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Gizmodo Smart Phone Comparison

gizmodo Smart Phone Comparison
[mage source=”flickr”]gizmodo smart phone comparison[/mage]

Lg Smart Phone Projector

lg Smart Phone Projector

Adwinds Solutions Pvt.Ltd







Sub: Introduction of Adwinds and its services


“Good Communication is as stimulating as Black Coffee, and just as hard to sleep after “


About us :


In this constantly changing media world where the consumer has more power than ever to choose and influence marketing communications. Adwinds understands these dynamics in the market place with the motivation to innovate, and courage to differentiate. On par with International Standards.


To ensure our client’s success we keep ourselves on the leading edge of the emerging trends, striving to push established boundaries, as well as maintaining a clear focus by providing relevant and different programmes which truly comprehend the uniqueness of each product or service.


Adwinds believes in Holistic approach. It aims to ensure consistency of message and effective usage of client’s budget through maximization of every rupee spent.


In today’s world of fluctuating Brand Power, rising perceptions of parity, products,reducing loyalty, we strongly feel that the image of the brand is to be taken on renewed importance. Strong image can make a siginificant difference in your organisation’s sales, volumes and Stock Power.


Creating the right delivery system :



Our belief in business ethics is absolute openness in all our dealings and our team would work with absolute efficiency of high speed response to the Client’s requirement and efficiently meet the deadlines even in the most demanding situation.

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– Page 2 –



We believe that the rules of Marketing and Competition have changed and today, Brand conversion is more critical to commercial success than ever before. Keeping this in view, we have laid strong principles in the business activity.



Think Macro. Act Micro :

Why you should choose Adwinds ?


  • Our Philosophy is to work with simple understanding of Communication and Create  Advertising that sells.
  • We consider that your Brand is your Most Valued Property. We build it and protect it.
  • Understanding the ground reality and the pulse has enabled us to be successful.
  • We believe in strong loyalty to the client and belief in his products and services.


Advantage of choosing Adwinds

  • We believe in adding value in the every service we provide by stretching every Rupee spent in the most judicious manner.
  • Adwinds an Indian Newspaper Society ( INS ) accredited advertising agency


How do we propose to do this ?


  • Media Buying, Planning and implementing is our Core Strength a sub function of Advertising Management.
  • We evaluate factors on Demographics, Geographics, Psychographics in relation to the customer’s Service / Product offered.
  • We offer good deal in rates, create Media Schedules based on Media Plan using the various Media options within the given Budget.
  • We conduct and do fair amount of Media Research depending on the Product, Service and how best to spend within the allotted Budget.
  • Our THOUGHTS, APPLICATIONS and EVALUATIONS process includes Research on Target Audience / Target Group, the type of Mediums to be used, the best possible way to reach the Target Segment and Create the Impact with Desired Response.
  • We Strategies the process because, we provide Specialised Services in Traditional Media and New Media Services. We strongly believe in prudent and judicious usage while utilizing Client’s budget and  recommending Media Services which is most appropriate, effective to reach your goal in the most practical with tangible results.


Contd.. Page 3/-





– Page 3 –


Our Communication Services Matrix

Brand Centric focus activities






Our Core area is providing OOH – Out Of Home Solutions, focused in marketing to consumers when they are on the go. In public places, in transit, like Airport, Railway Stations, Bus Stations and other prominent places where people’s attention is held.


We create positive Brand Experience take the message to reach the people. Our research has proved that this medium is distinct, dynamic, and evolving. It is compatable to the changing Social Trends which is in tune with the current trends and lifestyle.


We have categorised our activities as Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line

We are more focused in the following line of activities:
Event Management, Event & Exhibition Promotions,Rural Marketing Campaigns Film Production which includes Corporate, Commercials etc,
Electronic Media ( T.V.), Broadcast Media(Radio)

Print Medium(Newspapers, Magazines etc.,)
Perception Management(Public Relations) and developing innovative Direct Mail campaigns.

Our Support Systems


We strongly believe in good infrastructure to support in our Client’s activity and further our endeavour in providing comprehensive communication package / Solutions.






Contd.. Page 4/-




– Page 4 –



Internal Assets


  • Creative Department – Full fledged Creative Department with all in-house facilities. The Department is well staffed with Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designers, Visualisers.
  • Content Writers – Web Content, New Media Services, Traditional Media Services etc., in English and Vernacular Language.
  • Software Support – Latest high end Mac & IBM Systems
  • Media Software with in–built Optimisational Programmes with Analysis and Data.



  • Laptops, and Software with latest Computers installed in all Departments

(Client Servicing, Media, Market Research, Creative and Market Information Systems Department)


External Assets


  • Video on Wheels – Mobile Van Promotion
  • Latest and Stylised Fabricated Mobile Van for the use in Urban and Rural Markets
  • In-built with XGA High Resolution Sony Projector, Hi-Fi Amplifier, Hi-Fi Speakers, Wireless Micro Phones, Heavy Duty Genset


How does Adwinds  bring value as a Communications Specialist ?

  • We strongly believe in adding value without adding frills and financial implications to our Client.
  • Our Methodology is time tested and proven
  • We define our programme on ADR concept

A-    Analysis

D – Diagnosis

R – Recommendation


  • Study the Industry
  • Study the Audiences
  • Study the Competition
  • Define the Goals


  • Identification of Grey areas
  • Clarity on Target Audience
  • Thoughts, Applications, Evaluations and Research

Contd… Page 5/-

– Page 5 –



  • Development of Communication Agenda
  • Development of Communication Matrix
  • Recommendation of Actionable Communication Plan
  • Follow- up on Recommendations 


Adwinds strongly believes that Advertising helps consumers in being informed, helps business growth and overall economy prosper. It acts as a key element in bridging the gap in the minds of prospective customers. And delivers the need and motivates the process in speeding up the purchase decision.


We are pleased to enclose our clientlele.


Our prestigious clientele covering every spectrum of business activity follows:


Infrastructure / Constructions / Real Estate


Navayuga Engineering Pvt. ltd.

Sew Constructions ltd.

Sew Infrastructure ltd.

Asian Granites

Dharani infrastructures pvt.ltd.

N.SR. Housing pvt. Ltd

Dozco (India) pvt ltd.

Deco gold glazed tiles ltd

Granolite-deco light ceramics ltd.,

Jahnavi infrastructures pvt. Ltd

Midwest granite pvt limited,

MYK Schomburg



Electronics / Electrical / Automation


A.P. Electronics

Amara Raja Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Crompton Greaves Ltd




Contd… Page 6/-





– Page 6 –

HCL (computers)

LG (air conditioners)


Sony (LCD projectors)


Desai fabricators

Sew Energy ltd.

VJ Advanced Power Systems

Kitec Industries India Ltd

Accor group limited, New Zealand

Mahindra & Mahindra Motors


Tours & Travels

Ascon Holidays pvt. Ltd

Omtours & Travels pvt. Ltd

Lorven Tours & Travels. Ltd.

Garuda  Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd



BPO Systems Private Ltd

Redsalsa technologies


Detech-ANZ solutions Inc.(USA)


N-infosoft pvt. Ltd.

Lodestar (USA)



Banking sector

State Bank of India

Allahabad Bank

Reserve Bank of India


Medical / Health

Elbit Medical Diagnostics

Pacific Hospitals

Planet yoga (Hong Kong)

Indo-American cancer hospital


Modicare Ltd.(Bangalore)

Yoga Alliance Asia Health Care



Contd…Page 7/-


– Page 7 –

Cera chem pvt. Ltd

IPCA laboratories ltd.




Blooms College of Hotel Management & C.T.

Himalaya Book World

Shravanthi P.G. College Image hospitals

National Institute of Fashion Technology

Bharat Student.com

CADD Centre

Aakash Institute IIT-JEE



John Deere Equipment Private Ltd

Franchise India Holdings Ltd

Hertz  Group of Companies

Shades (Hamed Saberi Enterprise India Ltd)


NEC Projectors

Andhra Cements Ltd

Social Media Ltd

Bambino Agro Industries Ltd

Global Living Style Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Think smart

LIC of India


Assuring of our best services at all times, looking forward for an association with prestigious organization like yours.




For Adwinds Solutions Pvt.Ltd.,


T.George R.Wilfred

Business Development Manager-Live Media

Cell : 9963500122.

Corp.& Regd. Office: 1-1-343/A, 1st floor,

Viveknagar,R.T.C. Cross Roads,


Ph: 040-66835580,

Fax: 040 – 40045035.

Email: george@adwinds.com


About the Author

Flip Phone Corded

Flip Phone corded
flip phone corded
What is missing from my packing list?

packing list: Tell me what I am missing or could use to bring…I’m doing a 24 hour drive all by myself, to Palm springs California from Roseburg Oregon all by myself. Going there for the summer. Tell me what is missing from my packing list.

Toothbrush/ toothpaste.
Hair brush.
Hair ties
All the cords for those
flip flops
credit card + cash
duct tape- just in case I need it.
swim suit
sun block
flat iron
mouth wash
paper and pencil
pillow & blanket
face wash
shampoo and conditioner
car manual
calling lists of towe trucks

Based from your list I would just add :

Flashlights/ matches
Few plastic bags
Chips, Candies
Chargers for your electronics
If you dont like too much stop overs bring some soda or water with you.
A lot of energy and smiles and you are good to go…

18 inch lawn hog corded electric lawnmower

Mini Flip Phone Corded

mini Flip Phone corded

Sennheiser PXC 300 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review – The best headphones on the market?

This fold and flip headphones for the ultimate Comfort, offers the ergonomic headband offers two-point suspension and soft ear cups, and you can adjust to several different positions. The switchable active noise compensation attenuates frequencies below 1,000 Hz by up to -15 dB, so you can listen to your music without the noise hearig to you. The Sennheiser PXC 300 headphones come with a padded Carrying case, cables and adapters you also get a two-year warranty on parts and service.

What's in the Box:

Headset 1 / 4 inch (6.3 mm) stereo jack, 3.5 mm double mono jack, carrying case, batteries, instruction manual, warranty registration card and make product description: Sennheiser PXC 300 Headphones the perfect travel companion companian that you enjoy your music even in noisy environmants. They reduce unwanted noise by up to 80% optomized and the circuit technology ensures reduced susceptibility to mobile phone interference. (The PXC 300 is complete with a protective pouch and aircraft audio adapter.) Product Features:

  • Closed supra-aural stereo mini headphones with switchable NoiseGard active noise cancellation
  • Ideal for aircraft and noisy environments
  • Patented folding mechanism and protective soft case for storage and transport
  • Ultra-lightweight design with ergonomic headband, two-point suspension and soft high-quality ring ear pads
  • Transparent and lifelike audio reproduction due to diaphragms with spiral embossing Duofol

Noise Cancelling: If Noise Cancelling goes, these headphones are not the best, but they have the job. They cancel out almost 80 percent of the noise, which is a tremendous help. If you are out to hear this music and sound quality is important, then I would recommend this fully. Sound Quality: For sound quality I was really impressed with these headphones. The sound is crystal clear, with the bass too stong but not too overwhelming. The Sennheiser PXC 300 Noise Cancelling Headphones are great for:

  • People who travel on the subway
  • Any casual or business people who want to hear their music, while some Peace
  • Anyone who is at the gym workouts

The plus points:

  • superior noise-canceling function
  • Very comfortable for a long time
  • Long-life battery
  • Very good audio quality
  • Fold into a compact Space

The Cons:

  • Like all noise-canceling headphones, adds a low-level hiss of white noise in the background when the
  • Like all noise-canceling headphones, works only at lower frequencies
  • The cable to the electronics unit can get in the way
  • Will not block as much noise as in-ear units
  • The folding takes a little patience
  • There is no automatic switch-off, so if you leave it to you just killed your batteries

Let's see what other users about Sennheiser PXC 300 Noise Cancelling Headphones say

Review by Danielle

I have been on the market for a good pair of noise -Canceling headphones for a while, and after trying a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones, decided they did not buy, mainly because of the outrageous price. I wanted to try a pair of Sennheiser's could not find it, a business that she would so sell it on the basis of very good reviews, I put them on my X-mas list. My DH bought them at Amazon for a very good price for me. Also someone else accidentally bought me a pair of Sony noise-canceling headphones for Christmas, I got to those who try it. Well, that's my final verdict that the Sennheiser are the best noise-canceling headphones of the three. They have some disadvantages, but I think the sound quality more than makes up for that. Here is how they stack up. http://noisecancelingheadset.net/

About the Author

Shannon Garner reviews many different products on the internet to try and find the best products for your money. Check out this site for the best headphones on the market


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