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Cell Phone Cases Rugged

Cell Phone Cases rugged
Nokia 5500 Sport Cell Phone?

I’m in need of a new cell phone. I currently have a Nokia 5140 that has bit the dust. What liked about it was that it was rugged and with a durable rubbery casing, and had features like a built in flashlight, compass, and converter applications. The 5500 seems like it might be a good choice, but I can’t find where to purchase one. Does anyone know where to locate this phone? I’m in California, does it even work with the AT&T network? I have a sim card.

Hello ShyGirl,
Here is where you can purchase a new cell phone http://www.tmicell.com/?aid=30920
On the left, you will see a list of choices.

Amzer Rugged Case for the Blackberry Curve

Leather Cell Phone Cases Western

leather Cell Phone Cases western

The Versatility Of girl’s Western Wear 


When people used to think about little girl’s western wear, they would often think of shirts covered in rhinestones, frilly skirts and fringe.    This isn’t always the case anymore. Even those who are not cowgirls or country girls are looking for the right styles of western wear.

Because of the comfort of western apparel, many young girls are searching out the feminine, classy styles that today’s western wear market offers.   Many young girls’ western jackets used to be frumpy, plaid, unflattering pieces necessary for them to stay warm.  Now young girls are finding flattering jackets with feminine designs and versatile flannel jackets shirts to keep warm.

With the ever-changing weather that fall and winter bring, the durability and warmth our western apparel will give your little cowgirl is worth every penny.  Not having the necessary western clothing in her closet could keep her indoors this season when the leaves are changing and the cool crisp air is nipping your nose.

Whatever style you are looking for, we have it for her.  No need to search endlessly for her new western shirts for school or performances.  We have what you want – let us help you get it.

Having the perfect western apparel from the right western shirts to the perfect western accessories will help her prepare for almost any occasion.

Matching her favorite rhinestone belt to her western clothing is that little detail that every young woman craves.  Our rhinestone belts aren’t overdone to allow her the choice to wear them almost anywhere and to add a touch of shining femininity to her outfit and still keep her looking and feeling young.

Adding a western purse or western handbag to accessorize your young ladies new outfit gives her that little bit of added confidence.  Even a young girl knows the importance of a handbag, making it a must to add a western handbag to her wardrobe.  The durability of leather will last for a very long time.  The inside of the purse or handbag is also important.  With our western handbags, she won’t need more space.  With compartments for some of her most important items, she will find it easy to access when the time comes.

Accessories for our western handbags are also available for your young lady’s cell phone, keys and credit cards.

Something important to remember is that western apparel is not just for working anymore.  So many ladies are opting for the longer lasting fashions to save money and keep what they love looking good.   No matter what her plans may be, she will always be able to find something from her new western clothing wardrobe to make her feel comfortable, stylish and beautiful.


About the Author

If you want to learn more about western shirts and how you can get your amazing western apparel wardrobe started or replenished, please visit the author’s website at www.WesternShirts.com for more information. 

Ace Leather Goods Travel Twin

Cell Phone Cases Western

Cell Phone Cases western
cell phone cases western

In-vehicle Cell Phone Use – Assessment of accident risk

Mobile phone use in motor vehicles has increased at a remarkable rate over the past 15 years. However, it is undeniable that the use of a mobile phone while driving can affect the performance of my driver, as it relates to the safe operation of a vehicle. There are a number of Things to be examined in deciding whether the trade-off in convenience is worth the potential risks associated with the distraction created by a mobile phone associated. Given the fact that the individual driver (and / or entrepreneurs) ultimately pays for the resulting consequences associated with a car or truck accident (financial, emotional and physical ) Lose, it is advisable to try, relevant and reliable information in a decision. In this regard the source as well as the possible motivation behind the information provider.

Source: U.S. Legislation

In the U.S. there is currently no federal laws prohibiting driving while using a cell phone. In a serious attempt to provide a solution to find, in some states (New Jersey, New York, the District of Columbia, Connecticut and pending California) have laws barring hand-held cell phone use while the ride pass. Typical fines range from $ 50 to $ 100 for drivers caught with a hand tool. During this legislature to the public welfare at heart by levying fines, not all entities weighing in on this subject probably have the same incentive.

Source: Vendor Research

As the result of an independent study (on its website a press release found), Plantronics, a manufacturer of headsets that "71% the driver steer better when a headset with a mobile phone. "They point out that the study to discover if a person uses a mobile phone has been improved To drive if he or she uses a headset. Stephen Wilcox, Ph.D., Principal of Design Science (independent research firm) says: "Driving with both hands on the wheel is to use the safest option for motorists using mobile phones, and headsets are tools to allow this improvement. "Considering the source, This statement is characteristic of the scientific research? Is it objective and free of marketing bias? Could it confuse individuals to think that Cell Phones are safe, As long as your hands free? In addition, see the end of the press release, is a commentary by a senior director of product marketing. Beth Johnson says: "It is important that in mind that our study is not intended to be the question of whether it is safe on a cell phone conversation while driving address, but what kind of technology for the drivers the safest is to use when talking on their phones. "In addition to express their intention is to educate" drivers on options for Using mobile phones comfortably and responsibly while driving. "Since the objective of safety education is to complete this research responsibly consider it a relevant and reliable source?

Certainly, when you go to your own assessment of the idea of liberation until both hands to the steering wheel control is a logical consideration. If a driver focuses exclusively on driving the vehicle, then two hands on the wheel is better than one. Unfortunately, this seemingly sensible approach can lead to a false sense of security of the driver (may lead increasing accident risk) As mentioned in various reports (http://www.vcu.edu/cppweb/tstc/reports/reports.html) by the Crash Investigation Team at Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Public Safety. Their findings showed that the cognitive resources must lead to a phone call are equivalent to those required to drive to. This is an important concern in view of VCU history of road safety research, as well as other studies conclude this behavior (Carried out on a phone while driving), reduces both driver reaction time and driver attention, particularly as they relate to the brakes.

Unlike a computer, have the people a limited capacity to simultaneously process information. If the software seems to slow down your computer, you could consider more Memory or processor speed to compensate for the delays as a result of an overload in computing capacity. We as humans have a similar restriction, when it comes to processing too much information coming, but unlike computers, our resources are somewhat fixed. Given the inherent delays in our own thinking reaction time when confronted with an increased workload, it is virtually certain, or a cell phone to keep talking while driving a motor vehicle?

Source: Government Transportation Safety Research

The U.S. government employs many of the top transportation safety experts and funds a large part of the world's accident prevention Research. Given the effects traffic accidents and congestion have on U.S. productivity, accident reduction is a top priority. Considering that distracted driving received at least 6.4 percent of deaths in 2004 to crash (U.S. Department of Transportation), many researchers are looking closely at the distinction distraction of mobile phone use caused in vehicles. In addition to the many potential distractions in a car phones are considered equally or more dangerous than the other known distractions such as eating, Reading a map or care while operating a motor vehicle. In view of the research for and by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (www.nhtsa.gov) we should at least be considered for its policy on mobile phone use while driving, which says, "The main responsibility of the driver, a motor vehicle safely . Operate The task of driving requires full attention and concentration. Mobile phone use can distract drivers from this task, risking harm to themselves and others. Therefore, the safest approach of using a cellular phone is to refrain while driving. "

Source: Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA)

According to the CTIA, there are currently more than 218 million mobile phone users subscribed to the August 2006 (compared to around 4.3 million in 1990). Based at the extraordinary growth of the mobile industry and the CTIA advisory role, it can be useful to reflect on their views on this subject. Here you should think of to find a document on the CTIA Web site entitled "SafeDrivingTalkingPoints2" (Created June 6, 2006), which says, "But for some reason, legislative Efforts to prevent driver distractions have been narrowly focused on the use of mobile phones. According to government statistics and respected research studies, this Approach also off point. "Remember that there are more than 220 million vehicles on the road and a similar number of mobile subscribers. Based on the customer could possibly spend much time with their cell phones in vehicles, we would hope to see the CTIA an objective source. Given the magnitude of the Revenue at stake, is a greater degree of control in order here? Would the CTIA another position if they were likely to hold, in part, for Diverted traffic accidents?

Source: Leading Universities & Independent Researchers

While there are a number of valuable studies on this Topic are the following extensive research by highly accredited organizations are provided:

1) Virginia Tech Transportation Institute researchers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA tracked) 100 cars and their drivers for one year, they discovered that talking on cell phones causing crashes more near-crashes and other incidents than other distractions (100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study, April 2006).

2) Researchers at the University of Utah found that motorists on the blood-alcohol threshold of being legally drunk in a position to better drive than were sober cell phone using drivers. A key researcher and author in this Field, psychology professor David Strayer notes, "As you bring yourself and other people in danger if you drive drunk, you put yourself and others in danger if you a cell phone and drive are used. The level of impairment is very similar. "Remember also, they found the driver to more accident-prone and slower To react when talking on cell phones. It did not matter if it was hands-free either because of "inattention blindness", a syndrome that a driver less able to process visual information can be.

3) The George Institute for International Health (University of Sydney, Australia), Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Arlington, Virginia) and Injury Research Centre, University of Western Australia (Crawley Australia) jointly presented research on "The Role of mobile phones in car accidents resulting in hospital visits: a case-crossover study. The research consisted of 456 drivers aged 17 years who owned or used Mobile phones and was involved in traffic accidents in a hospital required attendance between April 2002 and July 2004. They concluded that a driver who a mobile phone (Used for up to 10 minutes before a crash) has a four times greater likelihood of causing crashes and an increased likelihood of a crash and injuries. With a hands-free is no safer.

Eliminate the risk and keep the benefits

If you are the head of a household, a guardian or the parent who contributes to enable a less experienced driver, your decision in any vehicle mobile phone use a big emotional and financial risk. If You fleet managers or individuals that you are dealing with work-related conversations during the trip, was the risk of liability for distracted accidents on you fall. Strongly consider the legal consequences for negligent operation of an employee-owned company-provided vehicle or before the threat of a serious cognitive distraction as a cell phone set to ignore.

Obviously there are no easy or certain solutions without sacrifice of convenience. Remember that the benefits of having a cell phone (emergency use and times when you are not operating a vehicle) is not lost just because it keeps shutting off while driving. If She has set out the facts on relevant and reliable sources, it really is not about a trade off, having to avoid all but a chance that an accident or perhaps a fatality. In the meantime, loved, until proven otherwise, they do not think instigating a life saving strategy now for the safe use of mobile phones – Limit use to, ones and colleagues (personal and business) only when the vehicle is in park!

About the Author

Gary S. Rothstein is the President of Mobile Awareness (http://www.mobileawareness.com), a company which designs vehicle safety products. He has 25 years experience in the design of high technology electronics & can be reached at: Mobile Awareness, 34305 Solon Road, Solon, Ohio 44139, 866-653-5036, gsr@MobileAwareness.com Copyright© September 2006

Young & reckless in web world a girl studying in class 9 is too afraid to step out of her house. The reason? Lewd text messages landed on her cell phone from a guy in Delhi who they thought was their friend.

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