Verizon Flip Phone Reviews

verizon Flip Phone Reviews
Your thoughts on the Samsung Glyde, chocolate 3 and ENV 2?

my two-year contract is over, and her time for me to upgrade to a new phone, but really confused about which phone I should (I have Verizon). I narrowed to: 1 Samsung Glyde: awesome looking phone! but it's touch screen (which I want to keep away from), and I heard some pretty bad reviews about them … but its a good phone SMS. 2nd ENV 2: I've heard it was a very good phone, but it looks like a calculator, and the space is the key side. 3rd Chocolate 3: I have the first chocolate model (sucks) but this is flip and they got rid of the touch screen !!!!! What is most important to me is a cell phone, small, sweet, and simple text with good camera and decent camera. i dont really care about surfing the Internet or music on my phone.

hey those r all three major mobile phones! Glyde: I read tons of reviews is that the touch screen is so small (and it is, I store played thus on the Verizon). It is very annoying and frustrating. plus the keyboard is small and crammed with no controls. Chocolate 3: lol I'm with a problem in the decision, if I want to env, the two or three chocolate! This is a very music based Fone, but I think u dont have to use the music function. I have an iPod. IDK if u can iTunes placed on the phone, but I do not want to spend the money on VCAST. Even without using the music function, it is still a great phone! I like that Chocolate three cool looking with the scroll wheel and screen on the front. and I know ppl say its bad for SMS, but if u use word its really easy. my only con is that when u expand its really big (long), but that's not too big deal. (And I have this game with the Verizon Store) env 2: For Copywriters. some ppl say, the small screen on the front isn't a problem, but I personally do not like it. The large buttons on the front are nice, though. if u open it, it has a great keyboard. i dont like how the space bar on the side, however. u and have access to most things, if the phone is open, get the annoying could. Sometimes I want something quickly to disrupt without opening the phone (which u can do, but its hard on the small screen, which is not over a set of options.) the phone itself is not too appealing. it brings out a lot like a calculator! lol! and its really wide, so it could not in the Most Cell Phone Cases fit. (And yes again, I played with this phone store at the Verizon) all in all, they r all great phone, but I would go with three the chocolate. I think I could Get That! =]] GOOD LUCK PHONE SHOPPING! PS. they all have 2-megapixel camera and take good pictures. I know becuz my old wud fone had only 1.3 megapixels and it took pics HORRIBLE!

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