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Smart Phone Market Penetration

smart phone market penetration

The Digital Music Market Outlook: Evolving business models, key players, new challenges and future prospects

The Digital Music Market Outlook: Evolving business models, key players, new challenges and future prospects

The Digital Music Market Outlook: changing business requirements Models, key players, new challenges and future prospects

The growing proliferation of broadband and mobile technologies and the widespread adoption of smartphones and portable music players continue to drive the digital music market. The music industry landscape has profound structural change, as companies from other Sectors are integrated into the music sales, and transform business models to adapt to changing market demands. Piracy remains a major concern of Industry, with losses running into billions of illegal downloads. "The Digital Music Market Outlook: Evolving business models, key players, new challenges and Perspectives "is a new report published by Business Insights that analyzes the growth of the digital music market and the recent changes in industry structure and business models. The report examines the growth drivers and inhibitors of the market, emerging regions, industry challenges and the future Market prospects. It also offers detailed profiles of the leading digital music service providers including an examination of the processes, services, finance and strategic Outlook.

Key chapters:

The Digital Music Market Outlook

Executive Summary 10

Digital Music – The New Era 10

Key markets 11

The value chain and emerging business models 12

Key challenges 14

Perspectives for the future 15

Key Player 17

Chapter 1 Introduction 20

What is this report about? 20

Methodology and definitions 21

Chapter 2 Digital Music – a new era 24

Abstract 24

Global Market Overview 25

Market size and growth 25

Segmentation – online and mobile music components 27

Digital music and more popular younger consumers 29

Growth drivers 31

The increasing proliferation of broadband and mobile technologies 31

Soaring sales of smart phones and portable players 33

Expanding online catalogs and DRM-free strategy 34

Key trends 34

Innovative Marketing drives the market forward 34

Move towards DRM-free tracks 35

Emerging partnerships throughout the Value chain 35

Contact artist directly to fans 36

Increased involvement of local governments and ISPs in the control of piracy, 36

Chapter 3 Key markets 38

Abstract 38

Developed Markets 39

U.S. 39

Japan 44

UK 52

France 56

Germany 57

Emerging Markets 57

China 57

India 59

Brazil 60

Chapter 4 of the value chain and development

Business models 64

Abstract 64

The Virtual Music value chain 65

67 artists

Record Labels / 67 production companies

IP 68 protection of the rights body

Physical retailers 68

Digital music retailers 68

Consumer 70

A-la-carte downloads from subscription services 71

Key new business models 73

Advertising Supported Services 73

Artist led distribution channels 75

Link with the brands, goods and mobile phone games 76

Music services access for ISPs and mobile operators 78

Partnerships along the value chain 79

Flexible Pricing 81

Chapter five main Challenges 84

Abstract 84

Introduction 85

Piracy – the digital music industry, 85 Plague

Depth of the problem 85

Piracy extends across geographies 87

Steps to curb piracy 88

The role of ISPs and government support 89

Legal action against P2P networks in 1990

Initiatives by record companies in 1990

Interoperability problems – searching for an effective DRM system 91

Determining the right price for digital music in 1992

Chapter 6 Future prospects 94

Summary 94

Strong growth continues in 1995

Industrial and emerging economies in 1995

The future face of the music – music to go in 1996

Graduating to full-track downloads and music videos in 1996

Evolution of business models in 1997

Subscription model is the key to the future 97

Ad-supported services is more popular in 1997

Labels Closer to the consumer directly in 1997

Cashing in over 98 live music

Taking advantage of the popularity of social networks in 1998

Emergence of new business models in 1998

Changes in the pricing mechanisms 99

Technological innovation and progress in 1999

MP3 player market grow with innovations in 1999

Technology allows music on the go in 1999

The convergence of the different formats, devices and channels 100

Audio Formats and Quality 100

Music piracy 100

Music piracy is rampant in most of the younger consumers 100

Collective efforts necessary to curtail piracy 101

Chapter 7 Key Player 104

Abstract 104

Digital music retailers 105

iTunes Music Store 105

Overview 105

Service Options 105

Operational and financial performance 107

Strategy 109

eMusic 110

Overview 110

Service Options 111

Operational and financial capacity 112

Strategy 113

Music 114

Overview 115

Service Options 115

Operational and financial capacity 116

Strategy 117

Rhapsody 118

Overview 118

Service Options 119

Operational and financial capacity 120

Strategy 122

Amazon MP3 123

Overview 123

Service Options 123

Operational and financial capacity 124

Strategy 124

7digital 125

Overview 125

Service Options 125

Operational and financial performance 126

Strategy 126

Wal-Mart Music Downloads 127

Overview 127

127 Service Offers

Operational and financial capacity 128

Strategy 128

Appendix 130

Index 130

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Why Android Smart Phones will overtake the iPhone in Market Share — And Soon

Smart Phone Market Size

smart phone market size
smart phone market size
BlackBerry Pearl 8130 or BlackBerry Curve 8330?

I am a Sprint customer, and I'm in the market for a new phone. I currently have a Katana II, the I love, but it is in some of the newer "smart phone" features are missing. I have narrowed my choice to BB or BB Pearl Curve. I've never owned a BB, but I would like to try. Both the Pearl and the Curve seem to all have the same properties, they are just different sizes and have different setups. I like the Pearl BC it smaller but I like the curve BC It has a full keyboard. Suggestions or opinions?

Get the Road! I have tried to Pearl. It is beautiful. Feels good and it is "small" But when I put my hands on my Curve. I was glad I did. The size is not bad at all. I think so. It's still a good size to be carried around. The larger screen makes it better for the browser. I like the buttons on the Pearl though. : [But Go for the Curve!

News is leaked, reached its climax, and stole, but now we have it for real, and its just got everything we expected, with a little tweaks unsuspected, the iPhone from Apple 4.

Smart Phone Penetration Us

smart phone penetration us

Mobile Phones

Advancement in the technology has brought great innovations to the human life. There has been immense metamorphosis in the way human beings live their lives. Enhanced lifestyles and progressive inventions have bestowed the mankind with more comfort and luxury. Now we have advanced gadgets with which we can simply enjoy great convenience in our lives. The things which were only an imagination few years back have now turned into reality.

The technology blossoms in the world of sophistication and advanced sciences. One such innovation of technology that has influentially penetrated the human lives is the mobile phones. These gadgets have transformed the way people interact with each other. They have revolutionized our lives in tremendous manner. Earlier we used the conventional land line phones to communicate with our family members. Then these advanced gadgets were introduced which entirely changed the way we talk with others. This novel concept really appealed to the people, however initially these phones were not too advanced and they had less features. With time there has been tremendous enhancement in the arena of these phones.

These days Mobile Phones have become highly advanced and they have immense facilities that can simply exhilarate the user. Now the users can communicate with their peers and family members no matter where they are. The new age phones feature advanced applications with which the users can get great ease in communication. These gadgets are equipped with advanced camera with which high quality images can be shot. The cameras have finest quality lenses and great precision. These cameras are supported with the other advanced functionality like digital zoom, auto focus. The advanced phones feature amazing applications for editing images and adding finishing touches to the photographs. You may also find great facilities like video streaming and video conferencing in the handsets.

Gone are the days when phones were only used for talking; now they can also be used for surfing the internet. These gadgets are equipped with advanced technologies like GPRS, EDGE, 3G etc with which the reliable and fast speed internet connectivity can be achieved on these device without any hassle. This has bestowed the users with ease of checking their important emails, creating their blogs etc. These handsets have advanced Bluetooth connectivity with which the users can easily connect to other devices and have hassle free data transfer. This innovative technology has made mobile phones more efficient linke Nokia N95. These gadgets are loaded with immense capabilities to entertain the users.

These gadgets are endowed with highly efficient and robust music players with which the users can enjoy the music everywhere. The music players have support for a variety of file formats. Users can create play list of their favourite songs and listen to the tracks with amazing sound quality. The handsets also feature multimedia messages, video playback, advanced polyphonicMP3 ringtones and FM radio etc.

As the trend of smart phones is gaining pace more and more handset manufacturers are coming with advanced phones that are similar to mini computers. These devices have efficient applications for document editing. They also feature QWERTY keypads with which the users can easily type email messages.

About the Author

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Video Introduction to Nielsen Report by Charlie Buchwalter, SVP of Research and Analytics

Smart Phone Market Share 2010

Smart Phone Market Share 2010

A New Market Era For Htc

With a mission to be an original equipment maker or OEM to mobile device makers running the Windows Mobile platform, the Taiwan-based High Tech Computer Corporation or better known in the markets as HTC, has become the world’s largest Windows-based smartphone maker for both its OEM clients and direct consumers.  It is estimated that it has a clear 80% commanding hold on all Windows gadgets ever built.

That includes PDAs, PocketPCs and Mobile phones.  It has outstanding OEM deals with brands like Palm, Sharp, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens and HP/Compaq as well as with mobile telecoms carriers like Vodafone, Orange, O2, Cingular, NTT DoCoMo and T-Mobile.  But the brand also found its way in the hands of the larger smartphone consumers with starting in 2004 with the likes of HTC Touch, HTC Magic and HTC Hero just to mention a few.

A New Ballgame Under Its Control

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Windows Mobile has been instrumental in making HTC what it is today, but as they say, life must go on.  And in the business world, that means latching your products to a rising star and letting go one that is fading.  In this case, the Windows Mobile is sure to go the way of the dinosaurs soon enough if Gartner Research and the opinions of pundits are any indication.

From its peak of 24% market share in 2004 as the third most widely used smartphone OS, Windows Mobile has been losing ground year after year ending up at 14% in 2008 with more than half of that decimated in one year alone.  It now commands a mere 7.9% share in 5th place after the Android and iPhone OS overtook it in 3rd and 4th place,  respectively, after Nokia at number one and Blackberry second.

That is why its rivals in the smartphone business have all but given up on the Widows OS.  Acer and Samsung will no longer make smartphones running Windows in favor of Android.  So will Motorola who will throw its support exclusively to Android.  HTC’s main competitor after Blackberry, Palm has likewise abandoned Windows in favor of Android

But HTC is not about to abandon Windows.  It may have launched the world’s first Android smartphone with the HTC Dream OEM’ed to T-Mobile and rebranded as G1 and lately given Google the hardware muscle to brand its first mobile phone as the Nexus One, but HTC has been playing it safe releasing handsets in both platforms.

Apart from its initial Android offering in the HTC Hero, Dream and Magic, it is releasing two new Android handsets for 2010.  It is clearly adopting a more prudent product mix strategy supporting both and possibly other smartphone OS like the BREW it uses for its upcoming HTC Smart.  The recent CeBIT and Mobile World Congress unveiled new HTC smartphones in both platforms to be released in the first half of 2010.  You have Android smartphones like the HTC Desire and HT Legend as well as Windows Mobile smartphones in the HTC Touch Pro 2 (Tilt2 in AT&T) and the HTC Touch Diamond 2.

Pundits are quick to point that HTC is taking the safest marketing route, playing for both a sunset and a sunrise OS.  2010 is looking like a new ball game for HTC.

About the Author

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Apple faces iTunes threat from overseas
Just as every smart phone claiming to be an “iPhone killer” has failed to dethrone Apple’s iPhone, every so-called “iTunes killer” has so far fallen short of expectations.

Smart Phone Penetration

smart phone penetration
Smart phone Penetration?

I need to know how many people have Iphone’s, blackberry’s and other smartphone’s in RI.


Sounds like a good old salesman’s survey. You call, write, and put out ads that ask if they have one of these then they need to tell you because you have —— for them. On the bright side, its not like you are wanting to do this in NYC or LA or something.

Kenya : Mobile Internet on Course to Becoming Top Earner for Firms
Access to the internet through Cell Phones is set to emerge as a significant revenue opportunity for mobile operators, analysts say, adding that consumers are also benefiting immensely from the convenience of portable internet.

Ads by Google

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