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Samsung Smart Phone Sprint

samsung Smart Phone Sprint
samsung smart phone sprint
How often do you watch TV on your smart phone? Does it stream w/o buffering? What channels do you get?

I would also like to know if it is practical to, say, read the newspaper
on a smart phone. I am looking at the Samsung Instinct by Sprint.
Nobody has a demo for me to look at though for TV or Internet
so I am looking for opinions of others who have these types of phones
(smart phones, right?)

I WOULD watch tv on my smartphone, but im not paying for constant buffering. We dont have AT&T 3G in Omaha yet so ill wait till then.

For everything else, I suggest getting one. I have the Samsung Blackjack2. Had I known about the instinct, id have waited, but I love the one I have. Smartphones do everything you wish your regular cellphone did and then some.

Samsung Moment for Sprint Android Phone Demo

Smart Phone Junkie

smart phone junkie
smart phone junkie
hey smart phone advice?

Hey I am switching to qwest wireless in the next few weeks because my dad’s work expenses will pay for the bill. I really don’t know which phone to buy from qwest because I have a gsm carrier(at&t/cingular) and qwest uses the same towers as sprint so it is cdma so i can’t unlock my phone to bring it over. I am 12yrs old and am a big tech junkie (think kewl/sk8r nerd lol) and am thinking of getting a smart phone. I am thinking of buying the htc mogul that is coming to qwest in a few weeks. If not, i’ll probably get the samsung m520 that is just an average slider but at least it’s something similar to what most of my friends have so i’ll easily fit in. Am iI too young to get a smart phone? (ill probably get a data plan just for fun so the ev-do rev a on the htc mogul wont go to waste)

It depends. Since you’re a tech junkie, you may actually make use out of a smartphone…but then again, you may not. It has a looooot of really cool features, but they’re quite expensive if you don’t plan to use them. Even if you do get the data plan, you may not end up using all the features, and in that case you could have just got an internet plan with the slide phone.
Smartphones are definitely cooler though =)

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Smart Phone Sprint

smart phone sprint
smart phone sprint
Which is the best smart phone for Sprint: MOTO Q, Centro or Blackberry Pearl?

I'm in the market for a new smartphone. My options are the BlackBerry Pearl, Palm Centro and Motorola MOTO Q. The MOTO Q is much cheaper in price. Who knows the difference between the three in terms of operating system and the Capability, online access to documents, etc? Most of my productivity is done on the cloud by Web 2.0 applications.

What I would do is, in a Business to go and try your applications on the demo units. I think the demo units have data service. That would probably work the best way to see If your application is and see if you are able to work on the device. All three phones have different OS, the Q with Windows Mobile 5 (I do not think) it had to upgrade 6 is still running the Palm OS Centro, and the BB Pearl is running BlackBerry OS. Windows Mobile and Palm OS are other third-party software available as a BlackBerry. Palm OS to serve as simple as Windows Mobile use contemplated, but it also shows its age. I would recommend, nor do they try all out and see which of them best for You.

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Sanyo Flip Phone Sprint

sanyo Flip Phone sprint
Phone problems? (Not a biggie)?

Okay well I have the uh … Sprint Sanyo w / e his door .. so yeah .. If I send a text message somehow What to say in the forecast … this is sooooo annoying! How the hell do u turn it off? OMQ thx soo much!

I think his "Auto Text, can not remember. Try to press as one of the most important button, and you should see, ABC, abc, 123, and symbols. Scroll down to the ABC and return it. Then I think you'll be able to free from type words. Hope I helped

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