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Smart Phone Cards Support

Smart Phone Cards support
Upgrade Sprint without contract?

I am currently month to month on a $30 plan with a phone that does not support data. However, the plan has unlimited data and texting. I am grandfathered in.

I was looking at phones on and a lot of the smart phones say it requires a new 1-2 year contract of at least $39.99. Does this mean I would lose my plan if I upgrade phones?

Also, if I outright bought a no-contract phone from ebay, say a Samsung Moment, could I activate that phone to my current month to month, completely bypassing Sprint and not having to renew a 2 year subscription, so I don’t lose my good plan?

Finally, old Motorola phones would let you swap the sim card to easily change between phones. I don’t think the Moment has a sim card so how would that process work?
I understand Sprint phones do not have Sim cards. However, being a Nextel Subscriber (now sprint), my phone does.

So there is no way to buy a phone elsewhere than directly from Sprint and add it to my plan?

Sprint phones do not have SIM cards.

And yes by activating the phone you renew a 2 year contract.

T32+ section 2 for GPS demo:Windows 6.0+WIFI+GPS built-in,Java,support 8G memory,smart phone

Smart Phone Cards List

Smart Phone Cards list
Hey can anybody tell me like in full detail what exactly these things mean?? (for a phone im going to buy)?

i need to know in as much detail u can tell me what these things mean, if u could please tell me!!!

the phone is a razr v3xx

1.3 MP camera with 8x zoom

AT&T Music Folder with MP3 player

Video recording, playback and streaming

AT&T Music, Music ID and streaming radio capable

Cellular Video – Get news, sports & more

Stereo Bluetooth® capable with next generation A2DP

High speed data access via the Cingular 3G network

Instant messaging – AOL®, Yahoo!®, & Windows Live Messenger®

Picture and Video Messaging – Send photos, video and more

Download Music Tone ringtones, graphics, and games

Create your own music playlists and smart playlists

Removable memory capacity for MicroSD(TM) Card

Advanced speech recognition

Mobile email capabilities

Opera web browser



*1.3 megapixel camera: This is the average quality camera nowadays. Below it would be VGA and above it would be 2.0+ megapixel (there are a few 3.0 but these are rare, even 2.0 is still new).
*8x zoom: simply means that you can zoom-in in picture mode up to 8 times.
*At&t music folder, AT&T Music, Music ID: are exclusive online features for cingular. Basically it lets you download songs from AT&T database of music.
*Video recording, playback and streaming: you can take videos with the camera.
*A2DP Stereo Bluetooth: you can listen to your music via bluetooth (wireless technology that lets you transfer information like music)
*High speed data access via the Cingular 3G network: Fastest type of internet connection called EV-DO. Basically there’s 1G-3G
*Instant messaging – AOL®, Yahoo!®, & Windows Live Messenger® : Services available to you through the internet connection.
*Removable memory capacity for MicroSD(TM) Card: lets you store memory (music, pictures, videos) on a memory card that you can take out of the phone and view/move on a PC. Serves as additional memory.
*Advanced speech recognition : lets you give commands to your phone. For example you may say “Call Alex” and your phone will call them without pushing buttons.
*Opera web browser: The software that allows you to download songs directly to phone.
*The rest I think is self explanitary, but if not you may e-mail me.
Overall this is a good phone. Pros: the 3G technology is really good, if you are goint to use the internet (cingular will bill you seperately for this). The mp3 player capability with bluetooth headset ability is also good. Cons: For being such a good phone, I don’t know why they didn’t include 2.0 megapixel camera. That would have topped it off. Also, the Razor model is kind of outdated (the physical aspect of it, not what’s inside). There’s a new model called the KRZR which has more smoother edges. How much are you getting it for?

Consumer Watchdog

Smart Phone Card

smart phone card
smart phone card
How do you REMOVE the smart chip (sim card) from a Sony Ericsson W300i cell phone?

I need to put it in the old phone so I can e-mail some pictures off of it. I can’t figure out how to get the card out without use of tools or something that could damage the phone. The user guide only shows you how to INSERT the card.
How do you grab on to the thing — the bottom end is under the frame of the phone, the middle goes through two little metal slides. Trying to “slide” it out, it doesn’t budge. Seems like it needs to be pryed out or grabbed with a tweezer, but I’m afraid to do that for fear it will damage the phone.

It is easy. Just pull it out. Be careful.
If you need more help ask on Mobile2Mobile.

Touch FLO Smart Phone (BST-P MY08 ) Not HiPhone Sciphone

Smart Phone Ratings 2009

Smart Phone Ratings 2009 reports GPS car navigation systems and mobile phones increased threat of PND

According to market research firm iSuppli, portable navigation devices (PND) is the technology companies have recently been the most popular one of the products, but now has entered a period of slower growth, prompting the entire supply chain of companies to re-evaluate their business model. After several years of double-digit and even triple-digit expansion, the global PND shipments in 2009 are projected in 2008 fell 0.7%. In the next four years, global sales are expected to remain stable in 2013 is projected at 4,120 million, almost unchanged from 2008.

PND slowdown was due to car navigation systems and GPS mobile phone growth. This phenomenon is affecting the industry’s major manufacturers, from the high-profile pioneer of TomTom’s PND, to Compal Communications, behind the scenes such as contract manufacturers, no exceptions.

TomTom maintain its vitality
“Dutch TomTom startups in 2004, changed the face of car navigation to it from the luxury sedan into the mass market, from the lucrative high car features become commodity products,” iSuppli’s principal analyst for automotive electronics Richard Robinson said, “In just three years, TomTom companies in Europe and on the reputation in its company name has become synonymous with their products, as if sixties and the seventies of the Hoover.”

However, TomTom heavily dependent on the platform for the PND, PND in slower growth and production of hardware costs and increase the risk of the occasion, it has now become a major weakness. Because of this, TomTom’s PND navigation for non-developed areas of competition, new strategies.

“TomTom plans to play to their strengths, using its superior brand image, to expand its mobile phone and car in the growing market opportunities. Based on its alliance with Renault and Fiat’s agreement, its navigation technology will be embedded in them Among the cars, “Robinson said,” The company is also into the ‘application and the map’ in the market most notably those in Apple’s iTunes music store to sell the software. By breaking from PND hardware business, steering navigation content and software , TomTom has emerged from its biggest weakness: the cumbersome PND manufacturing, testing, transportation and sale of businesses. this area is full of challenges, such as inventory, and low profits. “

TomTom’s upside could be very large, according to iSuppli, it may be as high as 25% of the highly profitable Smart Phone Navigation market.

Reduction in contract manufacturing opportunities
In the long run, as PND growth potential is limited, but also for OEM manufacturers lost their appeal, the smaller manufacturers or to opt out of this shrinking market, or has been a leading supplier of crowding out.

“Growth prospects dim and the high concentration of industry, which means a smaller OEM and contract manufacturers in PND reduce the chances of the supply chain,” iSuppli’s electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM), senior analyst Jeffrey Wu pointed out, “PND market, the latest development, suggesting sluggish growth in contract manufacturers. one of the few to keep in-house production operations PND OEM’s market share growth rate is higher than those who outsource production of the industry. This has further weakened the smaller manufacturers opportunities. “

Compal Communications Inc. and some other Taiwanese ODM, 2007 Nian to GPS PND as one of the growth momentum. However, even these companies were later reduced investment.

In 2008, only 0.5% of the PND outsourced to EMS providers, less than 1% of the time in 2007. Flextronics is the only one in 2008 produced PND’s EMS providers, mainly because it had previously established relationships with the Navman, Navman was not acquired by PND manufacturers Mio. However, iSuppli predicts that if the further integration of Mio outsourcing, EMS providers from PND manufacturers disappear.

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What have the G8 and G20 achieved?
G8 and G20 leaders have concluded their meetings in Canada. What’s your reaction to what they have agreed?

Best Smart Phone Golf Gps

best Smart Phone Golf Gps
[mage source=”flickr”]best smart phone golf gps[/mage]

GolfLogix Golf GPS Smartphone Rangefinder

Cell Phone Cases Ed Hardy

Cell Phone Cases ed hardy
What are the sizes of the Iphone first gen and the Sprint Instinct?

Okay so I really want to get this Ed Hardy cell phone case but it is for the I Phone first generation and I have the Sprint Insinct.. I’m just wondering what the size estimates are for both to see if the I Phone cover will work for my Instinct

it wont work, tha iphone is wider than the instinct, and instinct is also longer as well, meaning tha instinct will b small on tha sides, and 2 big on tha verical sides….sorry =(

Ed Hardy Cases Now Sold At Accessory Geeks

Best Flip Phone Camera

best Flip Phone camera
best flip phone camera
Best Cingular Non-Flip Phone as of Today? ( no PDA )?


I really need a good phone that has music, video / camera, and speaker phone. I really like sliders.. anyone know of any good phone kind of like the chocolate for cingular at & t?

Please good answers!

thanks in advance

Well I don’t know about chocolate…but my mom has a nice Slider phone from Cingular!
It’s a Samsung D600E. I don’t know about pricing, but a quick check wont hurt!

Flip Video Camcorder Review, Lowest Price on Flip Video Camera

Flip Phone Commercial

Flip Phone commercial
flip phone commercial
Is there a place online where I can order a Samsung SCH-U740 Cell Phone besides

Is that the phone that is a flip phone, then you can turn it over and text on a keypad kind of like a SideKick?
Just wondering. I saw a commercial of a cell like that for only 29.99 Please help.

Verizon carriers this cell phone. You would need to go to their website to see if they have it available for your local area.

Freek Show – Herizon Chocolate Flip Phone! Commercial

Flip Phone Images

Flip Phone images
How can I SMS messages on the screen outside of my phone?

I have a LG VX8300: I heard that you can view the text on the screen to open it without flipping out and asked me how to do it?

You can not … You can it is not on the previous version if. I believe that model is LG VX8100

Sony Ericsson z750a AT&T 3G Phone Hands-On

First Flip Phone Ever Made

first Flip Phone ever made
Which Cingular Phone is the Right one for Me?

Well ill start off with some background info. I used to live in San Diego (im currently 18) when i went to highschool i had to have the coolest latest greatest Phone for Verizon. now im in Kentucky and my only option is Cingular. However Which phone to pick from? most people out here are hicks (in my opinion) and own these ridiculously old color Flip Phones, I want something that says hey look at me, Im your first civilized business man out here, What ever i get must be a Pda/ Smart Phone, theres no turning back to those ugly basic phones anymore. I want something with an Os like windows mobiles, NO PALM software. Now i have also owned in one point in time every pda phone made by verizon, and overall i loved the Palm 700W. However keep in mind im still a Kid, im a senior in high school, All i want is an awesome phone that will work for cingular, So yes unlocked Phones are also an option. I like the Iphone but i cant justify spending $600. Probably $400 Tops, 2 Year Contracts are ok.

i would suggest the samsung blackjack. it has all the bells and whistles with windows mobile os. it has a good camera and multimedia features with a music and video player. it is a fast 3g phone. i have this phone and like it alot better than the blackberry pearl. go to and look at this phone’s specs and see what you think

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If not for founder Mark Zuckerberg’s stubborn streak, social-media pioneer Facebook might be just another part of a giant media or tech outfit today. Instead it’s a giant on its own, with close to 500 million users, some $20 billion in market value, and millions of investors eagerly awaiting an IPO. For his new book, The Facebook Effect: the Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the …