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Smart Phone Cards Support

Smart Phone Cards support
Upgrade Sprint without contract?

I am currently month to month on a $30 plan with a phone that does not support data. However, the plan has unlimited data and texting. I am grandfathered in.

I was looking at phones on and a lot of the smart phones say it requires a new 1-2 year contract of at least $39.99. Does this mean I would lose my plan if I upgrade phones?

Also, if I outright bought a no-contract phone from ebay, say a Samsung Moment, could I activate that phone to my current month to month, completely bypassing Sprint and not having to renew a 2 year subscription, so I don’t lose my good plan?

Finally, old Motorola phones would let you swap the sim card to easily change between phones. I don’t think the Moment has a sim card so how would that process work?
I understand Sprint phones do not have Sim cards. However, being a Nextel Subscriber (now sprint), my phone does.

So there is no way to buy a phone elsewhere than directly from Sprint and add it to my plan?

Sprint phones do not have SIM cards.

And yes by activating the phone you renew a 2 year contract.

T32+ section 2 for GPS demo:Windows 6.0+WIFI+GPS built-in,Java,support 8G memory,smart phone

Welcome To Smart Phone Card

welcome to Smart Phone Card
How do you cause a robber to turn the other way?

What are the signs a robber looks for when he is looking for his victim? What will make a robber turn the other way? There was a robbery in our apartment complex over the weekend. 3 black men robbed a young couple and got a lot fo cash credit cards and a cell phone. How can we protect ourselves and what will turn a robber off? Only educated answers need to apply not smart@ss comments are not welcomed.

I think that many times robbers will stake people out before robbing them.

Or it can just be bad timing…being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I think people need to always be aware of their surroundings and stop being so oblivious and tuned into their own little worlds. Others can be watching them and they aren’t even aware of it.

I’m sure in this couple’s case they had to know they had lots of cash…which they did obviously. So somehow they knew that. Maybe they followed them to work, watched them through open curtains, who knows.

Just always be alert.

Swipe-and-sign credit and debit cards leave some travelers in the lurch
When Susanne and Bernie Seidel of Everett, Wash., traveled to Sweden and Germany two years ago, they had no problems using their Visa and MasterCard at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants.

Smart Phone Cards List

Smart Phone Cards list
Hey can anybody tell me like in full detail what exactly these things mean?? (for a phone im going to buy)?

i need to know in as much detail u can tell me what these things mean, if u could please tell me!!!

the phone is a razr v3xx

1.3 MP camera with 8x zoom

AT&T Music Folder with MP3 player

Video recording, playback and streaming

AT&T Music, Music ID and streaming radio capable

Cellular Video – Get news, sports & more

Stereo Bluetooth® capable with next generation A2DP

High speed data access via the Cingular 3G network

Instant messaging – AOL®, Yahoo!®, & Windows Live Messenger®

Picture and Video Messaging – Send photos, video and more

Download Music Tone ringtones, graphics, and games

Create your own music playlists and smart playlists

Removable memory capacity for MicroSD(TM) Card

Advanced speech recognition

Mobile email capabilities

Opera web browser



*1.3 megapixel camera: This is the average quality camera nowadays. Below it would be VGA and above it would be 2.0+ megapixel (there are a few 3.0 but these are rare, even 2.0 is still new).
*8x zoom: simply means that you can zoom-in in picture mode up to 8 times.
*At&t music folder, AT&T Music, Music ID: are exclusive online features for cingular. Basically it lets you download songs from AT&T database of music.
*Video recording, playback and streaming: you can take videos with the camera.
*A2DP Stereo Bluetooth: you can listen to your music via bluetooth (wireless technology that lets you transfer information like music)
*High speed data access via the Cingular 3G network: Fastest type of internet connection called EV-DO. Basically there’s 1G-3G
*Instant messaging – AOL®, Yahoo!®, & Windows Live Messenger® : Services available to you through the internet connection.
*Removable memory capacity for MicroSD(TM) Card: lets you store memory (music, pictures, videos) on a memory card that you can take out of the phone and view/move on a PC. Serves as additional memory.
*Advanced speech recognition : lets you give commands to your phone. For example you may say “Call Alex” and your phone will call them without pushing buttons.
*Opera web browser: The software that allows you to download songs directly to phone.
*The rest I think is self explanitary, but if not you may e-mail me.
Overall this is a good phone. Pros: the 3G technology is really good, if you are goint to use the internet (cingular will bill you seperately for this). The mp3 player capability with bluetooth headset ability is also good. Cons: For being such a good phone, I don’t know why they didn’t include 2.0 megapixel camera. That would have topped it off. Also, the Razor model is kind of outdated (the physical aspect of it, not what’s inside). There’s a new model called the KRZR which has more smoother edges. How much are you getting it for?

Consumer Watchdog

Smart Phone Market Share Graph

Smart Phone Market Share graph
smart phone market share graph

Recent new phones

Sparkling looks! Appreciable warranty, yes, these factors clearly regulate our decision when purchasing any items. But wait, now we care to know the pain of taking the internal specifications, as our hard-earned money is involved here. These days, the most interesting feature of the latest new phones seems to be, their innovative design. In fact, people want to stay in these days, in contact with her office every time then are also options open to them. The new technical Gadgets come enhanced with advanced options that would allow users to send, and share e-mails on the move. Interestingly, the battery is also a the most important factor determining the potential of the handset. Usually, there are times when we ignore our emotional graph and tend to forget that we are mobile phones, where we talk until the end always involved in a heated argument. In such a situation, the battery manages the entire task. Actually, if a standard is complete then would be allow the users easy, the long hours of talk time and standby time to enjoy free of charge.

In addition, these days, what actually the basis the selection of the latest new phones ? This is actually a big concern, and it can be sure no clear answer to this question. The newest phones these days come equipped with many factors such as design, advanced connectivity options and specifications. There is real choice for users on a particular handset difficult. In addition, a handset that comes with all these factors also increase to find very rare. Basically, if we make a study of the many models available in the market, it gives us a clear picture of what actually on the market. In addition, from a huge range of innovative gadgets, it would also have the wisdom of the user that you take from him actually. The presence of numerous Manufacturers of mobile phones on the market is somewhat more favorable for us. Like, for example, the state of the market these days is very volatile as any cell phone manufacturer is committed to the priority list of target customers made.

Interestingly, the latest new Cell Phones come equipped with the advanced 3G technology. How many models with this Technology equipped come is the big question now is what is the best. The 3G phones have been launched by several high-profile players such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. In addition, the Apple iPhone recently created huge waves in the market with its special and unique high-tech specifications. However, a tough competition for these advanced Nokia and Sony Ericsson handset models introduced have or give. It is expected Nokia N96 and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 can be as tough competitors to the iPhone, the much awaited Apple. In other words, we can easily witness the fierce competition of these three advanced and innovative handsets in the league of 3G technology.

, Agriculture in a constructive conclusion for selecting a smartphone can seem be difficult, but not so impossible. In fact, the latter three models are considered if you plan to purchase the latest mobile phone. Can you easily check the specifications of these three models to know which model would be adjusted according to your requirements. To pick the appropriate model that you support can search the World Wide Web. Here were a number of mobile websites that would definitely help you get your favorite model at very unbelievable price tags and also together with numerous free gifts and lucrative business.

About the Author

Antonycool is expert author of Telecommunication industry. For more information on latest mobile phones with Christmas mobile phone gifts, Visit Bestcontractmobilephone site.

AIDA winner was the new Passat CC. Style with substance. Engineered German innovation creates an impressive, the Passat CC is the perfect symmetry between performance aesthetics and design.

Best Smart Phone Golf Gps

best Smart Phone Golf Gps
[mage source=”flickr”]best smart phone golf gps[/mage]

GolfLogix Golf GPS Smartphone Rangefinder

Smart Phone Card Philippines

Smart Phone Card philippines
Who knows how to activate the phone from America, a Filipino cell phone here in the Philippines?

Who knows how to activate the phone from America , A Filipino phone here in the Philippines? because my father bought me a cell phone in America and gave it to me for my birthday, but I do not know how to use the phone, a Filipino convert thing, because they said that you have something to activate, so that the SIM card will work here in the Philippines in the cell phone .. Someone please help me .. thanks … it works with Sun, Globe & SMART, and so if you convert?

Have you tried inquiring at Semicon? It is one of the leading Mobile Repair Center and dealers. You can find it in the big malls in Manila.

Samsung SGH i600 Review Philippines

Cell Phone Cases Ed Hardy

Cell Phone Cases ed hardy
What are the sizes of the Iphone first gen and the Sprint Instinct?

Okay so I really want to get this Ed Hardy cell phone case but it is for the I Phone first generation and I have the Sprint Insinct.. I’m just wondering what the size estimates are for both to see if the I Phone cover will work for my Instinct

it wont work, tha iphone is wider than the instinct, and instinct is also longer as well, meaning tha instinct will b small on tha sides, and 2 big on tha verical sides….sorry =(

Ed Hardy Cases Now Sold At Accessory Geeks

Best Flip Phone Ever

best Flip Phone ever
Im looking for the best cell phone ever!?

Hello, Im looking for a phone that has the most storage for music, is easy to text messege with and has the best camera/video technology. I dont care for the price, i just want the best,..
and is not a flip phone,..

Thanks 🙂
I edited my original question because I am not getting the feedback wanted. Hopefully this will narrow down to a better precision for my request.

I will be traveling around the world therefore I need a music and video player, a camera to take pictures and a video camera all into one cell phone. I text message all the time but a qwerty keyboards is not necessary unless it doesn’t take much space.

I need the best phone in the world, which means I am prepared to import it. (Europe, Asia,etc..)

Most important features:
Music player with Hard-Drive space (for music and videos)
Mega Pixels 2-3 and up (I take lots of pictures)

Less important features:
Qwerty keyboard
3G tech.

Thanks again,

If you want a phone with lots of storage you’ll need to get one with an external card slot.

If you want a phone that’s easy to text on you’ll want a full keyboard.

Camera’s on phones still leave a lot to be desired.

I posted a comparison for you below, including all the features you want and limiting it to the 4 major U.S. carriers.

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Flip Phone For Sale

Flip Phone for sale
How will I ever choose a cell phone ? ?

I’m trying to choose a new phone , but I’m having a hard time with it . There are certain things I want , but I don’t know if I can get everything in one phone .
Features most wanted:
-flip out / slide out QWERTY keyboard
-music player

Things I can settle for:
-A touchscreen QWERTY keyboard
-total touch screen ???

But the other thing is that I have 100$ . I was looking at the LG VU (on sale at AT&T 50% off) for 100$ and a 50$ mail in rebate . But the antenna for the tv (which I will not use) and small buttons(?) for the keyboard are making me think twice . IT also had internet access , which would be nice . But One thing that might be possible is switching net works . But I really want a fold out/slide out keyboard (for texting) .

Thank you very much for helping (if you do) .

get the iphone its got all the things your looking for

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Cell Phone Cases With Designs

Cell Phone Cases with designs
Best website for mobile phone Get the hottest covers!?

I have a LG Shine. & I want a new phone cover i dont think a silicone case would look too great, so is in a plastic to be with. I wonder if anyone knows the best website to really cute covers – something plain with nothing much Color and design =) Thanks to everyone who answers!