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Smart Phones In Education

smart phones in education
smart phones in education
Mind games again? Seeking serious/smart and genuine advice.?

We exchanged profiles and decided to talk on phone after the first two emails. I talked to him twice on phone for two consecutive weeks. He sounded nice but seemed he is taking things slow. The last time he said we’ll meet by the end of the next month since he is in the West Coast and disappeared. No emails, no phones, no sms for two weeks and he is still on the online dating website. I thought he was playing mind games and decided to move on.

Yesterday he sent an IM saying hi..but I didn’t respond. I am a bit tempted since he is a nice guy with good education and a great job. What say?

t’s been a month now that since we intially started talking and I have a feeling that he is treating me like the”just in case” types.- I must have sounded desperate cauz last time while ended the conversation I said do call me whenever you want. Any advices?

Trust your instincts. Sounds like he’s not really all that interested in you. But he still wants to keep you as a backup until he finds someone else.

Education Wave.avi

Smart Phones In Classroom

smart phones in classroom

Virtual Laser Keyboard: Now the Size Isn’t a Issue

Virtual Laser Keyboard is a new quality gadget for Smartphone, PDA, and Blackberry owners. Equally handful for MAC & PC users. VKB is an unique addition in the collection of all business geeks. It is covered in an elegant leather jacket, giving it a royal look and making it comfortable for keeping the pocket.


The I-Tech’s Virtual Laser Keyboard can be a smart purchasing for the gadgets lovers. It is quite handy for business personnel. Its compact size and compatibility with the bluetooth devices enables it to be use with a large range of devices. The device uses a light projection of a full-sized computer keyboard on almost any flat surface. With 63 keys and and full size QWERTY layout the Laser Virtual Keyboard can approach typing speeds of a standard keyboard… in a size a little larger than a matchbook. The VKB’s provide a very practical way to compose e-mail, word processing and spreadsheet tasks, enabling users to leave laptops and computers at home. Its adaptable technology studies the movements of user’s finger to interpret and record keystrokes. You can comfortably change the settings of your VKB using either your PC , your laptop or your compatible Smartphone and PDA.


Designed in an enterprise style, it come in the size of a Zipo lighter. The device uses a laser beam to display a full-size operating laser keyboard that smoothly connects to the Smart Phones, new Blackberry (8100,8300,8800), MAC’s, Nokia N95 and several other mobiles. It can connect to any kind of PC and most handheld devices, including PDA’s, tablet PC’s.


Virtual Keyboard Features & Specifications

Virtual keyboard is of the size of a small cellular phone. With it’s help you can easily type texts or e-mails as with a ordinary keyboard. It makes the users feel like having a proper mobile phone keyboard in his pocket. Virtual laser keyboard has the following features:


Environment: Home, office, clean rooms, medical & dental facilities, dirt-free environments, classrooms, etc.

Cost-effective: Eliminates the cost of maintaining mechanical keyboards in volatile locations

Features: Light-weight, small-size, L-ion rechargeable battery. Power-save mode, audible click feature

Power: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery w/ac adapter

Compatibility List: Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Palm OS, PPC

Includes: VKB unit, cable, manual & software

Keyboard Projector: Light source – Red diode laser

Keyboard layout: 63 key / full sized QWERTY layout

Keyboard size: 275 x 90mm projected keyboard size

Keyboard position 70mm from VKB unit

Required surface: Non-reflective, opaque flat surface

Visibility: Good contrast – up to 600 lux ambient illumination

Keystroke Sensor: Ambient illumination – Works under all standard indoor illuminations up to 1000 lux

Detection rate: Up to 400 characters per minute

Detection algorithm: Multiple keystroke support

Effective keystroke: Approximately 2mm

Operating surface: Any firm flat surface with no protrusions greater than 1mm

Electrical Power source: Integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery (~450 mAH)

Voltage: 3.6 Volts

Battery capacity: > 120 minutes continuous typing

Interface: RS232 serial interface

Connector: 4 pin for serial interface + battery charger

Dimensions: Approximately 24 x 34 x 90 mm

Weight: 160-serial / 80 -BT gram

Operating Temperature: 10 Ö 35 Deg. C

Storage Temperature: -10 Ö 75 Deg. C

Laser safety: IEC 60825-1; Class 1 laser enclosure

About the Author

Pattrick is working as an industry analyst in the electronics and electrical industry for last fifteen years. He is working on a blog where you can get a lot of information on electronics industry, news, innovations, tradeshows, etc. http://myelectronicsblog.blogspot.com/. He is associated with one of the best electronics and electrical industry marketplaces http://www.digitivity.com/.

A smart way to use your phone in the classroom Tech Tip #12

Smart Phones And Education

smart phones and education
First Romantic Question?

Okay…now I am really interested in this boy in my physical education class.(He’ pretty tall, cute face, very smart etc. Also I’ll see him till the end of the school year ) The problem is that we all are from the same circle of friends, this is the first time I’ve asked someone out, and that I’m black, he’s El Salvadorian. Now, I have no problem with dating someone outside my race, and having the same close circle of friends but when I asked him out he said, “I don’t know, maybe.” Then he really confused me by apologizing to me….what should I do??? Please help???
***And what I mean by “going out” is asking someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, talk on thr phone…things that us high school teens do…LOL
I accidentally put my question on teaching…sorry.

hmmm maybe he just feels awkward because you guys have the same group of friends. Depending on how close you are with him, he might not want to lose your friendship. Also, you might of asked him at a time where he felt like he couldn’t give you direct answer because he hasn’t had time to think about it.Depending on the guy they might be either turned on or off if a girl ask them out. I love it when girls ask me out because I don’t really like playing games or beating around the bush. On the other hand I feel like if she likes to ask guys out, she might be the person to go around and talk to guys and cheat because they are not scared. I think you should give it some time and let him come to you. I would also advise you not to be clingy and not sound or look desperate. But since I don’t know the fellow, You might just want to follow your instincts.I had a similar experience but I couldn’t take this girl serious because she like to mess around a loooooooooot and would tell ex boyfriends business to the world.I was afraid that if I went out with her she would just cheat on me.

Hope I helped and good luck!

MobileEd – Smartphones & Education

Smart Phones In School

smart phones in school
also …………………………………….?

I'm in grade 8 now in the 6th and 7 Class I always got into trouble and averaged a, b, and c's, I've never tried really tough, because I could not handle authority, I have Straight A's and have not even got in trouble (even I always remember leat got suspended since the third grade) is now, when a phone rings in the classroom (school phone) they say Josh what you have now, no one thinks I Straight A's all I think I'm stupid I'm tired of people at 3 in trashing me as stupid or a troublemaker number when one of the smartest kid in all my classes (definatley not my school) math class, I think, people stop to think I'm stupid and a nuisance when I have done everything right in This year, a first ever girlfriend (I'll pay people it is really fustrating)

Now they are not friends and they obviously have no match and is likely not for a while. Keep what your doing now, and they will leave you alone I think I was the "delinquent" (which is what the teachers called me) in my School. They left me alone by the time at the end of my first year of change.

Hitler wants Verizon to get better smart phones

New Flip Phones 2010

new Flip Phones 2010
Do you hate your cell phone Pantech Duo?

6 months ago I got a Pantech Duo, and loved it. The keyboard was great, and the board was quite entertaining and slidy useful. But now, both the controls are loose, so I have to rubber band together, put the keyboard, there will be only in caps and usually mirror the screen. What I dont understand is, I've taken as good care of my phone, let fall Ive never, ever, I have always had a case, they get scratched and I clean the keyboards so dirty and usually the worst part is, i usually cannot get a new phone until March 2010 because of the stupid two years! Have you had a bad experience with Pantech you like me?

My Pantech has worked perfectly well. I love it. And I have at the same time as you, and it still works so great I have no idea.

Twisted Black-Where You At .[Recorded Ova The Prison Phone].2010

New Flip Phones 2009

new Flip Phones 2009
new flip phones 2009
My phone screen randomly went black!?

My phone is the Pantech Impact (At&t). When I was at the store i went to flip it open and the screen was black. But the front of the phone is perfectly fine and it works. I can type on the phone and send texts and it the keys light up and make sound but the screen is black. I checked for water damage, there isn’t any. I took the battery out and blew on it and everything. When I do turn it on and leave the screen flipped the screen gets all fuzzy and its rainbow colored. PLEASE HELP!!!!
This is what my phone looks like- http://www.new-cell-phones.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/AT-T-Pantech-Impact-cell-phone.jpg

If it’s brand new, just call tech support on a landline, and the warranty should cover it, as long as you’re sure there’s no water damage.

ICEphone The Medical Phone The Phone For Life BBC Click Online CES Las Vegas Jan 8-11 2009

Smart Phones Radiation

smart phones radiation
How common is cancer in 12 year old girls?

I am just curious im not AFRAID of it just don’t want it. And I was wondering what cancers? Or what can cause those cancers? I heard emotional stress can cause it is that true? Cause I have a lot of emotional stress. And I was curious Cell Phones give off radiation thats weird.. (im not very smart. lol)
Except for the cancer that u can get that Gardasil shot i already got that.

There are 140 cases of cancer in every 1 million people under 20 years old.
No one knows what causes cancer.

EDIT: There is no cancer in Gardasil. It is an HPV vaccine and does not even have live HPV in it. You can still get cervical cancer if you had the vaccine. HPV is not the cause of cervical cancer it is a risk factor.

Harmful Cell Phone EMF Radiation Linked to Brain Cancer, Infertility & More Health Dangers

Flip Phones For Kids

Flip Phones for kids
What are the flip phones that are called squares with rounded edges?

A friend of mine has a phone …. They come in different colors …. is a little square with rounded edges … his Flip Phone .. It is a camera phone .. I know its not one of those who have Cell Phones for children .. Not a flippin RAZR! It is a rather unusual telephone .. I know what a RAZR ..

I think you are talking about the RAZR

how cool kids open a flip phone

Ads by Google

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