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Smart Phone Accessories

smart phone accessories
smart phone accessories
What is the next phone I should get from Verizon Wireless?


I’m thinking about getting a smart phone this time!

samsung glyed

Apple iPhone 4 Otterbox Install and review Cases Shopping Internet Telecom Mobile Smart Phone

Smart Phone Forums

smart phone forums
smart phone forums
Looking for a smart phone ….?

I'm Messenger looking for a smart phone that has instant AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo capability. Even one that has a kind of "Directions" feature as Mapquest or a GPS. I have a lot of forums and subscribed, I am assuming these web phones, these forums access? As long as I can check my Yahoo e-mail, check the forums, doing occasional Google searches and use Instant Messenger, I'm golden. Who knows one of them?

I have a Treo 700wx with Windows Mobile fifth It has this ability, except I'm not sure about AIM. I'm sure if there is a mobile Version of AIM, which could invite you and run it on a Treo with Windows (not Palm O / S).

Attack of the GROOMZILLA! Back in the day, a guy had to do everything, his wedding was to get to the church on time. No longer …

Smart Phone Laptop

smart phone laptop
How to connect WiFi WiFi mobile to laptop?

Is there a way to connect the wireless laptop to the WiFi connection? I know this can be done between two laptops (or PCs), so phone a "smart" one, this should be possible, right? Once it is connected, can I have the shared folders? Note: I know we can use the notebook as a wireless router through the establishment of an ad-hoc network if I use the Internet want. But I just want to exchange files between my phone and laptop. Thanks in advance

You can be the same wireless router that your laptop link is connected, but you need the password of the router security information required, as it has for the laptop. (Unless you use no security) Also, yes, you can allow access to long files on other computers on the network as a sharing.

Netbooks, The Laptop-Smart Phone Compromise

Smart Phone News

smart phone news
Samsung or HTC smart GenioTouch?

I get a new phone for my birthday. I want to use it for Facebook Twitter updates and news. I want to they also have a lot of Memroy for the music. Witch cell phone is the best 4 me?

HTC makes pretty good phone.I say stick to the HTC phone.

News Update: Sprint Nextel Corp. Releases Samsung Epic 4G Smart Phone (S,VZ,GOOG,AAPL)

Smart Phone Hardware

smart phone hardware
smart phone hardware
Netbook vs. Notebook?

I’ve been wondering what advantage a Netbook has over a Notebook, and I can’t seem to understand the real value of a Netbook. A Netbook lacks a CD/DVD drive, so there goes the ability to watch a DVD on the go. They use a shi**y Atom CPU, and they have horrible had drive capacity, and forget about a 3d accelerated graphics chip. So lets see.. You cannot watch DVD’s without an external drive, and you cannot use it for media storage, because most Netbooks come with limited hard drive space. Games are pretty much a lost cause, because the lack of hardware and hard drive space. The CPU can barely hold it’s own compared to a Pentium M 800mhz. If you have a smart phone then you can do pretty much anything a Netbook can. So tell me, what’s the point of a Netbook?

Portability, cost and it can do the basics.

Hands-on with the Toshiba TG01 smartphone

Smart Phone Gps Software

Smart Phone Gps software
need simple gps software for smart phone.?

Want to use bluetooth gps connected to smart phone: toshiba tx60. any suggestions on a downloadable simple map or gps program for smart phone.

yes and sure u can!

The Race To The $70 Smartphone
Qualcomm, Nokia and HTC are bringing lower-priced smartphones to mass audiences.

Smart Phone Cases

smart phone cases
in the market for a smart phone??

ok Im looking to buy a smart phone, looking between the palm treo 700p and 650. Other suggestions would be good too. My main concern is what are some of the costs that go along with owning a smartphone. How much is the phone itself with a case and memory card? Do i need some kind of card for the interent, how much is the internet per month with Verizon? So basically im looking for all the additional costs that come along with buying any of the smart phones, and which have been working the best these days.

Hi my name is James I work verizon. I personal have the treo 700w. If I would recommend a phone the 6700 @ only 299 has the most to offer of any phone on the market that we offer. If you want a palm based only product the 700p is a great phone high res on the screen fast processing with evdo. the phone is 399 a bluetooth bundle would be the best option at 79.99 you get the case car charger and bluetooth headset. the unlim data is 44.99 a month. if you have any other questions feel free to call me 513-289-3217 and I would be glad to answer any questions

Long lines for launch of Apple’s iPhone 4
Apple’s next-generation smart phone hit the market Thursday, and many stores sold out within hours.

Smart Phone Gps Review

Smart Phone Gps review

Samsung i7110- A smart phone

Here is Samsung presenting before its customers its new series Samsung i7110. This is a slim smart phone which packed with a number of smart features. It is crammed up with the latest technology.  

Technology and Appearance: 

This phone is provided with the technology of quad band to facilitate the users with global roaming. This mobile has the feature of OLED display which is of 2.6 inches in size and it has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels which will take your breath away.

This mobile is further supported by a color scheme of ‘256 million’ colors.  

The handset is equipped with an accelerometer which helps the camera in giving support to the rotation of the unit in an appropriate mode to have a better view of the pictures. In order to access the various applications of the handset it is fitted with an optical track pad.  

Camera and other functions: 

The major attraction of the handset is the camera which is of 5 mega pixels which comes with dedicated options such as geo tagging, face detection, auto focus and smile detection. With the help of geo tagging one gets to know about the extra information of the clicked picture. It also has a feature of recording with the help of which one can record videos at a rate of thirty frames a second. 

In order to keep the users in touch with their family and friends various exciting features are installed in the phone. These features are of MMS, an inbuilt GPS receiver, push mail, instant messaging, MMS and function of A-GPS.  

To ensure network coverage of wider area the gadget is also features the technology of HSDPA. The HSDPA provides 3.6 mbps of speed. It also has an edge glass which is of 236.8 kbps in speed and it also has a Wi-Fi (with a system of DLNA support).  

The device also has some automatic functions. The phone is incorporated with the function of voice dialing with the help of which the user while making a call does not have the need of dialing numbers manually. The user can dial the numbers merely by speaking out the name of the person with whom they want to talk.


About the Author

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Consumer Reports Money Adviser June Issue
YONKERS, N.Y., June 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The following was released today by Consumers Reports:

Smart Phone Or Pda

smart phone or pda

Getting the Best Out of Smart Phones

One of the most expensive personal communication tools is the smart phone. You can find the combined functions of PDA and Cell phone in this device and are quite bigger in size. Generally it costs around $600 and is comparatively expensive than normal handsets. Though you have both the features of cellular phone and functions of PDA you carry only one unit along with you. It is widely used by business people who travel frequently and need to get connected with their office often for appointments and e-mail. You won’t miss any important issues in your work place even when you are not in your office for long periods.

For purchasing a smart phone, consider finding a mobile phone plan that provides additional data for Internet browsing and e-mail. Many service providers charge a flat fee or monthly allowance from the users per Megabyte usage. When you are buying a smart phone with WiFi access, check whether your cell phone provider offers WiFi plans. Since the technology is becoming more compact, so are the capabilities of these communication devices.

Most of the phones available in the market have little of smart phone capability like address books, games and calendars.  In simple, the true smart phone is a laptop in a portable form. Some important functions are E-mail, PDF, spreadsheets and expanded PIM information.

Smart phones allow you to access and use Internet through a Voice over Internet Protocol server (VoIP). This helps you to remain connected even when the phone service is not available. With important functions like spreadsheets and PDF, a smart phone gives you serious power to your hands like; you not only can down load documents by using this device but many of them allow you to work with the help of a keyboard in the smart phone. The smart phones have expanded PIM so that it not only provides address book and calendar but also lets you prepare to-do lists, contact list and automatic notices on important dates to your reminder. This feature helps you to keep reminded of important people and dates so that you plan ahead for the day’s activity.

A smart phone allows you to make calls and also to take notes simultaneously. The phone earpiece can be just plugged in and you can easily jot down the notes on the same hybrid device. There are a few disadvantages when you depend on your smart phone totally. If you work on the spreadsheets for sometime, the battery power of the smart phone will wipe off or drain easily within minutes .You will be left with no PDA and no cell phone when the smart phone runs out of charge or power. Only few people can afford for such expensive devices as it is very expensive and price of a costly smart phone is $800. The size is bulky and so it is uncomfortable while making calls. Small keypad and small screen are not easier to work.

The smart phone has accomplished a lot in a short span of time. The potential of technology is made use of for efficient, faster and easier means of communication by Smart phones. It needs a little improvement and perfection for capturing the PDA market and is getting closer to get recognized as the crown king of the competitive communication devices.

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Visit http://www.smartphonemall.info for the best deals on smart phones and downloading useful Smart Phone Applications and tools.

Phone addiction
My sister finally joined the ranks of those with a smart or pda or whatever you call the “it does everything” phone. She can now receive and send pictures, text and email. She now has enough apps to do about anything. And she can now tend her farm anywhere, anytime. She’s in heaven. She’s addicted. […]

Htc Smart Phone Applications

htc Smart Phone Applications
Blackberry Flip HTC Touch vs Pro2?

I'm 6085 on the improvement of planning my cell phone from Nokia. I text, e-mail use and a lot. The functions of the I use the phone most Messaging voice mail, photo / call display, text messaging (including image and video), e-mail. However, weather, Facebook / Twitter and uses small Internet-browsing. 3G/3GS the iPhone are nice, but I see no reason for him if any additional applications for the want it. I personally think, is one of the few things I like about the iPhone. Anyway, besides being off topic, I would some opinions on what should phone / smartphone I buy would like. Thanks.

You might have to ebsilk a view, many types of mobile phones and very cheap! You will like it good luck!

HTC Touch Diamond2 Software Tour

Ads by Google

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