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Mobile Cell Phones

mobile Cell Phones
What format do videos have to be to play on mobile/cell phones?


i tryed mp4 but i didnt work (it could have just been the video)

but is it flv etc??

Try converting the file to the file extension .3gp

Mexico Still Plans to Cut Service to Millions of Cell Phones
Last Saturday at midnight, the deadline passed for Mexican cell phone subscribers to register their phones with the government’s National Registry of Mobile Phone Users, or Renaut. If they did not, the Mexican government promised to soon begin cutting off their cell phone service.

Mobile Cell Phone Reviews

mobile cell phone reviews
mobile cell phone reviews
Hello Kitty Cell Phone?
What make & Model is this phone?

Does anyone have this phone?

Let me know what it’s like.
Also, any reviews on this phone?

It’s $190 roughly.
I just want to read reviews first, as I know these character phones tend to be rubbish.
Is it a reliable brand?
Lol. Thanks Brokenth.
I’m not Chinese either, but if it’s in Mandarin I speak it.

Why would you get your son a pink cellphone?

its either the;

Hello kitty V9 touch screen slim cell phone
KT80 Hello kitty cell phone

but i’m not too sure.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup Search: Discover The Name And Home Address Of Anyone Dialling No Matter What Number They …
Finding the information of the owner of a telephone number can seem like a time consuming process for some.

T Mobile Smart Phone Deals

t mobile Smart Phone Deals
what mobile phone should i use bluetooth or gprs?

virgin have a package of broadband, t.v., land line phone plus a mobile phone, i am not that smart when it comes to mobiles and don’t use it that often, they have a choice of phones one using bluetooth and the other using gprs what’s the difference between the two and which one would suit me most, i do use the computer a great deal of the time

Sal*UK is wrong in telling “GPRS is basically a sat nav system.” I think she misread.. Actually GPS is a sat nav system.

GPRS (General packet radio service) is a packet oriented mobile data service available to users of the 2G cellular communication systems
Learn more about it here

Bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances
Learn more about it here

As a user if u have bluetooth you can transfer data like photos e.t.c with your friends who have a bluetooth phone. Also if your phone has bluetooth profile 2.0 (dont know whether your phone has this feature) you can use a bluetooth remote headset to hear songs .
On the other hand GPRS is used to retrieve data through your mobile phone. Normal phones with GPRS are often described as 2.5G. They can be used as a modem to connect to internet, but at a cost which your provider determines.

Both of them are entirely different technologies. It is upto you to choose between the two based on your needs. Thanks.

HTC S620 T-Mobile Dash LCD Screen Replacement Instructions Open

Smart Phone Features Comparison

Smart Phone Features comparison
smart phone features comparison


Smart Phone Reviews Sprint

Smart Phone Reviews sprint
smart phone reviews sprint
Can you look back on the Sprint Touch by HTC?

I'm thinking of exchanging my Touch Motorola Q for the HTC. The Q is a smartphone. I think the Touch is a BlackBerry, I am I right? Even a couple of people told me that the battery in the Touch Q takes more time than is that true? * Thanks to the people who answer *:) … Who does not know anything about the Touch phone? His Sprint version of Apple's iPhone.

I have had my Touch, since it first came out (first full week of Nov) and I love them the most. I have a battery problem that I need to get sorted out, but it's really a cool phone. The touch screen can always find something, because everyone is used on buttons. The Internet and e-mail is quick and easy (I used to be, to have T-Mobile). The camera Photos are still great (but you really need yet). Texting is easy through contacts. Also you have the Google Map, download application, it is sweet on the big screen. TouchFlo is what makes this phone above all others, however.

Smart Phone Ratings Verizon

Smart Phone Ratings verizon

Smart Phone Roaming May Cost You Big

Smart Phone Roaming May Cost You Big

June 18, 2010

By Kim Huff

Unlimited data plans are coming to an end worldwide.  AT&T got the ball rolling and O2 in the United Kingdom quickly followed.  Verizon is looking to restructure their data plans as well and many other networks in the global market never offered it in the first place.  As data intense devices continue to hit the market with all of their really cool capabilities and applications, we can certainly anticipate the other networks to follow in this trend.

We all know data usage has increased dramatically with the introduction of smart phones and great gadgets like the iPad.  One can download music and videos, take advantage of GPS technology, participate in live webinars, Skype and send and receive digital high resolution pictures directly to your phone.  These are intensive data users. 

The iPhone in particular has proven to be a real ‘data hog’.  iPhone users love their phones because of the full html email, enhanced internet features, streaming videos, quick music downloads and all those wonderful applications.  And the more applications you load, the more data gets used with constant refreshing and updates. 

International roaming with smart phones, especially the iPhone, is generating some huge bills for many users who fail to “bundle up” with their carrier before leaving the country. Many times, the bundle isn’t enough.  One 5 megapixel picture sent or received via MMS or email can use 2-3MB of data.  At international roaming rates without a bundle, that can cost as much as $40.  Even a 3-4 minute video from YouTube or an iTunes song download can chew down on 5MB of data.  At the last AT&T rate I saw of $0.0195 per KB that is going to be expensive.  With 1024KBs in a single MB, that’s 5,120KBs.  That song may have had a price tag of only $0.99, but it cost $99.84 to download on international roaming.  Companies like Cellhire USA, LLC can help by renting international network solutions directly to the end user.

As the 4G network expands the smart phones will speed up.  Apps continue to become bigger and better, so it stands to reason that data usage will increase astronomically.  Networks are not only seeing dollar signs by implementing these tiers but are working to ensure they do not exceed their capacity to deliver.  Unlimited data plans may soon be a thing of the past in the US and abroad.  As consumers, we need to educate ourselves on how data works and what tools and devices use more data than others.  We cannot continue to take the data used by these gadgets for granted.   

About the Author

Director of Organization Development at Cellhire USA, LLC.  

Proven leadership encouraging others while staying focused on achieving results in line with the organization’s strategic direction, values and vision. Works to contribute to the company’s success by doing the right thing for the customer, the right thing for the employee, the right thing for the company with a ROI.

Cellhire, established in 1987 and headquartered in York, UK, offers a broad range of world-class rental services including international Cell Phones, BlackBerry devices, 3G data cards, and a host of satellite options. Strategic partnerships with global networks such as O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile allow Cellhire to provide their customers with the best solutions on the highest quality networks in over 180 countries worldwide.

Google To Compete Directly with Facebook & Twitter: MediaByt

Smart Phone Tracfone

smart phone tracfone
K people, I need answers…….?

I am thinking about buying a Tracphone (the Nokia 6030) and I read about it and it said that “#1.00 per day, ONLY on days you use your phone”…..What the heck does that mean?! I thought it was a tracfone! I didn’t know you had to pay a dollar every day you use it! Can sombody smart explain what all this means? Thanx! I will give you 10 points to the first person that tells me evrything they know about this phone.
Ok, for you people that are wondering where I read this: I went to


Compare Smart Phone Prices

compare Smart Phone Prices
Recommended Smart Phones to replace a PDA?

I've got Windows Pocket PC PDA that I have for reading ebooks, and web surfing in wifi zones. His first worn out and I need to replace it, but PDAs seem to go out style and it looks like I will need to get a smartphone instead. Smartphones seem All screens are tiny in comparison to dedicated PDA, pathetic battery life, or cost 400 pounds / $ 550, twice the price of my PDA, which I bought on the way in 2004. Any recommendations?

Now if you are not looking for a phone and you could just get the iPod Touch, although it did not have Microsoft applications, things that you can enter very fast and easy to operate to its correct it by e-mail or keyboard if you want all, and a telephone get the iPhone is it when you need it trust me!

Nokia e51 GSM Smart Phone

Smart Phone Rankings 2009

smart phone rankings 2009

HTC fastest in July to enter the mainland or to the operation of dual-branded smart phone magnates in China

HTC fastest in July to enter the mainland or to the operation of dual-branded smart phone magnates in China

May 24 news sources revealed to ZDNet, “If all goes well, the earliest on July 16, Acer Aspire 3000 Battery HTC (HTC) will formally enter the mainland market to take over the Dopod and channels in the domestic market, taking over after the HTC and is likely to double brand Dopod operation, HTC more into the retail channel, Dopod operator specializing in custom. “

This means that HTC will be formally Huijun mainland market, the domestic smart phone market, with Nokia and Motorola are the direct exchange of fire.

Headquartered in China Taiwan’s HTC is the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of smart phones, the main production using Microsoft Window Mobile and Google Android smart phone system. IDC report released in February this year showed that the year 2009, HTC to 8.1 million of sales-leading Motorola and Samsung, followed by Nokia, RIM and Apple in the global smartphone vendor in the fourth.

HTC smart phone is only in recent years, production of the global brand awareness is also rising.

U.S. wireless communications and professional media Fierce Wireless announced in November last year, the nation’s most influential list of 25 mobile communications leader, first appearance of HTC CEO Peter Chou on the sixth, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was ranked second.

Join forces with Google to create the Nexus One once attracted the attention of fans around the world cell phone craze. In February of this year, HTC launched last year, Hero also won the GSM Association of mobile phone awarded “Best Mobile Awards 2009.”

Although the gains in overseas markets quite frequently, but HTC partners in Compaq Presario R3000 Battery the domestic market performance Dopod did not achieve the same breakthrough. Dopod mobile phone unit is also easily make four or five thousand dollars, the average consumer more like HTC turned to cheaper parallel imports market.

Early May, the network rumored HTC Chinese companies have completed registration, Dopod Dopod brand has been suspended inside the market promotion, started to enter the mainland to make way for the HTC.

Blau, then the HTC and Dopod confirmation, both sides said they would not respond to any rumors. HTC and Dopod common, said: “Whether the marketing strategy and product innovation, the Dopod and HTC has always been a close strategic partnership. HTC’s innovative R & D to provide good products of their ability, in technology, product research and development together to help Dopod consumers in line with China’s smart phone market trend products, and again to deepen bilateral cooperation. “

Denied the rumors behind, and shows that HTC is still fixed on the domestic growth of 3G smart phone market.

ISupply market research agency in February this year, figures released show that China’s 3G mobile phone sales in 2009 only 7.2 million, but shot high in the three major cell phone carriers subsidize the policy stimulus, by 2010 China 3G mobile phone market is expected to increase over last year five times, surged to 42.97 million. Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Industry and the Ministry in April 8, also said in 2011, the domestic 3G network will cover all the country above the prefectural level cities and most counties, towns, major highways and scenic areas, etc., 3G subscribers will reach 150 million.

However, the current market the majority of sales are still non-3G mobile smart phones. Motorola Co-CEO and mobile devices division CEO Sanjay @ Jia (Sanjay Jha) Jan. 10 interview in Beijing, says that mobile phone shipments in the domestic market only about 15% of smart phones, and in the United States, the proportion of 40-50%.

“Indeed, the domestic market last year, mobile phone sales exceed 200 million, among which the majority are non-smart phones. Operators also hope that through the promotion of ‘thousand 3G phone’ to pull the entire market, this being the proportion of non-smart phones not small. However, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang provinces and cities of these economic development, 3G Smart Phone Sales are not low, accounting for 25% of all mobile phone sales. “Dopod COO Xu Weide said on ZDNet.

“China smart phone market is still growing rapidly, and third party data showed the domestic 3G smartphone in 2010 the market size will more than 6 million. In addition to the models already on sale to the end of the year, Dopod will launch another four in the country TD models smart phones and dual-mode smart phones a CDMA2000. “

Recently, Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) DLP ® Products Division at the Optical Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery and Electrical Engineering from the U.S. International Association (SPIE) Optical host of the American West Exhibition (Photonics West) announced the launch of DLP ® LightCommander ™. As a development kit, DLP LightCommander to provide users with a high ease of use versatile tool for the DLP technology into light processing applications. The new DLP ® development kit to meet the desire of many experiments using DLP technology, the needs of developers, and DLP LightCommander features include an optical engine, which is in line with industry standard interfaces and application software. The versatility of its modular architecture will help speed up the need for high-speed spatial light modulator, optical, electrical and system software.

DLP LightCommander to users quickly out of the box experience. In addition, it allows users up and running within minutes of its prototype product, the original of this process takes several hours.

Texas Instruments DLP ® Business Director Asia, Mr Wong said: “DLP LightCommander introduction is necessary for developers to improve tools has taken a crucial step. It can shorten the development application of DLP technology research and development staff time required, so that they can be involved in a wide range of non-traditional markets and bring innovative optical processing applications. Currently, developers are most concerned about is the tool for ease of use and flexibility. This package integration of these two features which enable those who wish to quickly enable The development of product development and those who wish to more easily control the digital micromirror device (DMD) research and development personnel from access to accurate, high-speed spatial light modulator. “

DLP LightCommander by the LOGIC designs, manufactures and provides technical support. In addition, DLP partners in the design also uses DLP LightCommander ViALUX platform foundation for 3D scanning applications, this proves DLP in non-contact 3D measurement with amazing value. VISITECH designed DLP LightCommander used in the multi-optical modules.

With the switching speed, gradation and processing visual, UV and NIR light advantages, DLP technology makes optical three-dimensional measurement solutions much faster than traditional contact measurement system, and also offers a higher measurement accuracy sex. DLP LightCommander enables developers to quickly and easy to use platform to apply these advantages.

Geomagic CEO Ping Fu said: “2010 is the mainstream 3D display technology a year. Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery DLP LightCommander the emergence of the market excited, it promoted industrial, consumer and medical markets in the individual product and service design and manufacturing, improved homeland security and food safety rapid detection and to enrich the art and history to create and protect. “

It is understood, Galaxy S will work with Nokia and Motorola smart phones and Apple’s iPhone competition. JK Shin in charge of Samsung said the product will be available worldwide later this year.

Said JK Shin, Galaxy S will use a high-end, called Super AMOLED display technology, which can increase the brightness of 20%, reflecting the sunlight in the outdoors can reduce 80%. Samsung said, because with this technology, making Galaxy S is ideal for watching video.

He also said that Samsung will work with some of the top media companies to provide users with a complete duration of the film, television programs and books, the content can get through the download form. Its partners include Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, as well as electronic publishing service provider Skiff, whose partners include “The New York Times” and “Esquire” and many other media.

About the Author

Nokia N97 – Das Super-Smartphone | CHIP Online (

Smart Phone Buying Guide

smart phone buying guide
ok, so I just bought a blackberry pearl and to me, the user guide sucks! i need help!?

I have had several Cell Phones before this one. all were fairly self-explanatory. I don’t need to do any emailing from it, just calls, text, and other stuff. when i transferred my contacts over, it switched a bunch of the names around in the phone book. the user guide is terrible for this thing. i need shortcuts to things like text messages and my phone book. when the user guide tells you how to do something, it assumes you’re already in the application, when I may not even know how to get into it. i know it’s a “smart phone” but i never thought it’d be smarter than me. 🙂
i know that i didn’t need it now, but i will soon. that’s why i got one. that doesn’t excuse the crappy user guide. it leaves out explanations of simple things.

yes the user guide sucks…i didnt even have it for the first week i had the phone and founf everything online or on the phone….
1. why do u need a blackberry if you dont NEED a blackberry?
2. the contacts cant be sorted by first name, last name or company. in address book, hit menu, options, sort by. that might be why u are seeing them differently.
3. depending on the theme you have set, you can organize your applications. options>theme and options> organize apps. also options screen/keyboard to set left/right convenience keys to whatever you want.
4. menu>help help too!

hope this helps

Smartphone Buyer’s Guide