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Mobile Cell Phones Prices

mobile Cell Phones prices
What is the best T-Mobile phone can I get more money for not too much?

I wanted to get a witch T-Mobile just does not know. and theres not that many in T-Mobile I like that so I wanted to know, if anyone can help me a good phone 4 a decent price. I have a RAZR V3 in n tired plus each has a RAZR now

To and they are many free cell phones from T-Mobile.

T900 -Amazing Low Price Multifunction Quadband TV Dual SIM Working Simultaneously Mobile Cell Phone from Chinese Mobile Phone Wholeseller Babikenshop

Smart Phone In India

smart phone in india
smart phone in india
do you think it can ever happen between us?

Do you think an Indian dude would ever be interested in me? (I’m black), we’re in College and he helps me a lot with my school stuff, he’s super smart :)). But he was brought up in India and is the shy type, but sometimes he can be distant. Anyways, I think he likes talking to me on the phone and always seems pleased to help me.
Oh, and what should I do to make him like me?

Why shouldn’t an indian due not be interested in you. Color doesn’t matter. If he is helping only you and none else, it shows he likes you. Talk to him, maybe he wants a good company, give him friendship.

Global Smart Phone Revolution – China & India -Part #1

Nokia Mobile Cell Phones Prices

nokia Mobile Cell Phones Prices
Cell Phone Comparison: HTC Touch Diamond / HTC Touch Diamond 2 VS Nokia 5800 XpressMusic?

I’ve basically made up my mind on getting one of these 3 phones. I prefered the Nokia since I was able to find it for a pretty decent price. But I’m just posting this to see the points of views of others.

P.S. If you think I should get another phone outside of these 3 please post that as well. Just MAKE SURE it is compatible with T-MOBILE.

My Friend
I am a big Nokia fan and a gadget freak too, I always do a lot of research and reviewing every time when I buy a new phone, I usually have a phone for every purpose may be this will help you understand which one is better for what such as N73 for business and work only, for music or time with friends iphone just to let friends know I am updated, for games I have Ncage, but doesnt matter PSP does everything now a days, But in short there is only one phone which I like taking it with me where ever I go or in any occasions and party I visit, I use that phone while I am driving for GPS maps also when I am travelling or need to know flight schedules I use that, Even for VOIP I use that gadget and for normal long calling with girlfriend I use that to even I use that for impressing girls and friends too In short that phone is my lovely mistress and that is HTC touch diamond and hopefully after some research and reviews I am planning to buy either HTC toch diamon 2 or HTC Hero, its and awesome phone I started liking more when I went online and downloaded some cool themes and softwares, 5800 i would never suggest if really need to use a phone for sound and music purpose go for I phone or wait till microsoft launches a Zune phone till then HTC buddy u have to get used to it, It makes you feel as if you are holding ur girl friends soft hand ( Thats my view) rest its ur decision All the best

Nokia eyes China music service
BEIJING/HELSINKI – NOKIA will offer free music with its mobile phones in China, as it looks to emerging markets to boost the download service that is struggling to compete with Apple Inc’s popular iTunes. The world’s top cellphone maker will offer free music downloads from major labels and a number of independents at the Chinese launch for its Comes with Music service, which is tailored for …