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Smart Phone Ratings Verizon

Smart Phone Ratings verizon

Smart Phone Roaming May Cost You Big

Smart Phone Roaming May Cost You Big

June 18, 2010

By Kim Huff

Unlimited data plans are coming to an end worldwide.  AT&T got the ball rolling and O2 in the United Kingdom quickly followed.  Verizon is looking to restructure their data plans as well and many other networks in the global market never offered it in the first place.  As data intense devices continue to hit the market with all of their really cool capabilities and applications, we can certainly anticipate the other networks to follow in this trend.

We all know data usage has increased dramatically with the introduction of smart phones and great gadgets like the iPad.  One can download music and videos, take advantage of GPS technology, participate in live webinars, Skype and send and receive digital high resolution pictures directly to your phone.  These are intensive data users. 

The iPhone in particular has proven to be a real ‘data hog’.  iPhone users love their phones because of the full html email, enhanced internet features, streaming videos, quick music downloads and all those wonderful applications.  And the more applications you load, the more data gets used with constant refreshing and updates. 

International roaming with smart phones, especially the iPhone, is generating some huge bills for many users who fail to “bundle up” with their carrier before leaving the country. Many times, the bundle isn’t enough.  One 5 megapixel picture sent or received via MMS or email can use 2-3MB of data.  At international roaming rates without a bundle, that can cost as much as $40.  Even a 3-4 minute video from YouTube or an iTunes song download can chew down on 5MB of data.  At the last AT&T rate I saw of $0.0195 per KB that is going to be expensive.  With 1024KBs in a single MB, that’s 5,120KBs.  That song may have had a price tag of only $0.99, but it cost $99.84 to download on international roaming.  Companies like Cellhire USA, LLC can help by renting international network solutions directly to the end user.

As the 4G network expands the smart phones will speed up.  Apps continue to become bigger and better, so it stands to reason that data usage will increase astronomically.  Networks are not only seeing dollar signs by implementing these tiers but are working to ensure they do not exceed their capacity to deliver.  Unlimited data plans may soon be a thing of the past in the US and abroad.  As consumers, we need to educate ourselves on how data works and what tools and devices use more data than others.  We cannot continue to take the data used by these gadgets for granted.   

About the Author

Director of Organization Development at Cellhire USA, LLC.  

Proven leadership encouraging others while staying focused on achieving results in line with the organization’s strategic direction, values and vision. Works to contribute to the company’s success by doing the right thing for the customer, the right thing for the employee, the right thing for the company with a ROI.

Cellhire, established in 1987 and headquartered in York, UK, offers a broad range of world-class rental services including international Cell Phones, BlackBerry devices, 3G data cards, and a host of satellite options. Strategic partnerships with global networks such as O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile allow Cellhire to provide their customers with the best solutions on the highest quality networks in over 180 countries worldwide.

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Verizon Smart Phone Insurance

verizon Smart Phone Insurance
Insurance company (Asurion) will probably not guarantee the phone if someone is a phone that you are at. If they do replace it, they probably have the same Model available yet. = (It is not worth your $ 50 deductible. Call service and see if they are willing to change phone upgrade, if the date is different You one.

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Smart Phone On Straight Talk

smart phone on straight talk
smart phone on straight talk
Guys: would you………?

would you go out with one of your really good friends if she was:
-fun to be around
-fun to flirt with
-not the most pretty girl in school but NOT ugly in any shape or form
-someone you didnt talk to all the time (on the phone)ANYMORE but on the rare occation that you did talk you would talk to her you would talk for HOURS straight…
-who was kind of shy
-you knew that she liked you

and she asked you out? I’m thinking about asking my guyfriend out but im not sure if he likes me as more then just a flirt-friend….is there anyway to tell? He also flirts with my other friend (not as much as me i dnt think)…but he asked her out…she said no…went out with some guy at our school and decided that she liked our guyfriend….but then he turned her down.

Would you flirt with her even if you didnt like her and knew it would hurt her?
Please dont just say Yes….be specific because i want to know what your saying yes to.

WOW that sounds familiar… I have a guy best friend and we did all those things in HS and i felt the same way. I was really into him. But never acted on it. I’m glad I didn’t. In HS he didn’t like me but we graduated and got closer. I lost intrest but he got into me. He asked about a relationship but I already had changed my mind. There is a line we will never cross but are still flirt buddies and go on “dates” if we are both free on Saturday nights. We probably will never be together but he IS MY BEST FRIEND and I adore our friendship. The key here is to give him time. If you are truely meant to be together it will happen in due time. If he’s not into you he’s not into you like that. The last hing you want to do is ruin your friendship.

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Cell Phone Case Kiosk

cell phone case kiosk
cell phone case kiosk
Can a gift card (for Mayfair Mall) at the kiosks?

If my kiosks I mean those classes, then sell as heat, belt buckles, Sunglasses, mobile phone cases, etc., iron.

It depends on the woujld kiosk. Do not waste your money at a kiosk and use the Gift Card in a shop.

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