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Smart Phone Gps Golf

Smart Phone Gps golf
is there a way to get a golf gps on my non-smart phone?

I have a samsung solstice and i really want to get a golf g.p.s/range finder on my phone help me please!!!!

Sorry, it can’t be done with that phone. You are better off buying a dedicated golf GPS unit, like Sonnocaddie or GolfLogix

GreenFinderGPS – The Smartphone GPS rangefinder

Smart Phone Golf Gps

smart phone golf gps
Question about Golf Logix GPS?

I am thinking about getting a GPS Golf Logix Garmin. The stand-alone model, not the Smartphone version. Who has experience with Really? Good bad or ugly, I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks for your help.

It is really good reviews overall. My dad has it and loves her, but on a course he plays a lot, it is not very accurate. He worked with Garmin on the phone and even tries again "the course for him, but there are as many trees there, it may simply be impossible. If there are others who are using the GolfLogix your favorite courses, then you can probably be assured that it comes to you be a good information. There is not one of fancy GPS devices that show images of the hole, but the front, middle and back are a few dangers and all that most people really need.

GolfLogix Smartphone GPS Membership & Ultimate Accessory Kit

Smart Phone Questions

smart phone questions
Question about switching from my Voyager to the LG ally (aka a smart phone)?

so right now i’m on the 59.99 plan with unlimited texting. I’ve never had a smart phone before so will i have to change my plan or will i have to add things on to my old plan? i heard that unlimited data was 20 and calling was 30? so would i just have to pay 50 a month?

Hi.You will need to actually add a data plan. The data plan is only $30 per month.

The Disappearance of Debbie Hawk
The three young Hawk children arrived home one evening to find their mother was missing. Today, questions still remain in her disappearance, as her children struggle to move on.

Smart Phone Locator

smart phone locator

Smart Plague For Smart Phones

As technology advances, so as the dangers that goes with it. Like the smart phone that is gaining its popularity, so as the so-called plague besetting it. I am talking about the Smart phone virus which neither a hype nor a havoc according to the anti virus companies.

Many questions come to our mind when we hear about smart phone virus. First of all, what are Smart Phone Viruses and their characteristics? How does it infect a smart phone and what damage does it cause the user? How do we cure an infected phone from such virus or is there really a so-called cure for the infection? By initially defining the smart phone and its functionalities, we can all be enlightened about the virus.

What is a Smart Phone?

A smart phone is an evolution from an ordinary mobile phone that only used to just make and receive calls to its current status of possessing several advanced functions. Aside from sending SMS or short messaging service, a smart phone can now send MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS is much more interactive with full of heavy graphics, clear videos, cool music, and high quality pictures as attachments. A smart phone can now send and receive pictures, videos, and mp3 music through its Bluetooth wireless network function. It can also send and receive emails from an existing email account to any location with its own internet browser. With these capabilities, this feature is now comparable to laptops and notebooks. Moreover, it can now access office servers enabling the user to work from virtually any place with its own operating system coupled by the wireless fidelity function of each handset.

What is a Smart Phone Virus?

A smart phone virus is software developed by programmers. It infects mobile phones, camouflaging itself as a legitimate application file from the carrier to the unsuspecting users. The virus systematically infiltrates the phone’s memory after installing the bogus application. It then goes to the contact list thereby making the still unknowing user to becoming the carrier when sending text messages or sending files through Bluetooth and through opening and forwarding unauthorized emails. While this is happening, the virus will slowly but surely destroy the system making the phone to be not functioning in the long run. Consequently, this have the user spend a lot for repairs.

How the Virus Spreads?

Viruses spread through mobile phones in several ways. One is through Bluetooth wireless network wherein an uninfected phone receives the virus by means of file sharing. The virus is hidden or imbedded in the shared file like videos, pictures, and mp3 as an application in disguise. It will then immediately prompt an installation dialog which the user will unknowingly manipulate before he or she realizes that it’s the virus that’s installed. The virus now starts to infect the system which will subsequently damage the handset if not addressed immediately.

Another way how smart phone viruses spread is through text messages and MMS, wherein the virus will imbed itself in a reply message from the infected phone to the message from another who is not yet infected. The virus can automatically attached itself when sending messages after it locates the next phone to be infected. It can also spread through the wireless fidelity feature of the mobile phones. This happens by checking unauthorized emails and by going to websites that contain such viruses.


There are available solutions to avoid smart phones being infected. The first step is to always be alert about unsolicited messages from unknown senders. These messages have the probability of containing such virus that will contaminate the smart phone. It helps to set the Bluetooth to undiscovered mode, or yet turn it off if not in use. This prevent virus being sent to you through that avenue. Another is to buy a mobile phone with anti-virus software installed to it. This will prevent infestation of virus and at the same time make you more secure. If in case your phone has been already infected, be sure to have it reformatted by an authorized technician. Following these steps will insure of the smooth running of your smart phone.

About the Author

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Tools and Resources from Earth911.com
With summer upon us, there is no better time than now to reduce your energy use with these innovative green gadgets. Whether using innovative technology or harnessing the power of the sun, these gadgets all have the potential to reduce your footprint and save you some serious cash.

Smart Phone Finder

smart phone finder
smart phone finder

New phones 2009: Mobile phones with high-end features

The handsets have the useful equipment for the people. But the New Mobile phones of 2009 have properties changed the way of life of the people as it has many high end.

This is the 21 Century and this century mobile phones have the important and effective devices for people in their daily lives. These are like the multi-task machines to be noted as it consists of several tasks to fulfill. In the current era of 3G technology each and every one wants to experience new things with innovative ideas and thoughts. In the fast moving world people as to their daily Work carried out very quickly and easily. That is the reason why these electronic devices are now so important in this scenario. have in the recent period, Cell Phones essential human needs. Previously these devices were used only as a means of communication with each other all over the world. But today, these devices to consider implementing a multi-devices. There are several brands on the mobile production market of communication that compete with each other. The production of brands such as Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG etc., can be taken as examples. All these top leading brands have launched many mobile phones with sophisticated functions and stylish looks.

Some of the new phones in 2009, are as examples Apple iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Curve (Javelin can be taken) 8900, BlackBerry Storm 9500, Hero HTC, LG Viewty 2 GC900 Smart and many more handsets. The iPhone 3G is a 3G smartphone, which is beautifully designed by Apple. The handset has a touch screen and High-speed technologies and features. The gadget supports the iPhone operating system version 3.0 with a beautiful icon user interface. The Gizmo supports 32 gigabytes of flash memory when an individual can save a lot of data and files such as audio tracks, videos, photos, files, and many other things.

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a new mobile phone 2009th The device is looks like with many sophisticated features and beautiful. The user can transmit data at a rate of high-speed transmission is the other compatible Devices such as mobile phones, PCs, by connecting these through various connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB, etc. It supports GPS navigation to find out what the unknown directions and geographical area locations on the road allows. This acts as a finder in one trip. The gadget microphone installed in the individual to a sound and Voice that can be stored on the phone memory can hold. The unit has a well-equipped battery which, when fully charged allows to enjoy a 5.5 Hours of talk time and 360 hours standby time.

Another new phone HTC 2009 is the Hero, which comes with a stylish 3G touchscreen. The 3.2-inch TFT-LCD touch screen shows 65,000 colors. The handset supports an Android operating system, which may allow the user to operate the system very easily. The Wi-Fi and 3G HSDPA technology allows the user to transfer data in a high-speed velocity via Bluetooth and USB port. The quad-band GSM network technology such as GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900 / HSDPA 900 & 2100 to help keep the user connected to the network in manual and in roaming and International countries. The music player plays music in the various Formats such as MP3, MIDI, AAC, AMR, and Windows Media 9, etc. You can enjoy a lot using this phone. These phones are equipped with many features, the latest technology is very helpful for the people of this have come 3G technology era. Hope that this mobile phone manufacturer would be many others with great features and stunning looks to start.

About the Author

Raina Kelsey is expert author of telecommunication industry. To know about more New Mobile Phones like Nokia 5530 Xpress Music and Mobile Phones, Visit us at Directphoneshop.co.uk

Lost your parked car? Poway Hat Company Product Finder Find Technologies, Poway-based startup says one, she has forgotten, a new solution for the frequent problem of people parking their cars where they are.

Smart Phone User Demographics

smart phone user demographics

Developed XpressMusic, the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition

Goto Media Cards

That is pretty much where the puzzle; Is there really more people use the mobile devices such as Media Player or using more GPS Device driver? The answer is quite simple to play, after all, the demographic for people who can drive is not as many as people hear the music. Given that after a certain age requirements, licensing, and a car has all the part are what limits the scope of the market for such a device. So the question is that now is, why? After all, why a dedicated GPS device, when Nokia could be improved simply have the 5800 with better media playback functions, more memory and other enhancements? While we can not expect for an answer Nokia to do a couple of theories come to mind.

Answering the Needs

The first reason for a GPS cell phone, we can only assume, "why not"? After all, the point of the new technology, people will still buy the independent and in one way or the other, they find to make some ingenious way to use the thing. The Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition works well, still displayed most of the better features of the earlier version. In fact, this is still a smart phone. With WiFi, 3G and dual-band HSDPA connectivity, there is no need of the telephone features that are missing worries.

Nokia was also generous enough to allow two different color schemes. Together with the other features of the earlier XpressMusic, and that's what makes this mobile Better device than its predecessor. In fact, if you are considering taking a Music Express, you might as well get this mobile device, are the GPS features of the perfect complement to the 5800th to Simply put, "its better". In retrospect, when you search for when developing for the original Xrpess Music, all they needed was to grab a decent navigation system in. In a way, it's like it was meant for the phone to have GPS in the first place, feels.

Navigate your own way

There is no concept lost to this version of 5800, flat from the screen to the perfectly shaped short sides, each element has been refined to perfection. Well, semi-perfection, is the general appearance of the device a little too frequently and general or outstanding. As for the actual data, the touch-screen design, 3G and HSDPA give you more than enough about the most necessary phone functions.

If One for yourself? It depends on your needs. Even without the GPS system, navigation Edition Nokia 5800 has the good qualities and good for Your money. On the other hand, if all you needed was a basic phone, there are more basic alternative. More importantly, if you have a cell phone for something specific Needs there are devices especially designed for web browsing or equipped with twelve megapixel cameras.

The navigation Edition is a GPS mobile phone-centered, as such, users who would need the map updates and navigation assistance to find this model most beneficial. Whether it's better than the GPS-enabled iPhone remains to be seen.

About the Author

If you are looking for Nokia 5800 NE deals then visit Best Mobile Contracts. They compare all the latest mobile phone deals from a range of online retailers. They also compare mobile broadband ensuring you are always connected.

Microsoft Kin Intro

Mobile Cell Phone Search

mobile cell phone search
Im leaving cingular shortly and need help looking for a new cell phone provider.?

I live in southern california zip code (92336) and narrowed my search to two carriers t-mobile and verizon. Ive checked both companies maps online and they look to be similar. with T-mobile it seems i will have 3 bars and with verizon the same. Im lost on what i should be looking for in a new carrier besides voice quality. If i have 3 bars with t-mobile does that mean ill have a signal inside my house? If i go with t-mobile ill most likely get the sidekick3 as my phone, If i go with verizon ill probably wait and the get the vx-9900. Im a little hesitant to go with t-mobile because they have a reputation of not having a good signal in to many places. Verizon on the other hand has a great reputation for having superior signal. I know people with t-mobile and verizon and they swear by there carriers. my friend has a t-mobile phone one of the basic ones so since he has a signal at my house doesnt that mean ill have a signal to? Sorry for the length of this

I have worked for both Verizon and T-Mobile. Hands down you will have better Nationwide coverage with Verizon. But for me that isnt always the issue. When i travel i only go to major cities and major highways which t-mobile has covered. I really will never go to south dakota where Verizon has coverage but t-mobile doesnt. T-mobiles customer care is absolutely unbelievable. They have been rated by j.d. power and associates number 1 in customer service for all cell phone carriers in the U.S. Verizon is starting to get better phones, but T-mobile has way better phones when you factor in that it is a GSM carrierl. This means you can go online and get any Unlocked GSM phone, put your sim card in it and your phone will automatically work. I right now have the Motorola V635, which is only available in Eurpope and I believe now its available in Canada. Another MAJOR issue with me recently with verizon is they lock out all of the bluetooth features besides using it to connect to a headset. You can not connect to a bluetooth device and share audio or pics. (they want you to buy the ringtones). T-mobile doesnt so you can connect to other bluetooth phones and share pics, music, phone book entries. Although i have heard many complaints about over all coverage with t-mobile, i have never had a problem.

My vote is T-Mobile.

Top Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Directory For Tracking Mobile Calls
Where can you do a reverse phone lookup for free? Where to find cell phone records?

Mobile Cell Phone Number Search

mobile cell phone number search
i want to trace a mobile number of my sister who is lost.?

i have lost my sister and she has a cell phone i want to search her where is she plz give me a satisfied answer as i m in trouble.

go to the call center of the network sim you are having…
show them ur id or somthing…and tell ur number has been lost and could you please find the last location….they will surely help…
this is only thing u can do….

Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Search Directory

Wind Mobile Cell Phone Plans

wind Mobile Cell Phone Plans
What is the best cell phone plan for travel in Italy?

I’m travelling to Italy on Monday, and I realized that I need to get a cell phone of some sort. I’ll be staying for 6 weeks, so I don’t need a contract plan. I’d prefer something like a pay-as-you-go phone, if possible. One of my friends recommended the WIND company for Cell Phones, but I don’t know what they offer as far as pay-as-you-go. I’d use it to make calls back to land lines in the states and land lines and mobiles in Italy. Any suggestions? Thanks!

i use vodafone it when i travel to italy, i also have an italian number…it is good, and in the tabacheria where they sell sigarettes, a part the cards already sold, they can add you as much as you want, they can add you for example 5 euros if you dont want to use it o much

What commissioners want, what voters want
Victor Carrillo finds it strange that he is the one railroad commissioner leaving the state agency, considering that he’s the only one who wants to stay. Carrillo lost his re-election bid in the March Republican primary to challenger David Porter.

Mobile Cell Phone Directory

mobile cell phone directory
Reverse Phone directory in Australia?

Is there any way to find out addresses and numbers of people who on particular mobile/cell phone numbers.

Trying to catch a cheater or confront the other adultrer.

Reverse phone directories are, under privacy law, illegal in Australia.

If someone is cheater then either they have broken the law, which means you have to contact the authorities who can track them down, or hire a private investigator.

You could also do some amateur sluething. Such as calling the number and pretending to be someone else. “Oh, hi, ummm….sorry to call you, I have this number in my notebook, but I didn’t write any name down with it. Sorry to trouble you, what is your name. Oh really, have you had this number for a while. Hmmm….maybe I have the wrong number, ok no problem, sorry to trouble.” Remember to hang up before giving an evil laugh he he.

At the end of the day, why do you want to confront the other person, why will it help you? There is little good that come from it. If your partner is cheating on you, then they are the cheater. The other person is really innocent because we have the right to do as we please in Australia.

But….if you want to get nasty, then you can use Crowd Sourcing (or as the Chinese call it, “the human flesh search engine”) Post their number and other details online and get help to find them.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookups | Reverse Phone Number Directory

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