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Smart Phones Best Buys

smart phones best buys
smart phones best buys
Which is the best smartphone for use with online college courses?

Which is the best smartphone for use with online college courses?
I am planning on teaching online this summer and would like the flexibility while traveling of not having to worry about trying to use my laptop. I’m due for a new cellphone (still using a Palm Treo 700). I want to buy a new smart phone. Does anyone have any good experience using a smart phone for online classes?

I really like my HTC hero. check out their site

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Smart Phone Buying Guide

smart phone buying guide
ok, so I just bought a blackberry pearl and to me, the user guide sucks! i need help!?

I have had several Cell Phones before this one. all were fairly self-explanatory. I don’t need to do any emailing from it, just calls, text, and other stuff. when i transferred my contacts over, it switched a bunch of the names around in the phone book. the user guide is terrible for this thing. i need shortcuts to things like text messages and my phone book. when the user guide tells you how to do something, it assumes you’re already in the application, when I may not even know how to get into it. i know it’s a “smart phone” but i never thought it’d be smarter than me. 🙂
i know that i didn’t need it now, but i will soon. that’s why i got one. that doesn’t excuse the crappy user guide. it leaves out explanations of simple things.

yes the user guide sucks…i didnt even have it for the first week i had the phone and founf everything online or on the phone….
1. why do u need a blackberry if you dont NEED a blackberry?
2. the contacts cant be sorted by first name, last name or company. in address book, hit menu, options, sort by. that might be why u are seeing them differently.
3. depending on the theme you have set, you can organize your applications. options>theme and options> organize apps. also options screen/keyboard to set left/right convenience keys to whatever you want.
4. menu>help help too!

hope this helps

Smartphone Buyer’s Guide

Motorola Flip Phone Manual

motorola Flip Phone manual
bottom half of my flip phone works but top doesnt?

i have a at&t motorola em330, the ones they give away for free now.

heres a pic:

well the bottom half of it is lighting up and make noise and responding to the buttons but the top half isnt lighting up, just a black blank screen. and i cant hear the peoples voice i dial. but they can hear me cause that parts on the bottom half.

i need to know the button sequence to put thisphone on speaker when im on a call
and i need to know the sequence to putting call forward on it.

i lost the manual to this phone.

whatever works ill give best answer

get a new phone

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