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Smart Phone And Projector

smart phone and projector

Apple rivals join forces to launch ‘iPad killer’
Apple’s electronics industry rivals united today to launch an unprecedented attack on the American giant’s market dominance.

Smart Phone Projector

smart phone projector
smart phone projector

The Advantages of Digital TV Mobile Phone – Compared to Analog TV Phones

Will people considering exchanging a mobile in 2007 to something a bit more impressive than a standard message / calls, only stick to well-known brands, or can they consider opting for something a lot cheaper? Wholesale importers think they already know the answer to that question, which is why in the New Year consumers can expect to see a lot more multimedia phones where the only “brand” they need to know is “Made In China”.

ePathChina recently hit the news for being the first cellphone wholesaler to release a new mobile supporting DVB that lets you do the necessary functions and watch digital TV, all in a normal mobile. Mobile-lovers will aslo find much to impress in ePathchina’s Mutifunction CellPhones and Cheap Mobile Phones categories. Popular Chinese-made Cell Phones which ePathChina makes available through their online wholesale electronics shop include PDA smart Phones, cheap Dual SIM Cards Dual Standy Phone, TV Mobile Phones, Mobile Phone Watches that also be a watch and a phone, and a wide range of cellphone accessories and Bluetooth Handsets.

Other innovations include FM and Projectors built into a dual sim phone, a free shipping phones that allowed keyboard input and 180 degree rotating, a diamond watch mobile lets users control the functions with a TFT touch screen and Bluetooth without needing of input keys to simple design.

ePathChina’s new expanded category can be found here: Multifunction Cellphones

According to Sophia, the represetative at the Chinese Wholesaler ePathChina.com, brands are becoming less important than price for many vendors and consumers: “We’re used to seeing electronics firms go up against each other – big brand names competing. For instance, the Microsoft Zune is being reported as a possible iPod killer. But in reality — when you look at the numbers, the killer is already there, and the consumers know it — it’s cheap electronics from China.

Until recently only large corporations such as Wal-Mart and experienced importers were able to source products from factories in Mainland China. Up until around five years ago, before internet B2C sourcing came into its own, the communication difficulties made exporting mobile phones and phone accessories from the newly open market in China too complicated for most small and medium businesses.

With “online China sourcing” B2C portals springing up, and innovative online traders and wholesalers offering electronics and other export products for sale direct from China manufactruers, it’s becoming increasingly realistic for all sizes of business to “Go Asian” and buy at prices substantially lower than western wholesale rates.

“You just have to look at eBay in the USA and UK – the massively selling items are all Chinese electronics, and it’s really spilling over into retail shops now as well,” says ePathChina’s Sophia. “With mobile phones, consumers are focused on multifunctions and above all on price. So what’s really making a dent in brand names sales are the hundreds of thousands of generic – but decent quality – cell phones being sold direct from Shenzhen, China through eBay. Exactly the same effect is quickly emerging in Mp3, Mp4 sales in our wholesale markets in Europe and the States.”

Online malls (such as Yahoo Stores owners) and eBay sellers are widely seen as small-scale importers, with little effect on the market. However, as more consumers turn to online shopping to beat the prices of wholesale stores, “Power Sellers” online are shifting the focus towards cheaper imported electronics. “China is without a doubt the leading wholesale electronics source for eBay and Mercadolivre,” says Sophia. “You can see the trend developing, that with trustworthy and simple wholesale ordering methods directly from China – at China prices – it makes total sense for phone products wholesale buyers to cut out their local middlemen and bring better prices to their customers.”

ePathChina’s website www.epathchina.com announces new products every month and Sophia states the flexibility of China mobile phone factories as a major competitive factor. “Looking at the mobile phone brands, like Nokia and Sumsang, they hold their high prices due to their reputation. However, in terms of functionality, the designers of these products can’t innovate so often because of the slow response time in large scale factory production. The difference with sourcing no-brand or small-brand phones from China is that each factory is producing a new model every month. And there are literally hundreds of different factories around Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen all competing to come out with the latest phones. The bigger companies will feel the heat more and more, especially as mobile phones become more mainstream and consumers demand something newer and cheaper. But for electronics importers and medium-scale mobile phones businesses it’s only good news from here.”

About the Author

A Handsome young man, Just graduated from university. Now working for ePathChina.com, Electronics columnist.

Hands-On With The LG Expo Projector Phone

Smart Phone Projectors

smart phone projectors
is there a way to run power point thru an LCD projector, when the power point is on a motorola Q smart phone?

I want to run it without lugging my laptop around

I don’t see any video output cababilities on the Q, I don’t think you can do that.

BitWise Controls Announces Software Updates, New Graphics Design Template Partnership
Want to control your audio video system with an iPad? We have an app for that… and hardware, software and eye catching graphical templates! Not an Apple user? No prolbem. Our control interfaces will work on any web enabled device including smart phones, web tablets, PCs, or laptops.

Lg Smart Phone And Projector

lg Smart Phone And Projector

Top 10 Green Cell Phones of 2009

The green cell phones and concept phones of 2009 represent a truly unique convergence of technology and innovative ideas. In compiling this list we were looking for cutting-edge renewable power sources, use of recycled or easily-recyclable materials, zero toxic substances, and enhanced capabilities. We’ve also included the use of recycled and minimized packaging and thinner user manuals (for the actual phones) in our criteria.

Here are what’s available and what’s possible in 2009. Enjoy.

Samsung’s Blue Earth

Samsung’s innovative Blue Earth phone is the first solar powered full-touch phone. Engineered to resemble a a flat and well rounded shiny pebble, Blue Earth is made of PCM recycled plastic and is free from toxic materials like BFR and phthalate. It boasts of energy-efficient user interface and charger and has a built-in pedometer that can indicate the amount of CO2 emissions the user has reduced by walking.

Magic Stone

The Magic Stone is still on paper but it promises to be a most fascinating piece of technology ever invented. For one, users can specify their preferred shape of the device when they order the phones online. Powered by electromagnetic charge emitted from remote transmitters, Magic Stone will never need recharging. As backup, it is coated with nano-material capable of converting sunlight into energy. It boasts of a touch screen interface and built-in holographic projector.

LG Pop Cell Phone

Back in October, LG introduced the GD510 or POP, a cell phone that comes with an optional battery cover that is also a solar cell, allowing users to charge the battery with sunlight. You can have 2.25 minutes of talk time or 180 minutes of standby by charging your phone for 10 minutes under the sun. The Pop is crafted from brushed aluminum which gives it a high-end look, has no toxic materials like BFR and PVC, and comes in recycled packaging.

Mobile Script

The concept Mobile Script phone is definitely one of the best concept devices this year. Featuring dual touch screen displays, it boasts of a flexible and retractable OLED display that can become rigid when charged allowing the user maximum viewing space when needed. For power, it comes coated with photo sensitive coating using nano technology to harness solar energy.

Sony Ericsson Elm and Hazel

The Elm and Hazel Phones are the latest offering by Sony Ericsson in its GreenHeart portfolio. Compared to the other concept phones featured here, these have humbler eco-friendly credentials but I’m including them here because they’re real phones available for purchase and because they’re made from recycled plastic. The Elm and Hazel boasts of a highly efficient battery system, zero hazardous chemicals, and minimized packaging.

Zeri Concept Phone

My persona on Ikariam is Kwisatz Haderach (from Frank Herbert’s Dune sci-fi books), so the Zeri green concept phone which features a top end that looks like the mouth of a worm of Arrakis is something special for me. This concept phone runs on a unique and original power source. The worm-like mouth is in fact, a mesh of knitted metal wires that detect and transform changes in temperature into energy while it is in your pocket. It can also convert air vibrations into usable power through hair-thin generators on piezoelectric system.

Xperia X001 Concept Phone

Created by Jozef Kocur, the X001 is the latest Xperia concept cell phone. This smartphone approaches the question of green power in a, well, smart way. Created from a solid piece of aluminum, this sleek eco-friendly phone combines the power of a solar cell and a methanol battery. The methanol case is transparent and provides a unique appearance to the front of the X001, while the solar panel can be seen at the back side.

Sticky Phone

Created by designer Liu Hsiang-Ling, the Sticky Phone concept is based on the idea that many users habitually place their phones near a window for optimum signal reception. This eco-friendly phone of the future has an arched back and is molded on polysiloxane (silicone). It can be attached to your glass panes where it can absorb solar energy via a solar panel at the back of the phone.

Touchwood Phone

The Touchwood is still in prototype stage and is made with the surplus wood of trees culled during thinning operations to maintain healthy forests. It boasts of an authentic cypress wood body, and developed by ITT Docomo of Japan in collaboration with Sharp Corporation, Olympus Corporation, and More Trees, a reforestation project founded by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and others.

Magnet Phone

Designed by Tryi Yeh, the Magnet Phone concept is solar-powered – enabling the user to recharge the cell phone anytime, anywhere with renewable energy from the sun. Sporting a light OLED panel, the nifty device comes with a large solar panel cell and can be customized to suit the user’s tastes. You can listen to your favorite music tracks, watch videos, and play games on the Magnet Phone without worrying much about charging this eco-friendly device.

About the Author

Michael Arms writes about green cell phones and other topics for the Pacebutler Recycling and Environment blog. You can donate, recycle, or sell used cell phones to Pacebutler Corporation, a US mobile phone refurbishing and trading company

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