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Flip Phones

flip phones
what flip phones did they use in a cinderella story movie?

what flip phones did they use in a cinderella story? the scene where chad michael murray (austin ames) and hilary duff (sam montegomery) were msging each other in the friendship circle in their school yard. hers was blue and his was black and grey. can someone please tell me what kind of phones there were using and their names. thank you.

get a still shot from that sceen and take it to some phone dealer or a radio shack or something.

Shopping spree come true for Ft. Zumwalt North student
The term ‘shopping spree” conjures images of wild-eyed contestants running through store aisles, merchandise spilling out of their overstuffed carts.

Nokia Flip Phones Models

nokia Flip Phones models
What is the best nokia phone?

Im intrested in buying a new nokia,i currently have a 6230i.I want something that does the same but better.Are there models that have the infra red function that you can use as a tv remote??If so i would like one with that also.On top of that the camera must be at least 4 megapixels.Also i dont like clam shell/flip phones so there out!! Any advice please??

nokia n95 go and chek it out

Verizon service cuts mobile roaming fees in Europe
New service to lower international and roaming call charges Verizon Business says it can help European companies cut back on mobile service costs, including international roaming fees, with a new offering it plans to unveil on Tuesday.

Flip Phone Touch Screen

Flip Phone touch screen
What type of phone should I get?

My dad said I have until the end of the day today to pick my new phone because I have put it off too long because I can’t decide what I want. I’m on verizon but I can’t really get any of the newer phone because we would have to change plans. My question is… what kind of phone do you like. Flip phone, blackberry, touch screen. Is the keyboard on the touch screen hard to use? Do you like having a full keyboard? Those types of things. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

The answer really depends on how you will use the phone.

If you text a lot, go with a full QWERTY real (not touch-screen) keyboard (e.g., slide-out).

Recommendations for QWERTY phones:
Palm Centro – Excellent choice and only $9.99 – plus you can add thousands of Palm applications.
LG Voyager
LG enV
Samsung Alias™ 2
HTC Ozone
Any Blackberry – if you can afford it.
HTC Touch phones – have Windows Mobile Pro on them – very nice if you can afford the.

If you don’t need the phone for texting, then I would recommend any phone from Nokia – they tend to be very good for calls, and typically include FM radios.

New V2 Watch Mobile Cell Phone Touch Screen MP3

Flip Phones New

Flip Phones new
I have the new BlackBerry Pearl Flip?

I have the new BlackBerry Pearl Flip Phone. Its red, i love it. I want to download a game. Can anyone give me a site that’s safe for BlackBerries.

go to

Latest News
I’ve got some good news and some bad news for all the Research in Motion fans out there. The good news is we have very good reason to believe that a new BlackBerry form factor is coming down the pipes, complete with video evidence.

Blackberry Flip Phone Verizon

blackberry Flip Phone Verizon
Blackberry Pearl(Pink),Lg Chocolate 3 or Lg Voyager?

I really want a basic flip phone, because its so simple and cute, but everyone says the Voyager is the best Verizon phone. The Blackberry seems pretty cool as well.


LG chocolate 3 is absolutely the best. It’s thin, and light. Music & speaker is loud. I recommend it to you

Clever Verizon Service Cuts Mobile Roaming Fees in Europe
Verizon Business says it can help European companies cut back on mobile service costs, including international roaming fees, with a new offering it plans to unveil on Tuesday.

Flip Phone Or Slider

Flip Phone or slider
Which are better slider phones or Flip Phones why?

Slider phones because their just cool like that!

This is what I haaaave

Beats a Razr anyday!

Oh and slider phones do not get loose easy!I’ve been having my phone for like 3 months and it works fine!I’ve had 5 flip phones and my slider is the best one I had.

What Style of Phone is Best for You? – Flip Slider Watch Phone

Flip Phone Full Keyboard

Flip Phone full keyboard
flip phone full keyboard
What prepaid phone companies have full keyboard phones?!?

I have sprint now, and I have a palm. the bill is too high each month so im thinkng of swithing to prepaid. I want a phone that has a full keyboard. Not the kind that slides out or even flips open, but like the palms and blackberrys is just right on the front, know what I mean?
any suggestions would be great 🙂

t-modile, att, are the biggest prepaid companies with full keyboarded phones. i dont know in what part of the country you live but here in texas the cheapest prepaid plan unlimited talk anytime is $30, unlimited talk-text-web is $45. company called cricket and sprint phones is compatible to their system. you just pay $20 to unlock any sprint, some nextel, verizon phones.

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Flip Phone Best

Flip Phone best
What is the best flip phone available for T-mobile?

The battery life on mine sucks. I don’t need a whole bunch of features. I need a long battery life, good sound quality, good reception, and easy to use.

Any Samsung. I had a lot of Samsung phones and I think they are GREAT. Very simplistic and very easy to use! Good battery, sound, and reception.

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Blackberry Flip Phone Unlocked

blackberry Flip Phone unlocked
Visiting e-bay for a phone. One says, I like it is unlocked. What does this mean?

I'm already with T-Mobile and want a BlackBerry flip for a cheaper price. My contract will be in another year, all the good advice?

This means you can use any SIM card in it and it is with this SIM card to work. You can Tmobile or ATT or any other GSM SIM and you can call and text. It has the SIM-Lock to be removed, unlocked it. BlackBerry BlackBerry's need a plan. You would have to in order to get from Tmobile, the full potential of the phone. Check with customer service / technical support, if these questions. If you have then with Tmobile for 22 more months, ask them if they give you unlimited talk for 49.99 and add to the plan that BlackBerry. That is my advice. Good luck.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Quadband Unlocked Phone

Flip Phones Cheap

Flip Phones cheap
flip phones cheap
What do I do to get a picture from my old phone to my computer?

I have my old phone, (that is no longer in service, so I can’t use email) and I have a picture on it that I need on my computer. I have the USB cord that connects it to the computer. My computer recognizes it, but it doesn’t show up in my computer. I have a verizon phone… cheap regular Flip Phone…please help!

These days there are some SIM card reader available.check online on e-bay like web site.may be you will have to order that SIM card reader and be able to download that pic on your computer.Good luck.

Flip phones