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Mobile Cell Phones

mobile Cell Phones
What format do videos have to be to play on mobile/cell phones?


i tryed mp4 but i didnt work (it could have just been the video)

but is it flv etc??

Try converting the file to the file extension .3gp

Mexico Still Plans to Cut Service to Millions of Cell Phones
Last Saturday at midnight, the deadline passed for Mexican cell phone subscribers to register their phones with the government’s National Registry of Mobile Phone Users, or Renaut. If they did not, the Mexican government promised to soon begin cutting off their cell phone service.

Mobile Cell Phones Specifications Database

mobile Cell Phones specifications database

Work of mobile phones

Mobile phones or mobile phones are so called as they cover compartmentalized, cell areas. The origin of the phone can be traced back to the Year 1973, Motorola came up with World `s first cellular portable telephone which was commercialized as Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

These days are added to new phones at a rapid pace. The parts of them usually from the following: printed circuit board, antenna, keypad, LCD – Liquid Crystal Display, battery, microphone, speaker.

Recently, they have a variety of functions. For a list of some functions depending on the type of phone you choose: to store contact information Dates to keep in mind, memories and prepare to-do lists, sending / receiving e-mail, play games, send text messages (SMS), access to the Internet, TV Watch and enjoy, built-in calculator, integration with other devices such as GPS receivers, MP3 players, etc.

Mobile phones have on the radio frequency, up to with an innovative approach to come to counter cellular limited availability of RF spectrum. Now, several mobile phone masts used to a large geographical area justice to.

Each tower (base station), which extends a circular area called a cell. A large area is possible in a number of cells different base stations to split the same channels / frequencies used for communication. This enables thousands and thousands of mobile phone users to share far fewer channels.

Another important aspect is that phones need less power for transmission to a base station as each base station includes the REACH a smaller area. Reduce the required transmit power reduces the size of the battery and therefore the weight of the phone. This has the miniaturization of cell phones, which would not have thought possible without the mobile phone technology led.

When you happen to your cell phone, the following things. First, looking for the phone with Base station strongest signal, and requests for a channel assignment. The base station allows channel assignment and the call is accepted. The call is then sent to the local telephone network forwarded, if it is transferred to a normal phone over the air otherwise. The call is then sent to its destination via the telephone.

When the phone is switched on, comparing SID (System Identification Code) on the control channel at the SID programmed into the phone. If the SIDs match, understands the Phone that is communicating with cell-Home system. The phone sends a registration request, along with the SID and the MTSO keeps track of your phone `s location in a Database. If the SID on the control channel is not the SID of the phone, then the phone is in roaming.

The three technologies widely used by 2G cell phone networks to transmit Information: Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications implemented), TDMA link to the specific service providers in different countries. Uses GSM Subscriber Identification Module (SIM). SIM card stores all Relationship data / identification numbers necessary to access a particular wireless service provider.

Standard protocols are widely used 2.5G GPRS, EDGE, to to name a few. Some latest 3G protocols are: Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS), Wideband Code-Division Multiple Access (WCDMA), High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), Evolution Data maximize (EVDO).

To have a few popular mobile phone models on the market, with Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, etc. Each were offered a model with its own range of collections.The year 2008 may be a high watermark in mobile phone history with Nokia N-Gage 2, HTC Dream, Apple iPhone 2, BlackBerry touch screen, Sony PlayStation Phone, which will be expected to be launched.

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