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Knit Cell Phone Case Pattern

knit Cell Phone Case Pattern

The Art of Knitting

Knitting is a creative work of art. It is a method of interlocking a series of loops of yarn or thread to construct a fabric. Beautiful patterns can be used for knitting fashionable and beautiful clothings, in various colors and styles.

Knitting is certainly fun, if you try your hand at it.

The origin of knitting activity can be traced back to the 4th or 5th century BC. From the court of King Henry VII to Charles I, knitted patterns were quite popular. Royal knitters spinned the rare knitting patterns for the kings, and the Queens to be worn on the special occasions. From the courts of king, knitted clothes reached the common people soon. In fact knitting has largely been the occupation of the shepherds in the past.

Traditionally, knitting has been done by hand, but it can also be done with the help of modern machines now. In fact hand knitting is a popular pass time activity in many parts of the world. Especially girls in Asian and African countries cherish this art from their childhood to create beautiful clothes such as sweaters, socks, hats and scarves. They also put their hand to creating pretty household items as well.

You can learn the art with the help of free knitting patterns available online as well as in many knitting stores. Materials like plastic strips, ribbon, rope and wire can also be knitted, to create jewelry, bags, art works, bowls and other household items. The range of knitted patterns is never ending. After all, it is all about the knitter’s creativity.

If you are looking for really interesting free knitting patterns, the internet is the right place. There are numerous free knitting patterns available in the market as well. For making a search on global patterns you must go online. There are several web-sites offering free knitting patterns. Various artistic designs and quality tips on free knitting patterns are also available there. A few easy knitting patterns and instructions from the net would prove to be beneficial for you.

You can find free knitting patterns for adults, children as well as toddlers. A wide range of clothing, accessories and household items can be made out of knitting art.

There are hundreds of free knitting patterns for adult clothing patterns such as adult sweaters and socks available on the net. Free knitting patterns for interesting motifs are also quite popular among the young girls for beautifying their most basic clothings such as Tees and skirts.

Knitting for babies is done on a wide scale, world wide. Free baby knitting patterns provide ideas and instructions to create really cute patterns. Free patterns can be viewed on baby pullovers, socks, and slippers on the net.

Various free knitting patterns are available for making pretty ponchos. Ponchos have made a comeback this season and knitted ponchos are widely preferred by modern women now. A few popular patterns include mesh-work pattern and open work patterns.

Double rib child’s hat, paneled pigtail hat, skater boy hat and ear flap hat are among the popular categories of knitted hats.

Knitted purses and bags are also in vogue. Club bags, pouch bags, Cell Phone Cases and evening bags are on offer as knitted purses and bags. If one wants to knit a beautiful bag with clear knitting instructions, free knitting websites are the right place to find inspiration.

Scarves are a great place to start if you are new to knitting as a hobby. Free knitting patterns on scarves are available as ribbed scarf, checks and eyelets scarf, hooded scarf, reversible scarf and much more. Knitting a scarf is generally easier than knitting sweaters, socks or ponchos and a good place to start for a beginner knitter.

Free knitting patterns can also be used for making hot pads, dishcloths, kitchen towels and face cloths.

The range is never-ending. You just need to carry out an extensive search for interesting free knitting patterns that take your fancy. Knitted clothes and materials definitely add a classy style statement to your wardrobe.

About the Author

Find tips about flame angelfish, florida caterpillars and other information at the Interesting Animals website.

Cell Phone Case Knitting Pattern

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cell phone case knitting pattern
cell phone case knitting pattern

How to choose your handbags fit most

One of my sisters is a fan handbag, handbags, how they see and then buy them down, and always with a suitable bags available no matter in any case – is back to work when a very professional of his knapsack, Outdoor Sports Messenger always a time when a canvas bag; Cart is time to use a small handbags package, time traveling. See more local style bag embroidered with various patterns, and a national of the Chinese Wind Clothing is definitely a perfect … … a beautiful dress, posture and large people can wear more of color, while the case is different.

You always choose the right handbag with the right clothing matched to the line, and she bought determining appropriate occasion. Clothing and bags: fabric and color coordination

If you are also a fashion-conscious girls wear dresses in color, then select favorite color-coordinated pocket. If you wore a plain dress, then with some of the fancy colored packages. If the T-shirts, sports boyish clothes, for example, the selected nylon, plastic, thick canvas category of "hard bag" when the Wearing knit shirts, shirts and other clothing girlish, then the bud with a series of silk, linen or soft cotton and other "soft packs" of. Of course, the transformation of the fabric, texture package also requires a corresponding change.

1.Your faces with the handbag

Do you have clear facial features, the Her prominent cheekbones and other facial emphasize taste a bit like a boy, then the best place is for you, striped gas pockets are male, and a girl with gentle eyes, nose, round face, she had better choose a glass beads, sequins, cute bag.

2.Height complement the handbag: the length of the phase

If a girl want a bag placed in the armpit, then we need to draw attention to the package thickness of the pocket to pay .. Breast gross thin should choose waist girls slender rectangular bags and girls with flat chest, looks like guys choose to, triangular thick bags. If you have large Handbags should prefer, you better keep up. Girls more than 165cm height can select handbags full length about 60cm, which end up in a magazine can not load package, and to choose below 157cm height, a better option for these girls handbags total length of about 50cm, in a magazine sideways loaded package.

3.Function and bag: beautiful and comfortable

I choose the handbags, not only the look but to see the other features. Some have pockets outside cell phone pocket, pen pockets at the same time, which is much more convenient. Some bags have smaller coins, keys, etc, which the bags exceptionally easy to use is installed.

In all these cases, you should think twice before we Handbags buy fashion and luxury, so attractive to us. Then we can use them to make us more fashion and beautiful in the right way

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Felted Cell Phone Case Pattern

felted Cell Phone Case Pattern

Racial Profiling Cases on Center Stage After High-Profile Arrest

Regardless of what side you come down on regarding the recent incident involving the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, it is one of those racial profiling cases that has propelled the issue back into the minds of average Americans. Gates, a prominent Harvard professor, was arrested in his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts and charged with disorderly conduct after a neighbor called the police and reported that two men were trying to break into Gates’ home. Professor Gates and his driver were actually trying to open a door, which was stuck.

Racial profiling cases involve the use of race or ethnicity characteristics to decide whether an individual is likely to engage in criminal conduct or commit a certain illegal act. In the United States, it is estimated that as many as 32 million people have been victimized by acts of racial profiling. The American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) and The Rights Working Group released a report, in June 2009, entitled, “The Persistence of Racial and Ethnic Profiling in the United States”.

The report reveals that factual data and personal accounts point to minorities, especially Latinos, Native Americans, and African Americans as more likely to be followed, stopped, or searched at a disproportionate rate compared to the rest of the population. In every area of their lives, whether worshiping, playing, traveling or shopping, minorities are unfairly subjected to racial profiling based on subjective elements of their racial or ethnic make-up, rather than any proof of illegal activity.

Following are the experiences and thoughts of three African American men regarding racial profiling cases:

Anthony is an undergraduate at one of America’s premier private universities. He’s walking through the corridors of the school’s business management building, when a middle-aged White woman, who was probably a school administrator, asked, “Can I help you with something?” Anthony immediately detected that unmistakable tone of “What is this Black guy doing here” in her voice. He responded, “I’m fine.” The lady walked away in such a way that told him she was going to get the “authorities.” Another woman approached Anthony; she asks “Are you here for the interview?”

“No,” Anthony replied, and she moved on. The next person who approached him was a male. He questioned Anthony for what seemed like five minutes about his reason for being in the building. It occurred to Anthony that his experience would fit the pattern of any number of racial profiling cases reported by other minority students. “Do you stop everyone in the building and interrogate them?” he asked. He explained to the person that he was a student. However, it did not occur to any of them to ask Anthony, a Black male dressed in bagging clothing, to show them his student identification card.

It seems everyone Anthony encountered automatically assumed that he could not possibly be a student at this prestigious school. Anthony said that he was “humiliated” by their assumption that based on his appearance he did not belong in the building. Moments after he exited the building, he was stopped by a campus police, who immediately called on his radio for back-up. By the time the second squad arrived, he was already being questioned by the first police officer.

Anthony gave the officer his school ID card and a call was made to verify the card. He then told the police he felt he was “being profiled,” the officer apologized, and explained that he was just doing his job as he handed the ID card back to Anthony. To Anthony, racial profiling cases are alive and well.

James is a thirty-four-year-old who recently received his Ph.D. in business management. He is as well-versed in “underground literature” as he is in his chosen field of business expertise. “Racial profiling is as prevalent as it’s ever been,” and most racial profiling cases never get reported. It is so ingrained into the fabric of the system that it may seem normal to the victim. James recalls his last encounter with the police.

He was talking on his cell phone to a friend as he was trying to get directions as he drove to the Black Expo in Indianapolis in July 2008. The unmistakable roar of police sirens caused him to look up into his rear view mirror in time to see flashing red and blue lights as the police car pulled up behind him. James pulled his 2004 Toyota 4-Runner over to the side of the road. The police officer approached his door and officer asked James for his license, registration and proof of insurance. He told James he was being stopped for “cell phone use while driving.”

James handed him the documents; the officer went back to his vehicle and waited in his squadron. He’s probably running my name and tags through the system to check for warrants, James surmised. The police officer returned to the SUV and handed him his license and other documents. He then gave James the ticket and explained that the fine could be paid by mail. James went on his way thinking how professional, polite, but firm the police officer had been.

Usually, James is very suspicious of the justice system and can recount the top racial profiling cases from memory. However, having a couple of friends who are police officers helps him to fully appreciate and respect the authority of police who are honestly trying to serve and protect the community. He has no problem paying the fine for his traffic violation. Although he believes that the president was “baited” into making personal comments on the Gates case, James admits that the truth regarding some racial profiling cases may sometimes be closer to a “clash of egos” than actual racial profiling.

Ron is a retiree who grew up in the South, but he has lived in a large Midwestern city for most of his adult life. He is planning on riding his motorcycle on a leisurely trip to Atlanta in the near future. Ron says, racial profiling is less obvious, “especially since public awareness has been heightened to the issue. He recalls a few years ago when somewhat blatant displays of racial profiling cases were taking place in a small suburb outside of Chicago.

On a fairly regular basis, the local police would set up “seat belt enforcement zones” along the route where many African Americans, coming from the city to go to the local skating rink, exit from the expressway. When people complained to city officials, and threatened to sue, the road checks were stopped. Ron feels that attitudes change, just “not fast enough.” He states that people, minorities and Whites have to be diligent in addressing racial profiling cases. Ron went on to say that even though the case may end up not fitting the mode of racial profiling cases, “Professor Gates may have ended up in handcuffs and jail because he was Black.”

Racial profiling cases are actually on the upswing, particularly since September 11, 2001. Although most racial profiling cases are associated with public streets or highways, it can occur in any type of setting.

To maneuver your way through issues of racial profiling, it is important to remember to remain calm and polite, even if you feel you have been stopped unjustly, and:

1) You should know what your rights are. For example, you do not have to give the police permission to search your vehicle. Remember remain calm and always be polite.

2) Never argue or make any sudden movements. Some police may try to threaten or intimidate you and initiate an argument. You can control the tone of the situation.

3) If you are stopped, you are allowed to record the badge number, squad number and license number. Also, write down details of the incident, like date, time, location, and other related information.

4) If you feel you have been unfairly targeted, file a complaint or contact a civil rights organization to get some advice.

About the Author

John B. Landers is a writer for
; Regal Black Mens Magazine
For more information on this subject visit our
; Community Section
To read about
; racial profiling cases

Universal Smart Phone Cases

universal Smart Phone Cases

LG Cookie: Universally Designed Multi functionality Mobile Phone Series

The world popular brand of LG always comes up with high quality gadgets to provide best possible services to the users. Each and every mobile phone from the house is provided with useful features. Not only this, the company, at times, comes up with the series of handsets which are differ in one thing or the other. Similarly, the series of LG Cookie offer three gadgets with similar features except colours. The first one, LG KP500 Cookie is available in the wide range of colours which includes black, vandyke brown, anodizing silver, elegant gold, delicious white and pink. The second handset of the series, LG KP501 Cookie comes in anodizing Silver, capri green, pink and black coloured casings. And the third device, called LG KP502 Cookie is available in two colours, black and purple. All these smart phones are extremely user friendly and provide various useful features.

The gadgets are supported with a good quality cameras of 3.2 mega pixels which capture still as well as the moving clips having the resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Moreover, the built-in video player plays back the video clips in MP4 format. The brilliant mobile phones come loaded with four embedded games along with the Java and the downloadable games. For more entertainment, these handsets are provided with music players which allow the music files to run in a number of formats like MP3, WMA and AAC formats. These fabulous gadgets support MP3 and downloadable polyphonic ringtones.

The FM radio comes with the added feature of RDS, which allows the users to go through the music information provided by the music stations while listening to the favourite track. The efficient products of LG Cookie series are equipped with the useful feature of document viewer which enables the users to look all the important Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files. The smart phones provide excellent messaging service which includes features of SMS, EMS, MMS, E-mail and predictive text input. The presence of Bluetooth technology allows the users to share data and files with the other compatible devices. These devices are not only rich in excellent features but are supported with large 3 inches TFT touch screens which are capable of displaying 256k colours. These handsets weigh 89 grams and measures 106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9 mm. Moreover, the gadgets support wallpapers and screensavers. These amazing products are flooded with many other user friendly features. The large phonebook stores 1000 entries. On top of it, the devices support handwriting recognition feature. The built-in WAP, XHTML and HTML supported web browser assures easy Internet access at any point of time. Moreover, EDGE and GPRS technologies allow fast rate of data transfers.

The mobile phones of the advanced series of LG Cookie come with the internal memory of 48 MB. In addition to that, the micrSD memory card slot allows the users to expand the storage capacities further up to 16 GB. The fitted rechargeable battery of these devices delivers 3.5 hours talk time and 350 hours of standby time (when the product is not in use). The quad band network technology assists the users with the worldwide roaming, which entirely depends on the user’s chosen network service provider. The handsets support GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900 network bands. So, the mobile phones are truly capable and equally durable. And, the wide range of colours attract the users instantly.

About the Author

Raina Kelsey is a telecommunication industry author and technical writer. For More Information On Latest LG Mobile Phones and Mobile Phones From Other Manufacturers in UK, Visit Our Online Shopping And Comparison Portal Directphoneshop.co.uk

Obama Administration’s National Security Strategy
SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to come here to Brookings to talk about the National Security Strategy. I appreciate Strobe‚Äôs very kind words about this strategy, because certainly, an enormous amount of attention …

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