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Smart Phone Gps Golf

Smart Phone Gps golf
is there a way to get a golf gps on my non-smart phone?

I have a samsung solstice and i really want to get a golf g.p.s/range finder on my phone help me please!!!!

Sorry, it can’t be done with that phone. You are better off buying a dedicated golf GPS unit, like Sonnocaddie or GolfLogix

GreenFinderGPS – The Smartphone GPS rangefinder

Smart Phone Gps

smart phone gps
Does the GPS feature on Android phones work if you’re in an area without cell reception?

Will the GPS feature work on an Android (or any other smart phone) if you’re outside of a cell coverage area?

Yes the GPS will work, but you won’t be able to download the maps, unless you use it in an area with coverage and then go into the area with no coverage.

A new fishing app for your smart phone
Coastal Angler Magazine launched a FishOn smart phone application that delivers up-to-the minute local weather, marine conditions, tides, fishing regulations and other details.