Using Smart Phone As Modem

using Smart Phone As Modem
Verizon omnia i910 contacts erased?

a few days ago most of my saved contacts on my smart phone just disappeared. and even stranger, it didnt lose the four newest contacts. to my knowledge the only thing i did that could have caused this is i used my phone as a modem for my laptop for the first time that morning. i followed all instructions on the software that verizon provided for this purpose.

is there any way that the contacts were moved to another location on my phone? its just so strange that it retained the four newest.

i have contacted verizon for help, but they have no idea what might have happened or how to fix it.

does anyone have an idea of what might have happened? even if i can’t get my contacts back i would like to know how to avoid the problem in the future. it’s a lot of work to re-enter 100+ numbers, not to mention running down the ones that i didnt have written down.


dont knw if this helps but take it in to ur dealer and see what they can do thats the only thing i knw…sry to hear ur phone is messing up

Turn a 3G Smartphone into a Wireless Modem

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