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Smart Phone Usage

smart phone usage
How old do you think my daughter should be to get…?

a. a cell phone
b. her own tv (in her room)
c. her own computer (also out of my sight)
According to my 11 year old, we are the only parents in the world who supervise tv, computer usage, and are not considering a cell phone for her at the moment. She is smart and well behaved. What’s your philosophy?

My daughter is 11, she has a TV in her room (with a parental block on all inappropriate channels), no computer, though. Our solution to the cell phone issue was to get her a prepaid cell phone that you have to purchase minutes for, and she has to do her chores to earn minutes. It has worked wonders for making her keep her room clean and get her chores done.

AT&T Wants To Limit iPhone Usage – Diggnation Daily

Smart Phone Lg

smart phone lg
LG Viewty GC900 Smart – Is this a good phone?

Is the LG Viewty GC900 Smart a good phone, and makes it easy to slow down and can yu get it on pay as you go?

I would rather buy an iPhone, much better! believe me!

LG Pop GD510 GSM Smart Phone Review

Smart Phone Wars

smart phone wars
The same guy that cheated on my wife? Why I did it? Could you forgive this if I didn’t mean to hurt her?

I’m the soldier in Iraq who cheated on his wife. I thought I would clarifty what I did and why. I love my wife. She’s beautiful, smart, sexy, and a 9 on a scale of 1-10, but when we got married I was 23 and she was 27. I was young and immature and not really ready to get married, but I was leaving for bootcamp and was afraid of losing her to other men. This is our first year being married and we were only together for three months of the time. I was immature, but I have since grown up. I was texting and calling my ex girlfriend through out our marriage because i wanted the attention. Then that slut waited until I left for war to send her an email detailing our affair. She told her about us doing it the night before the wedding and 7 days after. She told her how we did it in her car. She told her how I got a STD from her. I had blamed my wife 4 it claiming she cheated when I know she would never. But my wife is so mad she changed all the phone numbers and won’t talk to me. HELP ME?

First, STOP finding someone else to blame. Being angry with your ex won’t solve anything… It is not her fault, it is yours since you are the one that cheated and betrayed YOUR WIFE…

Second, UNDERSTAND that there’s is no easy or quick fix to your situation no matter how hard you try or want to try. Take a breath and analyze yourself and your situation… Think and find the reason why you did whatever you did and why your wife didn’t matter then, without trying to find the easy way (blaming it on attention seeking or boredom). If those are the only reasons you can find then, what happens the next time that you need the attention or the thrill of excitement…

Third, BACK OFF! Give your wife some space and remember that she is your wife and whether she likes it or not at some point you will have to sit and talk… You CAN’T MAKE HER! so give her some space to deal with the anger, pain and disappointment that you cause her on her own…

Fourth, BE REALISTIC. Put yourself in her situation and know that no matter which way things go is not going to be easy… Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know how complicated, frustrating and difficult things are. I’m not promising you that things are going to work out between you two, but there’s is still a chance. My husband cheated on me a while ago and we slowly worked through it… PATIENCE is a great virtue…

Smartphone Wars: iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. .. Android?

Smart Phone Philippines

smart phone philippines
How do I get my mate smart phone from the Philippines to work in the U.S.?

I bought a Motorola W360 cell phone from the Philippines, together with a Smart buddy sim. I have also enabled the so-called roaming. But once I was in the U.S. my phone no signal. Its network is already set to auto and it has 900/1800 MHz (white not whether it helps or not.) Oh yeah, I also have more than the required load for roaming. Who has an idea what is wrong or what I do?

Your Phone may not work in the U.S., such as your phone you have is not the same frequency in the Philippines and the United States. That is why you are a quad-band phone, which is everywhere can use, you want to go need. Your phone is probably only dual-band.

Nokia N77 Review Philippines

Smart Phone Viruses

smart phone viruses
smart phone viruses


Virus Attacks on cellphones

An increase in virus attacks has been seen globally in October 2009, and it is only the beginning.

I warned about virus on the smart phones to become a growing problem as early as in May 2009. The attacks so far have been less malicious than just to prove that the cellphones are vulnerable to attacks through various ways.
The fact that the cellphones are less protected than the PC’s makes us believe what we see now is only a beginning.
You should begin to check your phone bill more closely now, as a virus has been found that makes your phone make a call on its own.
This is the first virus where we see some economic gain can be found, and we will talk about large money here. Just taking some few cents from each phone would make billions of dollars globally.
The hackers industry is on the loose, and they really want your money – and they are not shy of any methods to get it from you.

As a background, you can read some of the articles i have written about this issue previously. There can be some learning lessons in these articles as well.
October 2009
June 2009
May 2009

This is how you secure your cell phone

It is totally irresponsible of any company to not install anti-virus software on their Cell Phones, however it goes for all of us individual users as well.
So far there has been seen as no need to install any anti-virus software on the cellphones as attacks have not been around for so long. However, there are several things you can do yourself to avoid viruses on your phone.
Turn off the bluetooth function when you are not using this function on the phone. Virus can be transferred through the bluetooth system and the probability will increase that someone will take over your phone.
Do not open files or MMS that you did not expect to get or know about in forehand.
If you surf on the internet with your cellphone, avoid pages you are not sure of or have no knowledge about at all. You have to remember that you probably are better protected visiting the same pages with your PC since it has a anti-virus software protecting you. The Cellphone is just like a PC without the anti-virus software installed.
You can buy a anti-virus software through the internet, however you can not find any proven good anti-virus software for free for your cellphone yet.

E-mail is vulnerable in particular.
You would hardly think of surfing the internet or running a email program without using a anti-virus software on your PC. However, the smart phones have become like mini-computers with an operating system and add-on software which all are vulnerable to virus attacks.
It is just here the cyber criminals have found an interest to tap into. The hackers are no longer the boys in the boys room sitting and making codes just to prove themselves. They are now part of an industry funded by major criminal organizations able to create malicious software with almost no limits any longer.
However, the problem is that most of the users do not even know how to install antivirus software on the cellphone.
This is a problem that face lots of cellphone users today, and it just indicate that if you want to have a sophisticated cellphone, then you need to become a more sophisticated and knowledgeable user. However, one can say that sellers of the hardware should take some responsibility to enhance security of the use of their product.
You do not sell a car without complying to some safety regulations and measures.  And this lead back to the regulators, that they have no regulations on how safe a cellphone should be to attacks, and maybe this will wake up the legislators to demand some safety measures a hardware should comply with before it is sold into the consumer market.
No smart cellphone to be sold without any proven anti-virus technology enabling the user to feel some safety when using this product. Yes, it will increase the price of the product, but i believe the users will be willing to take this cost given the dangers he or she can be exposed to with a cellphone that is not protected at all.
So far there have not been any complaints in major scale based on the latest calling virus found on the cellphones.
So far you are responsible for any use of your cellphone number and have to pay to the provider any costs associated with your cellphone number.
This is were the conflict starts, who should be responsible to provide a secure service – the users or the provider?
There are several examples of people complaining of phone bill exceeding what they thought they could have been responsible for. However, it is almost impossible for the users to win through with these cases, as collecting evidence could only be done by the provider itself, which is part in the case. The consumer is bound to have lost. It is here the legislators should put some demands to the providers to be able to protect their users. The providers says they are not responsible for the virus attacks and can not be held responsible. On the other hand they provide a service that is prone to virus attacks, and should feel morally obliged to protect their consumer and clients.
We are having a mighty challenge at hand in the near future as these virus attacks will become more frequent and have more stealth power than today.
There are examples produced in the last few weeks of cellphones been taken over and started producing cellphone calls by itself, without any interference of the owner of the phone and the subscription. These examples shows that the phone has begun systematically calling phone The calls varies from few seconds to several minutes and will give the users an extra cost of few cents to Euros or USD pr call.
One examples shown to the public is that one cellphone made around 100 calls during a period of 2 days. It was only found since the user wanted to check why the phone bill showed a discrepancy from previous bills he had.
The evidence that this was a virus, comes from the fact that the calls did not show up on the cellphone call log at all. There is no doubt at all, the cellphone has been taken over by a virus.
This is only the beginning as the cyber criminals have found out tht it is very easier to take over your phone than your PC, as most have antivirus protection on the PC’s but not on the cellphones.
They have also found a very easy way to take money from the users as these services will be directed and used towards special phone services owned by the cyber criminals and therefore will get easy income from the users.
You might ask now, how is the phone infected in the first place?
There are several ways this can happen, but the most probable is that the owner has received a MMS with a virus infected file that takes over the phone. You might levee you open a photo, but in the background the cellphone loads a virus to be hidden on your cellphone.
Another way this method can occur is through surfing on the internet as some web pages have photos with this type of malicious code attached to it.
Another way is through the bluetooth system as files can be loaded onto your cellphone without your knowledge at all.

It is very difficult to detect these attacks and the only measure so far, is to double check your phone bill and make sure you can account for the calls made there. If not, then you should consider the fact that you have been attacked and there is a need to clean your cellphone to avoid further take over of the cell phone.

By taking over your phone, the cyber criminals will gain information on your cellphone which can be valuable, like email adresses and information inside these (sensitive information, passwords, number, accunts etc)
A virus can also make the phone to call expensive pay services abroad and the owners of these services can make a hugh amount of money on this.
Some viruses are just what it is – a virus to demonstrate a methodology or a way to contribute to the open source society amongst the cyber criminals to gain more knowledge about how to exploit your phone.

The best way to avoid attacks on your cellphone is of course to install a anti-virus program and not to open any files you have no idea were they come from.
The virus is not placed on the SIM card (as of yet not found that is), but is installed in the operating system on the phone itself.

About the Author

Stig-Arne Kristoffersen has a background as civil engineer and geoscientist. He has worked mainly within the oil and gas industry from the mid 1980s. He has written a few fictional novels as well as being the author of some professional litterature within oil and gas sector, he act as a writer to various web sites.

There is a Virus for That – Smart Phone Hacking

Smart Phone Definitions

smart phone definitions
smart phone definitions
what is the definition of a smart phone? how s it different and can you give me an example of a smart phone?

you have 3 main phone types,
1. normal phones, which can do limited web browsing, be used as an mp3 player, basic digital cam and some have limited multi tasking(like playing music while sending a text or using web)
2. smartphones, all the features a normal phone has, but usually run something like windows mobile. this lets you do much more like use microsoft word, internet explorer(much better than the limited browser on a normal phone) and much better at multi-tasking(playing music, surfing the web, replying to a text message, all at the same time)
3. pocket pc or ppc, the top of the line. everthing a smartphone has and more. the bigest differences between a smartphone and a ppc is that a ppc has a touch screen/smartphone doesnt, smartphones usually run a watered down version of windows mobile or whatever its running vs the full version on a ppc, and ppc’s usually have a more powerful processor to handle the extra stuff it can do.

New CECT i9 Quadband Unlocked Dual Sim PDA Smart phone

Smart Phone Unlocked

smart phone unlocked
QUESTION: I have a unlocked CDMA cell phone, does Globe, Smart or any other Philippine networks uses CDMA?

Nope…Phils only supports gsm phones

HP iPaq 910 Windows Mobile Smartphone (Unlocked GSM)

Smart Phone Load

smart phone load
everyone got to drive away from my Smart Info System Error?

I down loaded ErrorSmart now and I can not delete it from my system. I tried contacting the Web site and they are not responding, and they have no phone number for support. Is there anyone there with a solution or similar problem?

Try removing Smitfraud: Saw http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic17258.html download some of your old questions also Update & Run: RogueRemover Free 1.24 http://www.majorgeeks.com/RogueRemover_d5360.html Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.13 http://www.majorgeeks.com/Malwarebytes_Anti-Malware_d5756.html These all are free.

Free 100 Globe and Smart Cell Phone e Load!

Smart Phone Prepaid

smart phone prepaid
Is it possible to transfer the liability of your cell phone account to someone else?

A friend of m ine just bought a phone with T-mobile. And he knows that I want a phone through Verizon but am I unable to get one due to the astronomical deposit they would want from me. He is telling me that he can switch his account from himself to me and they would not do a credit check ( I have a huge identity theft case going my college roommate was a bitch). I just wanted to know if anyone had heard about this. And if this is would be a smart move. Because I really do not want to get a prepaid phone because I did that before and I believe I was spending way too much money. And assistance would be appreciated.


A Transfer of Liability actually DOES require a Credit Check, because that is transferring HIS line into YOUR NAME. Now, if you’re just wanting him to open you an account, and use HIS name, he can do that. It’ll have to be under someone else’s name (such as your friend) though for you NOT to get your credit ran. You should give it a try anyway though. You never know. 🙂

BlackBerry Curve 8330 Prepaid Boost Mobile Cell Phone wi…

Smart Phone Security Risks

Smart Phone Security risks
Is online banking safe on a smartphone?

I am thinking of upgrading to a blackberry or some kind of smartphone.
Is doing online banking over the wifi on the smartphone secure(https-encrypted) or is this a security risk most just ignore?
Also which smart phone can use the web the fastest?

Yes it *Could* be safe if its a private network. iPhone is not really a smartphone because it is smarter then a smartphone but it is the fastest. You get the full web. Not the baby web.

نعم هذا حــال الــمـــواطـــن الامـــاراتــي

Ads by Google

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