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Smart Phone Applications

smart phone applications
Are web pages for home-based businesses to sell "Smart Phone Applications to the general public legitimacy"?

No, they just want to charge you a fee to join in their "company" as an affiliate. By the way, no one will be "Buy one" Application anyway. I certainly would not – is not it?

Ratio Smart Phone Application Video Demo

Smart Phone Applications Market

Smart Phone Applications market
smart phone applications market

So i have an interview in a few hours with a marketing firm for a sales rep or customer service rep position, i have no sales/customer service experience whatsoever and have no clue what to expect…they said i sounded like the perfect candidate and desperately scheduled a same day interview with no application or any contact other than a 5 minute convo on the phone.

anyone that knows what kind of questions to expect with this type of interview and what some smart things to say or comment about myself please let me know so i can get this job!!!

Unfortunately, i have WAY more work experience than your average 18 yr old but somehow I’ve managed to get every job i’ve ever had without doing an interview, its my first one so i’m a little nervous. thanks in advance!!!

You will do great. When they ask if you have worked in sales before, it’s fine to say no – but it will be good if you say “I have a lot of experience in __________ but I’m looking to get into something where I work more directly with the customers.”

Adding in that you are a people person won’t hurt, either.

Good luck!

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