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Best Smart Phone Data Plan

best Smart Phone Data Plan
best smart phone data plan
Why have data plans become required for Cell Phones and is there a way around it?

I am an AT&T customer. Well actually I have no choice considering my parents pay the bill, but there are no messaging phones that I like and I would really like to get a new smart phone. Although my family can’t afford the $30 data plans that is required with all smart phones. Is there any way around the data plan? Or What is the best way to complain to AT&T?

depends on the phone for instance, you need the data plan for the samsung instint w/ sprint but you don’t need the data plan for ata version of the phone.

T-Mobile myTouch SLIDE 3G REVIEW

Smart Phone Companies

smart phone companies
A question for those of you familiar with cell phone companies. . .?

I bought a phone from a few months online, without a contract because I wanted to avoid paying $ 30.00 extra per month for a data plan. If my cell phone downloads of data, a 3G icon appears in the top toolbar, and it seems tiny bits of information often download anything. I suspect that it was because of this that I went through the last months bill of $ 20.00. There is not much, but I do not have enough money for additional expenses every month so my question is … Can I make T-Mobile (my cell phone provider) and somehow, that they information to block my mobile phone to download and how they would go about it? My cell phone is the Motorola Cliq XT. I like it but if it blocks download of data is not possible I might have to sell it.

Well, I can tell you some solutions, but I really have to ask something. Why would you spend the money, you have to buy at full price, no less, a data-enabled phone without adding the data service as an option? The whole point of smartphones (including the Android phones as the Cliq) is that data services that it offers the social networking, data applications and location use this phone can have. I do not expect an answer, but Silly it seems to me. Android phones I have owned two, and maybe my economic situation is different, but without data, Nexus One would my calls are a very expensive phone brick making. Just sayin '. OK You will have data as incorporated features of the phone with GPS and cell sites is Enquiry in the background. If you ever had a "social" applications used on the phone, and you have not set correctly, these applications, the data to draw. Even if you have no data service. These settings are based on my Nexus One, so that performance can vary. Since most Android phones have similar setups, you should be able to see them all. They will phone you use the settings for the tool (opens Usually pressing the Menu button or icon settings). First, go to Settings -> Wireless and network settings -> Mobile Networks Clear the check box "Data Enabled". Also, make sure that the "data roaming" box is unset (it is normally enabled by default). In Settings -> Location and Safety Clear the check box "Use Wireless Networks" and "Use GPS satellite" boxes. The searches will stop the phone from Location data to be done. In Settings -> Accounts and Sync Disable "Background Data" and "Auto Sync". This will prevent background synchronization apps e-mail and others. Of course you can continue to use all functions with a Wi-Fi connection, which I assume you already know. As I said, these settings can various locations on your device, but they should be somewhere in there. Hope this helps.

Book Publishing Companies with Catherine DeVyre Get Published TV Episode #050

Blackberry Smart Phone Applications

blackberry Smart Phone Applications
Can I use Windows Mobile SDK for developing applications for BlackBerry devices or is it just smart phones?

I want to know if I need Windows APIs and develop extensions to Mobile Platform will also support BlackBerry devices and Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

s certainly can u

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Smartphone Review

Smart Phone Stocks

smart phone stocks
smart phone stocks
how does a cell phone or smart phone help with investing??

I want to get a new phone and im also starting to get involved with investing (stocks…etc) how do the two if at all, can work together

Depending on the service provider and plan, you can get stock updates text messaged to your phone, you can call your broker from anywhere you happen to be, and you can connect to the Internet by phone to check prices. Just do it all from a safe location, not while driving down the freeway at 80mph.

Smartphone Stock Market Show- trade AAPL, RIMM, MSFT, PALM,

Smart Phone Icon

smart phone icon
smart phone icon
Army man with internet problems in Iraq, help!?

my husband has a axesstel Modem (mv140nvr) and he is very smart with computers, but when he tries to to the Internet (through Kalimat Telcom connect) the guy who sold it to him said, "to the phone icon and type go #". but my husband does not know what # He speaks. anyone understand any of this? It is our only chance to speak, plz help! thank you tara so I think ur modem right to be I need to find the WEP or WPA number. It is not in the modem and can not find it online. It is a mv140nvr Axess Tel wireless USB modem mv100n series, exact model number to me To help find it? It is not on their damn website!

possibly the WEP key?

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Smart Phone Cards Support

Smart Phone Cards support
Upgrade Sprint without contract?

I am currently month to month on a $30 plan with a phone that does not support data. However, the plan has unlimited data and texting. I am grandfathered in.

I was looking at phones on Sprint.com and a lot of the smart phones say it requires a new 1-2 year contract of at least $39.99. Does this mean I would lose my plan if I upgrade phones?

Also, if I outright bought a no-contract phone from ebay, say a Samsung Moment, could I activate that phone to my current month to month, completely bypassing Sprint and not having to renew a 2 year subscription, so I don’t lose my good plan?

Finally, old Motorola phones would let you swap the sim card to easily change between phones. I don’t think the Moment has a sim card so how would that process work?
I understand Sprint phones do not have Sim cards. However, being a Nextel Subscriber (now sprint), my phone does.

So there is no way to buy a phone elsewhere than directly from Sprint and add it to my plan?

Sprint phones do not have SIM cards.

And yes by activating the phone you renew a 2 year contract.

T32+ section 2 for GPS demo:Windows 6.0+WIFI+GPS built-in,Java,support 8G memory,smart phone

Best Smart Phone Family Plan

best Smart Phone Family Plan
best smart phone family plan
Whats the Best phone plan for me?

right now we have a family plan with unlimited calling, but expensive texts, no wifi access, no email, etc… Im thinking of getting a smart phone, i would much rather stay with verizon though, we both talk a ton on the phone, what plan should i get to get as much as possible for as little as possible. my bill right now is $165 a month and it has to be within $15 of my current plan.

For a plan you could get like unlimited texting and a certain amount of minutes for a plan..

Android 2.2 + T-mobile = Win

Cool Smart Phone News

cool Smart Phone News

Samsung i8510 16 GB- a Cool Design

This smart phone is the first design of Samsung that has acquired the Symbian operating system and is equipped with 8 mega pixel camera with the option of auto focus. This wonderful design is also equipped with other facilities like internet surfing, high Wi-Fi technology for transferring data and wireless technology.

Primary features

  • The overall weight of this device is 140 gm and the dimensions are 105 x 53 x17mm.

  • The primary display supports the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and offers the color scheme of 16 million colors.

  • The on board memory supported by this mobile phone is of 16 Giga bytes that can be further extended by using external memory slots like Transflash (MicroSD).

  • An integrated digital camera of 8 mega pixels that provides excellent picture quality with the resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Various dedicated options like auto focus and face detection have also provided along with to enhance the picture quality.

  • This handset has liberated its customer from tangling in wires and has introduced a more advanced technique of Bluetooth technology. The improved technique allows the customers to transfer pictures and other video files at a swift speed.

  • Inbuilt GPS applications enable the customers to navigate the different functions of mobile phone easily.

  • Web surfing has been also made easy by the introduction of web browser. The user will be connected to the world of Internet in no time.

  • A secondary camera is also facilitated for making video calls. This feature enables the users to have the view of the other person while conversing.

  • For ensuring the fast data transfer, another advanced technology HSDPA is also introduced.

  • Various inbuilt games have been also embedded into this device along with customization facility. The users can easily download the recent games from the internet by using Java based applications.

  • An audio player is also provided that supports various file formats like mp3, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+.

  • For personalization of handset, various mp3 ringtones have been also embedded into this device.

Along with above features some other daily used options are alarm clock, converter, calculator and calendar.

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Heart is now being linked to Langit Sa Piling Mo co-star Daniel Matsunaga.

Smart Phone Apps Free

Smart Phone Apps free
What apps are available with the LG Chocolate Touch?

In a few months I’ll be eligible for my upgrade with Verizon and I’m hoping to upgrade to some kind of smart phone. Is the Chocolate Touch anything like the Android or iPhone? Can I download (free) applications on it?

As far as I can see it has similarity on features from phones using android and its apps but there are wider range of apps available for android operated phones. From that last update I heard about it is that they are working on it for users to be able to download their apps. If its free or not they didn’t mentioned it.

Free Smartphone Apps Aardvark iPhone

Smart Phones In Education

smart phones in education
smart phones in education
Mind games again? Seeking serious/smart and genuine advice.?

We exchanged profiles and decided to talk on phone after the first two emails. I talked to him twice on phone for two consecutive weeks. He sounded nice but seemed he is taking things slow. The last time he said we’ll meet by the end of the next month since he is in the West Coast and disappeared. No emails, no phones, no sms for two weeks and he is still on the online dating website. I thought he was playing mind games and decided to move on.

Yesterday he sent an IM saying hi..but I didn’t respond. I am a bit tempted since he is a nice guy with good education and a great job. What say?

t’s been a month now that since we intially started talking and I have a feeling that he is treating me like the”just in case” types.- I must have sounded desperate cauz last time while ended the conversation I said do call me whenever you want. Any advices?

Trust your instincts. Sounds like he’s not really all that interested in you. But he still wants to keep you as a backup until he finds someone else.

Education Wave.avi

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