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Smart Phones Best Deals

smart phones best deals
What new smartphone should I? (Verizon Wireless) for the Palm Treo 700p, Samsung SCH-i760 or XV6800?

I get to save the 12 Upgrade and a man from has a lot to me, where I will work the 700p for $ 100 flat obtain. But to be honest, it looks boring. I dont really need a mart Phone, but I want one. I need to keep organized only a phone and can do Word Exel programs otherwise, just a bonus. I must be better organized, and I read this is the best at it … also in order. But I would like to know if u guys know somethin more.

Blackberry 8830th On mine, I have pictures, movies, Songs, e-times, JiveTalk (AIM), Google Maps, Viigo (RSS reader), and the Facebook application. The Treo is outdated and Palm shares have tanked, he's probably just trying to move back, which he in the. The Treo and 8830 are similar in price, ask him if he ll; give you a good piece on this. You could also look at the Pearl, a 2.0-megapixel camera (my phone has no camera).

Lockdown – iPhone / iPod touch / iPad – lock your app via PIN and prevent deleting and moving

T Mobile Smart Phone Deals

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t mobile Smart Phone Deals
what mobile phone should i use bluetooth or gprs?

virgin have a package of broadband, t.v., land line phone plus a mobile phone, i am not that smart when it comes to mobiles and don’t use it that often, they have a choice of phones one using bluetooth and the other using gprs what’s the difference between the two and which one would suit me most, i do use the computer a great deal of the time

Sal*UK is wrong in telling “GPRS is basically a sat nav system.” I think she misread.. Actually GPS is a sat nav system.

GPRS (General packet radio service) is a packet oriented mobile data service available to users of the 2G cellular communication systems
Learn more about it here

Bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances
Learn more about it here

As a user if u have bluetooth you can transfer data like photos e.t.c with your friends who have a bluetooth phone. Also if your phone has bluetooth profile 2.0 (dont know whether your phone has this feature) you can use a bluetooth remote headset to hear songs .
On the other hand GPRS is used to retrieve data through your mobile phone. Normal phones with GPRS are often described as 2.5G. They can be used as a modem to connect to internet, but at a cost which your provider determines.

Both of them are entirely different technologies. It is upto you to choose between the two based on your needs. Thanks.

HTC S620 T-Mobile Dash LCD Screen Replacement Instructions Open

Lg Smart Phone Projector

lg Smart Phone Projector

Adwinds Solutions Pvt.Ltd







Sub: Introduction of Adwinds and its services


“Good Communication is as stimulating as Black Coffee, and just as hard to sleep after “


About us :


In this constantly changing media world where the consumer has more power than ever to choose and influence marketing communications. Adwinds understands these dynamics in the market place with the motivation to innovate, and courage to differentiate. On par with International Standards.


To ensure our client’s success we keep ourselves on the leading edge of the emerging trends, striving to push established boundaries, as well as maintaining a clear focus by providing relevant and different programmes which truly comprehend the uniqueness of each product or service.


Adwinds believes in Holistic approach. It aims to ensure consistency of message and effective usage of client’s budget through maximization of every rupee spent.


In today’s world of fluctuating Brand Power, rising perceptions of parity, products,reducing loyalty, we strongly feel that the image of the brand is to be taken on renewed importance. Strong image can make a siginificant difference in your organisation’s sales, volumes and Stock Power.


Creating the right delivery system :



Our belief in business ethics is absolute openness in all our dealings and our team would work with absolute efficiency of high speed response to the Client’s requirement and efficiently meet the deadlines even in the most demanding situation.

Contd … Page 2/-

– Page 2 –



We believe that the rules of Marketing and Competition have changed and today, Brand conversion is more critical to commercial success than ever before. Keeping this in view, we have laid strong principles in the business activity.



Think Macro. Act Micro :

Why you should choose Adwinds ?


  • Our Philosophy is to work with simple understanding of Communication and Create  Advertising that sells.
  • We consider that your Brand is your Most Valued Property. We build it and protect it.
  • Understanding the ground reality and the pulse has enabled us to be successful.
  • We believe in strong loyalty to the client and belief in his products and services.


Advantage of choosing Adwinds

  • We believe in adding value in the every service we provide by stretching every Rupee spent in the most judicious manner.
  • Adwinds an Indian Newspaper Society ( INS ) accredited advertising agency


How do we propose to do this ?


  • Media Buying, Planning and implementing is our Core Strength a sub function of Advertising Management.
  • We evaluate factors on Demographics, Geographics, Psychographics in relation to the customer’s Service / Product offered.
  • We offer good deal in rates, create Media Schedules based on Media Plan using the various Media options within the given Budget.
  • We conduct and do fair amount of Media Research depending on the Product, Service and how best to spend within the allotted Budget.
  • Our THOUGHTS, APPLICATIONS and EVALUATIONS process includes Research on Target Audience / Target Group, the type of Mediums to be used, the best possible way to reach the Target Segment and Create the Impact with Desired Response.
  • We Strategies the process because, we provide Specialised Services in Traditional Media and New Media Services. We strongly believe in prudent and judicious usage while utilizing Client’s budget and  recommending Media Services which is most appropriate, effective to reach your goal in the most practical with tangible results.


Contd.. Page 3/-





– Page 3 –


Our Communication Services Matrix

Brand Centric focus activities






Our Core area is providing OOH – Out Of Home Solutions, focused in marketing to consumers when they are on the go. In public places, in transit, like Airport, Railway Stations, Bus Stations and other prominent places where people’s attention is held.


We create positive Brand Experience take the message to reach the people. Our research has proved that this medium is distinct, dynamic, and evolving. It is compatable to the changing Social Trends which is in tune with the current trends and lifestyle.


We have categorised our activities as Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line

We are more focused in the following line of activities:
Event Management, Event & Exhibition Promotions,Rural Marketing Campaigns Film Production which includes Corporate, Commercials etc,
Electronic Media ( T.V.), Broadcast Media(Radio)

Print Medium(Newspapers, Magazines etc.,)
Perception Management(Public Relations) and developing innovative Direct Mail campaigns.

Our Support Systems


We strongly believe in good infrastructure to support in our Client’s activity and further our endeavour in providing comprehensive communication package / Solutions.






Contd.. Page 4/-




– Page 4 –



Internal Assets


  • Creative Department – Full fledged Creative Department with all in-house facilities. The Department is well staffed with Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designers, Visualisers.
  • Content Writers – Web Content, New Media Services, Traditional Media Services etc., in English and Vernacular Language.
  • Software Support – Latest high end Mac & IBM Systems
  • Media Software with in–built Optimisational Programmes with Analysis and Data.



  • Laptops, and Software with latest Computers installed in all Departments

(Client Servicing, Media, Market Research, Creative and Market Information Systems Department)


External Assets


  • Video on Wheels – Mobile Van Promotion
  • Latest and Stylised Fabricated Mobile Van for the use in Urban and Rural Markets
  • In-built with XGA High Resolution Sony Projector, Hi-Fi Amplifier, Hi-Fi Speakers, Wireless Micro Phones, Heavy Duty Genset


How does Adwinds  bring value as a Communications Specialist ?

  • We strongly believe in adding value without adding frills and financial implications to our Client.
  • Our Methodology is time tested and proven
  • We define our programme on ADR concept

A-    Analysis

D – Diagnosis

R – Recommendation


  • Study the Industry
  • Study the Audiences
  • Study the Competition
  • Define the Goals


  • Identification of Grey areas
  • Clarity on Target Audience
  • Thoughts, Applications, Evaluations and Research

Contd… Page 5/-

– Page 5 –



  • Development of Communication Agenda
  • Development of Communication Matrix
  • Recommendation of Actionable Communication Plan
  • Follow- up on Recommendations 


Adwinds strongly believes that Advertising helps consumers in being informed, helps business growth and overall economy prosper. It acts as a key element in bridging the gap in the minds of prospective customers. And delivers the need and motivates the process in speeding up the purchase decision.


We are pleased to enclose our clientlele.


Our prestigious clientele covering every spectrum of business activity follows:


Infrastructure / Constructions / Real Estate


Navayuga Engineering Pvt. ltd.

Sew Constructions ltd.

Sew Infrastructure ltd.

Asian Granites

Dharani infrastructures pvt.ltd.

N.SR. Housing pvt. Ltd

Dozco (India) pvt ltd.

Deco gold glazed tiles ltd

Granolite-deco light ceramics ltd.,

Jahnavi infrastructures pvt. Ltd

Midwest granite pvt limited,

MYK Schomburg



Electronics / Electrical / Automation


A.P. Electronics

Amara Raja Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Crompton Greaves Ltd




Contd… Page 6/-





– Page 6 –

HCL (computers)

LG (air conditioners)


Sony (LCD projectors)


Desai fabricators

Sew Energy ltd.

VJ Advanced Power Systems

Kitec Industries India Ltd

Accor group limited, New Zealand

Mahindra & Mahindra Motors


Tours & Travels

Ascon Holidays pvt. Ltd

Omtours & Travels pvt. Ltd

Lorven Tours & Travels. Ltd.

Garuda  Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd



BPO Systems Private Ltd

Redsalsa technologies


Detech-ANZ solutions Inc.(USA)


N-infosoft pvt. Ltd.

Lodestar (USA)



Banking sector

State Bank of India

Allahabad Bank

Reserve Bank of India


Medical / Health

Elbit Medical Diagnostics

Pacific Hospitals

Planet yoga (Hong Kong)

Indo-American cancer hospital


Modicare Ltd.(Bangalore)

Yoga Alliance Asia Health Care



Contd…Page 7/-


– Page 7 –

Cera chem pvt. Ltd

IPCA laboratories ltd.




Blooms College of Hotel Management & C.T.

Himalaya Book World

Shravanthi P.G. College Image hospitals

National Institute of Fashion Technology

Bharat Student.com

CADD Centre

Aakash Institute IIT-JEE



John Deere Equipment Private Ltd

Franchise India Holdings Ltd

Hertz  Group of Companies

Shades (Hamed Saberi Enterprise India Ltd)


NEC Projectors

Andhra Cements Ltd

Social Media Ltd

Bambino Agro Industries Ltd

Global Living Style Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Think smart

LIC of India


Assuring of our best services at all times, looking forward for an association with prestigious organization like yours.




For Adwinds Solutions Pvt.Ltd.,


T.George R.Wilfred

Business Development Manager-Live Media

Cell : 9963500122.

Corp.& Regd. Office: 1-1-343/A, 1st floor,

Viveknagar,R.T.C. Cross Roads,


Ph: 040-66835580,

Fax: 040 – 40045035.

Email: george@adwinds.com


About the Author

Smart Phone Magazines

smart phone magazines
What should I get for my 14th birthday?

I am a boy. I already have: Computer (Broken) iPod Touch Ps3 Ds (Broken) PSP (Broken) I 'm not guaranteed to receive: Cell Phone Xbox 360, Wii Playboy:) I do not want: Anything Books educational toys Lego Do not no sports equipment. I like: Gaming Computers Electronics Gadgets Retro Stuff Paypal money Runescape Crossfire emulators Arthur Smart Guy Family Guy Spongebob H31P / / 3 P | _0X Ip

simple answer you To get you there

Palm Unveils Smart Phone, the Pre

Smart Phones Walmart

smart phones walmart
okay this is a question that i really need help with!?

my 5 yr. old wants a cell phone. she is very smart and know how to get to pictures and music without my help! just a little prepaid phone that you get from walmart! she knows her numbers so teaching her how to dial out wouldn’t be hard at all!

Where would your 5 year old be going without you where she would need a cell phone?

Analyst Insight: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, Best Buy Co. & RadioShack Corp. Short on iPhones

Smart Phones At Walmart

smart phones at walmart
Does It Ever You Out If Creep. . . . . . ?

You hear someones conversation and see some that you talking about? Yes, I do not hear other people, the conversations but sometimes people talk sooooo loud that one can not help but listen! Anyway, it freaks me sometimes as if. . . 1st Two old men (in the 50's?) Did my legs as they wanted. . . And I think eww and pedophilia (I 22 May are seen around 16th .. but is best) 2 I have heard that people in the Class (college) I must say, its sooo smart because they take in a HS student in college classes. . . Back in 22 my HS days are over, and finally third LOL I heard a woman more than Walmart talk about the abortion she was really into loud (almost shouting) phone. . . Who else? Stories? Thoughts / opinions? LOL Sorry I ♥ boredddddddd am

Yes, it creep me out:) Here is a story my mother told me (it happened to her): Well, she was in London sitting in the subway, if these three women came and sat beside her. She was pregnant (with me), but she wore a big jacket, so you could not really see her baby belly. So, somehow, these women began talking loudly about how terrible pregnancy, children are little whiny nuisance and that the whole experience both painful and leads to stress is a bitter mother. Phew! Talk about awkward. So it was to stop my mother and she was just about to leave when she gets up and grabs her coat. The ladies were very surprised to see that she was visibly pregnant very well and immediately turned around with wide open eyes to the window in the face. THE END. Hope this helps your boredom; D

Walmart’s Black Friday 2009 Deals

Smart Phone Viruses

smart phone viruses
smart phone viruses


Virus Attacks on cellphones

An increase in virus attacks has been seen globally in October 2009, and it is only the beginning.

I warned about virus on the smart phones to become a growing problem as early as in May 2009. The attacks so far have been less malicious than just to prove that the cellphones are vulnerable to attacks through various ways.
The fact that the cellphones are less protected than the PC’s makes us believe what we see now is only a beginning.
You should begin to check your phone bill more closely now, as a virus has been found that makes your phone make a call on its own.
This is the first virus where we see some economic gain can be found, and we will talk about large money here. Just taking some few cents from each phone would make billions of dollars globally.
The hackers industry is on the loose, and they really want your money – and they are not shy of any methods to get it from you.

As a background, you can read some of the articles i have written about this issue previously. There can be some learning lessons in these articles as well.
October 2009
June 2009
May 2009

This is how you secure your cell phone

It is totally irresponsible of any company to not install anti-virus software on their Cell Phones, however it goes for all of us individual users as well.
So far there has been seen as no need to install any anti-virus software on the cellphones as attacks have not been around for so long. However, there are several things you can do yourself to avoid viruses on your phone.
Turn off the bluetooth function when you are not using this function on the phone. Virus can be transferred through the bluetooth system and the probability will increase that someone will take over your phone.
Do not open files or MMS that you did not expect to get or know about in forehand.
If you surf on the internet with your cellphone, avoid pages you are not sure of or have no knowledge about at all. You have to remember that you probably are better protected visiting the same pages with your PC since it has a anti-virus software protecting you. The Cellphone is just like a PC without the anti-virus software installed.
You can buy a anti-virus software through the internet, however you can not find any proven good anti-virus software for free for your cellphone yet.

E-mail is vulnerable in particular.
You would hardly think of surfing the internet or running a email program without using a anti-virus software on your PC. However, the smart phones have become like mini-computers with an operating system and add-on software which all are vulnerable to virus attacks.
It is just here the cyber criminals have found an interest to tap into. The hackers are no longer the boys in the boys room sitting and making codes just to prove themselves. They are now part of an industry funded by major criminal organizations able to create malicious software with almost no limits any longer.
However, the problem is that most of the users do not even know how to install antivirus software on the cellphone.
This is a problem that face lots of cellphone users today, and it just indicate that if you want to have a sophisticated cellphone, then you need to become a more sophisticated and knowledgeable user. However, one can say that sellers of the hardware should take some responsibility to enhance security of the use of their product.
You do not sell a car without complying to some safety regulations and measures.  And this lead back to the regulators, that they have no regulations on how safe a cellphone should be to attacks, and maybe this will wake up the legislators to demand some safety measures a hardware should comply with before it is sold into the consumer market.
No smart cellphone to be sold without any proven anti-virus technology enabling the user to feel some safety when using this product. Yes, it will increase the price of the product, but i believe the users will be willing to take this cost given the dangers he or she can be exposed to with a cellphone that is not protected at all.
So far there have not been any complaints in major scale based on the latest calling virus found on the cellphones.
So far you are responsible for any use of your cellphone number and have to pay to the provider any costs associated with your cellphone number.
This is were the conflict starts, who should be responsible to provide a secure service – the users or the provider?
There are several examples of people complaining of phone bill exceeding what they thought they could have been responsible for. However, it is almost impossible for the users to win through with these cases, as collecting evidence could only be done by the provider itself, which is part in the case. The consumer is bound to have lost. It is here the legislators should put some demands to the providers to be able to protect their users. The providers says they are not responsible for the virus attacks and can not be held responsible. On the other hand they provide a service that is prone to virus attacks, and should feel morally obliged to protect their consumer and clients.
We are having a mighty challenge at hand in the near future as these virus attacks will become more frequent and have more stealth power than today.
There are examples produced in the last few weeks of cellphones been taken over and started producing cellphone calls by itself, without any interference of the owner of the phone and the subscription. These examples shows that the phone has begun systematically calling phone The calls varies from few seconds to several minutes and will give the users an extra cost of few cents to Euros or USD pr call.
One examples shown to the public is that one cellphone made around 100 calls during a period of 2 days. It was only found since the user wanted to check why the phone bill showed a discrepancy from previous bills he had.
The evidence that this was a virus, comes from the fact that the calls did not show up on the cellphone call log at all. There is no doubt at all, the cellphone has been taken over by a virus.
This is only the beginning as the cyber criminals have found out tht it is very easier to take over your phone than your PC, as most have antivirus protection on the PC’s but not on the cellphones.
They have also found a very easy way to take money from the users as these services will be directed and used towards special phone services owned by the cyber criminals and therefore will get easy income from the users.
You might ask now, how is the phone infected in the first place?
There are several ways this can happen, but the most probable is that the owner has received a MMS with a virus infected file that takes over the phone. You might levee you open a photo, but in the background the cellphone loads a virus to be hidden on your cellphone.
Another way this method can occur is through surfing on the internet as some web pages have photos with this type of malicious code attached to it.
Another way is through the bluetooth system as files can be loaded onto your cellphone without your knowledge at all.

It is very difficult to detect these attacks and the only measure so far, is to double check your phone bill and make sure you can account for the calls made there. If not, then you should consider the fact that you have been attacked and there is a need to clean your cellphone to avoid further take over of the cell phone.

By taking over your phone, the cyber criminals will gain information on your cellphone which can be valuable, like email adresses and information inside these (sensitive information, passwords, number, accunts etc)
A virus can also make the phone to call expensive pay services abroad and the owners of these services can make a hugh amount of money on this.
Some viruses are just what it is – a virus to demonstrate a methodology or a way to contribute to the open source society amongst the cyber criminals to gain more knowledge about how to exploit your phone.

The best way to avoid attacks on your cellphone is of course to install a anti-virus program and not to open any files you have no idea were they come from.
The virus is not placed on the SIM card (as of yet not found that is), but is installed in the operating system on the phone itself.

About the Author

Stig-Arne Kristoffersen has a background as civil engineer and geoscientist. He has worked mainly within the oil and gas industry from the mid 1980s. He has written a few fictional novels as well as being the author of some professional litterature within oil and gas sector, he act as a writer to various web sites.

There is a Virus for That – Smart Phone Hacking

Smart Phone At Walmart

smart phone at walmart
smart phone at walmart
Girlfriend questions can someone help me?

Me and My Girl together'm only two months and to build trust since we changed phones cold turkey … they me and I have ….. it passed a whole day, and her ex texted her and asked about which I know Walmart lol, it was him just trying to start conversation. I decided a smart *** and tell him this is her husband and gave him the direction …. long story short, he asked, thinking it was her …. i why did you delete my number and said they did not …..( i did lol) point, she is angry at me because I I shouldn't have done what they should sais am a greater man and told him without offending in general, then texted him to say my bad my bf had my cell phone and said pls dont text me no more Now my question is …… I was wrong? I honestly feel like f *% & IT and stay in motion with my life …. What should I do …. I still have her phone number and she does not have me she wants to prove to me, it is hiding anything

That was not wrong at all, you needed to let that man know that yall went out and needed to "get out of your Kool-Aid" aha. Atleast now, but you know you can trust, pass the whole thing, give her some time to calm down, everything will be OK, and if he tries to to txt / call then let them know and let them take care of, rather than premature. Everything will be alright my friend. Good Luck

Ooma Bluetooth Adapter integrates mobile phones and home Ooma, Inc. today announced the availability of the Ooma Bluetooth adapter, so that Telo further Ooma Premier Subscribers Integration of their mobile phones with their home phone systems. With today's new offering, marks Ooma provides a further milestone on the promise that the phone for the house. read more

Cell Phone Case Canada

cell phone case canada
cell phone case canada
How do you call the police on a bell mobilty phone in Canada Ontario?

only in case of emergancy someone knows what to the police for the dial local or minutes to do for emergancy. As long as you have a working cell phone, you're okay. The first poster is wrong about it being free, there is a small monthly Fee on your behalf should, 0.50 cents
These data – 545 million Cell Phones vs. 366 million people with better access bathrooms – comes from a recent press release the United Nations University

Ads by Google

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