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Verizon Smart Phone Tethering

verizon Smart Phone Tethering
[mage source=”flickr”]verizon smart phone tethering[/mage]

The findings from HTC HTC Ozone Ozone

The gadget in the vernacular as HTC Ozone is known easily slab QWERTY device. It is a gadget that almost identical HTC looks to snap Sprint, with a few small tweaks but effective design to complement the keyboard, and a slightly different combinations of buttons. This is a widget which is a two-tone design with a light gray, soft-touch back and a glossy black front, and while we like the soft-touch finish on the battery cover. Its 2.4-inch screen is nice and clear. It is a gadget, the display is bright and colorful, it has a nice job dealing with the Windows Mobile 6.1 interface. This is a mobile phone smart, trendy and yet attractive, useful. It is this Windows Mobile 6.1, which is actually easier to use non-touch-screen phones with its sliding doors on the home screen To present useful information that the very front. This is a thing that has a great job handling contacts. The user can simply start a name from the Today screen and it will initiate a search to find the person needs to make a call. It will also keep track of recent calls in a contact's address book listing and also has a unique feature of Visual Voice mail saves the app on the phone so that users can listen to them, such as individual sound files. Consumers can to make conference calls. It is a gadget that gets the voice dialing with Microsoft's Voice Commands and Verizon has placed even a small microphone icon on the Send button to remind the customer the link for the voice dialing. This is a widget that comes with news that set up in a threaded style, so that users can follow the a whole text-messaging conversation, as if to IM and chat also supports instant messaging is available with an aging, obsolete were looking app of OZ. It includes a basic range of Microsoft products, including the Office Mobile suite. This is a mobile phone, a cable modem has to surf the Internet on your laptop Ozone is fast, 3G EV-DO Rev. A connection. The users can play music and videos on the HTC ozone, which are processed by the Windows Media Player and can hear music directly from games From the Home screen. This is a gadget that expansion provides for 3.5 mm, 2.5 mm and even USB headphones. It is one thing, that with the latest mobile Microsoft's Web browser is delivered, Internet Explorer 6 and the browser uses Flash Lite for video and multimedia, which is able to load a simple, short video on the desktop version are from YouTube website. There is a phone that has a good camera, the images can be recognized with great perfection.

About the Author

Adam Caitlin is expert author of Telecommunication industry. For More Information On HTC mobile phone Like HTC Ozone and Like HTC Mobile Phones

Motorola Droid pumped-up two ships Thursday The Droid 2 – successor to the Motorola Droid phone, the mobile phone helped amp up the adoption of the Android-based – will be available from Verizon Wireless for the online pre-order Wednesday, available in Verizon stores Thursday. Verizon Wireless – Android – Motorola Droid – Motorola – Droid

Smart Phone Tethering

smart phone tethering
Can you tether a Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 to your laptop?

I am trying to pick a new smart phone so I can eliminate paying for both a broadband card and cell phone service. Is it still possible to tether the Blackberry Curve 8330 to your laptop? I seem to get mixed messages throughout the web.

I know some Sprint users were able to in the past, but recently Sprint prevented them from continuing to do so.

Can you tether using SmartView?

yes, but your limited to 5mb of data. so it will be slow and limited. So no downloading. Yes 5mb is the limit even if you have an unlimited plan.

New AT&T SmartPhone Data Pricing + iPhone Tethering

Verizon Smart Phone Comparisons

verizon Smart Phone Comparisons
verizon smart phone comparisons

Uptime Comparison of Web-Based vs. Client-Server Systems

"What if the Web goes down?" It is a frequently asked question when one web-based to investigate solutions. True, technology introduces several failure modes than traditional methods. This raises the question: "How reliable are web-based Solutions when compared with their client / server counterparts? "

The short answer is that Web-based dental software applications, hosted correct, about ten times more reliable. Let us now examine what drives this amazing reliability. We will also identify some actions associated with the small risk can mitigate with web availability.

Client / Server Vulnerabilities

"Can you call back? Our server is down." It is almost a cliché. It happens with such regularity that we just keep it for granted that it is a fact of life simple. Many offices have grown to this situation as a part of life used with dental software. It is so commonplace, because client / server systems based on many points of failure and one of them may have to bring the entire system.

Most client / server failures can originate in two primary causes of track.

First typical client / server installations are not redundant, they are not fault tolerant. There are many potential single points of failure in a client / server setup. It is like a long chain, where the strength of the whole is only as strong as its weakest link. If one link breaks, the entire chain is useless. Each hardware component found in the server (Motherboard, memory, hard disk, communication cards, etc.), the installation of the software and drivers, they are all potentially catastrophic failure points.

A Solution is the use of "fault tolerant" architecture, systems and equipment. Although it is not a nice theoretical option, it is simply impractical to implement for a dental office. Fault tolerant systems are so expensive that only the purchase price will break the budget. In addition, they need some real Smarts to bring them together and to maintain. (Not that dentists are not smart. They are smart, others just in one area.) It is a fact that all computer hardware will break at some point. Computers (really good) are complex electronic machines fail. If failure of a computer (or one of its components) is a specific, then the ideal solution is to create an architecture that accepts, and designs for them. Unfortunately there is no such architecture is available at a reasonable price Office-based client / server systems.

Second, the typical office-based client / server installation put together with the consumer grade equipment, Processes and environments and is maintained in a very arbitrary manner.

Think for a second, where the typical server is located. Is it in an air-conditioned, sterile Network Operating Center (NOC)? Or is it in a broom closet next to the washing and MOP? In principle underpinning the typical installation of a client-server system is inherently disadvantaged simply because of where it is installed and how it is configured. The risk of spillage or bumping or nudging or moving is synonymous with the risk of failure. Even the extra moisture found in some offices or regions can significantly reduce the life of computer components. And you know what, the opposite is true. Too little humidity creates a static environment that a death sentence for each computer. Either way, when it should not "just right" more problems. Even with a perfectly controlled environment, to break things up even.

Finally, if a client-server based system fails, you have your "IT guy", to come into the office and help them call back and work. Sometimes it takes a "new start", but more often than not, there is a fundamental problem, that the settlement must. Besides the financial consequences of the IT bill, the service can call a precious time. Even with responsive service, even in hours of search, for Typical services could there be days or longer.

The result of all this ends up as failures of the system failure time that is measured in hours or days per month per year. That the quality of service is very expensive and is far lower than web-based systems.

Web-based systems

Web-based systems have usually downtime is measured in minutes per year. In fact, spend quality web-based products require less downtime than usual, to a Windows PC restart once a month. Why is that? There are several reasons.

Redundant and fault-tolerant architectures. Web-based systems developed are often redundant and fault-tolerant architectures. These setups assume that each component will break eventually. Sun is home to the architecture for the equipment to break. Remember how the backup systems found on the Star Trek Enterprise. It seemed as if every episode some Klingon ship poured the Enterprise with photon torpedoes and Laser, but because the ships architecture was built to anticipate system failure, it was ok. Backup systems and secondary backup systems established to take over for the failed primary system. And it did so "on the fly – no down, no danger (well, maybe a little dangerous – but it would not be much of a film, if there was not a little risk).

Professionally housed, managed and maintained systems. It is reassuring to know something really, that really smart people watch your system to a base 24/7/365. Literally, with professionally managed web-based systems, there is someone is on guard observed the process and Functionality of the host system on a continuous basis, even if you go home at night and even on weekends and holidays. As someone observed, the system statistics, they can tell if a hard drive to spin down, a little slower, or if a CPU heats up more than expected. Hardware will usually, some kind of warning before it breaks completely, and these tramps components are replaced before they fail routinely.

Hardware maintenance. Many hardware components have published guidelines useful life or quality. If the service life of a shared hard drive or other system component, or it works not within the service guidelines, it will be replaced, even if it technically work "yet." In a typical dental office, the old component only remain in the machine until it breaks. (Remember that "weak link" discussion?)

Hot-Swap. Many industrial Components in professionally managed environments are "hot-swap. That is, you must shut down the system to replace the component. So, if a power supply begins on a server go bad or fail, or if a hard drive stops working, it is removed from the computer, while the computer is still running, and will be replaced on the fly. "The computer must not be turned off to replace the component. It's kind of like the way a flat tire without stopping the car . Change Pretty Amazing stuff, but that's what you get with a redundant Web-based architecture.

Controlled environment. Sterile, moisture controlled environments are made perfectly for the operation of computers. It's kind of like the Bahamas of technology. Think of the perfect Caribbean vacation weather. Sunny, a small Wind, a shade-tree, insects, etc. Now this is what a Network Operating Center for a computer. Professionally managed web-based systems are housed, in Tier 1 "cured" Network Operating Center (NOC). This type of environment extends the life of computer components. It is good for the quality of services, and it is also good for the NOC – not so often you need to replace defective hardware. Everybody wins.

So what if the Web does not go down?

We have covered quite well why web-based services can significantly improve the availability, but have not that they are the infallible? No, no more than you guarantee can ensure that the power does not go in your office. Sometimes, the network design according to your office or a dent in your average Internet
Service Provider (ISP) caused an interruption in service. What can you do then?

The most common method of protecting against a web access failures in a dental practice is in a redundant Web Access Point. A common and simple method, a Sprint or Verizon's wireless network card have on your network in case the neighbor's backhoe loaders do not call Blue Stakes at first. It comes with a monthly fee, but to find some offices, the security of knowing that they have an alternative web access point is worth $ 50 collected per month.

Many offices that experience in this type of redundancy start that after many months or years of continuous service, they go to vote without the redundant Web Access Point. Actually, the risk is much lower than one would think.

Utilities are more reliable than the private services.

In addition to the inherent weaknesses of a client / server-based system, they are also vulnerable to loss of electrical power. The same applies to web-based systems.

When the power goes out, and your computer system is not running, then you are probably having a hard time running your air compressor, autoclave, lights, etc. Thus, power is not only a technology problem

This risk is through the use of uninterruptible power supplies (useful for "brown outs" mitigated be than the actual power outages) or by external generators for more longer time. So, how many offices buying a generator to counter a loss of to protect electrical energy in the office? Not many. Why? The answer is quite simple.

Electricity is a public utility company. As such, if a failure happens, there are usually hundreds or thousands of others with the same problem. With many people all the same experiences failure, the company will share all available Resources on the problem until it is resolved. These failures in most areas is not very long, nor have they happen very often. If you live in an area that does not experience longer, more frequent failure, then you are probably among those who have a generator.

The same principle applies to Internet access and Internet service providers. If the Internet goes down, there are hundreds or thousands of others in the same situation. The local Internet Service Provider of all available resources to the problem until service is restored. Because you are not alone, the problem is solved much faster and with less effort.

Shall find most offices that although the internet works sometimes go down, because it is so rare and so short that a back-up Internet access is not justified. Client / server downtime of the system is in the order of ten times as disturbing, both in frequency and duration, if using web-based solutions compared.

In conclusion

Although there is a reasonable question "what can I do if the Web goes down, the facts demonstrate that the Web will be available much more consistent than your in-office server be.

If you are in a particularly difficult situation or live, if your practice justifies an additional $ 50 per month, you can completely protect the failures of the Internet with a simple wireless Internet service by the major telephone companies.

About the Author

Jim Pack is CEO of Curve Dental, Inc., a software company that develops dental practice management software for the Web. Prior to joining Curve Dental, Mr. Pack was CEO of AdvancedMD, a Web-based practice management application for private physician offices. He also was president of Easy Dental Systems, Inc. and a principal of Dentrix Dental Systems, Inc. He can be reached at jim.pack@curvedental.com

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