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smart phone software
smart phone software
what software can I use to convert videos for my blackberry storm smart phone?

I have some videos on my computer that I want to convert so that I can put them on my new blackberry storm but the problem is that the files are matroski file. please any one know any program that can allow me to convert the videos to avi and then be able to put it on my phone.

For my MKV files I use Xilisoft MKV converter you can convert MKV to AVI, MP4, WMV, DivX, etc.

Pantech Slate Software Review

Smart Phone Software Development

Smart Phone Software development
smart phone software development reports Smart phones started the battle for automotive market

Smart Phone Applications or ‘applications’ market, has become the core of the global technology industry, the war situation, a large number of device manufacturers, wireless service providers and software developers have in order to share in this fast growing market and strive to fighting against brain.

Now, the war and gradually spread to the automotive market. In September 2009 organized by the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), BMW (BMW), Nokia (Nokia), and Parrot SA demonstrated their smart phones in the car to achieve the application in different ways.

The global automotive industry is entering a new era, OEM, suppliers and software developers who are exploring a variety of innovative and unique approach in order to use smart phones to cars.

For motorists, the application to enable them to fully enjoy the benefits of infotainment systems, but only the application you want to pay ? ? This allows them to save money. With the application of such importance in the automotive market on the rise, this industry is that the companies are also trying to promote that can allow them to profit methods. Although this year’s IAA show in solution are mostly concept, but these concepts will no doubt follow soon.

Automotive industry’s practice of
BMW at the IAA in the launch of the latest ConnectedDrive: BMW concept store applications. This concept store offers a variety of different applications, users can download through a car or home computer to their iDrive, then these applications and then transferred to the car. The current concept store applications include a variety of multimedia tourist guides, from Merian, Geowiki, a variety of games, Internet radio, podcasts, Facebook, XING, and Twitter account. BMW concept store application also allows users to transmit data to navigation systems and mobile phones.

Mobile solutions
The leading mobile phone maker Nokia’s recent acquisition of map supplier Navteq company and IAA on the release of its automotive application of concepts. Nokia’s approach is more mobile devices and vehicle integration, rather than launch the application. But it is not just a simple iPod connection or Bluetooth connection, contrast, Nokia introduced a cable, can a complete smart phone or other device to send power to the car.

Nokia Research Center is developing a show, you can connect to mobile phones and car audio main body (headunit) cable. Claimed that such connections can be displayed in the car headunit all the phone functions, but also allows users to voice, touch screen, or any human-machine interface control. Users can use their familiar interface ? ? exactly the same with their mobile phone interface. In addition, since headunit is usually connected to the vehicle Control Area Network (CAN) bus, therefore, Nokia is also planning to let the exchange between mobile devices and car number of automotive information, such as the display of fuel level or map-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) alerts. Although the Nokia demonstrated this cable, however, it is learned that the development of the system will operate via Bluetooth.

The show also used the Magneti Marelli headunit, but Nokia said it also can be used for any headunit and any mobile devices.

Supplier program
Parrot wireless equipment suppliers in the IAA launched an Android-Java-based new headunit. The company’s FC6100 module allows vehicles to perform all of the Smart Phone Features. It is said that his headunit itself, including hands-free Bluetooth can support A2DP audio streaming, non-specific personnel speech recognition, multimedia, connectivity, smart track browsing and playback management, 3G + Web browsing, as well as 3.0 Wi – Fi and Bluetooth.

All of these features are quite attractive, but the most interesting point, this is Android / Java-based operating system (OS). Android / Java operating system for the OEM provides easy-to-customize user interface, as well as a vast open-source community development resources. In fact, the adoption of Android smart phone applications developed can also be used for this module. Developers do not have to be developed for the automotive. This means that hundreds of applications are already available for the module.

An application to open the site to fight the battle
Displayed at the IAA on a variety of application solutions for both the automotive OEM who has brought a number of innovative thinking.

For the desire to control content do not want to worry about new hardware must be installed on the car manufacturers, BMW’s solution is most appropriate. If you want to provide customers with OEM manufacturers can achieve more connectivity, more flexible hardware solution, then the most suitable for Parrot. If you want to design changes for the OEM to provide at least, the most economical solution, then the Nokia connection method may provide the answer.

No matter what the car manufacturers to choose method, the future car will be more accessible to mobile applications.
Although the IAA best show only the concept of how to achieve these goals, however, to realize these solutions, but sooner or later only.

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