What Is Smart Phone Tethering

what is Smart Phone Tethering
What smart phone is best for talk, text and tethering(data sharing)?

I have visited the At&t and Sprint websites and I cane make up my mind on getting either an iPhone 3G or a Blackberry. I would like a phone where I can talk and text for fairly cheap as well as share the data connection without any additional fees. Also, I would like the bill to be less than $90 a month. Does anyone know if either of these phones are good for talk, text and tethering or are there any phones better than the 2 that can get the job done for around the same price or cheaper? THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ANSWER MATURELY.

Im not sure if you know this but the iphone doesn’t have the ability to tether. Also on sprint if you wanted to tether on one of their Blackberrys you have to have a business account to do so. At&t does allow tethering on their Blackberrys but its an additional fee of $30 (only of 5GB of data).

Tethering Smart Phones for Internet

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