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Latest Smart Phone In India

latest Smart Phone In India
latest smart phone in india
hey all u smart guys and girls plz help me in flashing (flash) my N-Gage QD mobile phone ….,,?

i hav a nokia ngage qd i,,,, want to that mobile flash cord to flash with an IAM, and nothing else, tell me more plz I need not do this job Instrumens ………………….. …. …… where can I )….. Get the latest firmware for nokia ngage qd …………..( India I can say that from any site ???????????????? l would say please Me the process ……………….. ………………….. I'll be very grateful of Urs (or u can ur knowledge of the latest mobile software (cracked) and computer software …………………………… Exchange …… u can e-mail meee …………………… """"""" Thank you in advance "'''''''''''''''''''''

To http://epohcj.com/downloads.htm and download Nokia Firmware Updater

INFO-TECH Human Resources: Internships for IT freshers commitment Cos set to shrink in a hurry client to implement them to live on. Internships for campus recruits in the IT industry are set to be reduced thanks to the strong recovery in demand for software service and the resulting war …

Smart Phone Rankings 2009

smart phone rankings 2009

HTC fastest in July to enter the mainland or to the operation of dual-branded smart phone magnates in China

HTC fastest in July to enter the mainland or to the operation of dual-branded smart phone magnates in China

May 24 news sources revealed to ZDNet, “If all goes well, the earliest on July 16, Acer Aspire 3000 Battery HTC (HTC) will formally enter the mainland market to take over the Dopod and channels in the domestic market, taking over after the HTC and is likely to double brand Dopod operation, HTC more into the retail channel, Dopod operator specializing in custom. “

This means that HTC will be formally Huijun mainland market, the domestic smart phone market, with Nokia and Motorola are the direct exchange of fire.

Headquartered in China Taiwan’s HTC is the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of smart phones, the main production using Microsoft Window Mobile and Google Android smart phone system. IDC report released in February this year showed that the year 2009, HTC to 8.1 million of sales-leading Motorola and Samsung, followed by Nokia, RIM and Apple in the global smartphone vendor in the fourth.

HTC smart phone is only in recent years, production of the global brand awareness is also rising.

U.S. wireless communications and professional media Fierce Wireless announced in November last year, the nation’s most influential list of 25 mobile communications leader, first appearance of HTC CEO Peter Chou on the sixth, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was ranked second.

Join forces with Google to create the Nexus One once attracted the attention of fans around the world cell phone craze. In February of this year, HTC launched last year, Hero also won the GSM Association of mobile phone awarded “Best Mobile Awards 2009.”

Although the gains in overseas markets quite frequently, but HTC partners in Compaq Presario R3000 Battery the domestic market performance Dopod did not achieve the same breakthrough. Dopod mobile phone unit is also easily make four or five thousand dollars, the average consumer more like HTC turned to cheaper parallel imports market.

Early May, the network rumored HTC Chinese companies have completed registration, Dopod Dopod brand has been suspended inside the market promotion, started to enter the mainland to make way for the HTC.

Blau, then the HTC and Dopod confirmation, both sides said they would not respond to any rumors. HTC and Dopod common, said: “Whether the marketing strategy and product innovation, the Dopod and HTC has always been a close strategic partnership. HTC’s innovative R & D to provide good products of their ability, in technology, product research and development together to help Dopod consumers in line with China’s smart phone market trend products, and again to deepen bilateral cooperation. “

Denied the rumors behind, and shows that HTC is still fixed on the domestic growth of 3G smart phone market.

ISupply market research agency in February this year, figures released show that China’s 3G mobile phone sales in 2009 only 7.2 million, but shot high in the three major cell phone carriers subsidize the policy stimulus, by 2010 China 3G mobile phone market is expected to increase over last year five times, surged to 42.97 million. Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Industry and the Ministry in April 8, also said in 2011, the domestic 3G network will cover all the country above the prefectural level cities and most counties, towns, major highways and scenic areas, etc., 3G subscribers will reach 150 million.

However, the current market the majority of sales are still non-3G mobile smart phones. Motorola Co-CEO and mobile devices division CEO Sanjay @ Jia (Sanjay Jha) Jan. 10 interview in Beijing, says that mobile phone shipments in the domestic market only about 15% of smart phones, and in the United States, the proportion of 40-50%.

“Indeed, the domestic market last year, mobile phone sales exceed 200 million, among which the majority are non-smart phones. Operators also hope that through the promotion of ‘thousand 3G phone’ to pull the entire market, this being the proportion of non-smart phones not small. However, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang provinces and cities of these economic development, 3G Smart Phone Sales are not low, accounting for 25% of all mobile phone sales. “Dopod COO Xu Weide said on ZDNet.

“China smart phone market is still growing rapidly, and third party data showed the domestic 3G smartphone in 2010 the market size will more than 6 million. In addition to the models already on sale to the end of the year, Dopod will launch another four in the country TD models smart phones and dual-mode smart phones a CDMA2000. “

Recently, Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) DLP ® Products Division at the Optical Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery and Electrical Engineering from the U.S. International Association (SPIE) Optical host of the American West Exhibition (Photonics West) announced the launch of DLP ® LightCommander ™. As a development kit, DLP LightCommander to provide users with a high ease of use versatile tool for the DLP technology into light processing applications. The new DLP ® development kit to meet the desire of many experiments using DLP technology, the needs of developers, and DLP LightCommander features include an optical engine, which is in line with industry standard interfaces and application software. The versatility of its modular architecture will help speed up the need for high-speed spatial light modulator, optical, electrical and system software.

DLP LightCommander to users quickly out of the box experience. In addition, it allows users up and running within minutes of its prototype product, the original of this process takes several hours.

Texas Instruments DLP ® Business Director Asia, Mr Wong said: “DLP LightCommander introduction is necessary for developers to improve tools has taken a crucial step. It can shorten the development application of DLP technology research and development staff time required, so that they can be involved in a wide range of non-traditional markets and bring innovative optical processing applications. Currently, developers are most concerned about is the tool for ease of use and flexibility. This package integration of these two features which enable those who wish to quickly enable The development of product development and those who wish to more easily control the digital micromirror device (DMD) research and development personnel from access to accurate, high-speed spatial light modulator. “

DLP LightCommander by the LOGIC designs, manufactures and provides technical support. In addition, DLP partners in the design also uses DLP LightCommander ViALUX platform foundation for 3D scanning applications, this proves DLP in non-contact 3D measurement with amazing value. VISITECH designed DLP LightCommander used in the multi-optical modules.

With the switching speed, gradation and processing visual, UV and NIR light advantages, DLP technology makes optical three-dimensional measurement solutions much faster than traditional contact measurement system, and also offers a higher measurement accuracy sex. DLP LightCommander enables developers to quickly and easy to use platform to apply these advantages.

Geomagic CEO Ping Fu said: “2010 is the mainstream 3D display technology a year. Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery DLP LightCommander the emergence of the market excited, it promoted industrial, consumer and medical markets in the individual product and service design and manufacturing, improved homeland security and food safety rapid detection and to enrich the art and history to create and protect. “

It is understood, Galaxy S will work with Nokia and Motorola smart phones and Apple’s iPhone competition. JK Shin in charge of Samsung said the product will be available worldwide later this year.

Said JK Shin, Galaxy S will use a high-end, called Super AMOLED display technology, which can increase the brightness of 20%, reflecting the sunlight in the outdoors can reduce 80%. Samsung said, because with this technology, making Galaxy S is ideal for watching video.

He also said that Samsung will work with some of the top media companies to provide users with a complete duration of the film, television programs and books, the content can get through the download form. Its partners include Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, as well as electronic publishing service provider Skiff, whose partners include “The New York Times” and “Esquire” and many other media.

About the Author

Nokia N97 – Das Super-Smartphone | CHIP Online (chip.de)

Smart Phone Card Coupon

Smart Phone Card coupon

A Smart Frugal Business Traveler Uses Online Offers

Like many businessmen clutching leather travel bags on the one hand and a ticket to another, I am a mobile worker – always have to call their own in motion without an office or a swivel chair. More precisely, I am a financial management consultant, his life in hotels lives. I have a business card without an address. Ha! I am not making a point, like the glamorous job, but I am by the fact that I have to'm fascinated essentially my own travel agency. I am looking for my own online offerings, and I employ my own strategies to make my own itinerary, book my own trips.

out one of the most important decisions for all travelers, like me – whether for business or private – where you stay. A bed and breakfast in the Lodge? A stylish condo-cum-Hotel? An obscure Traveler's Inn on the edge of downtown? A Beach Resort, all-inclusive five-star hotel, a modest but practical Apartment or a house? Will I give myself, or make a choice that cheap? My preferences are not immutable, they are limited by factors such as price-performance ratio, Season (high point of the off-peak), duration of stay, transportation, etc. Where do I go? Where can I make my bed tonight? I daily face these decisions, so that's why I use the Internet to look, the best online offers and promotions for hotels. The only place that I will not consider is the one of Norman Bates heard.

It is a dispute, I must admit that the extra-curricular activities. I want to rent a personal travel agent, except that I have a Direct-to-direct kind of guy, and because the extra hard work pays off, anyway. Literally. After I have made my hotel reservations online offers, I have often experienced that I was able to accumulate an incredible amount of savings – most of them come from discounts, money-back rebates, credit card points, membership discounts, Promotions and loyalty guest. This is important, as expenses to come out of pocket, and made well-earned savings on a cumulative effect. And the numbers are Surprise you every time you look at it, they always do.

Anyway, my traveling on business can be rewarding if I am able to save you a lot arise as to costs other than that in the search for accommodation. It helps me spend my mind away from the amount of money I am. Imagine spending the things you have if you always go: food, communications and telephone calls, transportation, coffee, the occasional night out, and the occasional "I bought this in so and so" Souvenir items. So, if I the computer before the fire to travel, I make sure to go after Web site for affordable rental cars, plane tickets, luggage, accessories, accessories, Holidays and other search save money, online quotes for travel. So I spend on anything can be unnecessary – which is what an intelligent and thrifty business travelers should always be able to say, are described.

About the Author

David Stack is a computer programmer and web developer, and a weekend writer. He has been operating Coupon Saver for over a year now. Get more promotional codes, free shipping and promos by visiting Coupon Codes Blog.

* Loyalty Cards Merge Onto Mobile Phones Thanks to CardStar

Smart Phone Penetration Canada

smart phone penetration canada

Mobile Marketing with SMS

The prospect of opening your first mobile marketing campaign can be downright frightening. Mobile is a new platform with new Conventions, new language and new metrics. You may have read a white paper in the past. It was probably dozens of pages long and filled with incomprehensible Jargon. He discussed mobile marketing campaigns paradigm shift that promised results. The only problem with the paper was that the campaigns said they were shockingly complex, and they seemed to technologies that have come out really. They were also expensive, and they require that your business into the hands of an expensive marketing firm.

We understand where you are coming. And that is why we have together this Ez Guide to Mobile Marketing with SMS. What makes this paper different?

  • Simplicity: Mobile Marketing includes a number of exciting different methods of mobile video on Location Based Advertising. The problem with these methods is twofold: they are unproven and require sophisticated consumers have the tools, and they are incredibly complicated to implement for businesses. Therefore, we want to focus on SMS. Text Messaging avoids these obstacles. Almost every cell phone supports text messaging and SMS with 600 billion per year in the U.S., the majority of consumers are sent familiar with the technology.
  • Do-Yourself: Mobile Marketing need not be difficult-It. This guide will show you how to quickly with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution which does not Victims will start all of the power and effectiveness of an expensive, agency-run campaign.
  • Cost: In economic times good or bad , you should always keep a watchful eye on investments, the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns. DIY Mobile SMS Marketing with this goal met in two ways. First the text messaging cost. Rates per message are as low as a few pennies each. And secondly, you can create a powerful DIY Mobile Marketing Software Package to carefully monitor costs and response rates in real time.

Ready to learn how easy it is to start your first mobile marketing campaign?

About eZ Texting:

Since 2006, Ez Texting, the mobile marketing industry in which a simple LED, affordable text messaging platform for small to medium businesses. We are proud to be the only American turnkey online solution, provide customers from all sectors – education possible, hospitality, Religion, Politics, Non-profit organizations, technology and more – development and implementation of an SMS campaign in minutes.

Do you have a fast food franchise and must immediately send coupons to the hungry customers? Organize a weekly soccer league for your children and want a quick way to other parents to communicate? Are you looking for a way to capture incoming requests for your sales team? Look no further.

With our strong platform, Customers can setup SMS alerts, polls, contests, polls and more. Get instant feedback from your members right to your inbox with our Ez Texting true two-way messaging capabilities. And with the easy to remember common short code 313 131, setting up keywords is a snap. We also offer advanced API and dedicated short Code options.

Ez Texting is currently supporting the U.S. and Canada messaging for a rapidly growing customer base of over 40,000 users.

A Note: By Shane Neman, CEO of eZ Texting, Inc.

A few years ago, the term "Mobile Marketing" was a concept too esoteric and technical to be recorded for business, let alone tried to implement in-house. Ez Texting offers a web-based mobile text messaging platform for businesses. Here is how it works: you connect to Ez Texting online, tap a message and then it is out of your target audience (customers, organization members, employees, etc.) sent. For marketers, customers on the receiving side can choose to either ignore or respect you react to the support.

If a local sales team remember from Jostens, the yearbook and class ring company, recently used Ez Texting because students in the Puyallup, Washington, area about payment dates, number of People who paid for the company ahead of schedule even as graduation products rose 40%. Because of this success Rating Jostens team scrapped its direct mail campaign, it save about $ 1,000 in postage.

We love helping people to achieve that "Aha!" Moment. So many customers come to us with ideas that they only . Conceptualise It is rewarding to them with techniques that help to develop present their ideas into concrete results.

We also educate the customers love what exactly is mobile marketing, how to use it and show them what results they can expect. This is a great achievement for a small Team of people, but we have managed to help over 40,000 customers and continue to do so every day.

– Shane Neman
CEO, Ez Texting, Inc.

What is Mobile Marketing and why is it different?

Mobile marketing is, simply put, the practice of expanding your marketing efforts to mobile devices. Today's mobile devices means primarily mobile phones, including smart phones like the BlackBerry and Apple iPhone. In the future we will probably see full-fledged mobile computers, with persistent connections to the Internet. Such devices offer a rich media marketing platform. However, these services are not yet a meaningful scale. For example, less than a quarter of Americans have ever searched the mobile Web and this is the basic dilemma faced in your company, to consider whether you start your first mobile marketing campaign. You have heard that mobile marketing is not just the future of advertising, but.

Only this is not the case.

Contrary to what you may have heard, mobile marketing is here, and experienced companies from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, are already successful mobile campaigns. SMS text messaging is the key to this puzzle.
Almost every phone in the United States support text messaging. About half of all

The Americans have sent or received an SMS message. The average mobile subscriber sends nearly 200 text messages per month. When you look closer to the coveted 18-29 demographic, the adoption rate is even higher, edging towards saturation at 85%. Under the old 30-49 years, the adoption is at 65% and climbing

The Americans are clearly SMS. But what do they think it will be marketed to via SMS? In a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association, 70% of the sample indicated that they responded to a marketing text message. To this in perspective, adds to the DMA, that only 30% of respondents to a Marketing e-mail.

Why are consumers so eager to respond to marketing text messages? The response shows the value of offering text messaging for both you and your customers:

  • It is interactive – 21 Century Marketing is about a conversation with your customers, instead of yelling. A world with Intrusive Advertising such as spam saturated, pop-ups and advertising has overwhelmed consumers. Increasingly, they are in broadcast messages to a wide audience, whether through the use of digital video recorders the last commercials, or just skip the banner ads are ignored at their favorite website.
  • It's Personal – your customers To expect that you speak to them, and text messaging allows you to reach them individually, when, where, in the palm of the hand. Achieving this is of value to you the marketer. It is also the added value for your customers. With a few clicks their fingers crossed they can to respond to that message that you sent them. SMS can help relations build with your customers.
  • It is immediate – text messaging, such as Twitter and instant messaging, is incredibly fast. With SMS, you can use Their customers communicate as soon as they are now accustomed to live. You can also move quickly. Suppose you are a winter wear shop and you will see that today a Snowstorm on the way forward. In less than five minutes you can create a text message to your customers with a special offer to send hats and gloves.
  • It is Trackable – If for sending text messages to your customers, you can in real time, which has answered your message.
  • It is new – Although thousands of big and small companies are already marketing to their customers via SMS, the medium is still in its infancy. If you act now you can know your customers, that you are a forward-looking company. Your marketing efforts to break through the traditional clutter.

What Is the Value Proposition?

Mobile marketing is different in many flavors. For the vast majority of companies, we believe that is text-messaging the best way to reach your customers. To give you a quick overview of your options below us through the forms of mobile marketing other than text messaging, that are available on foot, with an explanation of their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advertising on the Mobile Web – Many prominent sites now offer customized Web sites for mobile phones, using WAP, and specially designed iPhone or BlackBerry websites. The problem is to use, less than a quarter of Americans the mobile web. This limits the range of your mobile advertising campaign. Also, if a banner ad for the mobile Web, you must ensure that it displays correctly be in thousands of different devices, made design of over a dozen different manufacturers.

    If your company does not decide their own WAP site Create, you can you integrate it in your text messaging campaigns.

  • Bluetooth / Infrared – In recent years a number of Trademarks Bluetooth and infrared-marketing campaigns have rolled. In a typical scenario, a street advertising offers consumers the opportunity to receive marketing content wirelessly on the "hotspot". We have such initiatives by the Discovery Channel and Pepsi with New York City bus shelters seen. These campaigns, while technologically innovative, are rare.
  • Location Based Advertising – Many mobile phones are equipped with Global Positioning System receivers. In a typical scenario, a Business can have a special offer to a consumer, if they send in the vicinity. This technology is increasingly popular overseas, but it is very much in its infancy in the U.S..
  • Multimedia Message Service (MMS) – Most mobile phones support multimedia messages, images, can contain text, sound, and even videos. The iPhone is certainly not supported MMS. The disadvantage is that MMS can receive such marketing messages are expensive for the consumer. Moreover, different networks and different devices will comply with different standards, hindering easy, ubiquitous campaigns. Successful MMS campaigns run normally "on deck", which means that it is limited to a single airline. While running an "on-deck" campaign can They use the power of MMS by adaptation to a particular carrier technology, you are on the Airline Customer
  • Mobile Search – Marketers familiar with cost-per-click (CPC) search engine advertising programs like Google AdWords, may be aware that these programs are now on the mobile Web. Expand It makes your search CPC campaign on the mobile Web a number of challenges. First, the mobile search is suffering the same "REACH" disadvantages, such as mobile advertising. Above also hope the major cellular carriers to keep the searches in the house, instead of assigning their users to a mobile search engine, and if the consumers of their search Mobile device, their intentions are very different than when they make their desktop session.
  • Mobile Gaming – Consumers have begun to embrace gaming on the mobile. Some companies have begun to advertise within freely available games. Mobile gaming is certainly popular, but it does not scale. Above addition, your company may have difficulty finding suitable placements.

As you can see, all these formats marketing major drawbacks. We were not surprised to see them more profitable in the future. For the present, but none of them offer the range, the simplicity and low cost of text messaging.

Let us now look to mobile marketing with text messaging:

  • You Can Do-It-Yourself – Small and medium enterprises, which have not the inclination or resources to a marketing agency of the work a text messaging campaign in-house start with a simple Web-based software / Service as Ez Texting. All you need is a web browser and a credit card to get started.
  • Text messaging is cheap – the cost Text messaging is important that both you and your customers. Send a lot of text-messaging campaign cost (prices as low as a nickel per message). Receiving text messages is a very reasonable price: Most cell phone plans include at least a few hundred messages per month, and costs only pennies more news to obtain. Heavy texters – most of them are concentrated in the 18-35 age group – are likely have unlimited message plans.
  • High Penetration rate – half of all Americans already have SMS, and even those who do not the lyrics are almost certain to support your own text messaging, a phone. More than 250 Millions of Americans own a cell phone, and almost all of them are ready to receive your message. can offer no other form of mobile marketing text messaging reach.
  • Start the conversation with text messaging – Other types of mobile marketing will grow in importance in the future. If you start text-messaging with your customers now, you will have the relationship (and data) have in place to reach them in new ways in the future.

As the steps Start your text message marketing Campaign In 9

Since this is the EZ Guide to Mobile Marketing with text messaging, we hate to complicate things, but we have to do to help understand, an important difference between the two most common types of text message marketing campaigns. Do not worry – the difference is simple, but as you will see, the steps that You take to get started is, is based on the type of campaign that you plan differently.

There are two kinds of text-messaging campaigns: pull and Push. In a push campaign will start your business with a database held off in numbers. A pull campaign was developed to a database of phone numbers for the future use to build.

  • Pick A Firm – Can they handle volume; support them all air carriers, they offer simple to use software, they offer advanced features that you want to use, is available on the street?
  • The target customers / members want to achieve – the power of marketing with SMS messaging is that you can get to reach the desired customers. Figuring out who they are before you Design your campaign. (If you are implementing a push campaign, you already have these customers' phone numbers. If you are launching a campaign pull, you will design The campaign is best to reach your target customers)
  • Setup a means to Collect Numbers – There are three ways to collect figures on the phone. You can direct your customers opt-in by sending a message with your keyword a short code, you can collect customers' telephone numbers with a web widget, or if the implementation a push campaign, you can easily import previously collected telephone numbers in your campaign database.
  • Select a category – Can include a keyword is a short word (the numbers) that customers send a text message to to join your list. An example would be: 'Text Short code keyword list to join our text messaging. "If you choose marketing company to work a mobile, such as Ez Texting, it will allow you to their common short code to use. Ez Texting In case this code is to give 313 131 Feel free to try this! Text of the single number 313 131 and see what happens.
  • Choose A Good Call To Action (CTA) – want to join you offer your customers value in return for your database. A typical CTA could go: Text keyword short code to the list join our text messaging and receive a 10 percent discount on your next purchase at the boutique.
  • Design Your advertising – Your mobile marketing campaign can stand alone, or it can compliment your existing marketing campaigns.
  • Keep it simple! – If you send out a mass message, keep it simple. You have 160 characters. Use it wisely. And always send a test message to yourself!
  • Always allow your customers to opt-out – the first Text Your clients depend on you so they know how to opt out of receiving future text messages. This is usually achieved in replying STOP to any of your messages.
  • Track Your Results – If you receive data from a campaign you are collecting too much going on – response rates, time of day and other data points. Use this data to your next campaign design and achieve even greater ROI!

The price of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Mobile Marketing

As we have already shown, mobile marketing with text messaging is simple. There are other advantages, the ease of use to DIY SMS:

  • Usability – A package such as mobile marketing Ez Texting is easy to use. It is web-based, ie there is no software to install. You can check on your campaigns and new projects from any computer with internet connection or directly from your own cell phone.
  • Cost – Our current economic climate is extremely challenging. It is a good chance that your customers are spending less. Meanwhile, your competitors to cut prices to make in the hope that what money they can. When starting looking for places to cut around corners, your marketing budget winds often in the crosshairs. A DIY mobile marketing campaign allows you to remain in contact to your customers, without the upfront costs of traditional ad buys. They can not afford to stop advertising and text messaging allows you to expensive, untargeted campaigns for affordable, targeted campaigns to avoid. Ez Texting Many customers tell us that they were able to return to other, more expensive advertising methods as soon as they built up an effective database opt-in customers.
  • Control – Everyone needs a helping hand from one and then, and one of the leading mobile marketing companies such as Ez Texting is always there, to help you get started and answer your questions. What you do not need is an expensive agency to do what you can do yourself, on their terms, instead of your own. Ez Texting The software allows you to send messages, receive, and on your own. More importantly, you control every dollar you can spend.
  • Information – When you data you manage your own mobile marketing campaign, you control your. Names, phone numbers, response rates – whatever data You collect, it's all yours. Do not rely on an agency for you with your data on request.
  • Campaigns that are allowed Yours is unique – instead of the Agency for new purposes, a cookie-cutter campaign with a DIY solution, you (or your marketing team) design campaigns that fit what your business does and what it represents.

Text Message Marketing, on the mere news Goes

SMS is the most popular and effective form of mobile marketing to do, because it does exactly what it is intended. You can enjoy huge ROI does nothing more than occasional SMS messages from your Customers, reminders and offers. But as you see, there is so much that we do. It is important for you and for your customers, all these methods simply too compelling things . Keep

  • Mobile Couponing – Load text in your keyword coupon to get your customer to be in your store for a discount now display can. In numerous surveys, consumers report that they, above all, to open news, we are worth.
  • Competitions – Commonly referred to as "Text-2-Win", a mobile competition offers consumers the opportunity to gain in value to text. Ez Texting's software includes built-in functionality of competition, so that you can randomly select the winner or the entries to offer prizes to the first x number of. Any person the texts in the competition will be added to your database of phone numbers
  • Voting & Trivia – working with consumers often produced the most successful marketing campaigns. Not only that, Voting & Trivia customers can put in their two cents on a topic, but collect valuable demographic Data about your target consumers' preferences, dislikes and personality trends.

Reviews & Tricks to Turbocharge Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Do-It-Yourself Mobile Marketing with EZ Texting software is simple. This does not mean that our Software is not extremely powerful. After a few minutes of experimental broadcasts news, you'll be ready to try some of our advanced features:

  • Message Forwarding – The news that your customers will send mobile phone address can be forwarded to your e-mail or directly on your own. Radio stations use this feature to track relay questions to DJs. Churches conducted to a cell phone for anonymous prayer requests during church services.
  • Send Messages from your phone – When you can not just get a computer with an Internet connection you can still send messages to your database of customers. This is perfect for one-the-go clients and marketers. Busy working the floor at a convention or a trade fair? The sending of messages in real time to your customers from your mobile phone.
  • Message Scheduling If you know that you send a message to a certain point in the future, just enter it in the system, schedule, and then when the time comes, the message is sent out automatically.
  • Web widget – a fully customizable applications This widget allows patrons to the side you connect your text-messaging database from a website, e-mail BLAST, MySpace or Facebook. This security-enabled widget only subscribed unique active mobile phone numbers. Just copy the widget and you're done!
  • Random Sends – running a special offer? Just want some of your customers affected? With a chance to send the Ez Texting software sends messages to x number of random numbers in your database.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) API is general only for advanced users. If you do not know what an API is it's probably best to get to the next Page to jump. By Ez Texting your own account, you can integrate our API to send and receive text messages with your own website or application. This is helpful would like to companies with existing platforms such as medical practices, which add to an SMS notification system for their CRM tool.

Look Who's Texting

As we described in the introduction to this guide, mobile marketing with text messaging already there. Business small and large campaigns running at this moment. Last year, Super Stop USA, a gas station in St. Paul, MN, led to one of our most popular Ez Texting powered mobile marketing campaigns:

Super Stop USA – When gas prices go up are scheduled, USA Owner Tony Donatell Super Stop know in advance. He believed that his customers it would be to fill their tanks at one point his station when they were alerted in advance of the price increase. What took Mr. Donatell was a way to quickly reach its customers with this information.

Super Stop USA found a solution, with a program called Gas powered Ez Texting Alerts. To attract subscribers, entered the station Point of Purchase (POP) displays with CTA, from in-store signs at the registers advertising posters outside customers rely on the pump, Text to "GAS" to 25 827.

Super Stop accumulated over 70 participants in less than two weeks. They reported a response rate of more than 20% for each text message Blast. The program is still good a year later.

The following three campaigns have been around 2008 most prominent and most successful mobile marketing efforts:

American Idol – A few years ago, producers of American Idol and AT & T joined the audience to enable Idol on their favorite via SMS voting participants. In 2008, fans voted in droves, sending in 78 million SMS messages. In 2008, AT & T expanded their idol Efforts to include "Voting reminders, trivia, a TXT-n-Win contest promises the winner $ 50,000 cash and a trip for two to the Idol series finale in Los Angeles and participants ringtones and video clips with Audition outrageous moments. "

President Barack Obama's 2008 election campaign – political historians to study Barack Obama's historic campaign for the coming decades. It is one thing wrong communicate with everyone on already – Obama's New Media team leveraged the web, social networks and text messaging in an unprecedented manner with supporters, recruit donors, and better get-out-the-vote (gotv) efforts. Known, announced the Obama campaign, their vice presidential choice of Joe Biden decided to subscribers in via text message. The message was about 2.9 million mobile phones. The phone went into the campaign database.

Finally, when election day came, supporters received text messages reminding them to vote. This was much more than a nice way, a campaign that exploited so successfully text messaging – has research found that more efficient than SMS all other methods as gotv end is old-fashioned door-to-door canvassing. Acquisition can effectively turning out votes, as text messaging, but it costs almost 20x Sun more recruits per vote.

The American Red Cross – The American Red Cross raised $ 190,000 dollars a year in 2008 with his text 2HELP program. The Program is activated in the event of a disaster. According to the Wireless Foundation, "Subscribers of participating wireless provider can send a text message to" 2HELP "(24 357) give the word. "" A $ 5 will be made tax-deductible donation to the American Red Cross for disaster relief efforts. Donations will be on customer monthly bills appear or debited from a prepaid balance. "

In 2008, the text was 2HELP advertised campaign through various communication channels and received its biggest boost when both presidential candidates their constituents to act. During the Republican National Convention, Mike Duncan, the Chairman of the RNC asked to comment Convention companions, their Cell Phones and text into a donation. The Obama campaign leveraged its own text messaging campaign to help the Red Cross, by its entire database of subscribers, a message asks her to give the text to 24 537 (2HELP).

About the Author

Since 2006, Ez Texting has led the mobile marketing industry in providing a simple, affordable text messaging platform for small to medium-sized businesses. We proudly offer the only US-based turnkey online solution that allows clients from all industries – education, hospitality, religion, politics, non-profits, technology and more – to develop and execute a text messaging campaign within minutes.

Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age – Closing Panel: Breakthrough Ideas to Drive Student Success

Smart Phone Penetration In Canada

smart phone penetration in canada
[mage source=”flickr”]smart phone penetration in canada[/mage]

E-Commerce Boom Leaves Small Business In Its Wake

Canadian small businesses (1 – 20 employees) have been slow to adopt e-commerce as a sales distribution channel, and they’re not alone, with their OECD counterparts showing similar patterns. In spite of the widespread availability of fast internet connections and cheap or free website builder tools, small business owners’ reticence to open their stores to online shopping is isolating them from an ever-increasing share of retailing revenues.

Although 85% of Canadian small businesses have high-speed internet access, just 36% have chosen to make a business website of their own. And while 45% purchase goods online, only 6% have developed an e-commerce strategy by building an online store1.

Though they have one of the highest rates of high-speed internet penetration in the world2, Canadian small businesses are as slow as their overseas cousins when it comes to adapting to the shift in revenues online. In 2007, Canadian retailing revenues totaled C$413.1 billion3, with online sales taking 3.1% – C$12.8 billion – of the total4. To put the figure in perspective, that represents a revenue stream of $C4740 per small-business employee5 that is being almost entirely ignored.

Though some small businesses are poorly adapted to the e-commerce sales and distribution model, most are simply poorly prepared for a 21st century phenomenon that is rapidly leaving them in its wake. Larger businesses have been much quicker to embrace e-commerce, and an exponentially increasing number of online stores, together with widespread penetration of rapid internet connections and connected devices, have encouraged consumers to spend less time in traffic jams around crowded shopping malls and more time – and money – shopping in the comfort of their own home. The explosion in the use of other connected devices, such as smart phones, has only accelerated the pace of transition of discretionary spending from physical stores to virtual ones.

In parallel with the rise in the prominence of e-commerce, has been the availability and affordability of solutions enabling small businesses to make a website themselves, without engaging external contractors, and allowing them to build a website with an online store quickly and with little to no cost. Yet too many small businesses continue to ignore the significance of e-commerce for their business, and – rather than developing an in-house solution – continue to see revenues dwindle.

1 Statistics Canada, How many small businesses use e-business? 2009

2 OECD, OECD Broadband Portal (various data series), 2009

3 Statistics Canada, Retailers Competing for Market Share: 2007 Retail Sales in Review, 2008

4 Statistics Canada, Survey of Electronic Commerce and Technology (SECT), 2008.

3 Statistics Canada, Key Small Business Statistics – July 2007, 2007

About the Author

For more information on how to make a website using a free website builder to make a business website, using our free website builder tools, see doomby – make a website free.

Anthony Lacavera on Canadian Wireless Industry: More competition = Benefits for Consumers

Us Smart Phone Statistics

us Smart Phone Statistics

Smart Phones: Sales and growth there is no stop sign

Do you remember when there was a time going about that it a very futuristic thoughts can and talk on a phone that was was not connected to the wall? I distinctly remember just use Star Trek episodes and will appear on this flip communicators, and I thought that was pretty cool. I never thought that in my life I see that a device, the gadget that was on the TV show was similar.

The idea that the mobile phone now means a smart phone really a good description of what to have them. Today, more of us are our mobile phones fully equipped with every imaginable function Loading: Internet access, MP3 capabilities, GPS navigation, e-mail devices like. 2008 is the year of the smart phone is goes mainstream.

The Great Race for Smartphones really began in 2008. By 2008, there was much discussion in many prototypes, but it was the iPhone that really unleash the possibilities with a smart phone .. It was the iPhone, that hunt the bar and all other producers raised to follow. The original iPhone sold 5 million units, despite only choose in the U.S. and parts of Europe. So the release of the new 3G iPhone Apple is not surprising that this is a really big boost for the smartphone.

When you look at the numbers in Smart Phones Sales, published the mobile phone industry, their latest statistics on smartphones and their impact on the market. According to Gartner, Inc, smartphone sales have increased worldwide by almost 30% just since 2007. In a slowing economy, the mere fact that a particular industry is a 30% increase in sales of general market decline has been demonstrated, that the phone is ready for take off.

In North America, but the increase is even clearer. In the same period for smartphones sales increased by 106%. The means more than its revenues, compared to sales of the first quarter of 2007 doubled.

The iPhone is not the only smartphone on the market. That being said, it is success itself, the viability of the item on the market and competitors are following suit. While smartphones like the BlackBerry were created as a once only desirable, through on-the-go business professionals, every day, consumers will be gravitating to the full functionality and portability.

And although prices for Smartphones are relatively high when the cost compared to a regular sitter mobile phone, the demand will increase the effective efficiency in production, and of course, that fall, the cost of smart phones. By reducing the cost of the smart phone and more people it will be for smartphones and they will sell a little.

With the popularity of the iPhone, it's no wonder that other mobile phone companies will be on the market soon with their own smartphones. Samsung, for example, is the release of the Tocco. It has a touch screen and allows the dropping and dragging of widgets for the convenience of the user. Nokia also comes up to bat with their own version of this smartphone. They work currently working on a touchscreen model prototype is currently called Tube. Blackberry is also releasing their own models as the BlackBerry Thunder known. This should be available in fall 2008.

And do not forget, Google is also on the horizon with their version of the phone. Not only are they working on an interesting open source platform, but the properties that it should be exciting in their phone search to see.

All of these models should do well, but the question is, what is the best? I think the people on the Page go to the Apple. In both cases, smartphones are a trend that has exploded in the technology industry and we are just looking at the infancy of the product.

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Mobile In Numbers: The Revolution is Here – Stats, Facts, Charts (Sparxoo)

Smart Phone Sales By Brand

Smart Phone Sales by brand
smart phone sales by brand

Internet Traffic Growth Last Year, Smart Phones Accounted For 5 Percent 2 Times The Iphone

Smart mobile Internet traffic surged in the past one year, nearly 2-fold, of which, Apple iPhone (mobile Internet) contribution to 5 percent China smart phone Internet traffic is the biggest winner, is still the world’s leading smartphone operating system of Symbian, the proportion of Internet traffic drastic decrease of 25% over last year, the biggest losers. We specialize in wholesale smart phone and direct marketing.

Tianyi Touch6900

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smart phone blackberry 9000

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a3100 motorola usd154

china a3100 motorola Windows Mobile 6.5 wifi phone 1. Tracking ball + MOTO Style (Not 1: 1 Copied) 2. UI: Dragable menu, with bead shape coin (different from the MTK style) 3. Touch screen + WIFI + JAVA + SECAM TV + 2 cameras 4. Motion Sensor, dual card dual standby, FM Radio

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Smart Phone In India

smart phone in india
smart phone in india
do you think it can ever happen between us?

Do you think an Indian dude would ever be interested in me? (I’m black), we’re in College and he helps me a lot with my school stuff, he’s super smart :)). But he was brought up in India and is the shy type, but sometimes he can be distant. Anyways, I think he likes talking to me on the phone and always seems pleased to help me.
Oh, and what should I do to make him like me?

Why shouldn’t an indian due not be interested in you. Color doesn’t matter. If he is helping only you and none else, it shows he likes you. Talk to him, maybe he wants a good company, give him friendship.

Global Smart Phone Revolution – China & India -Part #1

Smart Phone Ratings 2009

Smart Phone Ratings 2009

Himfr.com reports GPS car navigation systems and mobile phones increased threat of PND

According to market research firm iSuppli, portable navigation devices (PND) is the technology companies have recently been the most popular one of the products, but now has entered a period of slower growth, prompting the entire supply chain of companies to re-evaluate their business model. After several years of double-digit and even triple-digit expansion, the global PND shipments in 2009 are projected in 2008 fell 0.7%. In the next four years, global sales are expected to remain stable in 2013 is projected at 4,120 million, almost unchanged from 2008.

PND slowdown was due to car navigation systems and GPS mobile phone growth. This phenomenon is affecting the industry’s major manufacturers, from the high-profile pioneer of TomTom’s PND, to Compal Communications, behind the scenes such as contract manufacturers, no exceptions.

TomTom maintain its vitality
“Dutch TomTom startups in 2004, changed the face of car navigation to it from the luxury sedan into the mass market, from the lucrative high car features become commodity products,” iSuppli’s principal analyst for automotive electronics Richard Robinson said, “In just three years, TomTom companies in Europe and on the reputation in its company name has become synonymous with their products, as if sixties and the seventies of the Hoover.”

However, TomTom heavily dependent on the platform for the PND, PND in slower growth and production of hardware costs and increase the risk of the occasion, it has now become a major weakness. Because of this, TomTom’s PND navigation for non-developed areas of competition, new strategies.

“TomTom plans to play to their strengths, using its superior brand image, to expand its mobile phone and car in the growing market opportunities. Based on its alliance with Renault and Fiat’s agreement, its navigation technology will be embedded in them Among the cars, “Robinson said,” The company is also into the ‘application and the map’ in the market most notably those in Apple’s iTunes music store to sell the software. By breaking from PND hardware business, steering navigation content and software , TomTom has emerged from its biggest weakness: the cumbersome PND manufacturing, testing, transportation and sale of businesses. this area is full of challenges, such as inventory, and low profits. “

TomTom’s upside could be very large, according to iSuppli, it may be as high as 25% of the highly profitable Smart Phone Navigation market.

Reduction in contract manufacturing opportunities
In the long run, as PND growth potential is limited, but also for OEM manufacturers lost their appeal, the smaller manufacturers or to opt out of this shrinking market, or has been a leading supplier of crowding out.

“Growth prospects dim and the high concentration of industry, which means a smaller OEM and contract manufacturers in PND reduce the chances of the supply chain,” iSuppli’s electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM), senior analyst Jeffrey Wu pointed out, “PND market, the latest development, suggesting sluggish growth in contract manufacturers. one of the few to keep in-house production operations PND OEM’s market share growth rate is higher than those who outsource production of the industry. This has further weakened the smaller manufacturers opportunities. “

Compal Communications Inc. and some other Taiwanese ODM, 2007 Nian to GPS PND as one of the growth momentum. However, even these companies were later reduced investment.

In 2008, only 0.5% of the PND outsourced to EMS providers, less than 1% of the time in 2007. Flextronics is the only one in 2008 produced PND’s EMS providers, mainly because it had previously established relationships with the Navman, Navman was not acquired by PND manufacturers Mio. However, iSuppli predicts that if the further integration of Mio outsourcing, EMS providers from PND manufacturers disappear.

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What have the G8 and G20 achieved?
G8 and G20 leaders have concluded their meetings in Canada. What’s your reaction to what they have agreed?

Smart Phone Data Plan Verizon

Smart Phone Data Plan verizon
smart phone data plan verizon
If you plan to connect you to Verizon for a smartphone or BlackBerry?

I recently upgraded from my Rogue 2-year contract to Samsung and I needed a data plan so I came to connect up only. But now that I connect I get a smartphone or BlackBerry without additional data package?

I do not think I think for smartphones and BlackBerry data they have separate levels for these special phones.

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