Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Deals

virgin mobile cell phone deals
Virgin Mobile vs. T Mobile help?

here’s the deal, Im getting a new cell phone for my birthday, and it has to be prepaid. I want a t mobile phone because the minutes are cheaper, but I have used virgin mobile for a couple years now and know them well. virgin mobile also has ways to earn minutes and my whole family uses virgin mobile. should I switch though? I have to use this phone for at least the next 2 years so I want to pick the best one. please help me and if you can think of a better pre paid service that I can use, then reccomendations are strongly welcomed.
I would either get this virgin mobile phone:

or this T mobile phone:

Well, I’m sure I can assist you in your question, seeing that for the old service I used ot use was ‘Virgin Mobile'(i actually used that exact same phone that you want to buy), and my new service I switched to about 1 and a half months ago is now T-Mobile prepaid. So I know about both.
Although VirginMobile does have decent rates, i think it would be more beneficial to go for t-mobile service. t-mobile pre-paid also has mroe of a variety of top-up cards, starting as small as 10$, as opposed to virginmobile, where the minumum you can top-up is 20$.
Also, after you add at least 100$ in top-up’s to your t-mobile ‘to go’ account, you enter their ‘gold rewards’ program, which is free, and they give you 15% more minutes for free, each time you add mroe money to your account.
I hope thsi was helpful, and if you have any more questions about either phone service, feel free to ask.

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