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Mobile Cell Phones Prices

mobile Cell Phones prices
What is the best T-Mobile phone can I get more money for not too much?

I wanted to get a witch T-Mobile just does not know. and theres not that many in T-Mobile I like that so I wanted to know, if anyone can help me a good phone 4 a decent price. I have a RAZR V3 in n tired plus each has a RAZR now

To and they are many free cell phones from T-Mobile.

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Cheap Smart Phone Deals

cheap Smart Phone Deals
cheap smart phone deals
HTC Touch Pro for $ 150, Good Deal?

Lost my cell phone. Gotta buy a new one. Thinkin about a slightly used HTC Touch Pro. People sell lots her for about $ 150. Is it worth it? I've heard it crashes and freezes, and breaks from the keyboard. But I have a HTC Touch before, and it was pretty good, so that I'm guessin better the HTC Touch Pro is not atleast as good, though. I did not spend much money, so $ 150 is a good deal for the HTC Touch Pro? I really want a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard at a good price, and this is the best that I can find.

I had this phone! Loved it, before my friend recently threw it on the floor, hard and broke the screen 150 is a lot! actually currently looking for good prices. Please Please Please, tell me where you found it, are for 150 !?!?! because I want it SOO Badd. Great phone but. Really!

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Smart Phone Accessories

smart phone accessories
smart phone accessories
What is the next phone I should get from Verizon Wireless?

I’m thinking about getting a smart phone this time!

samsung glyed

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Cheapest Smart Phone Plans

cheapest Smart Phone Plans
cheapest smart phone plans
What is a cheap smart phone thats good?

I have verizon but im looking for a smart phone, are there any good cheap ones? and do u kno plan?

i just signed up with verizon and got a blackberry storm2 for $148

Cheapest smart phone cell plan LG Rumor Touch Sprint Virgin Mobile 25 month unlimited text & web

Smart Phone Prices

smart phone prices
Can I interact with a Web Application with a Smart Phone?

I do not know much about "smart phones", but if I have a Web application (eg ASP.NET), I can with a smartphone, called the connect now "WiFi" is checked, and a Web browser have rights? How would they have the option of just-in-force (and hopefully bookmark) the URL to navigate to the application, and then query order on the web pages? all proposed models (and some rates) for this type of equipment? Thanks.

Yes, they would interact with your web site platform as any browser over HTTP on each other. There are millions of these devices are using the high-end products like the Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry.

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Smart Phone Laptop

smart phone laptop
How to connect WiFi WiFi mobile to laptop?

Is there a way to connect the wireless laptop to the WiFi connection? I know this can be done between two laptops (or PCs), so phone a "smart" one, this should be possible, right? Once it is connected, can I have the shared folders? Note: I know we can use the notebook as a wireless router through the establishment of an ad-hoc network if I use the Internet want. But I just want to exchange files between my phone and laptop. Thanks in advance

You can be the same wireless router that your laptop link is connected, but you need the password of the router security information required, as it has for the laptop. (Unless you use no security) Also, yes, you can allow access to long files on other computers on the network as a sharing.

Netbooks, The Laptop-Smart Phone Compromise

Smart Phone Cards

smart phone cards
is it possible to have two “smart cards” for one cell phone number ?

Is it possible to have two “smart cards” for one cell phone number ? . so that someone other then who the phone was issued to could monitor thier calls or messages? this is a company phone and is bill to the company?

It can be done by cloning the card but its not legal.

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Blackberry Smart Phone Cases

blackberry Smart Phone Cases
blackberry smart phone cases
Question about the blackberry bold?

1.) Is this a good phone? (does it work good, features, ect) If not, what are other good smart phones (besides iPhone)?

2.) When I went to the store to look at the blackberry, the sales person said all websites are available (when paying for internet), but when you go to certain websites, the phone company (in my case, Vodafone) charges (a lot) more. What websites CAN you go onto without paying any more? (I live in Germany, but I’m guessing it is the same as the states so…)

3.) Do you think the blackberry bold is worth getting (btw I’m 14)?

I have the Blackberry Storm ( yet to see any of the bad that was talked about), and I have Verizon. I am not sure what you actually asking, but I have a plan that takes care of the data you would be using. The web sites that I go to are all included in the data plan that I have. I am not sure about Germany, but I live in the United States( I do not have a problem).Good Luck

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Smart Phone Deals

smart phone deals
smart phone deals
Walmart is the phone plan (smart talk) a good deal?

Are there any hidden fees .. the reception is good .. If the mobile good?

Go with any T-Mobile prepaid .. – Justin

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Compare Smart Phone Prices

compare Smart Phone Prices
Recommended Smart Phones to replace a PDA?

I've got Windows Pocket PC PDA that I have for reading ebooks, and web surfing in wifi zones. His first worn out and I need to replace it, but PDAs seem to go out style and it looks like I will need to get a smartphone instead. Smartphones seem All screens are tiny in comparison to dedicated PDA, pathetic battery life, or cost 400 pounds / $ 550, twice the price of my PDA, which I bought on the way in 2004. Any recommendations?

Now if you are not looking for a phone and you could just get the iPod Touch, although it did not have Microsoft applications, things that you can enter very fast and easy to operate to its correct it by e-mail or keyboard if you want all, and a telephone get the iPhone is it when you need it trust me!

Nokia e51 GSM Smart Phone