Us Smart Phone Statistics

us Smart Phone Statistics

Smart Phones: Sales and growth there is no stop sign

Do you remember when there was a time going about that it a very futuristic thoughts can and talk on a phone that was was not connected to the wall? I distinctly remember just use Star Trek episodes and will appear on this flip communicators, and I thought that was pretty cool. I never thought that in my life I see that a device, the gadget that was on the TV show was similar.

The idea that the mobile phone now means a smart phone really a good description of what to have them. Today, more of us are our mobile phones fully equipped with every imaginable function Loading: Internet access, MP3 capabilities, GPS navigation, e-mail devices like. 2008 is the year of the smart phone is goes mainstream.

The Great Race for Smartphones really began in 2008. By 2008, there was much discussion in many prototypes, but it was the iPhone that really unleash the possibilities with a smart phone .. It was the iPhone, that hunt the bar and all other producers raised to follow. The original iPhone sold 5 million units, despite only choose in the U.S. and parts of Europe. So the release of the new 3G iPhone Apple is not surprising that this is a really big boost for the smartphone.

When you look at the numbers in Smart Phones Sales, published the mobile phone industry, their latest statistics on smartphones and their impact on the market. According to Gartner, Inc, smartphone sales have increased worldwide by almost 30% just since 2007. In a slowing economy, the mere fact that a particular industry is a 30% increase in sales of general market decline has been demonstrated, that the phone is ready for take off.

In North America, but the increase is even clearer. In the same period for smartphones sales increased by 106%. The means more than its revenues, compared to sales of the first quarter of 2007 doubled.

The iPhone is not the only smartphone on the market. That being said, it is success itself, the viability of the item on the market and competitors are following suit. While smartphones like the BlackBerry were created as a once only desirable, through on-the-go business professionals, every day, consumers will be gravitating to the full functionality and portability.

And although prices for Smartphones are relatively high when the cost compared to a regular sitter mobile phone, the demand will increase the effective efficiency in production, and of course, that fall, the cost of smart phones. By reducing the cost of the smart phone and more people it will be for smartphones and they will sell a little.

With the popularity of the iPhone, it's no wonder that other mobile phone companies will be on the market soon with their own smartphones. Samsung, for example, is the release of the Tocco. It has a touch screen and allows the dropping and dragging of widgets for the convenience of the user. Nokia also comes up to bat with their own version of this smartphone. They work currently working on a touchscreen model prototype is currently called Tube. Blackberry is also releasing their own models as the BlackBerry Thunder known. This should be available in fall 2008.

And do not forget, Google is also on the horizon with their version of the phone. Not only are they working on an interesting open source platform, but the properties that it should be exciting in their phone search to see.

All of these models should do well, but the question is, what is the best? I think the people on the Page go to the Apple. In both cases, smartphones are a trend that has exploded in the technology industry and we are just looking at the infancy of the product.

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