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Smart Phone Wikipedia

smart phone wikipedia
Alltel Internet?

Hello! I am thinking about getting a smart phone from Alltel but I have to know a few things first.

1. Can it access the “real” internet, as in can it go to any website. I’m not interested in the Mobile web which can’t go to any of the websites I need.

2. How much does it cost? There are 3 other people on my plan and our contract renews soon, and I need to know how much it costs per month to run the internet on the phone. It doesn’t list it on the website.

3. More specifically I want it to access the following websites, if someone could check for me if they can I would appreciate it.



Oh and by the way, if at all possible if you do test it could you let me know on what model phone you tested it on? Thanks!

if i were u i would only buy a phone i no for sor about or u could just go find out at the store it is in

Apple Computer Wikipedia travel guide video. Created by Stupeflix.com

Smart Phone Internet Security

Smart Phone Internet security
smart phone internet security
Can’t connect Xbox 360 to Xbox Live?

I’ve tried last night and it wouldn’t work.
I called support but all they told me to do is to Restart my modem, but it’s the kind where its in the wall. A system called On-Q Home. My internet and intercom system runs on that system.
My router, ethernet cable, and modem (pluging the cable directly into the internet/phone-jack-looking-outlet in the wall) work perfectly but xbox still says “network adaptor: disconnected.” Support also says there could be a security block that my xbox can’t go thru.

Can you help?
1. in the systems area of the xbox dashboard > network settings, I tried to manually put in ISP addresses. It’s set to automatic but it reads maybe it’s cuz I’m not hooked to the internet yet
2. What else do you think is the problem? Any of you computer whizes have any suggestions to give to a person who is mildly smart with computers?

Well, you have to have some way to reset your “modem”. Resetting that resolves MANY of these Xbox problems. Call you phone company (or whoever serves your broadband) and ask them if there is any way you can reset the modem via your software on your computer. Also, there might be a reset button in or outside your house (I don’t know since I have never heard of a setup like this). Ask your phone company if you can reset the modem in those two ways. If not, they might be able to reset it through their offices. Anyway, if you get the modem reset, then there is a good chance that the connection will work. Chances are that you will keep the IP settings on “auto”, so don’t touch those settings at this time.

Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010—–free downlod ——

Number Of Smart Phone Users

number of smart phone users

An overview of the best smart phones Apps

The communication is better with the phone and has things changed for the better. It certainly has our life in an improved large-scale and smartphones are an incredible device that many things can do for us within a matter of seconds and before we blink our eyes, would the task be completed. Who will ever complain with that kind of efficiency? The best smart phones allow a user, computer-like Features that has made our lives much easier than before have. How does a cell phone are different from the smart phones? What are the best smartphone apps?

The phones are different from the smart phones, as they are built and what they are capable of in terms of its functions. The best smartphones have two major Names such as the Apple iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry Bold, a large demand on the market. The company is making huge amounts of money and the customers are satisfied with their phones. The best smartphone apps are the touch-screen technology, the deed has been in, things much more convenient for the user. All the top smartphone companies are in their mobile phones.

Designs may vary, but the phones are durable and robust and have various Applications. The best smartphone apps do not make the popular smartphone in the market and the customer are willing to spend much money, buy it, as they are trendy and smooth. The market is growing rapidly and the developers find it difficult to keep pace with the demand and production enough phones for all consumers. It is the consumer market today, as we all know, and people have a variety of choices when it comes to choosing the right smart cell phone does.

About the Author

BlackBerry <a href=”http://worldwide.blackberry.com/blackberrystorm/”>Touch Phone</a> – New BlackBerry Storm 2 <a href=”http://worldwide.blackberry.com/blackberrystorm/”>Touch Phones</a>

Next Generation Ultra~ [ Smart phone User Interface ]

Smart Phone Numbers

smart phone numbers
Problems dialing phone numbers with letters on my Blackberry Pearl?

From what I can tell in Blackberry forums, you should be able to dial phone numbers w/ letters in them (ie 1-800-IDOLS-06) by just inputting the letters (using the ALT key) and the Blackberry will figure it out. Smart phone!

However, I don’t seem to be able to do this on my Pearl. For example, in the above number, I can’t type the “I”. If I push “Alt+3”, which corresponds with the U and I letters, however, it always types the U. If I push the 3 twice (which would work in multitap), I get “U3” displayed. Alt+3 twice gets “UU”.

Any tips on how to type those letters into the phone number? Please note I am not looking for advice on how to look up a regular keypad to find out the corresponding letters manually… I wouldn’t be posting for that.

It is not a speed problem — it does not matter how fast I double-tap, it still kicks out two characters rather than the second letter.

Takes a few tries and very fast thumbs, but it can be done!

Palm Treo 650 PDA Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

New Smart Phone With Projector

new Smart Phone With Projector

The Future Of Smart Mobile Phones

The technology of mobile phones is advancing very fast. These days, everyone is flaunting smart phones like Blackberry, Iphone, Android, etc. Already, phones are much more complex than they were till a few years ago. The Iphone and Blackberry have changed everything. The Iphone has converted the phone into a music player and a lot more with its mind-blowing selection of over hundred thousand applications. Meanwhile the Blackberry has taken email to a new level. The moment, you get an email, it is pushed to your Blackberry device. Google launched its Android mobile operating system and it is fast catching on with mobile manufacturers like Motorola and HTC. It already has a selection of over twenty thousand apps.

What does this competition mean for the end user? Expect more and more innovations to come in. In a few years, maybe your laptop or netbook may no longer be required by you. In fact, phones may acquire a new name altogether. They will become devices from which you could also make phone calls. Fully functional internet is already offered in most phones. Projectors are being added to the hardware so that you can make a presentation from your phone. Touchscreens are getting better by the day. The storage capacity in phones has already reached levels of 32 to 64 GB of data. Already, you can perform most of the tasks which you perform on your computer. For the Internet, with 3G/3GS speeds, the computer may no longer be required. The phone will be enough for browsing and the Internet. Maybe there could be a cable to connect the phone to a monitor so that a bigger screen is available. Similarly printer attachment could also be given via the common interface (like usb).

The multitude of applications available have already shown that mobile devices can be used for a very wide variety of purposes previously unheard of. Maybe smart phones will be called pocket computers in future. Let’s see.

About the Author

The author writes text messages and advises for internet and social networking content like myspace quotes and myspace comments. He also writes quizzes on subjects like personality, etc.

LG Projector and smart phone – Commercial

Smart Phone Or Regular Phone

smart phone or regular phone
Will adding a smart phone cost a lot more?

Currently my parents have five people on our verizon bill. We have unlimited text and talk with regular phones, none of them are smart phones. How much more would it be each month if I upgraded and bought the Motorola Devour? And I’m willing to pay for the extra $30.00 dollars a month for the unlimited data usage. But is it really just $30.00 or is there extra. My parents do not want to deal with it because they had a bad experience with my sister’s old smart phone and said they had to pay almost twice as much with it on the plan.
To hotwheels- will all the phones have to have internet or just the one smartphone?

well from what i know about “smartphones” because i have an Iphone is that for the Iphone its required to have internet, on any other phone you have the option of getting internet or not. i think it goes the same way for the Smartphone for verizon. which would be 30 dollars that you HAVE to pay

edit: in our plan my dad and 2 brothers do not have iphones/smartphones and so they are not required to have the internet, both my mom and i DO have an iphone/smart phone and it is required. but if you do NOT have a smart phone you have the option to choose to have the internet or not. no matter what the plan is, you have your own plan within your family plan. you choose what you want with YOUR phone. (unless you get the smartphone/iphone….

PT3 – NEW… Cell Phone Battery that never needs to be charged! WOW!!!

Compare Smart Phone Prices

compare Smart Phone Prices
Recommended Smart Phones to replace a PDA?

I've got Windows Pocket PC PDA that I have for reading ebooks, and web surfing in wifi zones. His first worn out and I need to replace it, but PDAs seem to go out style and it looks like I will need to get a smartphone instead. Smartphones seem All screens are tiny in comparison to dedicated PDA, pathetic battery life, or cost 400 pounds / $ 550, twice the price of my PDA, which I bought on the way in 2004. Any recommendations?

Now if you are not looking for a phone and you could just get the iPod Touch, although it did not have Microsoft applications, things that you can enter very fast and easy to operate to its correct it by e-mail or keyboard if you want all, and a telephone get the iPhone is it when you need it trust me!

Nokia e51 GSM Smart Phone

Verizon Smart Phone Wifi

verizon Smart Phone Wifi
Does Amazon or retailers honor the verizon anual upgrade price?

Ok i am eligible for the annual upgrade on verizon because of my customer history and i could buy the phone off them for a certain price or just save $20 and buy from verizon. Also what phone seems like a better deal Droid eris or Samsung omnia 2? I have had the blackberry tour and Motorola droid but really did not like them. I want a fast smart phone with wifi that is realy not that bulky and for basic everyday use.

They might honor it, but if you get your phone through them, it has to be serviced through them (warranty, etc.) Verizon will not honor the other company’s warranty, and they wont service your phone. So i’d check out the warranty policy for wherever youre gonna buy it from

Larry Magid: Droid X Available Thurs: Hands-on Review
The Droid X from Motorola and Verizon is right up there with the Apple iPhone 4 and the HTC/Sprint Evo as one of the coolest…

Smart Phone With Projector

smart phone with projector
smart phone with projector

Q8 Projector Phone With TV Dual sim dual standby Java Quad-Band

Now, attention is, this latest mobile projector is finally published. Elegant phone body and flashing keypad to set the incredible feeling that you never experience the hand. What makes it special and unique as a popular cell phone? If this projector module to choose the means you can use a movie theater in your home or other place you want to watch movies, how the module is on and displays content of the external video port. Q8 addition also has TV function, put your hands everyday life more colorful. The Dual-SIM Quad-Band Phone, people will be proud of on this wise choice.

Here Schedule are the details:


href = "http://www.szprice.com/products/Q8-Projector-Phone-with-TV-Dual-Sim-Dual-Standby-Java-Quad-band_2860.html">


  • ° perspective projection
  • • Dual Sim and Dual Standby
  • · Ainc alloy housing
  • ° 2.4-inch touch Screen
  • · Media Player
  • · Java
  • · Metal Keyboard Design
  • · Projection-type lighting design

Display Mode

  • ·-Mode controller and LCD Mode / Phone Projection Display (PPD) Fashion / Fashion projector. Switch button or by software setting mode LD projector module is off. The same as a normal mobile phone. PPD fashion projector module, LCD off, content in the mobile phone displayed by projector module. External audio interface is not available.
  • ·-Mode projector projector module is on and displays content in an external video interface. Content in mobile phones is displayed by LCD. Image / animation

Key Features

  • · Frequency band: GSM/GPRS850/900/1800 / 1900 Quad-Band
  • · GPRS: GPRS 12 B
  • · Design bar phone
  • · Dimensions for reference size 114 × 53 × 16.3
  • · Talk: 2-3 hours
  • · Stand-by time: 200-250 hours
  • · Vedio time under projector mode: More or less than 1 hour (battery)
  • · Battery: 850mAh
  • · Main Display Screen Coating: 240 × 320, 2.2 – 2 .4 "QAGA
  • · Resolution of projector: 800 * 600
  • · Area / distance for the projector as a TV screen from 34 "-64". 1-3m can concentrate be adjusted
  • · External Video Interface: CVBS, VGA interface supports a conversion line, able to connect wih PC
  • · External Audio Interface: left right channel Line-In. External audio input can be played with the phone's audio broadcast system
  • · Touch Screen support Four-resistive
  • · TV: Support-TV (PAL / NTSC / SECAM)
  • · 130mega Pixel Camera
  • · Built-in antenna Quad-band
  • · Speaker More than 0.5W Supersound Speaker
  • · Tones 64 chord, Mp3
  • · Bluetooth Supported
  • · MP3 Support Time (Headset mode, full volume): 10 hours
  • · Supports MPEG4 3GPP/AVI
  • · USB port USB1 .. 1 Full Speed, 12 Mbit / S
  • · WAP 2.0
  • · Hands Free Supported
  • · Voice Recording: Supported (time depends on the free storage)
  • • Other: SMS / MMS

Package content:

  • · Q8 Projector Phone with TV Dual Sim Dual Standby Java Quad-Band
  • • 2 x battery
  • 1 x headphones
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x manual

About the Author

Working for an e-commerce company, which is a china wholesale electronics supplier – szprice.com

Scott Burgess: Avalon gracefully aging baby boomers in their golden years as the Toyota driving the 2011 Toyota Avalon for size and soft.

Smart Phone Recommendations

smart phone recommendations
What kind of cell phone should I get? So many to choose from…..???

Looking for something with good call quality, good camera (at least 2 mp, 4x zoom), possibly an mp3 player…

Looking at KRZR, Samsung SYNC, LG TRAX…

Any ideas or other recommendations… my husband just bought a TILT, but I don’t want a “smart phone”, just something more basic with good quality and battery life and a good camera.


To be honest, it’s not really a good idea to spend too much on a cellphone, as the circuitry is designed to fail in two years. Try to find a phone that is free with your contract and pick the one with the best features out of that list — you’ll be glad in two years time when nothing works on it anymore…..

Phone facts & fancies
When it comes to choosing a cell phone and a carrier, the combination of choices can be confusing.

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