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Smart Phone Reviews Sprint

Smart Phone Reviews sprint
smart phone reviews sprint
Can you look back on the Sprint Touch by HTC?

I'm thinking of exchanging my Touch Motorola Q for the HTC. The Q is a smartphone. I think the Touch is a BlackBerry, I am I right? Even a couple of people told me that the battery in the Touch Q takes more time than is that true? * Thanks to the people who answer *:) … Who does not know anything about the Touch phone? His Sprint version of Apple's iPhone.

I have had my Touch, since it first came out (first full week of Nov) and I love them the most. I have a battery problem that I need to get sorted out, but it's really a cool phone. The touch screen can always find something, because everyone is used on buttons. The Internet and e-mail is quick and easy (I used to be, to have T-Mobile). The camera Photos are still great (but you really need yet). Texting is easy through contacts. Also you have the Google Map, download application, it is sweet on the big screen. TouchFlo is what makes this phone above all others, however.

Smart Phone Tethering

smart phone tethering
Can you tether a Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 to your laptop?

I am trying to pick a new smart phone so I can eliminate paying for both a broadband card and cell phone service. Is it still possible to tether the Blackberry Curve 8330 to your laptop? I seem to get mixed messages throughout the web.

I know some Sprint users were able to in the past, but recently Sprint prevented them from continuing to do so.

Can you tether using SmartView?

yes, but your limited to 5mb of data. so it will be slow and limited. So no downloading. Yes 5mb is the limit even if you have an unlimited plan.

New AT&T SmartPhone Data Pricing + iPhone Tethering

Palm Smart Phone Verizon

palm Smart Phone Verizon
Does anyone know a lot about the Palm Centro Smartphone for Verizon Wireless?

If you do you are welcome to contact me.

I bought mine online here and you can all the different features, colors and styles they have half the normal price and no contracts. They are available unlocked with a clear ESN for Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT & T, Cricket and much more. You can add it simply Verizon to your existing account without signing a new contract with them. Good luck and Happy Shopping 🙂

First Look- Verizon Palm Pre Plus Smartphone