”

On Sept. 4, Cramer was extradited to Florida from Arizona to face drug trafficking charges, where he currently awaits trial.

Google or click on:



United States District Court

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -issuance of a criminal complaint charging Richard Padilla CRAMER (hereinafter. CRAMER) with violations of Title 21, United States Code Section 963 and 952 …

Rogue Govenrment

Raw Story

The Los Angeles Time

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Nextel Direct Connect

Motorola Clutch i465


U.S. Military

Pima County Sheriff’s Office

U.S. Border Patrol


Michael Webster’s Syndicated Investigative Reports are read worldwide, in 100 or more U.S. outlets and in at least 136 countries and territories. He publishes articles in association with global news agencies and media information services with more than 350 news affiliates in 136 countries. Many of Mr. Webster’s articles are printed in six working languages: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. With ten more languages planed in the near future.

Mr. Webster is America’s leading authority on Venture Capital/Equity Funding. He served as a trustee on some of the nation’s largest trade Union funds. A noted Author, Lecturer, Educator, Emergency Manager, Counter-Terrorist, War on Drugs and War on Terrorist Specialist, Business Consultant, Newspaper Publisher. Radio News caster. Labor Law generalist, Teamster Union Business Agent, General Organizer, Union Rank and File Member Grievances Representative, NLRB Union Representative, Union Contract Negotiator, Workers Compensation Appeals Board Hearing Representative. Mr. Webster represented management on that side of the table as the former Director of Federated of Nevada. Mr. Webster publishes on-line newspapers at  and  and does investigative reports for print, electronic and on-line News Agencies. All of Mr. Webster’s articles, books/CD’s can be downloaded free.

About the Author

America’s leading authority on Venture Capital/Equity Funding. A trustee on some of the nations largest trade Union funds. A noted Author, Lecturer, Educator, Emergency Manager, Counter-Terrorist, War on Drugs and War on Terrorist Specialist, Business Consultant, Newspaper Publisher. Radio News caster. Labor Law generalist, Teamster Union Business Agent, General Organizer, Union Rank and File Member Grievances Representative, NLRB Union Representative, Union Contract Negotiator, Workers Compensation Appeals Board Hearing Representative. Investigative Reporter for print, electronic and on-line News Agencies.

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Best Flip Phone Cnet

best Flip Phone cnet
[mage source=”flickr”]best Flip Phone Cnet[/mage]
Should I get an LG VX8700 or a SAmsung u740?

The LG is the LG Shine that flips. The Samsung is the double-flip. Which do you like best? Feel free to suggest other phones.



I would defantly fo with the LG. You would be very disipointed with the Samsung. I’ve used one before and when you flip it into a regular phone it looks so stupid with the keyboard and everything and the buttons are to small and all messed up. Defantly go with the LG.

Mini-Camcorders Compared

Flip Phones In Samsung

Flip Phones in samsung
Should I get a Samsung u740 (double-Flip Phone), or a Motorolla RAZR2 v9m?

I’m getting a new phone in 2 weeks (hopefully), and I can’t decide between those two. They’re both great phones.

I just have a Motorola Razr and my plan is up by christmas time, so i am getting a new phone. These are my 2 choices as well. I think both of these phones are really great. If you use your old phone mostly for texting, I would go with the Samsing u740 because that is one of the best texing phones out there. If your main goal is just for a phone to keep in contact with people, I would go with the Razr 2. Hope that helps.

Phone in 60: Samsung UpStage for Sprint

Motorola Flip Phone Old

motorola Flip Phone old
motorola flip phone old
Help me choose a verizon phone?

I’ve already locked into the Verizon network.
I’ve looked into a few phones, and have narrowed some things down:
– nothing by motorola
– absolutely no old school Flip Phones (includes chocolate 3)
– no touch screen, please
– music player
– easy to text message on
– no to the venus, glyde, voyager
I take very good care of my phones. Many phones will seem AMAZING to me, as an upgrade from the razr.

samsung flipshot
samsung sway
Lg env2
lg decoy

Cell Phone War

New Flip Phones 2009

new Flip Phones 2009
new flip phones 2009
My phone screen randomly went black!?

My phone is the Pantech Impact (At&t). When I was at the store i went to flip it open and the screen was black. But the front of the phone is perfectly fine and it works. I can type on the phone and send texts and it the keys light up and make sound but the screen is black. I checked for water damage, there isn’t any. I took the battery out and blew on it and everything. When I do turn it on and leave the screen flipped the screen gets all fuzzy and its rainbow colored. PLEASE HELP!!!!
This is what my phone looks like-

If it’s brand new, just call tech support on a landline, and the warranty should cover it, as long as you’re sure there’s no water damage.

ICEphone The Medical Phone The Phone For Life BBC Click Online CES Las Vegas Jan 8-11 2009

Samsung Flip Phone T Mobile

samsung Flip Phone T Mobile
samsung flip phone t mobile
Can you switch T-mobile service to a Sprint phone?

Ok, i have a samsung flip phone right, with the t-mobile pay as you go service. So basically i still have to buy minutes each time i run out. But i want the LG Rumor phone and its a sprint phone. Can i continue using t-mobiles pay as you go service on the sprint phone?

No. Sprint’s phones and network are CDMA, which doesn’t use sim cards. T-Mobile’s phones and network are GSM, which requires sim cards in order to work. They are two completely different technologies and are not compatible with each other.

Blackberry Flip 8220 (T-Mobile) Hands-On @ CTIA 2008 SF

Lg Flip Phone Old

lg Flip Phone old
Backup Contacts On Verizon Phone?

I have had the old chocolate flip phone VX8600 by LG and i broke the charging jack. I just bought the LG Env2 and i want to transfer my 96 contacts. Since my flip phone wont charge it has 2 bars left and i dont want to manually add my contacts, is there any way to transfer them to my new phone? if so please hurry so i can figure it out. Thanks.

Well, the way to transfer your contacts from your old phone to your new one would be “backup assistant.”

What you need to do:
1. Find on your cell phone “Get It Now”
2. Scroll down to “Browse And Download”. Click it.
3. On that screen, find the section where the popular apps are.
4. Find the one labeled “Backup assistant.”
5. Download that and follow on-screen instructions.

That way, when you activate your new cell, all you have to do is download Backup Assistant again, and enter the 4 digit pin you set up, and all your contacts will be delivered to your new phone.

I hope I helped.
If not, feel free to e-mail me at

Masabi Barcode Scanning – as fast as Oyster even with old phones

Motorola Flip Phones T Mobile

motorola Flip Phones t mobile
T-Mobile is better: Motorola RAZR2 V8 vs BlackBerry 8220?

IDK I like them both

hmm, both act as worthy opponents of the good q BlackBerry has razt a full web browser, although over the

CellPhoneSignal Review – Week 1

Flip Phone Support

Flip Phone support
Ok my phone has stopped working right is there anything that can be done?

Ok I have the Alias 2 from Verizon and I got it around the first of June this year. Now it loses service and I have to shut the phone off and wait alittle while for it to come back (and its the phone because my mom has a older crappy phone then I have and it doesn’t do that, also I do the *228 thing to upgrade service stuff), it turns off by it self randomly, and it has a hard time change screens when I flip it (it flips two ways), also the e-ink technology goes kinda funky like it almost changes but then it doesn’t so it’s greyish…. Is there anything that can be done because its not that old… Also the online help lady said to call tech support and I highly doubt they can help some of the problems…

Call customer service, you will probably have to do a phone exchange. Very easy to do. They send you a new phone, & you send yours back!!!

Flip Camera Ghost Prank Call