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Motorola Smart Phone Verizon

motorola Smart Phone Verizon
New Verizon Phones?

Motorola RIZR Z6tv?
I’m referring to the verizon version:

I currently bought the Razr2 and was disappointed to find out that with the 2 screens that are 2” each, overall I find the phone to be annoying, bulky, wasting space.
October 5 a new phone ,Motorola RIZR Z6tv, comes out to verizon and i was looking to get that, though i am also considering the ‘new’ chocolate. I dont like the krzr or smart phones.

I was wondering if with Verizons user interface, you would be able to receive a text with out opening the phone (sliding it open)
Any suggestions/thoughts on picking phones?

Whatever you do, do not get a Chocolate phone! Everyone i’ve talked to has hated that phone…I mean it looks cool and stuff but did you notice all the verizon advertisements on yahoo? Four new phones are being released but…I know one is going to be a Blackberry type…and im 85% sure that the big phone that’s coming out is going to be the LG Prada…aka iPhone Killer! Just image search the LG Prada…they have some vids on youtube…I was thinking of switching to att and the iPhone but with this new Prada coming out I might stay!

K it’s not the Prada…it’s called the Voyager…LG made…full on touch screen with EnV capabilities…QWERTY keyboard…flips etc etc forget it im going with iphone

I just linked the site!

Motorola Q9c Smartphone Review Verizon Part 1

Verizon Smart Phone Deals

verizon Smart Phone Deals
Thinking about a new phone to get what you think about Treo 700wx? Each model without data plan?

Mine was in a washing machine, so I am a thinking about cell phone from ebay. I have dealt with ebay often and I can with him, so … no question about the bay in part. I would like a smart phone, but do not want schedule a data! It seems as if a data plan is required in most cases, but some models have a solution where I can use a WiFi card seems be able to offer Internet access through WiFi without a data plan. One of these models were Treo 700wx. Has anyone used it? Are they too old? If they are, what model Would you recommend? My carrier is Verizon.

The old Palms do not require data plan

The Digital Digest Verizon Smartphone Review: Touch Pro2 vs Imagio vs Motorola Droid

Lg Smart Phone Verizon

lg Smart Phone Verizon
Was I the LG Chocolate Touch, Touch env, Sansung Rouge, or any other touch screen phones from Verizon?

I can be a smart phone, but I willl not be able to access the Internet and other smartphone features with plan to have in mine.

as you can see this, compare this in full: http://www.jawal123.com/PublicPages/Compare.aspx?IDs=1471736884_2138996835_566611630_ env Touch is a bit better than the other, good luck


Smart Phone Reviews Verizon

Smart Phone Reviews verizon
smart phone reviews verizon

Nokia’s N95 Dual-sliding Powerhouse Smart Phone

While it shares much with the Nokia N80 in terms of both design and functionality, Nokia’s N95, the subject of this review, takes the capabilities of a mobile phone to a new level. On paper, at least, there appears to be little that this Finnish wonder can’t do. It has quad-band GSM/EDGE support and 2100MHz UMTS as well as a 5 megapixel auto focus camera, a built-in GPS receiver, Bluetooth stereo support, and 802.11b/g WLAN support.

Considering all the features that are packed into the Nokia N95, you’d think it would be a pretty hefty phone, but not so, my friends. The N95 measures a compact 3.8 inches long by 2.1 inches wide by 0.8 inch thick and weighs only 4.2 ounces. It feels comfortable to hold, and the soft-touch finish on the back of the device makes it easier to grip. That said, we couldn’t help but think that the phone felt, well, kind of cheap. In particular, the front cover felt plasticky and rickety (more on this below). From an aesthetic standpoint, the N95 certainly falls more into the short and stocky category rather than svelte and sexy, but we think it’s still a good-looking phone with its plum-and-silver color scheme.

The GPS is really GPS, not some assisted-GPS that Sprint and Verizon have in their phones. That means you can really navigate with it, like I did, to streets around SF I wasn’t too familiar with. (Specifically, the corner of Washington and Cherry, close to where the Zodiac killer blew away a Cabbie so many years ago.) The point of interest database is sizable and you can search for things by proximity (the nearest ATM or liquor store), and then get the phone dialing right up. Turn by turn is a subscription that’ll cost you about $10 a month, and the voice nave won’t read street names, but that, and the phone’s persistent Lag aside, it rocks.

Other features include finding the nearest location in a certain category from a Point Of Information database (e.g. finding your nearest public transport station), storing landmarks (favourite locations), and switching to night colours. Maps is a very impressive application, which we will be covering in more detail later. In use, I found the GPS took a few minutes to ‘lock on’ when inside (next to a window) from a cold start; outside it was much quicker, as expected, and soft starts were faster still (a matter of a few seconds). A subjective first impression suggests the N95 has similar capabilities to SIRF II GPS chipsets. As with any GPS, performance will vary on your location and degree of visibility of satellites.

Features of the Nokia N95 include:

* Series 60 Symbian interface (version 3.1)

* 5 megapixel camera (2592 x 1944 pixels) with Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens, auto focus, flash (auto redeye reduction), 20x digital zoom

* Video camera: MPEG4/3GP VGA video capture at 640 x 480 pixels and 30 frames/second with digital stereo microphone (AAC format) and 10x digital zoom

* Front camera for video calling: CIF resolution (352 x 288 pixels)

* Video and still image editors

* Display: TFT, 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.6 inches)

* Digital music player (supports MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA/M4A formats)

* Stereo FM radio with Visual Radio support

* Built-in GPS navigation

* Speaker independent name dialing

* Voice commands

* Voice recorder

* Integrated hands-free speaker

* Speed dialing

* Java games

* Memory: 160 Mbytes plus microSD memory card slot (4 Gbytes or 8 Gbytes)

* Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, Infrared, TV-Out, WLAN (802.11 b/g), 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug

* Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and e-mail details per entry

* Logs: dialed, received, and missed calls

* WAP, EGPRS class B, WCDMA/HSDPA (3.6Mb/s download)

* Size: 99 x 53 x 21 mm

* Weight: 120g

* Battery standby: 215 hours

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Verizon Blackberry Curve 8330 Broadband Smartphone Review

Flip Phone Verizon

Flip Phone verizon
Best Flip Phone Cell Phone for a Verizon customer?

I am getting a new phone soon (I need to get it before next Thursday). I am not sure which kind would be best but I know I want a flip phone because I like the look and the functionality better.
Any maker is fine (Motorola, LG, Nokia, etc, etc) and I don’t care how high the price is.
Thank you to all of those who answer.

Depending on what you want to do w/ ur phone as far as just using it for calls or if u want a camera phone or a mp3 capable phone…….. My recommendations for each category would be…

Just for calling —– LG 3450
Picture Phone —– Samsung 870
All the Above —— LG 8300 , Samsung a930 , Razr
The 8300, 930 and Razr have mp3 capabilties and are terrific phones. I sell them everyday and have had very little problems w/ these phones. The MP3 phones allow you to put in a memory card to transfer music, pics and video. Makes tranferring these things simple – either from ur computer to ur phone or from ur phone to ur computer. You will have to buy a card reader to put the memory card in and this will fit right into ur USB port on ur computer. The card readers are only about $10 – $15 and the cards run anywhere from $30 – $70 depending on the capacity u want. Most MP3 phones will only hold up to a 1gb card.

The chocolate is good too, it now comes in white as well as black which I would suggest. The black one seems to get alot of fingerprints easily.

cNET – Review on Verizon Motorola W755 – Save

Motorola Flip Phone Touch Screen

motorola Flip Phone touch screen
help with Cell Phones?

I currently have a horrible motorola flip phone. It has had a ton of problems, and I have already replaced it. So, I have decided I am going to upgrade it. I want a phone that flips out to have a full keyboard, for example… http://www.slipperybrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/11/lg-env.jpg , but I think I also want a touch screen? Im not sure though. I would like it not to be too bulky and maybe cute. I have searched and cannot find a phone like I have described. Is there a phone like that or similar…I rather have the keyboard than the touch screen. And, does anyone know where I can get one at a reasonable price? any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance.
if anyone could send links, that would be great. I have t mobile, so are these phones unlockable?

The T-Mobile Sidekick 2008…its HOT! But you’d have to get it unlocked if you don’t have t-mobile. I just ordered it yesterday but its on back order for 90 days. Or any other sidekick. LX,Tony Hawk, or Slide. But again, if you don’t have tmobile you have to get it unlocked.

EDIT: you don’t need to unlock these phones then. Id say that you wait for your contract to end and get the phone for 150 dollars. http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/ <--- link to phones. Hope i helped 🙂

Smart Phone Plans Verizon

Smart Phone Plans verizon
smart phone plans verizon
Verizon smart phones with wifi, do you have to have a data plan with the phone also?

Does anyone know if now that some smart phones have wifi capabilities if Verizon wireless still forces you into a data plan with those phones? My contract is up next month and Im interested in a couple smart phones and there are a lot of wifi hotspots around my house and work that I can hit off of so I dont really need a data plan and I dont want to be forced to one.

Most phones with WiFi capabilities will require a data plan.

Depending on “how smart” of a “Smart phone” you are looking at the data plans will vary.

For Blackberry, you will require a blackberry data plan.
For Android devices you will have to have an unlimited data plan. (These devices use a huge amount of data, after all they are designed from the ground-up to be internet connected devices.)

For most of the other “smart phones” (not really that smart) there are 2 choices a $10/month 25MB plan, and a $20/month 75MB plan. (You would burn through that 75 MB plan in about 2 days on an Android device, and that is if you are *not* watching TV, Youtube, TV.com, streaming music etc… If you were doing that, you could burn through 75MB of data in a few hours, hence the reason for requiring the $30/month unlimited data plan.)

The easiest way to tell, for any given model of phone, is go to Verizon’s web site, select your phone like you are going to buy it.. On the page after you select your basic plan, it will take you to the “options” page. There will be a “data plan” section there for any phone that has data capabilities, and it will either say one of the plans is *required* or it will be an option to not have a data plan if Verizon does not require it.

Smart Phone Want and Data Plan Don’t Need

Samsung Flip Phone Verizon

samsung Flip Phone Verizon
How do you get Facebook on your phone?

I have a Samsung clamshell phone with Verizon

You need the Internet, and sometimes have to download something.

Phone in 60: Samsung SCH u740 QWERTY Phone for Verizon

Smart Phone Verizon Wireless

Smart Phone Verizon wireless
Are Smart Phones require Internet to activate Verizon Wireless?

I was look at the Moto Q and the BlackBerry Curve on eBay, and I ask myself, need I turn to the Internet, one of them? I'm still in my 2-year contract.

Yes. There is a $ 29.99 email and web feature to go with the phone has. There is no way around know that

DROID Smartphone with Google Android Launch Arrives at Verizon Wireless NYC

Flip Phone Smartphone

Flip Phone smartphone
Swapping phones?

Okay, I have a family plan, Verizon … I have a Touch Pro 2 ($ 30 extra per month), my mother has smartphone a flip phone (no), and My sister has the enV2. My mother is possible to upgrade and I want them to get the droid. then again its activated. She gives me the droids, I give my sister the TP2, and it gives my mother the enV2, but we keep all our numbers, we change. is that possible? and 2 Smartphone on the account, it would now be $ 60 extra a month?

It is possible, but they can give you activation fees. And to your second question, the droids need a $ 30 data plan, but not sure you need a $ 30 plan data on the Touch Pro. You can get away with putting a $ 10 data plans for it, gives you 8 MB.

Research Round-up: 15 April 2010 This week, top digital trends: UK reached broadband line? | PC Touchscreens | Dwell metric | Broadband Speed | Mobile Patient Monitoring | Trading sector seeks | Energy bills online

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