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technology - Part 2

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Smart Phone Wikipedia

smart phone wikipedia
Alltel Internet?

Hello! I am thinking about getting a smart phone from Alltel but I have to know a few things first.

1. Can it access the “real” internet, as in can it go to any website. I’m not interested in the Mobile web which can’t go to any of the websites I need.

2. How much does it cost? There are 3 other people on my plan and our contract renews soon, and I need to know how much it costs per month to run the internet on the phone. It doesn’t list it on the website.

3. More specifically I want it to access the following websites, if someone could check for me if they can I would appreciate it.



Oh and by the way, if at all possible if you do test it could you let me know on what model phone you tested it on? Thanks!

if i were u i would only buy a phone i no for sor about or u could just go find out at the store it is in

Apple Computer Wikipedia travel guide video. Created by Stupeflix.com

Smart Phones In Education

smart phones in education
smart phones in education
Mind games again? Seeking serious/smart and genuine advice.?

We exchanged profiles and decided to talk on phone after the first two emails. I talked to him twice on phone for two consecutive weeks. He sounded nice but seemed he is taking things slow. The last time he said we’ll meet by the end of the next month since he is in the West Coast and disappeared. No emails, no phones, no sms for two weeks and he is still on the online dating website. I thought he was playing mind games and decided to move on.

Yesterday he sent an IM saying hi..but I didn’t respond. I am a bit tempted since he is a nice guy with good education and a great job. What say?

t’s been a month now that since we intially started talking and I have a feeling that he is treating me like the”just in case” types.- I must have sounded desperate cauz last time while ended the conversation I said do call me whenever you want. Any advices?

Trust your instincts. Sounds like he’s not really all that interested in you. But he still wants to keep you as a backup until he finds someone else.

Education Wave.avi

Smart Phone Industry Statistics

Smart Phone Industry statistics
smart phone industry statistics

E-mail Marketing Tips – 4 Steps on how to write powerful and effective e-mail, why is it wise to use email marketing to will build your Internet business?

In only one of my earlier article "Discover the confirmed marketing and advertising of the tactics on the Internet World Wide Web Business" I was talking about e-mail marketing, so I share with you powerful formula is the best way e-mail messages to killer that makes men and women who ever you are just purchase offer, to create enterprises, service or product.

This formula contains four important things that your e-mail must have in order to obtain fantastic effects. If you are able to exploit the technology, you can see the final results and keep in mind that nothing so overnight you have to build know-how to compose a murderer happens Stick e-mails. Copywriting is simply that each individual skill Belajar Internet marketing provider should develop.

So here are the four main points:

1) Headline – one of the most important component of the e-mail, as individuals will open your e-mail only if your position is catchy and will believe that the people you are primarily a matter for them. You have to stand out on the set and let me show you that headline such as "Make $ 10,000 per month with this system is simply" no longer works today. Their intention in this article is always an appropriate title, something that the proper recording of attention generate Most people would think about your message. Headline could also shocking and good tip is usually use to concern.

2) Physique of the e-mail if you use emotions – Men and to obtain women for emotional reasons, not logical. You use logic to rationalize their choice. Fill out your e-mail with emotion and you will go Prospects from the direction of the acquisition by you. How will you move in a position to people with emotions? Notify a story. Give you a quote potent. Give a statistic. Create a confession. Enter a certificate. be Clarifies how to existence, if they will use your services or products – or, as in life, if they do not use your products or services. Ask yourself these questions: Does your ad make them stay and read your mail? Does your ad on his or to speak their interests, desires, hopes and dreams?

3) all of the e-mail if you have something safe – you are currently almost certainly well aware of his own skepticism when reading advertisements, whether on the web or in newspapers. People need to know they are not to be cheated. Make your program and say in your ads. This must address not elaborate, but it does need to be there. The wisest guidance I can give you further down the supply of produce is your warrant a "risk reversal". Instead of having the consumer get under every possible by your support, the many threats to suit you. Spell a guarantee ensure that no sensible person could resist. Explain in clear, simple, exciting terms the benefit of their respective services or products? They reveal what got the buyer? Is your ad really feel about this and want your support? Please inform what is in it for them?

4) phone to act – the end of your ad with a telephone conversation with actions. Convey your readers to create, call, check out web site or mail you. And make it to lead with ease. Ask someone to create echoes back to perform and asked them to stop from place sounds quickly. Some you want to convey to them what to do. Basic errors in texts is not to use a rule, clear call to action.

There are four magical details that include your e-mail must be: Highly effective Headline, spiritual body of e-mail with some warranty or pre-and powerful and clear call to action.

Use of a vehicle responders and Marketing E-mail can be set up as a very lucrative earnings process has become the Web. By registering with only one Internet Marketing Services can be found in a position to spot a simple code of your site and let your website visitors decide to include in your e-mail. When did you perhaps you can then current market for this listing when they decided to expand accommodation for your entry. Just here are a handful of other motives, such as an e-mail marketing number can Help you to make more money.

When people search for information online, it is easy for them to neglect that they had websites was am thinking about it as soon as you find the information you generally attend more than one site. However, you should receive an e-mail checklist to many more facts you have all learned is complete head to your e-mail, to see the Internet site, provided that the details. Individuals have a short memory and your e-mail support bring back the visitors of the site is much more often.

The people who opt in to your listing in the first place because they want to decide it. They saw that you had completely free information offered and signed it. Most car-responder company will lead a double opt-in, just to be sure that they even asked be a part of this checklist. Knowing that they want to be, and try to find information which raises the likelihood that they get well what you are so beautiful . Present

In addition to signing up to receive readily to the electronic mail record these potential clients actually targeted. To be a point the cheap and could certainly help them in solving their dilemma or dilemmas, no matter what it might be, then you have to create a great chance a significant revenue this record deals.

Another reason why it is wise to use, e-mail marketing is because you really do have the chance this Record industry and promote your articles or goods for ever. Just continue to add quality content for your checklist they want to continue to produce a part of this e-mail record. Designing with confidence Your ad will not only keep them for your offer, but will also give you a much better chance of marketing them of goods.

The best aspect about marketing via e-mail is the truth that it is so cheap and easy to use. The only point you have to pay is often a monthly fee for the program auto-responder company, which usually runs under $ 20. Then all you have to reach, is a play put the code on Its website that the opt-in box so people can as much as you can sign your e-mail series.

About the Author


New phone apps aim to enhance health Minneapolis – The iPhone is the time proved to be filled as a way to deter posts about social networks to play silly games. Now, some entrepreneurs hope they add more to their practical use, making it to monitor the health and prevention of disease.

Smart Phone And Projector

smart phone and projector

Apple rivals join forces to launch ‘iPad killer’
Apple’s electronics industry rivals united today to launch an unprecedented attack on the American giant’s market dominance.

Smart Phone Leaders

smart phone leaders
How does a golf leaderboard look at mobile phone?

What are the contents of which are available on the leaderboard golf in iPhone and smartphone? Please suggest some websites


Impact 2010. The Premier Conference for Business and IT Leaders. Smart!

Smart Phone Qr Code

smart phone qr code

What is Augmented Reality? (And what can it do for my business?)

Augmented reality, by definition, is any view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. This is a fairly broad definition that encompasses a lot of smaller categories.

Augmented reality is a technology that is expanding very quickly, and that has expanded further than most people realize. There have been major breakthroughs in the technology, including miniaturization and development; however there are still some weaknesses and difficulties that have yet to be solved.

When most people think of augmented reality, they tend to think of super futuristic heads-up displays that can instantly provide information on any object it sees, and help direct the user’s interactions with reality, like we have seen in the Terminator or Iron Man movies.

However, mobile technologies, digital cameras, cutting edge software developers, and the power of crowd-sourced information  has helped build a new generation of augmented reality applications that are pushing the limits of the technology and creating new tools for individuals and businesses to engage each other.

This has transformed augmented reality from bulky hardware setups into small apps that run on common smartphones, home computers, and Internet applications. No longer do we need bulky goggles, awkward setups, or futuristic hardware to make it work, which has opened it up to wide-scale commercial use.

What can it do?

Despite some still existing limitations, augmented reality is actually impressively powerful, especially in mobile devices. We will discuss specific limitations in a bit more detail at the end of this article, but first the good stuff: what it can do.

Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices

Many smartphones, including the Apple iPhone™ and many Android™ phones, now come with a built-in GPS system and compass, which means that the phone can determine its location and know which direction you are facing. This is important because most mobile augmented reality applications rely on knowing your position, rather than on object recognition (but there are a few of those too).

This includes providing directions, providing information on things around you, and updating you when something important happens in your area. For example, if you were in a mall, an augmented reality application could help guide you to stores that had an item you wanted, update you when flash sales and discounts happen, and help you locate your friends should one get lost.

One of the more popular applications on the Droid is Google’s™ Sky Map application. Users can hold their phone up to the night sky and instantly see a label for all the stars and constellations. As the user points the phone in different directions, the image on the screen adjusts appropriately to display labels for what the user is viewing in real life.

Other similar applications have taken this technology and applied it to searching. Augmented reality browsers work by displaying search results based on proximity. As you search for the nearest pizza restaurant or hotel, these browsers will display the results in real-time digital information on top of the real world, as seen through the camera on your mobile phone. As you hold your phone up to the horizon and spin around, the overlay will show you which results appear in whichever direction you are looking.

One of the most impressive reality browser is called Layar, which allows users and developers the ability to build custom tools. As a result, users can search for hundreds of different types of things, including nearby tweets, nature pictures, service opportunities, and community events. Layar can display 3D object overlays, such as displaying the Berlin wall as it stood before 1989, or accurately placed information icons.

Augmented Reality with Webcams and Internet Applications

Another form of augmented reality that is becoming increasingly common in mobile and web applications is the use of webcams or phone cameras to overlay images onto whatever the camera is viewing.

In many cases this uses QR codes, essentially a high-tech barcode, or other visual cues in order to know how to display an object. For example, magazines, business cards, trading cards, or other materials can be printed in order to provide visual cues to the camera. Hold the card closer to the webcam and the object gets bigger; tilt or rotate the card, and the virtual object moves along with you.

This lets you virtually manipulate objects, which can be great for online shopping, games, development, and other applications. There are hundreds of examples that are currently in use, but each of them provide a new level of interactivity that gives the user the ability to “interact” with the product, rather than just  see pictures or video.

Some of these applications also recognize physical gestures, which lets you control the application just by standing in view of the camera and making the appropriate gestures. For example, some applications let you virtually try on clothing from an online store. By using simple gestures, like raising your arm to the right or left, you can move to the next article of clothing, or add the current one to your shopping cart, or change the color, or any number of programmable commands.

This gives the user full control without the need to return to the computer to make selections or work with the program.

Digital live cameras have also been employed in augmented reality billboards. These billboards record what is happening on the street below, and overlay information or advertising.

One example is in Amsterdam where a prerecorded video of EMTs and medical personnel are attacked when trying to rescue an injured person. This prerecorded (and staged) video is overlaid onto a live video of people on the street. When you look at the billboard, you see what looks like a tragic event taking place. The message is that everyone needs to be aware of public servants, and help keep them safe.

This type of impact marketing reaches audiences by showing them what a situation would look like in real life. This can be for public safety situations, as described above, or for product promotion in which the audience can visualize how a certain product might look in their own home.

Custom Augmented Reality Business Integration

Companies have also started building their own augmented reality platforms for training, efficiency, and performance improvement. These projects help new and experienced employees hone their skills, learn new techniques, and respond more quickly to real-time information.

One example is BMW which is in the process of deploying its own augmented reality application for mechanics. This application is designed to improve training time, reduce errors and increase efficiency by guiding mechanics through the repair process.

This platform, which is an integration of custom hardware and software, has mechanics use specialized goggles that employ object recognition to accurately display select car parts in their real location. Not sure how to remove the radiator? This system will show you exactly which parts you need to move and remove in order to replace it. It does this by overlaying images of each part, and gives visual instructions for removing each piece.

Augmented reality applications are already being developed in many other industries, including health care and natural resource development. The increased access to real-time information gives managers and on-the-ground people, from well drillers to brain surgeons, a leg up on the competition.

What are its limitations?

The limitations mostly depend on the platform. For most businesses seeking to develop something to engage customers, matching the desired features of the application to the right platform may be a large hurdle. We have discussed some suggestions for matching a project to the right platform before, mostly for mobile and desktop applications, and it definitely applies here as well.

Currently, most smartphones depend on GPS and an internal compass for direction and location. This works in many situations, but is limiting because of its inherent inaccuracy. The GPS can tell what street you are on, and the compass can tell generally what direction you are facing, but if you wanted to include accurate overlays on objects or buildings, it would be nearly impossible without object recognition, or other visual location cues. You could get semi-close, sure, but without more powerful object recognition software, and more powerful mobile devices to run that software, there will always be very noticeable incongruities.

Fortunately, like with most technology, it is improving quickly. In a few years, near-real-time object recognition on smart phones will be a reality. Already Google’s app “Google Goggles” employs rudimentary object recognition, which can read and translate text, recognize paintings and landmarks, read barcodes among other things, but it still has trouble recognizing and differentiating many common objects. Also, even Google Goggles has a somewhat considerable delay in processing time and using its online knowledge database to make comparisons, which prevents it from being used in a practical AR experience.

Other limitations include wide-spread social adoption of the technology. Mobile devices, webcams, and other necessary technologies are fairly common, but still not everyone uses these devices, and not all those will use augmented reality applications. For now, it is mostly a novelty. But as more people engage the technology, user experience, usability, and quality will improve, which will result in better and more engaging applications.

So what is next?

As technology progresses, expect to quickly see augmented reality become increasingly standard in web and mobile applications. As hardware and software improve, augmented reality will become more mainstream, letting people visualize any product just by scanning its barcode, or even just by pure object recognition.

Integration into mobile devices is a given, but also expect to see it integrated into our social lives and as part of our daily experience. Already game developers, marketers, advertisers, manufactures, doctors and many other industries are working to develop augmented reality applications that will give them a leg up on their competition and produce better results in less time.

As always, we are always willing to take on a challenge and would love to work with you to build a market leading augmented reality product that will impress your clients and your competition. Let us know how our experienced development team can help you succeed.

About the Author

About the Author

The marketing team at Amadeus Consulting considers it part of their daily tasks to stay on top of what is going on in the technology marketplace. It is important to our company culture to be technology thought leaders, but we also want to share our knowledge and insights with readers excited about the latest and greatest tech news in the Tech Market Watch blog.

Lynx to offer schedules via smart phone
Shirley McNamara sat in the morning sun at the downtown Orlando Lynx bus station, waiting patiently for her ride. The schedule told her when the bus was supposed to arrive.

Smart Phone Projector

smart phone projector
smart phone projector

The Advantages of Digital TV Mobile Phone – Compared to Analog TV Phones

Will people considering exchanging a mobile in 2007 to something a bit more impressive than a standard message / calls, only stick to well-known brands, or can they consider opting for something a lot cheaper? Wholesale importers think they already know the answer to that question, which is why in the New Year consumers can expect to see a lot more multimedia phones where the only “brand” they need to know is “Made In China”.

ePathChina recently hit the news for being the first cellphone wholesaler to release a new mobile supporting DVB that lets you do the necessary functions and watch digital TV, all in a normal mobile. Mobile-lovers will aslo find much to impress in ePathchina’s Mutifunction CellPhones and Cheap Mobile Phones categories. Popular Chinese-made Cell Phones which ePathChina makes available through their online wholesale electronics shop include PDA smart Phones, cheap Dual SIM Cards Dual Standy Phone, TV Mobile Phones, Mobile Phone Watches that also be a watch and a phone, and a wide range of cellphone accessories and Bluetooth Handsets.

Other innovations include FM and Projectors built into a dual sim phone, a free shipping phones that allowed keyboard input and 180 degree rotating, a diamond watch mobile lets users control the functions with a TFT touch screen and Bluetooth without needing of input keys to simple design.

ePathChina’s new expanded category can be found here: Multifunction Cellphones

According to Sophia, the represetative at the Chinese Wholesaler ePathChina.com, brands are becoming less important than price for many vendors and consumers: “We’re used to seeing electronics firms go up against each other – big brand names competing. For instance, the Microsoft Zune is being reported as a possible iPod killer. But in reality — when you look at the numbers, the killer is already there, and the consumers know it — it’s cheap electronics from China.

Until recently only large corporations such as Wal-Mart and experienced importers were able to source products from factories in Mainland China. Up until around five years ago, before internet B2C sourcing came into its own, the communication difficulties made exporting mobile phones and phone accessories from the newly open market in China too complicated for most small and medium businesses.

With “online China sourcing” B2C portals springing up, and innovative online traders and wholesalers offering electronics and other export products for sale direct from China manufactruers, it’s becoming increasingly realistic for all sizes of business to “Go Asian” and buy at prices substantially lower than western wholesale rates.

“You just have to look at eBay in the USA and UK – the massively selling items are all Chinese electronics, and it’s really spilling over into retail shops now as well,” says ePathChina’s Sophia. “With mobile phones, consumers are focused on multifunctions and above all on price. So what’s really making a dent in brand names sales are the hundreds of thousands of generic – but decent quality – cell phones being sold direct from Shenzhen, China through eBay. Exactly the same effect is quickly emerging in Mp3, Mp4 sales in our wholesale markets in Europe and the States.”

Online malls (such as Yahoo Stores owners) and eBay sellers are widely seen as small-scale importers, with little effect on the market. However, as more consumers turn to online shopping to beat the prices of wholesale stores, “Power Sellers” online are shifting the focus towards cheaper imported electronics. “China is without a doubt the leading wholesale electronics source for eBay and Mercadolivre,” says Sophia. “You can see the trend developing, that with trustworthy and simple wholesale ordering methods directly from China – at China prices – it makes total sense for phone products wholesale buyers to cut out their local middlemen and bring better prices to their customers.”

ePathChina’s website www.epathchina.com announces new products every month and Sophia states the flexibility of China mobile phone factories as a major competitive factor. “Looking at the mobile phone brands, like Nokia and Sumsang, they hold their high prices due to their reputation. However, in terms of functionality, the designers of these products can’t innovate so often because of the slow response time in large scale factory production. The difference with sourcing no-brand or small-brand phones from China is that each factory is producing a new model every month. And there are literally hundreds of different factories around Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen all competing to come out with the latest phones. The bigger companies will feel the heat more and more, especially as mobile phones become more mainstream and consumers demand something newer and cheaper. But for electronics importers and medium-scale mobile phones businesses it’s only good news from here.”

About the Author

A Handsome young man, Just graduated from university. Now working for ePathChina.com, Electronics columnist.

Hands-On With The LG Expo Projector Phone

Smart Phone Japan

smart phone japan
What’s the cell phone here in the Philippines can be used in Japan?

Hey guys… I will be in Japan for work and I would like to buy a roaming sim (Smart or Globe) here in the Phil. so my friends and relatives can send messages to me even if I’m in Japan so I would like to buy a phone for the prepaid roaming sim…

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance…

T Mobile is a good phone for that.

Microsoft’s Smart Phone: DigInfo

Smart Phone Magazines

smart phone magazines
What should I get for my 14th birthday?

I am a boy. I already have: Computer (Broken) iPod Touch Ps3 Ds (Broken) PSP (Broken) I 'm not guaranteed to receive: Cell Phone Xbox 360, Wii Playboy:) I do not want: Anything Books educational toys Lego Do not no sports equipment. I like: Gaming Computers Electronics Gadgets Retro Stuff Paypal money Runescape Crossfire emulators Arthur Smart Guy Family Guy Spongebob H31P / / 3 P | _0X Ip

simple answer you To get you there

Palm Unveils Smart Phone, the Pre

Smart Phone Projectors

smart phone projectors
is there a way to run power point thru an LCD projector, when the power point is on a motorola Q smart phone?

I want to run it without lugging my laptop around

I don’t see any video output cababilities on the Q, I don’t think you can do that.

BitWise Controls Announces Software Updates, New Graphics Design Template Partnership
Want to control your audio video system with an iPad? We have an app for that… and hardware, software and eye catching graphical templates! Not an Apple user? No prolbem. Our control interfaces will work on any web enabled device including smart phones, web tablets, PCs, or laptops.

Ads by Google

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